The Kitsune Masters

By Kristin Kula All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller

The Kitsune Masters Chapter Three

After Kairi paied for the snow globe she gave the bag it was in to Rex as they continued walking through the museum.

“Thank you,“Rex said.

“Your welcome,“Kairi replied.

Kairi and Rex walked into the dinosaur exhibit where fossils were on display.

The nine tailed fox smiled as she and her master looked at the fossils.

As Rex and Kairi were leaving the exhibit Rex accidently bumped into a guy with brown hair.

“Oh I’m sorry,“Rex said.

“It’s okay,“The boy replied.

“I’m Sora by the way,“The boy added.

“I’m Rex and this is my master Kairi,“Rex smirked.

“Hi,“Sora greeted at he looked at Kairi.

“Hello,“Kairi replied back.

“Well uh we better get going,“Rex added as she started to walk.

“Kairi wait a minute,“Sora stated.

“Why?“Kairi asked.

“Do you want to grab a bite to eat?“Sora asked.

“I can’t I need to get back to Rexie and I’m here with some other people too,“Kairi answered.

Sora nodded and Kairi walked over to Rex.

Sora glared at the fox and walked away from the pet and master pair.

Soon the hours passed and it was lunch time.

Rex and Kairi met everyone else in the food court.

“Okay what does everyone want to eat?“Lord asked.

“CHEESE FRIES,“Wind yelled.

“Alright then now what about everyone else?“Lord asked.

“I’ll take a taco,“Snow smirked.

“I want chicken nuggets,“Rawr added.

“I’ll take a burger,“Hunnie answered.

“Beef sandwich please,“Blood Stained Black Fox requested.

“What about you Rex?“Lord asked.

“Che’see fries please,“Rex added.

“Okay I’ll be back,“Lord smirked as he walked off to order the food.

“Damn it Lord forgot to ask everyone what he wanted to drink,“Namine sighed.

“Alright everyone tell me what you want to drink,“Namine added.

“Soda,“Everyone said in unison.

“Alright I’ll be right back,“Namine smirked.

After everyone got their food and drinks they ate and talked for a while.

Once everyone was done with their lunch they left the food court.

“Okay everyone for the rest of the day you can hang wit your friends but please meet us at the museum exit by five,“Lord explained.

The foxes nodded and then walked off.

“This is awesome,“Hunnie smirked.

“Yeah it is,“Rex added.

“I LOVE THE MUSEUM,“Wind yelled.

“I can see that,“Rex laughed.

As the three foxes walked a long Rex saw Kairi who was talking to Sora.

The nine tailed fox stopped walking watched them for a moment and started getting a bad feeling.

Wind and Hunnie looked back to see Rex looking at the two and walked over to the nine tailed.

“You okay?“Wind asked.

“Yeah it’s just that guy gives me a bad feeling,“Rex answered.

“He does look mysterious,“Hunnie pointed out.

Rex smirked at her friends comment and started walking.

“Come on you two let’s see the rest of this place,“Rex added.

The other two foxes followed close behind.

Soon the hours passed and it was time to go.

The students met the masters by the door and they all walked out together.

“That was fun,“Wind smirked.

“Yeah it was,“Rex added as she carried her snow globe.

Once everyone was on the bus Lord started it up and they drove back to the school.

When they got back to the school everyone got off the bus and Rex went to her room to find a place for her snow globe.

The nine tailed fox put the globe on the desk in her room and smiled.

Then Kairi walked into the room and Rex turned around to greet her.

“Hey,“Rex greeted.

“Wow that globe looks really good on your desk,“Kairi commented.

“Oh thanks,“Rex replied.

“You’re welcome so did you have fun today?“Kairi asked.

“Yeah,“Rex answered.

“I’m glad,“Kairi smiled.

“Your a great master,“Rex added as she nuzzled Kairi.

Kairi smiled as she pet her fox.

“Your a great foxie as well,“Kairi added.

After that Kairi and Rex walked to the auditorium and joined everyone else.

That night everyone went to sleep thinking about the great day they had.

The next morning the students woke up and got ready for school.

“That trip was a lot of fun,“Wind smirked as she,Rex and Hunnie walked down to the washroom.

“It sure was,“Rex agreed.

“I wonder what our next feild trip will be,“Hunnie pointed out.

“Who knows,“Rex shrugged.

After that the foxes walked to the washroom and got their baths and then went to class.

That day in every class the students learned new things on the subjects they were studying and in Street’s class they started learning how to play instruments.

As the weeks passed Wind,Rex and Rawr started noticing that their masters were acting strange.

It was weeks later in Street’s class and the students were learning how to play the piano.

The students were taking turns playing the instrument and it was Winds turn.

The fox played the keys gently with her paws she was playing to the song mary had a little lamb.

As Wind finished playing the song she jumped off the seat and the class clapped.

“Nicely done Wind,“Streets smiled.

“Okay students this Friday everyone will play a song on the piano in front of the other masters and we will move the piano to the auditorium for the event,“Streets explained.

“This is gonna be fun,“Wind cheered.

“Yes it will,“Streets replied.

Then the bell rang and the school day was over.

“See you guys later,“Streets added as the foxes walked out of the classroom.

“I can’t wait for Friday,“Wind stated.

“Yeah it’ll be fun,“Rex smirked.

“What song are you two going to play?“Hunnie asked.

“I’ll do mary had a little lamb,“Wind added.

“What about you Rex?“Hunnie asked.

“I dont know I’ll have to think of one,“Rex answered.

“Yeah I still need to think of one too,“Hunnie sighed.

“Anyways I’ve been feeling like theres something going on,“Rex pointed out.

“What do you mean?“Hunnie asked.

“Well whenever I ask Kairi if we can hang out she says she’s busy at times when I know for a fact theres nothing she needs to do and I dont understand why she’d not want to hang out,“Rex answered.

“I’m having the same problem with Namine,“Wind admitted.

“You are?“Rex asked.

“Yeah I just didn’t say anything because I thought it was nothing at first but now I’m sure theres something wrong,“Wind sighed.

Then Rawr who was listening to the others conversion walked up to them.

“Did you guys say your having problems with your masters?“Rawr asked.

“Yeah why?“Wind asked.

“Because Lord is acting weird too,“Rawr answered.

“I wonder what’s going on,“Hunnie added.

“Yeah me too,“Rawr sighed.

“We should try to find out what’s up,“Rex pointed out.

“I agree,“Wind added.

“Okay I have an idea,“Rawr smirked.

“What is it?“Wind asked.

“We’ll follow our masters tonight like to their rooms and wherever else they go when they tell us their busy I’m sure we’ll find out what’s up if,“Rawr replied.

“That’s a great idea,“Hunnie added.

“I’m a genius I know,“Rawr smirked.

The other foxes rolled their eyes as they continued to walk down the hallyways and talk about their plan.

That night when the masters headed down to where they were headed the pets walked down the halls ready to find out the truth.

“Lord and Namine are going down one hallway and Kairi is going down to the back of the school,“Rex pointed out as she watched them.

“Okay Rex you and Hunnie follow Kairi me and Wind will see what Namine and Lord is up too,“Rawr added.

Rex nodded as she walked down the hallway with Hunnie and followed Kairi.

Then the two other foxes followed Lord and Namine.

As Rex and Hunnie followed Kairi they saw as she went outside the back school doors.

“That’s where the school bus is parked why would she go out there?“Hunnie asked.

“Let’s find out,“Rex added as she opened the back door.

The two foxes walked outside and saw Kairi walking to the back of the school parking lot.

“Okay be quiet as we follow her,“Rex pointed out.

Hunnie nodded as they followed Kairi.

The two foxes hid behind a bush and watched as Kairi stood in the parking lot.

“It looks like she’s waiting for someone,“Hunnie whispered.

“I wonder who though,“Rex whispered back.

Then a car pulled into the parking lot and a familiar brown haired boy got out.

“Sora of course I should’ve known,“Rex mumbled.

“I don’t know how much longer I can do this,“Kairi sighed as Sora walked up to her.

“What do you mean?“Sora asked.

“Not taking of Rex to sneack out to be with you,“Kairi answered.

“Then leave Master High and live with me,“Sora replied.

“I don’t know if I could,“Kairi sighed.

“Come on who do you care about more me or Rex?“Sora asked.

“You,“Kairi answered.

“Okay then come with me,“Sora pointed out.

Rex growled at the secret couple as they continued to talk.

“Sora if anyone found out we’ve been seeing eachother since the museum trip i’d be in big trouble,“Kairi sighed.

“Who cares you said you care about me the most,“Sora added.

“I know,“Kairi replied.

“Then come with me,“Sora smirked.

“I will,“Kairi smiled.

Rex’s eyes started tearing up but she was trying hard not to cry.

Hunnie saw how upset Rex was and decided it was best if they went back inside.

“Come on let’s go inside,“Hunnie sighed.

Rex nodded as they began to head for the doors.

Once inside Rex was sobbing and Hunnie helped get her to her bedroom.

When they got into Rex’s room the nine tailed laid down in her pet bed.

“I’m so sorry Rex,“Hunnie sighed.

“It’s okay I should have known,“Rex replied as she cried.

“I’m going to find Rawr and Wind I’ll be back,“Hunnie added.

“Okay..“Rex sniffled.

After that Hunnie left the bedroom and then walked down the hallway.

Hunnie walked down the hallway that Wind and Rawr walked down.

Soon Hunnie saw the two foxes watching Namine and Lord.

Hunnie walked up beside the other two foxes and saw as Lord and Namine were kissing.

Wind knew she couldn’t take it anymore so she stood up and ran back to her room and started to cry,

Then Rawr started to cry as well as she stood up and walked away.

Then Hunnie followed the two other crying foxes.

Wind and Rawr both ran into their bedrooms and Hunnie sighed.

Then the white furred fox walked back into Rex’s room and saw that the nine tailed was still sobbing.

“Rawr and Wind are crying too there dealing with the same problem as you,“Hunnie sighed.

“Rex whiped away her tears and calmed down a little.

“I need to go talk to them,“Rex replied as she headed to the door.

Hunnie followed Rex to Wind’s room and once again saw a crying fox.

“Wind we need to talk,“Rex sighed.

Wind sniffled as she stood up.

“Kairi is seeing Sora what was Namine doing?“Rex asked.

“She’s been seeing Lord which is hurting Rawr and when we were watching them at first Lord called me a stupid mutt and Namine agreed that that’s what I am,“Wind cried.

Rex growled in anger.

“So what happened with Lord what did he say about Rawr?“Rex asked.

“He said he doesn’t want Rawr anymore and that he just wants to ran away with Namine,“Wind answered.

“Their breaking the rules and going against the schools pledge,“Rex pointed out.

“We have to tell Rinoa and Streets,“Hunnie added.

“Yeah let’s go get Rawr and do it,“Rex stated.

“Okay,“Wind sighed.

The three foxes walked to the auditorium where Rinoa and Elwood was helping Streets move the piano onto the stage.

“Oh hey you guys,“Rinoa greeted.

“We need too talk to you both,“Wind sniffled.

Rinoa and Streets stopped moving te piano and looked at the pets who looked upset.

“Have you been crying?“Rinoa asked.

“Yeah..“Wind replied.

“What’s wrong pets?“Rinoa asked.

“Lord,Namine,and Kairi are going against the schools pledge Kairi is seeing a buy named Sora who Rex and Kairi first ran into on our museum trip and Lord and Namine have been dating,“Wind answered.

“Really?“Rinoa asked in shock.

“Yes we followed them tonight and we saw everything,“Rex sighed.

Rinoa sighed and then looked at Streets and Elwood.

“What should we do?“Rinoa asked.

“We’ll have to kick them from the school,“Streets answered.

“I agree,“Rinoa and Elwood added.

“Same here,“Rinoa stated.

“Okay we’ll do this in an hour I want you three to sit down in here and I’m going to get the other pets,“Streets added.

“What about Namine,Lord,and Kairi?“Rinoa asked.

“Go tell them to come to the auditorium in an hour for an important announcement,“Streets replied.

“Okay,“Rinoa sighed as she walked out of the room.

“Pets stay here I’m going to get the others I’ll be back,“Streets said.

The foxes nodded and with that Streets left the room.

In five minutes Snow and Blood Stained Black Fox walked into the auditorium and took their seats.

“What’s going on?“Snow asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough,“Rex sighed.

Snow nodded and Blood Stained Black Fox rolled her eyes.

Then Rinoa and Streets walked into the room and started getting things ready for the announcement.

Soon the hour passed and the three masters walked into the auditorium.

Then Streets grabbed the microphone and started to speak.

“I want all six pets up to the stage please,“Streets ordered.

The six foxes walked up onto the stage and stood beside Rinoa,Elwood,and Streets.

“Kairi,Lord,and Namine I need you three to sit down,“Streets added.

The three masters sat down and let Streets speak.

“Kairi,Lord,and Namine for going against the school’s pledge and dating you are kicked from Master High,“Streets announced.

“Streets how did you find out I’m seeing someone?“Kairi asked.

“Rex and Hunnie followed you tonight and heard what you and Sora said and that’s also what happend with Rawr and Wind they followed Lord and Namine and found out their seeing eachother!“Streets snapped.

“That’s okay I don’t want anything to do with Rex anymore,“Kairi snapped back.

Rex’s eyes started tearing up at Kairi’s words.

Then Blood Stained Black Fox stood up.

“I don’t think their being wrong in fact I’m going with them and taking their side you guys are stupid!“Blood Stained Black Fox snapped.

The red and black fox jumped off the stage and went over to the three masters.

“Very well then,“Streets sighed.

Then Kairi,Lord,Namine,and Blood Stained Black Fox walked out of the auditorium and then Rinoa made sure they left the school.

After they were gone Rinoa came back to the auditorium.

“Their gone,“Rinoa sighed.

“We’re going to have too teach the students every subject now,“Streets added.

“Yeah,“Rinoa replied.

Then Rinoa,Elwood,and Streets turned to Rex,Wind,and Rawr.

“You two can take tomorrow off infact all of you can Rinoa and I need a day or two to figure everything out,“Streets sighed.

The students nodded and stood up.

I’m going to bed,“Rex sighed.

“Me too,“Wind added.

“Count me in,“Rawr stated as she followed the sisters out of the auditorium.

“I’m going to go check on Rex,“Hunnie said as she jumped off the stage and walked out of the room.

“I’m going to go too,“Snow sighed.

Then Snow followed Hunnie into the hallways and walked with her.

That night no one could sleep knowing things were going to be bad for a long time.

As the night went on Wind,Rex and Rawr sadly took their collars off knowing there was no use for them now.

The next morning Rex yawned as she walked through the hallways.

She hadn’t slept one minute the night before and the nine tailed fox was so depressed she couldn’t handle it.

“Morning,“Came a voice from behind.

Rex turned around to see Rinoa.

“Morning,“Rex replied.

“Are you okay?“Rinoa asked.

“No I didn’t sleep at all last night and I’m hurt very hurt,“Rex answered.

“I’m so sorry this happened,“Rinoa sighed.

“It’s okay..“Rex sniffled.

“Me ,Elwood and Streets didn’t sleep last night either we were talking about how were going to teach you students the rest of the subjects,“Rinoa pointed out.

“How are you going to do that anyway?“Rex asked.

“Well I’ll teach you guys Classroom Teaching and the pet and master pledge while Elwood will still teach you fighting and then Streets will teach you guys Adility as well as Music and Archery,“Rinoa answered.

“Oh I see,“Rex added.

“Yeah but I really think you should rest now,“Rinoa stated.

“I can’t...“Rex replied.

“Well do you want something to eat?“Rinoa asked.

“Sure,“Rex answered.

“Okay then follow me I’ll make you something special,“Rinoa smiled.

Rex nodded as she followed Rinoa down the hallways.

Rinoa and Rex walked into the dining room.

“I thought only masters eat breakfast in here,“Rex pointed out.

“That’s how Lord wanted it when he was here but he’s gone now so were changing things up abit,“Rinoa pointed out.

“What do you mean that’s how he wanted it?“Rex asked.

“He always thought that masters should have better treatment than the pets as in better food,better bedrooms,and better places to eat and all of that,“Rinoa answered.

“Oh,“Rex replied.

“Okay sit down Rex and I’ll fix you something better than kibble and water,“Rinoa smirked.

Rex nodded as she stook a seat by the table.

Rinoa went into the kitchen and cooked Rex some bacon and eggs with a big glass of orange juice.

Once Rinoa made the plate of food she picked it up and then picked up the glass of juice and walked over to the table.

“Here you go my dear,“Rinoa smiled.

“Thank you so much,“Rex replied.

“You’re welcome,“Rinoa added.

Then Streets walked into the room with the other students.

“Ah Streets you got the others,“Rinoa smirked.

“Yeah I think everyone needs a nice meal,“Streets pointed out.

“I agree,“Rinoa stated.

“Okay pets sit down and Rinoa and I will make everyone a nice breakfast,“Streets smirked.

Rex waited for the others to get their food before eating hers.

Once the food was all done everyone ate a delicious meal.

So the day went on Rinoa and Streets got everything ready for the next day and the pets who were hurt were still very upset.

Soon the next day came and the students got ready for school.

“I wonder how well Rinoa can teach us The Pet And Master Pledge and Classroom teaching,“Wind pointed out.

“Same here,“Rex replied.

“So Streets is teaching us Adility as well as Music and Archery right?“Wind asked.

“Yeah,“Rex answered.

“Hey wheres Hunnie?“Wind asked.

“I think Elwood is giving her a bath in the washroom,“Rex replied.

“I guess we better go get our baths too,“Wind pointed out.

“Good idea,“Rex added.

The two foxes walked to the washroom where Elwood was giving Hunnie a bath.

“Hey Hunnie,“Rex greeted.

“Hi Rex,“Hunnie replied back.

Then Elwood rinsed Hunnie off with water and dried her off with a towel.

“Okay Rex your turn,“Elwood smirked.

The nine tailed jumped into the tub and got her bath.

Once Rex was clean Wind got her bath.

Soon all of the foxes were clean and ready for school.

Rex,Wind,and Hunnie got their textbooks from their lockers and walked to Rinoa’s class.

“Good morning,“Rinoa greeted as the students walked into the room.

“Morning,“Wind replied.

Then the three foxes took their seats.

“Do any of you know where Rawr and Snow are?“Rinoa asked.

“No,“The three foxes answered in unison.

At that very moment Snow walked into the classroom.

“Snow where is Rawr?“Rinoa asked.

“She’s really upset about Lord still and she’s crying,“Snow answered.

“Let’s give her some time and maybe she’ll come,“Rinoa pointed out.

Snow nodded and then took her seat.

“Okay pets since the school has lost three masters and one pet things will be a bit different from now on,“Rinoa explained.

“I know not everyone will have a master now since three are gone but since Blood Stained Black Fox is left Streets doesn’t have a pet now,“Rinoa added.

“I don’t want a master for a while,“Wind sighed.

“Me too,“Rex pointed out.

“I know and were not gonna rush you it’s going to take time before you think you’ll be able to move on or open up to someone but when you are ready you next master will be better,“Rinoa added.

The foxes nodded and let Rinoa speak once again.

“So anyways we should get on with class,“Rinoa sighed.

“Okay everyone open your pet and master pledge textbooks to page ninety-seven please,“Rinoa added.

The students nodded and then opened their books.

“Alright let’s have Wind read firt today,“Rinoa smirked.

Then Wind started reading and the others followed along.

In the middle of class when Snow was reading Rawr walked into the room.

Everyone looked up from their books and smiled at the white furred fox.

“Good Morning Rawr,“Rinoa greeted.

“Morning,“Rawr replied as she took her seat.

“Rawr were reading page one hundred in the pledge textbooks,“Rinoa added.

The fox nodded as she opened her book.

After that Snow continued reading.

So the week went on with classes and the students practiced playing the piano for the concert on Friday.

When Friday rolled around Wind,Rex,and Rawr all picked songs to help them vent out their feelings while Hunnie and Snow picked out normal songs to play.

Wind picked Decode by paramore,While Rex picked everybodys fool by Evanescence,and Rawr picked Going Under by Evanescence.

Playing the songs on the piano seemed to help the foxes feel a little better.

After the concert was over the foxes went to bed and the three remaining masters of the school were talking in the auditorium.

“They did a really good job tonight,“Rinoa pointed out.

“They sure did,“Streets agreed.

“I thought it was sad though how they played depressing songs,“Elwood mumbled.

“Yeah me too but their hurting really bad right now,“Rinoa added.

“I wish there was a way to make them forget about what happened,“Elwood sighed.

“Me too,“Rinoa added.

After that the masters went to bed thinking of what could happen if they didn’t find a way to fix things soon.

-five Weeks Later At Master High-

As the weeks passed the students continued to learn but Rex,Wind,and Rawr were still struggling with depression.

It was the last day of the second nine weeks of the school year and the students had spent all day reviewing lessons with the masters.

Since not every student had a master Rinoa,Streets,and Elwood all decided to give the foxes their reportcards together in the school auditorium.

The students were in Streets class when the bell rang and then Streets spoke up.

“Okay everyone go to the auditorium you’ll get your reportcards there,“Streets explained.

The students nodded and then walked out of the classroom and went down to the auditorium.

The foxes walked into the auditorium where Rinoa and Elwood were.

Then Streets walked into the room as the foxes walked over to the other two masters.

Rinoa handed out the reportcards to the five students.

Rex,Wind,and Rawr all got B’s and C’s witch was pretty good considering how depressed they had been.

Snow and Hunnie got all A’s because they were able to work better because they hadn’t been affected by the masters that had left.

Rinoa smiled as she watched the pets show eachother their grades and talk.

Then Rinoa walked over to Wind,Rex,and Rawr.

“I’d like to speak too you three alone please,“Rinoa added.

The three students nodded and followed Rinoa out into the hallway.

“Now I know this nine weeks has been hard on you three that’s why tomorrow I’m taking you three to a waterpark as a treat for being so strong through your depression and doing good on your school work,“Rinoa smirked.

“Really?“Rex asked.

“Why of course you three deserve this,“Rinoa answered.

“Your so awesome,“Rawr stated.

Rinoa smiled at Rawr’s comment and then started to speak.

“Why thak you,“Rawr added.

After that Rinoa led the students back into the auditorium.

That night the students went to bed with nothing but the feeling of excitement.

The next morning Rex was woken up by Rinoa.

“Rex it’s time to get up,“Rinoa smirked.

The nine tailed fox opened her eyes and yawned.

“Morning,“Rex added.

“Come on let’s get Wind and Rawr,“Rinoa smirked.

Rex nodded as she followed Rinoa out of her bedoroom.

Once they got the other two up Rinoa led Wind,Rawr,and Rex to the washroom and gave them their baths.

Soon the students were ready for a day at the waterpark.

“Okay I’m going to bring the school bus to the front meet me there,“Rinoa added.

The foxes nodded and then walked down the hallways to the schools front doors.

Once they were outside they waited until Rinoa was out front with the bus.

Then the bus doors opened and the foxes got onto the bus and took their seats.

After that the bus door closed and Rinoa started driving.

Soon they were at the water park and the bus came to a stop.

“Alright were here,“Rinoa smirked.

The three foxes followed Rinoa off the school bus.

Once Rinoa paid admission she led the students into the park.

“This place looks so cool,“Wind pointed out.

“Alright you three go swim and have fun,“Rinoa added.

“Your not gonna swim?“Rex asked.

“No I’m not much of a swimmer,“Rinoa replied.

“Alright well come on Rex and Rawr,“Wind said as she ran off to the water.

The other two foxes ran after her and jumped into the pool.

Rinoa smiled as she watched the foxes play.

“Hey guys look theres a water slide,“Wind pointed out.

“YES GO DOWN IT!“Rawr yelled excitedly.

The three foxes smiled as they went to the water slide.

Rawr was the first one to the top and when she saw how high she was she couldn’t move.

“HERE YA GO,“Wind laughed as she pushed Rawr down the slide.

Rex laughed at her sister and then went down the slide.

As the day went on the foxes had more fun and they didn’t think about anything bad.

Soon it was time to go home so Rinoa led the students out of the water park and back onto the school bus.

Once they got back to the school Rex,Wind,and Rawr went to hang out with Snow and Hunnie who also had the day off.

So the day passed and the students went back to learning more of their lessons.

Then the year went on and things seemed to be getting better for the students who lost a master but one night in late July when the students were asleep Rinoa’s cell phone went off when she was talking with Streets and Elwood.

Rinoa saw it was from Lord and ignored the call.

But Lord left a vocie mail and later that night Rinoa listened to it.

“Rinoa you and everyone else at the school better watch out or you could lose your lives forever,“Lord laughed.

Then the voice mail ended and Rinoa knew she needed to talk to the other masters about the voice mail in the morning.

The next day before school started Rinoa talked to Streets and Elwood in the auditorium.

“I think we need to be careful Lord seemed pretty serious in the voice mail,“Rinoa pointed out.

“Can we hear it?“Streets asked.

“Yeah,“Rinoa replied.

Rinoa opened her phone and turned the voice mail on and then put the phone on speaker.

Streets and Elwood listened carefully.

“Rinoa you and everyone else at the school better watch out or you could lose your lives forever,”

Then Rinoa closed her phone and sighed.

“Okay I see what you mean now,“Streets added.

“Yeah same here,“Elwood admitted.

“So what should we do?“Rinoa asked.

“I think we should just watch our backs and if they come and attack we’ll fight back,“Streets answered.

“Alright,“Rinoa agreed.

After that everyone got ready for the school day.

The day passed by quickly and soon night fell.

The students and the masters were all talking in the auditorium.

Suddenly they heard the sound of a glass window shattering and then came a voice.

“Okay let’s spilt up and find them,“Lord instructed.

The two other masters and the red and black fox nodded as they ran down the hallways.

“There here everyone,“Rinoa gulped.

“Alright looks like were gonna have to fight,“Streets pointed out.

“Okay pets use your fighting skills you’ve learned this year,“Elwood added.

The foxed nodded and then stood up.

“Here we can also use the bow and arrows,“Streets pointed out.

Then Streets gave the students each a bow and arrow.

“Okay use your archery skills you three,“Streets added.

The foxes nodded as they set up their weapons.

“Let’s go pets,“Rinoa ordered.

Then the foxes followed the masters out of the auditorium.

“There they are,“Lord pointed out as he saw Rinoa and the others walk down the hallway towards him and the rest of his team.

Once Rinoa and others walked up to Lord and his team Rinoa started to speak.

“What are you doing here?“Rinoa asked.

“To get revenge,“Lord snapped.

“Let’s get them,“Blood Stained Black Fox added.

“ATTACK!“Lord yelled.

Then the two groups came at eachother.

Rex growled as she jumped onto Blood Stained Black Fox and pinned her down.

The black and red fox pushed the ninetailed off of her and then kicked Rex into the wall.

The ninetailed quickly got up and lunged at Black.

Rex pinned the red and black fox down again and put her paw on Black’s throat.

Then Namine saw Rex had Black down and ran over and kicked Rex off of Black.

The ninetailed fell to the ground and then got up once again.

Rex got her bow and arrow out and walked over to Namine and the red and black fox.

Then Lord who was fighting Rinoa saw Rex about to shoot Namine and Black and quickly pushed Rinoa off of him.

“REX WATCH OUT!“Rinoa yelled.

Rex saw Lord coming and quickly Shot her arrow.

Namine dodged the arrow but Black Stained Black Fox fell to the ground when the arrow shot her.

“NO!“Lord yelled.


Then everyone else who was fighting stopped and looked over to see what had happened.

Rex growled as Lord came at her.

Rinoa jumped onto Lord just as he was going to leap for Rex.

Rinoa kicked Lord to the ground then Lord quickly got up.


After that Namine picked Black Stained Black Fox up and Lord and his group left through the broken window they came in through.

After the fight everyone calmed down but knew trouble was yet to come.

In the next few days the window was fixed and everyone was back to classes and then August came around.

When August sixth came it was a special day the foxes had now turned fourteen.

A new school year was about to begin.

-Part Two The Second Year-

The students walked down the hallway to Rinoa’s classroom.

It was the first day of their second year of master training and the foxes were still upset about the fight that happened with Lord’s group.

Rex had been upset at first thinking if the arrow that shot Black Stained Black Fox had killed her but later felt like the red and black didn’t deserve too live.

The foxes walked into Rinoa’s class and took their seats.

“Welcome everyone too your second year at Master High,“Rinoa greeted.

“Okay so let’s get started by me giving all of you your second year textbooks for the pet and master pledge,“Rinoa added.

Rinoa picked up five textbooks and went over to the students desks.

After Rinoa gave everyone their book she walked back up too the front of the class.

“Okay everyone turn to page one and let’s get started,“Rinoa smirked.

Everyone turned too the first page and then waited for further instruction.

“Alright who wants too read first?“Rinoa asked.

“ME ME,“Wind yelled excitedly.

“Alright Wind start us off,“Rinoa added.

Wind nodded and then started too read while everyone else followed along.

After they were done with the first class Rinoa gave the students the textbooks for classroom teaching.

“Okay who wants too read first?“Rinoa asked.

“Me please,“Snow replied as she rasied her paw in the air.

“Alright start us off,“Rinoa smirked.

Snow nodded and then started reading.

Once they were done with the second class the students walked too lunch.

“The first day has really been fun,“Wind pointed out.

“Yeah is has,“Rex replied.

“Do you think we’ll ever see Lord,Namine,Kairi,and Blood Stained Black Fox again?“Wind asked.

“I don’t know,“Rex answered.

“Well I think Blood Stained Black Fox is dead now,“Hunnie pointed out.

“Hunnie please don’t say that you know I shot her,“Rex sighed.

“I know but she didn’t deserve too live,“Hunnie added.

“I feel bad though,“Rex replied.

“Don’t feel bad Rex after all she tried to kill you,“Rawr added.

“I guess your right,“Rex sighed.

“Well we better get too lunch,“Hunnie added.

“Yeah come on,“Rex replied as she started to walk down the hallways.

The others followed Rex too the lunch room.

Once they got there they sat down at the lunch table and ate their kibble.

After lunch the students walked too Elwood’s class.

“Good afternoon pets,“Elwood greeted.

“Good afternoon master,“Hunnie greeted back.

Then the foxes took their seats and waited for instruction.

“Okay pets this year I’ll be teaching all of you how to fight with different weapons,“Elwood explained.

“Which weapons are we gonna learn to fight with first?“Wind asked.

“Knives,“Elwood replied.

“Sounds fun,“Wind smirked.

“It’s kinda fun I guess,“Elwood added.

“Okat let’s get started,“Elwood pointed out.

“Can I go first?“Rex asked

“Oh course Rex just come over here by the targets and I’ll give you a knife,“Elwood replied.

Then the Orange and White nine tailed Fox walked over to the targets and was handed a knife.

“Alright Rex throw the knife!“Elwood instructed.

Then the yougn Fox threw the knife at the target it and went right into the center.

“Wonderful Rex!“Elwood cheered.

“Thanks,“Rex replied.

“Now then Snow I’d like you to go next,“Elwood added.

Snow nodded as she jumped out of her seat and Rex sat back down.

Then everyone else got a turn at knife throwing.

Soon class was over and the students headed off too Street’s class.

“Good morning class,“Streets greeted.

“Morning,“The students said in unison.

“Alright take your seats everyone and for the first nine weeks this year everyone will be learning Music,“Streets explained.

Once everyone was seat Streets continued too explain everything too the class but Hunnie noticed Rawr seemed a bit off.

After class was over everyone headed back too their rooms but Rawr who was walking beside of Hunnie stopped walking and asked her a question.

“Hunnie can I talk too you?“Rawr asked.

“Of course,“Hunnie replied.

“Okay let’s go outside,“Rawr added.

Hunnie nodded and then followed Rawr through the hallways and too the school’s back doors.

Once they were outside Rawr began too talk.

“Hunnie please don’t tell anyone this but I’m in love with Lord..“Rawr admitted.


“Hunnie please it doesn’t matter now because he’s gone but I really needed too tell someone...“Rawr sighed.

“Alright I wont tell anyone,“Hunnie promised.

“Thank you,“Rawr added.

“No problem,“Hunnie replied.

Then both Foxes turned to go back inside when suddenly Hunnie heard the sound of rushling and turned around to see a figure run by quickly who seemed to be Half fox Hunnie froze as she saw the ears on the top of the head and then the three tails.

“Hunnie are you coming?“Rawr asked.

“I..I think I saw a half Fox human run by,“Hunnie said in shock.

“You sure?“Rawr asked.

“Well I might be sure but then again after what you just told me I could be seeing things since I’m in shock,“Hunie answered.

“Well let’s just go back inside,“Rawr added.

Hunnie nodded and then followed Rawr back inside of the school.

Little did Hunnie know she was right about what she saw.

Back in the forest behind the school the ex masters and the ex pet of the school were living together and had made a camp with tents,a fire,and everything they needed too stay alive.

Tails who was a half Fox guy was walking back too the camp after listening too Rawr and Hunnie’s conversion.

He had joined Lord’s group shortly after the fight where Rex shot Blood Stained Black Fox and the reason he had ears and three tails even though he was mostly human is because he was lord’s master back when Lord was in master traning and when Tails was ready to become a master at his graduation when he stepped into The Transformation(the machine that turns Foxes into Humans)and when the machine began to work on Tails it messed up leaving him with his Fox ears and somehow giving him two more tails which is how he got his new name and his current looks.

“Welcome back Tails,“Lord greeted as Tails walked back onto their camp grounds.

“Lord I just got the best information yet,“Tails smirked.

“What is it?“Lord asked.

“Well when I went too see what everyone was up too at the school I saw Rawr and Hunnie talking outside and Rawr told Hunnie that she’s in love with you,“Tails answered.

“This gives me a great idea,“Lord added.

“It does?“Tails asked.

“Yes I’ll go back too the school and act like I’m sorry and I’ll pretend too be in love with Rawr and from there the rest of the plan I’m going too keep secret,“Lord replied.

“Why do you need to keep it a secret?“Tails asked.

“Just because,“Lord added.

“Alright well when are you going too go to the school?“Tails asked.

“I’ll go tomorrow morning,“Lord smirked.

“Alright,“Tails added.

Then Blood Stained Black Fox walked up too Lord and Tails.

“What are you two doing?“Blood Stained Black Fox asked.

“Just about a plan too take Master High down,“Lord answered.

“Oh I See you know I wonder if they really think I’m dead,“Blood Stained Black Fox pointed out.

“Who knows,“Tails shrugged.

The rest of the day passed quickly and the Pets and masters of Master High had no idea what they were in for.

Soon morning came and Lord left camp early too get too the school before classes started.

Once he was in sight of the school be walked over too the back parking lot and walking around the school to the front doors.

When Lord was at the front doors he pressed the button on the school buzzer.

Then he heard the sound of footsteps and the door opened.

Streets froze when he saw Lord outside.

“Lord what are you doing here?“Streets asked.

“I know I’ve done horrible things Streets and I’m sorry I would like too join Master High again I have left the others who betrayed the school,“Lord replied.

“Well I can’t decide this on my own I’m going too get the others wait out here okay?“Streets asked.

“Okay I’ll wait,“Lord added.

Then Streets closed the door and walked off too the find the other masters.

Streets found Elwood and Rinoa making breakfast in the kichen.

“We have a problem,“Streets sighed as he walked into the room.

“What is it?“Elwood asked.

“Lord is here he says he’s sorry for everything and wants to join the school again,“Streets replied.

“I say no,“Elwood added.

“Okay hold on here let’s get the pets up and have them get ready to come to the auditorium then we’ll have a vote too se if Lord should have another chance,“Rinoa replied.

“Fine,“Elwood added.

“Good now I’m going to get the pets up while you and streets let Lord in,“Rinoa smirked.

“Okay,“Elwood replied.

After that Rinoa walked to the bedrooms while Streets and Elwood went too let Lord in.

Once Rinoa walked into the hallway where the pets bedrooms were she opened Wind’s door and walked into her room.

“WIND WAKE UP!“Rinoa yelled.

The blue furred fox jumped up quickly and looked at Rinoa.

“Rinoa please don’t wake me up like that again.“Wind sighed.

“Listen Wind right now we have something very important to take care of so go get everyone else up right now and when everyone is ready you are too come to the auditorium,“Rinoa added.

“Oh okay but did something happen?“Wind asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough,“Rinoa replied.

“Alright then,“Wind added as she walked passed Rinoa and went too wake everyone else up.

Once all of the pets were ready they walked down the halls too the auditorium.

“So Rinoa didn’t tell you why we had to be up early?“Rex asked.

“Nope,“Wind replied.

“I have too admit I like a good surprise,“Rawr added.

“Yeah if only all surprises were good,“Rex sighed.

“I think somethings up,“Hunnie pointed out.

“I agree,“Snow smirked.

“Well were about too find out what’s going on,“Rex added.

Then they walked into the auditorium and froze dead in their tracks.

“Lord..“Rawr said in shock.

Everyone else stared at Lord for a moment before looking over at the masters.

“Why is he here?“Rex asked.

“Just take your seats pets and we’ll get to that,“Rinoa replied.

The foxes all took a seat and looked at the stage in confusion.

“Okay everyone Lord showed up at the school today asking for another chance because he left the other ex masters and the ex pet of the school,“Rinoa added.

“So he’s getting a second chance?“Snow asked.

“Only if all of you say yes,“Rinoa answered.

Then Rex,Snow,Hunnie,and Wind all looked at Rawr.

“Do you want us to give him another chance?“Rex asked.

“Yes please,“Rawr replied.

“We say yes,“Rex said to the masters on the stage.

“Alright then Lord welcome back to Master High,“Rinoa added.

No one cheered when they knew Lord would be staying but Rex,Wind,Snow,and Hunnie knew Rawr would be happy if he was allowed to stay.

After that Rawr walked up to the stage and Lord smiled.

“I missed you my dear pet,“Lord added.

“I missed you too,“Rawr replied.

After that the reunited pet and master pair walked out of the auditorium.

“I can’t beileave we did that,“Hunnie sighed.

“Well she would have been upset if we said no,“Rex pointed out.

“Yeah but maybe Lord has changed,“Wind added.

“I dought it,“Snow laughed.

“We need to give him a chance though,“Hunnie pointed out.

“That’s true,“Snow replied.

“Let’s just give him a chance and I’m sure in time we’ll know if he’s really changed or not,“Rex added.

The other students nodded and then Rinoa,Elwood,and Streets came over to the pets.

“Are all of you really okay with letting Lord stay?“Rinoa asked.

“No but we want to give him a chance because Rawr seemed really happy when we said yes and heck maybe he has changed,“Snow replied.

“Yeah that’s pretty much how I feel about this too,“Rinoa added.

“Well I’m sure we’ll figure out if he’s changed or not sooner or later,“Rex pointed out.

“Yeah I just have a bad feeling about this though,“Snow sighed.

“Just don’t worry about it right now Snow,“Rinoa replied.

Snow nodded and then Rinoa spoke once more.

“Anyways since Lord is back everyone of you has the day off while Streets,Elwood,Lord,and I work some things out,“Rinoa added.

The foxes nodded and then the masters walked away.

“So what do you think will happen?“Wind asked.

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