The Kitsune Masters

By Kristin Kula All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller

The Kitsune Masters Chapter Two

The three foxes walked to the other side of the school and entered the hallway where the classes were.

Once they found Kairi’s class they went inside.

Kairi smiled when she saw the three students.

“Hey guys take a seat,“Kairi stated.

“Does it matter where we sit though?“Wind asked.

“No but just be careful where you do sit because where you sit today will be your seat for the rest of the year,“Kairi explained.

“Okay,“Wind replied.

Rex,Wind,and Hunnie saw there were six desks but there was two rows of three.

“Yes now we can all sit be eachother,“Wind smiled.

“This is awesome,“Hunnie laughed.

Then they got seated and Wind notcied the others weren’t there yet.

“Um Kairi where is the other three foxes?“Wind asked.

“Class doesn’t start for three minutes so they still have time,“Kairi pointed out.

“Wait so everyone has all of the classes together?“Rex asked.

“Yes every master in the school teache’s onlt once a day to all six students,“Kairi added.

“That’s interesting,“Rex smirked.

“Yeah,“Kairi replied.

Then the other three students entered the room.

“Hey you three take a seat,“Kairi stated.

The three foxes took their seats and let Kairi speak.

“Okay I hope you all like where your sitting because that will be your seat for the rest of the year,“Kairi pointed out.

All of the students nodded then let Kairi go on.

“Okay so today I’ll give everyone their textbooks and we’ll talk about what you’ll learn in this class,“Kairi added.

Then Kairi took six textbooks off her desk and walked over to the foxes and sat a book on each of their desks.

“Now then let’s talk about this class,“Kairi smirked.

“In this class you’ll all learn about the pet and master pledge which has to do with the rules you must follow and things you must do to become a master or even stay a master,“Kairi explained.

“The textbooks given you too has all of the rules,and everything else about the pledge that you’ll learn this year,“Kairi added.

Then Wind who had a question rasied her paw up.

“Yes Wind?“Kairi asked.

“Do we get homework today?“Wind asked.

“No you don’t get homework on the first day in fact later today when your in Ability class later Namine will tell everyone more about the homework stuff,“Kairi stated.

“Okay,“Wind replied.

“Now then let’s start reading,“Kairi smirked.

“How are we going to read if we can’t open textbooks?“Wind asked.

“That’s also something Namine will go over with you today and I’ll open your books for all of you,Kairi explained.

Then Kairi went to the students desks and opened the textbooks to the first chapter.

The class started reading the first chapter and soon enough it was time for the next class.

“Okay everyone leave your textbooks here and get to your next class,“Kairi added.

The students jumped out of their seats and walked out of the classroom.

“Okay which class is next?“Hunnie asked.

“Lord’s Class,” Rex answered.

“Classroom Teaching sounds stupid,” Blood Stained Black Fox snapped.

Everyone looked at the black and red fox for a moment before walking on.

“I don’t understand why you have to be so snappy and you haven’t even talked much since you got here,” Wind pointed out.

Black growled as she walked off leaving the other five foxes.

“Sorry about that guys she’s a bit upset,“Snow admitted.

“It’s okay,“Rex added.

“We’ll we better get to class,“Rawr pointed out.

Everyone else nodded and then walked to Lord’s class.

Once they got there they saw Black already seated.

“I’m going to see if she’s okay,“Rawr stated.

“Alright,“Snow added as Rawr walked over to the black and red fox.

“Well I go sit down by them,“Snow sighed.

“Okay,“Wind replied.

The white furred fox walked off to her friends while Rex,Hunnie,and Wind sat down in their own seats.

Then Lord walked into the classroom and closed the door.

“Morning Class,“Lord greeted.

“Morning,“Wind greeted back.

“Today we will talk about what you will learn in this class,“Lord explained.

“In this class you will learn how to teach a class of your own and when all of you become masters you will take over the classroom your master teache’s,“Lord added.

“So I’ll teach this class?“Rawr asked.

“Yes you will,“Lord replied.

Rawr smiled and let Lord continue his speech.

“So once in a while this year I’m going to let each of you take a turn to teach the class but that wont happen until I feel everyone is ready for some practice,“Lord stated.

“So until then everyone will study from the textbooks,“Lord explained.

Then Lord got the textbooks off his desk and opened them for the foxes and put one on each desk.

“Atleast you remembered to open the books,“Wind smirked.

Lord rolled his eyes at Winds comment.

“Okay Wind let’s have you read first,“Lord added.

“Fine,“Wind sighed.

After an hour of reading it was time for the next class.

As the pets walked into the hallway Wind looked at her schedule.

“Next up is Rinoa’s class,“Wind pointed out.

“Alright let’s go,“Rex added.

The six foxes walked into Rinoa’s classroom and took their seats.

“Hello everyone,“Rinoa greeted as she walked into the room.

“Hi there master,“Snow greeted back.

“Alright I’m going to open the textbooks and give one to each of you before reading.

“We do a lot of reading,“Wind pointed out.

“Yeah but in your next three classes you don’t read,“Rinoa added.

“We don’t?“Snow asked.

“Not in Fighting, Ability, Music, and Archery you don’t,“Rinoa stated.

“Oh yeah that makes sense,“Snow smirked.

So Rinoa gave the students the textbooks and they started to read.

Soon it was time for the next class and the students walked into the hallway.

“It’s finally time for Ability,“Wind smirked.

“Yeah this should be interesting,“Hunnie pointed out.

The foxes made their way to Namine’s class.

Once they got there they went inside and saw computeres and all kinds of musical instruments.

Then Namine walked into the classroom.

“Namine what is all of this?“Wind asked.

“It’s for the class,“Namine pointed out.

“But music isn’t taught by you,“Wind added.

“I know I don’t teach you guys how to plau music but I teach everyone how to use their paws as if they were hands,“Namine explained.

“Really?“Wind asked.

“Yes and I’ll be teaching everyone how to write that’s why you didn’t get homework yet because you can’t write yet,“Namine stated.

“So why are there computers?“Snow asked.

“You’ll also learn how to type,“Namine smirked.

“This is awesome,“Wind pointed out.

Namine smiled at Wind and pet her on the head.

“Your a good foxie Wind,“Namine commented.

“I know I am,“Wind smirked.

Rex and Wind rolles their eyes and waited for Namine to speak.

“Okay first things first we’ll be learning to write,“Namine stated.

“Everyone take a seat at a desk and I’ll pass around some paper,“Namine explained.

All of the students took their seats and Namine gave everyone a sheet of paper.

“Okay I’m going to write an A on the chalkboard and then everyone try to copy it,“Namine instructed.

Then Namine wrote an A on te board and everyone tried to copy it.

Wind tried to pick up her pencil in her paw but ended up droping it.

Namine rolled her eyes as she picked it up.

“You’ll get the hang of it,“Namine added.

Wind nodded as she tried again.

Soon it was time for Lunch and class was dismissed.

“That was hard,“Wind complained.

“Tell me about it,“Hunnie sighed.

“It’s going to take us forever to learn how to use our paws,“Wind groaned.

“We’ll get the hang of it soon I’m sure,“Rex added.

The foxes walked to the lunch room and went over to their table.

Once the six foxes were seated they ate their kibble and drank their water.

After lunch they walked too Elwood’s class.

Elwood smiled as he saw the students enter the classroom.

“Hey everyone,“Elwood greeted.

“Hi master,“Hunnie smirked.

“Where are the deks?“Wind asked.

“We don’t have any in this class insted we use gym mats because I teach everyone how to fight,“Elwood explained.

“Oh duh,“Wind smirked.

“Okay let’s have Rawr and Hunnie on the mat first,“Elwood added.

Rawr and Hunnie nodded as they walked onto the mat.

“Okay let’s see whos stronger here I want you both to try to pin the other down and whoever ends up on top needs to see how long they were able to keep the other one pinned,“Elwood explained.

“Ready girls?“Elwood asked.

“Yes,“Rawr and Hunnie said in unison.

“GO,“Elwood yelled.

Hunnie and Rawr jumped at eachother but Hunnie ended up pinning Rawr down.

“Hold her down,“Elwood added.

Elwood watched his stopwach while Hunnie held Rawr down.

Soon enough Rawr was able to push Hunnie off of her.

“Hunnie you had Rawr down for twenty seconds,“Elwood added.

Hunnie smiled as she walked back over to Rex and Wind.

Soon an hour pasted and it was time for the last class of the day.

The students made their way through the hallways to Street’s class.

“Hey everyone,“Streets greeted.

The students waved their paws at Streets as they walked into the room.

“Okay everyone take a seat so I can explain how this class works,“Streets added.

The students took a seat in the deks and let Streets talk.

“Okay so this first nine weeks everyone will learn how to shoot arrows,“Streets pointed out.

“Shoot arrows?“Wind asked.

“Yes that’s what archery is the skill of propelling arrows with the use of a bow,“Streets explained.

“That’s awesome,“Wind smirked.

“Yes and the next nineweeks I’ll teach everyone how to play instruments,“Streets added.

“So where are te arrows and bows?“Wind asked.

“Everything is outside I have set up archery targets for everyone to shoot the arrows at so let’s go outside and get started,“Streets stated.

The students nodded as they jumped out of their seats and followed Streets outside.

“Okay who wants to go first?“Streets asked as they walked up to the archey targets.

“ME ME,“Wind yelled.

“Alright,“Streets smirked.

Streets got the bow and arrow set up and walked over to Wind.

“Okay Wind stand on your back legs and try to hold the bow and arrow,“Streets explained as he gave Wind the weapon.

Wind nodded as she stood up on her hind legs and tried to hold onto the bow.

“Now just pull the bow back and let the arrow go,“Streets added.

Wind pulled the bow back and then the arrow went flying towards the archey target.

The arrow went through the every center of the target and Wind smiled.

“Well done Wind that was a perfect shoot,“Streets smiled.

Everyone else was amazed at how good Wind did.

Soon the hour passed and school was over.

On their say inside everyone was congratulating Wind.

“You did wonderful,“Rex smiled.

“Thanks,“Wind replied.

“Okay so let’s go back to our rooms I want to rest it’s been a long day,“Hunnie pointed out.

“Yeah but I’m not tired,“Rex commented.

“Same here,“Wind added.

The foxes walked back to their bedrooms and Hunnie,Rex,and Wind walked into Hunnie’s room to hang out.

“Finally I can rest,“Hunnie smiled.

“I don’t know how you can be tired,“Wind pointed out.

“Well I just am,“Hunnie shrugged.

After that Hunnie,Rex,and Wind talked and hung out for a few hours.

Around five o’clock Kairi walked into Hunnie’s room.

“Dinners ready are you three hungry?“Kairi asked.

“YES,“Wind yelled.

“Alright then let’s get the other three and go eat,“Kairi added.

After they got the other three students they walked down the hall.

“So are we going to eat in the lunch room again?“Rex asked.

“No everyone eats dinner in the dining room,“Kairi explained.

“The school has a dining room?“Rex asked.

“Yes it’s for the masters to eat lunch and breakfast at but at dinner everyone eats together,“Kairi stated.

“Oh I see,“Rex smirked.

Everyone walked down the hallway where the master bedrooms were and Kairi stopped and opened a door to one of the rooms.

“Come on this is the dining room,“Kairi added.

The students followed Kairi into the room.

All of the other masters were setting the table which was long allowing enough room for the masters and pets.

“Okay pets sit wherever theres a bowl of water and kibble,“Kairi instructed.

The pets got seated and then the masters sat down with their food.

“So how was everyones first day of classes?“Lord asked.

“It went good but I have a question,“Rex stated.

“What is it?“Lord asked.

“Well you said the subjects we learn are pet and master releated but I don’t see how they are,“Rex pointed out.

“Well you see a master isn’t just someone who has a pet there also someone who has mnay skills and we teach you not only how to care for a pet but we teach you many other skills such as fighting and be a master you must learn many skills,“Lord explained.

“Oh I see,“Rex replied.

After that everyone talked and finished up eating.

Then the masters and their pets hung out together for the rest of the evening.

-Nine Weeks Later-

It was nine weeks later at Master High all of the students learned to write,type,and use their paws as if they were hands the students were even assigned lockers to put their books in now that they could use their paws.

It was the last day of the nine weeks and all of the students had taken their exams and were going to get their report cards at the end of the day.

“Rex come on we have to get to class,“Wind said excitedly.

“Alright let’s go,“Rex smirked.

Hunnie smiled at the sisters as she followed them to Kairi’s class.

They walked into class and sat down in their seats soon the other three foxes came and Kairi closed the classroom door.

“Okay everyone today in every class your teachers will review with you one last time about what you’ve learned this nine weeks,“Kairi explained.

“Now then who can tell me the five most important rules you must follow to become a master?“Kairi asked.

“I can,“Rex barked.

“Alright Rex what are they?“Kairi asked.

“Rule number one is: Never abuse your pet,Rule number two is: When your a master you must be nice to your pets friends and respect the other masters,Rule number three is: You can’t date someone if your a master your pet should always come first,Rule number four: Give your pet a lot of love and make sure they know you’ll always be ther for them,Rule number five: Keep your pet safe and protect him/her from anything that would hurt the pet,“Rex added.

“Well done Rex,“Kairi stated.

Rex smiled as they continued to review everything.

Soon it was time for the next class.

The students walked through the hallways to Lord’s class.

Once the six foxes were seated Lord was ready to review with the class.

“Okay I know I’ve been waiting a while until I felt everyone was ready to take a turn to teach the class and I feel that everyone is ready now so today I’m going to have Rawr teach the class,“Lord smirked.

“Really?“Rawr asked.

“Yes,“Lord answered.

Rawr walked up to the front of the class and started teaching.

“Okay everyone open your books to page fifty and let’s have Snow read first,“Rawr smirked.

Snow rolled her eyes as she began to read.

Soon the hour past and it was time for the next class.

The students walked to Rinoa’s class.

Once they got inside they took their seats and Rinoa started to talk.

“Okay everyone since were reviewing today I’m going to ask everyone questions about what you’ve learned,“Rinoa explained.

“Blood Stained Black Fox tell me how many scoops of kibble is enough to fill up your pets food dish,“Rinoa added.

“Three scoops of kibble,“Black answered.

“Well done,“Rinoa smirked.

After that Rinoa asked everyone else more questions until the bell rang.

The students walked out of Rinoa’s class and into the hallway.

The six foxes walked into Namine’s class and sat down.

“Alright everyone today everyone is going to show me how well they can write,“Namine stated.

“Wind come up to the board and write the word excellent,“Namine added.

The blue furred fox walked up to the front of the class and picked up a peace of chalk and wrote an E followed by an X followed by a C and then another E then Wind wrote an L and then another L followed by another E then an N and finally Wind wrote the letter T.

“Well done Wind!“Namine cheered.

Wind smiled as she sat back down and then Namine called Hunnie up to the front of the class.

Soon class was over and it was lunch time.

As the foxes walked out into the hallway Rex started to speak.

“I’m going to put my textbooks in my locker real fast I’ll meet you guys in the lunch room,“Rex stated.

Wind and Hunnie nodded as they walked off to the lunch room and Rex went to her locker.

The nine tailed fox stood on her hind legs and opened her locker and put her textbooks on the locker shelf and closed the door.

Then Rex made her way to the lunch and sat with Wind and Hunnie.

After they ate the six foxes made their way to Elwood’s class.

Once the foxes were seated Elwood closed the classroom door and started to speak.

“Okay today I want to see how many fighting skills everyone has learned this nine weeks so let’s have Blood Stained Black Fox and Rex over on the mat please,“Elwood smirked.

The two foxes jumped out of their seats and walked over to the mat.

The other foxes walked close to the mat to watch.

“Okay you two when I say go your both going to use every fighting kill I’ve tought you this nine weeks and show me what you’ve learned,“Elwood added.

The two foxes nodded and waited for Elwood to say go.

“GO!“Elwood yelled.

Black lunged at Rex but the nine tailed fox dodged the other kit’sune and kicked Black down and pinned her.

“Well done Rex,“Elwood smiled.

Rex smirked as she got off of the black and red fox.

After that each of the other students showed Elwood what they learned and soon class was over.

The students walked to Street’s class and saw the teacher waiting by the classroom door.

“Okay everyone were going outside,“Streets pointed out.

The foxes nodded as they followed the master outside.

“Okay everyone I have six archery targets set up I want everyone to grab a bow and arrow and when I say shoot I want everyone to shoot their arrows into the targets at once,“Streets explained.

The six students picked up a bow and arrow and got ready to shoot.

“Shoot,“Streets instructed.

The foxes pulled the bow back sending each arrow flying into the targets.

Each arrow was shot right in the center of the targets.

“Well done everyone you all got it perfect,“Streets smiled.

After that the students practiced more archery until class was over.

“Alright everyone go your homeroom and get your reportcard then go to the auditorium we have a surprise for all of you,“Streets explained.

The everyone went to their masters to get their reportcards.

Rex walked into Kairi’s class and smiled.

“Hey you ready for your reportcard?“Kairi asked.

“Yes,“Rex answered.

“Well here ya go,“Kairi added as she handed the nine tailed fox her grades.

Rex opened her report card and looked at her grades.

I can’t beileave it I got three B’s and three A’s,“Rex smiled.

“Well done,“Kairi added.

“Now we need to go to the auditorium,“Kairi stated.

Rex nodded as she followed Kairi out of the classroom.

Kairi and Rex walked into the auditorium to see everyone else there.

“Okay now that everyones here I would like to tell everyone some good news,“Lord announced.

“Since everyone did so well this nine weeks were going to treat all of you pets to a field trip,“Lord added.

“Where are we going?“Wind asked.

“Were taking everyone too the museum,“Lord smiled.

“I LOVE THE MUSEUM!“Wind cheered.

“Wind you’ve never been there before how do you know if you love it?“Rex asked.

“I just do,“Wind smiled.

“Anyways we’re going tomorrow so make sure your asleep early pets because were leaving at eight thirty tomorrow morning,“Lord pointed out.

The students nodded and after that everyone started talking.

A few hours later it was time for bed and the six foxes went to sleep.

Little did Rex know that tomorrow would start out to be a nice day but the museum trip would change her life forever.

The next morning Rex woke up to the sound of her alarm clock.

Rex yawned and sat up she jumped out of her pet bed and turned off the clock.

The nine tailed fox walked through her petdoor and into the hallway.

Rex smiled as she saw Wind come out of her room.

“Morning Wind,“Rex greeted.

“Morning,“Wind replied.

“Is Hunnie up?“Rex asked.

“I don’t know,“Wind shrugged.

Then Rex walked into Hunnie’s room too see her asleep.

“Hunnie time to get up,“Rex wishpered.

Hunnie opened her eyes and sat up.

“Morning you two,“Hunnie smirked.

“Morning,“Wind added.

“Come on we need to get ready,“Rex pointed out.

The other two foxes nodded and followed Rex to the washroom.

Once they got to the washroom they saw Elwood giving Rawr a bath and Snow and Black waiting for her.

“Hey you three come in I’m almost done with Rawr,“Elwood smirked.

Elwood rinsed Rawr off with some water and dried her off with a towel and Rawr jumped out of the tub.

“Okay Hunnie your turn,“Elwood smiled.

Hunnie jumped into the tub and got washed.

Soon Elwood had washed all of the foxes and walked down with them to the lunch room.

“So when do we leave for the museum?“Wind asked.

“In an hour,“Elwood answered as they walked into the lunch room.

“Okay go eat you guys,“Elwood added.

The six foxes ran over to the table and jumped onto thier seats and ate their kibble and drank their water.

Soon it was time to go the students met the masters by the schools front door.

“Okay nwo that everyones here Lord can you please go bring the school bus around to the front?“Rinoa asked.

“Yeah,“Lord answered as he went to the back of the school.

“Were riding in a school bus?“Snow asked.

“Of course,“Rinoa smirked.

“I didn’t know Lord could drive,“Rawr added.

“Yeah he drives us to all of our trips,“Rinoa laughed.

“Come on let’s go outside,“Kairi stated.

The others nodded as they followed Kairi outside of the school and saw Lord coming around to the front.

Once Lord stopped the bus the bus door opened and everyone climbed on and took a seat.

“Okay were off to the museum,“Lord smirked.

Everyone cheered as the bus started to move and they were on their way.

Since the windows were down Rex stuck her head out of the window by her seat and looked outside.

Then Wind who was sitting beside her sister joined Rex by looking out of the window with her.

“I’m so exicted,“Wind smiled.

“Me too,“Rex added.

Soon they arrived at the museum and the bus came to a stop.

“Alright everyone let’s go,“Lord said as he stood up.

The others followed Lord off the school bus and into the museum.

“Okay everyone were going to pari everyone off with their master for the morning in the afternoon when were done with lunch you can be with your friends,“Lord explained.

The students nodded as they stood by their masters.

“Alright were going to meet by the foodcourt at twelve have fun everyone,“Lord added as he walked off with Rawr.

“Let’s go,“Kairi smirked as she started to walk.

Rex followed close behind as they walked into a giftshop.

The nine tailed fox looked at a snow globe on one of the shelves.

The globe had a white wolf standing beside a pine tree in a wintry forest.

“You like that?“Kairi asked.

“Yeah,“Rex answered.

“You’ve been such a good foxie lately I’m going to get it for you,“Kairi added.

“Really?“Rex asked.

“Yes really,“Kairi added as she picked the snow globe up.

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