The Kitsune Masters

By Kristin Kula All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller

The Kitsune Masters Chapter Four

“Who knows but like Rinoa said we just shouldn’t worry about this right now,“Snow said.

“Yeah so what do you all want to do then?“Wind asked.

“We could play something,“Hunnie pointed out.

“I know let’s play hide and seek!“Wind smirked.

“Alright I’ll be it,“Snow replied.

“Alright then count to thirty and then come find us,“Wind said.

Snow nodded and then covered her eyes with her paws and started to count.

Then the other students ran out of the auditorium to find a place to hide.

“Let’s hide in the masters bed rooms!“Wind giggled.

“I don’t know if we should be going in there,“Rex replied as they ran down the hallways.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine,“Hunnie pointed out.

“Alright then let’s hide in Rinoa’s room,“Rex replied.

Wind and Hunnie nodded and they followed Rex through the school to Rinoa’s room.

Once the three foxes got to the bedroom they closed the door and went under Rinoa’s bed.

“I wonder how long it’ll take Snow to find us,“Wind wondered.

“It might take a while this school is pretty big,“Rex pointed out.

“Yeah that’s true,“Wind replied.

Meanwhile back at the other side of the school Snow was looking around for her freinds.

“Where are they!“Snow said to herself as she looked all over.

Finnally after looking for about an hour and a half Snow came upon the master bedrooms.

“They wouldn’t go in one of the master’s bedrooms would they?“Snow asked herself.

After a minute or so the white furred Fox decited to look in the rooms.

Snow opened the door to Rinoa’s room and walked inside not knowing she was being watched from under the bed.

“Let’s scare her,“Wind whispered to Hunnie and Rex.

The other two foxes nodded in agreement and then all three of them jumped out from under the bed.

“BOO!“Wind,Rex and Hunnie yelled.

“YOU THREE ARE MEAN!“Snow snapped as she tried to calm herself down.

“Aw come on Snow we’re just having some fun,“Rex pointed out.

“Yeah yeah,“Snow replied.

“So what now?“Wind asked.

“I have an idea let’s spy on Lord and Rawr!“Snow said.

“Why?“Hunnie asked.

“Because it’ll be fun,“Snow giggled.

“Alright then,“Hunnie added.

Then the Foxes walked out of the bedroom and went down the hallway to find the reunited pet and master pair.

“Look there they are!“Wind pointed out as she saw Lord and Rawr walking down one of the hallways.

“Hey Rawr hey Lord,“Snow greeted as the Foxes came up to him and Rawr.

“Hi,“Lord and Rawr replied.

“So how are you guys?“Rex asked.

“Better than ever!“Rawr cheered.

“I agree,“Lord smirked.

“Well I’m glad you’re both happy and that you’ve changed Lord,“Rex replied.

“I’m glad we’re happy as well and yes I’ve changed I can promise you and all of the other students and masters that Rex,“Lord added.

“Good to hear,“Rex responsed.

Lord smiled at Rex and then looked back at Rawr.

“Well Rawr and I really want some alone time together so we’ll be on our way,“Lord explained.

“Alright,“Rex replied.

Then the studets watched as Rawr and Lord walked away.

“I’m starting to think Lord really has changed,“Snow pointed out.

“Me too,“The other students said in unison.

Little did they know that they would sadly be mistaken within the next few months.

So the day went on and soon enough night time came.

Lord and Rawr were outside looking at the stars and the moon while everyone else had gone to sleep.

While outside Lord knew he had to get his plan in motion.

“Rawr can I tell you something?“Lord asked.

“Sure,“Rawr replied.

“I’m in love with you,“Lord lied.

Rawr froze for a moment and then looked at Lord.

“Really?“Rawr asked.

“Really,“Lord replied.

“I love you too,“Rawr admitted.

Lord smiled at Rawr and then spoke once again.

“Well then will you be my girlfriend?“Lord asked.

“Lord you know it’s against the rules for a master and a pet to date or even have feeling for each other,“Rawr pointed out.

“We’ll keep our relationship a secret then no one will know were dating,“Lord added.

“Okay then just along as we keep it a secret I’m fine with dating you,“Rawr replied.

Lord smiled and then leaned in and kissed Rawr.

Rawr kissed Lord back and that’s when Lord knew his plan was going to work for sure.

Soon enough the next day came and Lord was back to teaching the classroom teaching class for the students and made sure to act like he and Rawr weren’t anything more than pet and master.

As the day went on the students went to every class and soon another day had passed.

“Did you see me throw that knife?it went right into the center of the target!“Wind cheered.

Rex giggled and the other students smiled.

“Yes Wind we saw and it was very good,“Rex replied.

“Oh gosh now that I think of it I wonder what our first feild trip will be this year!“Wind added.

“I have no idea,“Rex added.

“We shall see in about nine weeks,“Hunnie laughed.

“Yeah,“Rex smirked.

“It would be nice if the masters took us to a waterpark,“Rawr chimed in.

“That would be nice,“The other students agreed.

Little did the Foxes know that Lord was listening from a distance and then suddenly got an idea.

“I could take the whole school on a trip to the waterpark in the end of the nine weeks then everyone will trust me for sure.“Lord thought as an evil smile came across his face.

And so the weeks passed on Lord and Rawr pretened that they weren’t anything but pet and master and soon enough the end of the nine weeks came.

Rex woke up and yawned from a good nights sleep.

She was excited for the review in the classes and then too be getting her first report card of the year.

The young orange and white Fox jumped out of her bed and walked through the pet door and into the hallway.

“Oh hey Rexie!“Came a voice from behind.

Rex turned around too see Wind.

“Morning Wind,“Rex greeted as her sister came up too her.

“Morning,“Wind added cheerfully.

“So is everyone else up?“Rex asked.

“Yeah they are Streets is giving everyone a bath and what’s funny is I was about to come wake you up too but then you came out of your room,“Wind replied.

“That is funny,“Rex smirked as she and Wind headed for the washroom.

“Yeah and like I’m so excited too hear what felid trip we’ll be going on!“Wind said.

“Same here,“Rex replied.

Within a mintue or two Rex and Wind walked into the washroom too see Streets giving Rawr a bath and the others waiting for their turn.

“Hey you two,“Streets says.

“Hi,“Wind and Rex say in usion as they get in line for a bath.

Soon Rawr was cleaned up and then it was time for Hunnie’s bath,then Snow,and finnaly it was Rex’s turn.

The little Fox jumped into the tub and streets started to wash her.

Once Rex was all clean Streets dried her off and then washed Wind up.

Then every Fox was washed up and ready too eat.

“Alright you guys Rinoa has breakfeast ready in the kichen go eat,“Streets adds.

The students nodd in response and then leave the washroom too get something too eat.

The Foxes walked into the kicthen and the smell of Bacon and eggs filled the air.

“Smells good huh?“Rinoa asked.

“Yeah it does,“Snow replied as she jumped onto one of the chairs around the table.

Then everyone else took a seat and Rinoa made plates for everyone and then gave each student their meal.

After everyone ate the students went too get their books out of their lockers and then headed too the first class of the day.

The day seemed too pass by fast and soon enough after each class was done everyone headed too the auditorium for the reportcards.

The Students walked up on stage and the masters handed each pet their grades.

Then the Foxes opened up their reportcards and everyone was very pleased with the grades they got.

After that everyone was talking in the auditorium about where they should go for their feild trip and that’s when Lord spoke up.

“Hey I have a idea,“Lord said.

“What is it?“Rinoa asked.

“I’m going too take everyone too the waterpark tomorrow and I’ll pay for everythig,“Lord replied.

Everyone was shocked by Lord’s generosity but was happy at the same time.

“You’d really do that?“Rawr asked.

“Of course,“Lord answered.

After that the other students and masters started thanking Lord and soon it was time for everyone too go to sleep.

The next morning everyone got up and got ready for their fun day.

When everyone was ready too go Lord pulled the school buss to the front of Master High and everyone climbed on and took their seats.

Within an hour or so they arvvied at the waterpark and then they got in line and Lord paid the money and they were let into the park.

The Foxes went right too the water slides and started to play while the masters relaxed and talked.

After a nice day at the park the pets and masters headed back too the school.

Everyone seemed very happy and that night Lord and Rawr we’re talkig in Lord’s bedroom.

“What a day huh?“Rawr asked.

“Yeah it was a blast,“Lord replied as he looked Rawr up an down.

“What?“Rawr asked in a counfused voice.

“Do you think we could..“Lord was cut off when he felt Rawr kissing him.

“Yes I would love too,“Rawr finshed.

Lord smiled and then got up and locked his bedroom door,then went back over too the bed and both Rawr and Lord did something no one would never see coming.

-Three weeks later-

Three weeks later it was early in the morning and Rex,Snow,Hunnie,and Wind were all walking through the hallyways to get ready for the school day when suddenly they saw Rawr running down the hall holding a white tube.

running down the hall holding a white tube thing in her mouth.

“Hi Rawr,“The students said as the running Fox sped past them.

The white Fox didn’t answer instead she just kept running.

“I wonder what that was all about,“Hunnie said.

“We’ll ask her later come on let’s go play!“Wind added.

The other students nodded as they followed Wind.

Rawr had made her way too the bathroom and then put the white tube on the skink.

Then the Fox picked up the box which the tube had come from and looked at the directions.

After that Rawr followed each step and then when she was done she looked at the tube with said: “Positive”

The young student dropped her pregnancy test in shock and then froze.

“I’m pregnant..“Rawr thought as fear came over her.

Little did the young Fox know that she would soon be in more danger than she ever imagined.

“LORD LORD!“Rawr screamed as she ran down tha hallways.

“Rawr are you alright?“Lord asked as he came down the hallway.

“I..“I’m pregnant,“Rawr admitted.

That was all Lord needed he smiled evilly but then knew he had too do this next part of the plan carefully.

“Come with me too my room,“Lord added.

Rawr nodded as she followed her love not knowing that something very bad was going too happen.

A few mintues later Rex,Wind,Snow,and Hunnie were walking through the hallways and heard a sharp scream.

“That’s Rawr!“Rex cried.

Then the Foxes ran towards the sound they were unexpedly led too Lord’s bedroom where they saw the window was wide open and there was a note on the bed.

Rex picked up the note and then read it out loud so the others would know what happened.

“Didn’t think I’d do anything bad huh?“Well now that my plan has worked I have captured Rawr and taken her back too my groups camp and now you’ll never see your little sister again..”

“Sister?“Wind asked.

“What does that mean?“Hunnie added.

“I have no idea but we’re gonna find out come on let’s get the masters,“Rex added.

Everyone else nodded as they ran through the school too find the humans.

“RINOA,STREETS,ELWOOD!“The students cried.

“What’s wrong?“Rinoa asked.

“LOOK AT THIS!“Rex replied as she handed Rinoa the letter Lord had wrote.

The other masters read it over with Rinoa and then looked down at the pets in shock.

“We have to help Rawr!“Wind added.

“I know but there’s more of them in lord’s group than their are of us,“Rinoa explained.

“IT DOESN’T MATTER!“Snow snapped.

“Alright alright we’ll help Rawr just calm down,“Rinoa responsed.

“Okay let’s go get some weapons too fight with from the classrooms,“Streets added.

Everyone then ran to get bows and arrows,and some knives.

Then when everyone was armed they set out into the woods too find the camp where the ex masters were hiding.

Meanwhile back at the camp Lord has returned and had tied Rawr up too a pole while everyone else in the group laughed evilly.

Just as the masters and pets came across the camp they saw Lord take out a sword and walk towards the pole Rawr was tied up on.

“RAWR!“Everyone cried as they ran towards the camp.

But it was too late.

The masters and pets watched in horror as Lord stabbed Rawr.

Rawr screamed loudly as blood poured everywhere.

Then masters and the pets ran down to the camp and Lord and his group turned around at the sound of movement.

“Well you would you look at this,“Lord laughed.

“It seems they’ve walked right into our trap,“Blood Stained black Fox added as she walked up to Lord’s side.

“She’s alive!“Rex thought.

“GET THEM!“Lord yelled.

Then Sora,Kairi,Namine,Tails,Blood Stained Black Fox,and Lord all ran towards the masters and the pets.

The pets and the masters ran towards their enimes and when both sides collide everyone started too fight.

Rex ran right towards Lord with a knife and lunged at him.

Lord quickly moved out of the way and pinned Rex down and took the knife away from the Fox.

“Hey there my sweet little daughter,“Lord greeted.

It was then that everyone else stopped fighting when they heard the word ’Daughter’and stared at Lord and Rex.

“Daughter?“Rex asked

“That’s right hun I’m your father,and Rawr,Hunnie,Snow,Wind,And Blood Stainted Black Fox are all your sisters,“Lord admitted.

“Sisters..But how?“Rex asked nerously as Lord moved the kinfe towards her neck.

“Oh it’s real simple acually you see when your mother gave birth, we knew you’d all be sent out in the coming years to Master High, so we spilt you guys up because not only did we know you’d all be sent to the school,but it was also the first time that related Foxes would be sent out, and because it had always been six foxes at the age of 13 that were never related, that’s another reason we made sure you six didn’t know you were we let Wind and you stay together because we saw how much you cared for I left because right before you and your sisters were born I was still 12,and I turned 13 a few days I was sent to the school and I always knew my daughters would be coming but no one said anything because the other masters knew how deadly the pet and master drama we all acted like you were never sisters expect for you and I got this great idea of how to take the school down.I started by acting like I was in love with her,because tails spied on Hunnie and Rawr when they were talking outside one day and he heard Rawr say she had fallen in love with me so it made the perfect plan to act like I loved her too and then I got her pregnant,“Lord explained.

“So.. you got your own daughter pregnant you had sex with you her and then you killed her and she didn’t even know she was in love with her own father!“Rex cried.

“Yup and before you and the others even knew she was related to you guys,“Lord replied as he laughed.

“Now then my daughter let’s have you join your sister in heaven shall we?“Lord asked once more as he went to cut Rex’s throat with the knife

“NO!“Came a loud voice from behind.

All Rex could see was Lord being knocked too the ground before was able too move.

The Fox stood up frozen and as Rex looked around she realized everyone else had been watching what had happened.

Rex’s eyes grew wide when she saw Kairi pinning Lord down.

“DON’T YOU EVER HURT HER!“Kairi screamed.

“YOU TRAITOR!“Lord yelled.

Kairi growled as she stabbed Lord in his side which caused him to yell out in pain.


Lord glared at Kairi as he struggled too get up.

“Kairi what are you doing!“Sora demanded.

The redhead turned too face Sora and then spoke.

“I’m doing the right thing,“Kairi replied as she walked towards Rex.

“You’re taking there side?“Sora asked in shock.

“Yes because I realize what I was doing is wrong,“Kairi answered.

“YOU’LL NEVER KEEP THAT FOX SAFE!“Sora yelled in anger as he lunged for Rex.

The orange and white Fox jumped out of the way and grabbed the knife that Lord had dropped.

Then as Sora came at Rex the Fox threw the kinfe at the human and before Sora could do anything the knife went right through his left arm.

Sora let out a sharp scream as he fell too the ground while everyone else watched in shock.

Namine,Tails,and Blood Stainted Black Fox all helped Lord up and then looked over at Sora.

Blood Stained Black Fox growled at Rex as she walked towards her sister.

Rex glared at the black and red Fox as she was being approached.

“WE’RE GOING TO GET REVENGE SISTER!“Blood Stainted Black Fox yelled as Namine was helping Sora up.

Then the ex masters and the ex pet fled into the wooods leaving everyone else feeling pain from the nasty fight.

Rex began to feel like she couldn’t breathe as she started to shake in fear.

“It’s okay,“Kairi said as she picked up the shaking Fox.

Instead of fighting to get free from the redhead’s grip she let Kairi hug her tightly as some of the others started too cry.

“Kairi are you really sorry?“Rinoa asked as she walked up too the girl hugging the shaking Fox.

“Yes and I know you don’t beileave me because of what Lord did but really I’m sorry I udnerstand that it was wrong and I’ll do anything too prove it,“Kairi replied.

“Alright then you may come back too Master High with us,“Rinoa added.

“Thank you,“Kairi responded.

“You’re welcome,“Rinoa said as she walked over to Snow who was crying.

“Hey it’s alright..“Rinoa maganged to choke out as tears came to her eyes.

She picked Snow up gently and began to feel Snow cling tightly too her.

“Come on we better get back,“Rinoa added.

Then the group headed back too the school to try and heal from the emotional scars the day had given them.

Once they got arvvied back at Master High everyone headed to the auditorium to talk.

“So we’re all sisters?“Snow asked as she pointed too Rex,Wind,and Hunnie.

“Yes,“Rinoa admitted.

“YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD US!“Snow screamed.

“Snow I’m sorry we just thought it would be better if all of you didn’t know,“Rinoa replied.


Rinoa sighed and then put Snow down.

“I HATE YOU!“Snow yelled at Rinoa and then the white Fox stormed out of the auditorium.

“Rinoa it’s alright she’ll get over it,“Streets pointed out.

“No she won’t and she’s right she should’ve known all of the pets should have,“Rinoa added before she walked out of the auditorium and went after Snow.

“Hunnie are you mad at me as well?“Elwood asked.

“No I’m not,“Hunnie replied as she nuzzled her master.

“Well good because you know we only made up those fake last names for you guys to protect all of you,“Elwood explained.

“I know but what is our real last name anyway?,“Hunnie asked.

“Heavens,“Elwood answered.

“Hunnie Heavens hmm I like that,“Hunnie replied

“I’m glad,“Elwood responded.

“So I thought I had only one sister but turns out I have more,“Wind smirked.

“Yep,“Hunnie added.

“Hey is Rexie okay?“Wind asked as she turned and looked at Kairi.

“No she’s not,“Kairi answered as she looked down at the little shaking Fox in her arms.

“I think maybe you should take Rex too your room so you both can talk,“Streets suggested.

“Yeah good idea,“Kairi replied as she headed for the exit of the auditorium.

When Kairi got too her room she went inside and closed the door.

Then the tall girl walked too the bed and laid down with Rex.

“Rex sweetie it’s okay,“Kairi said as she pet the Fox on the head.

“Why must my life be so fucked up!“Rex snapped.

Kairi pulled the Fox closer too her and looked Rex in the eyes.

“Hey I’m sorry for everything I am and your life won’t be messed up I promise,“Kairi replied.

“I know your sorry and don’t worry I forgive you but Kairi my life is already messed up my father is evil he killed my own sister and had sex with her and poor Rawr didn’t even know,“Rex responded.

“I know it’s hard too take all this in but in time you’ll feel better and Rex I want you too know that I love you,“Kairi added.

“You what?..“Rex asked nerouvsly.

“No not like that I mean in the pet and master way,“Kairi explained.

“Oh well in that case I love you too,“Rex smirked.

Kairi smiled at kissed Rex on the forehead and then Rex laid her head on Kairi’s shoulder and driffted off too sleep.

The redhead smiled as she held her Fox close as she too fell sleep feeling warm snuggled up with the Fox she loved.

Meanwhile back in the auditorium everyone else was talking about what Lord’s group might do next.

“I think we should be on high aleret for the rest of our lives,“Wind pointed out.

“Same here,“Hunnie agreed.

“We definately have to be careful pets but I think we need to think about what we could do to prevent anyone else from getting killed,“Streets replied.

“Yeah we do,“Elwood agreed.

“What should we do then?“Wind asked.

“I don’t know but we’ll figure something out,“Streets added.

“Alright then,“Wind sighed.

“Hey it’ll be okay as long as were all together,“Hunnie said as she walked over too Wind.

“How do you know that?you know very well that things haven’t been okay even though we’ve all been together,“Wind pointed out.

“We just need too stay strong,“Hunnie added.

Wind nodded in response ad then looked over at Streets.

“Hey could I talk to you for a mintue?“Wind asked.

“Sure,“Streets replied.

Then Wind stood up and walked towards the doors and led Streets out of the auditorium.

“Streets would you be my master?“Wind asked when she and Streets had reached the hallways.

“Of course I’ve been wanting to be your master as well but I didn’t know if you were over Namine or not,“Streets answered.

“Oh please if I wasn’t over Namine I’d be stupid and she’s horrible,“Wind smirked.

“Yeah she is,“Streets agreed.

“So now then we have to do a pet and master ceremony for us and I think Kairi and Rex need one too,“Streets explained.

“Hey I’ve got an idea how about we have a double pet and master ceremony!“Wind suggsted.

“That sounds like a great idea come on let’s go tell the others,“Streets said.

Wind nodded and then followed Streets back to the auditorium.

“Hey you guys Streets and I are gonna be pet and master!“Wind cheered.

“That’s great,“Elwood and Hunnie said.

“I know but we need a pet and master ceremony and so does Kairi and Rex that’s why were gonna have a double pet and master ceremony,“Wind explained.

“That can be arranged,“Elwood replied.

“YAY!“Wind cheered once more.

“Wait a mintue does Kairi and Rex even know about their ceremony though?“Hunnie asked.

“No but we know they want to be together so we’ll do it as a nice surprise,“Wind added.

“Oh alright then,“Hunnie replied.

Then right before anyone could say another word Rinoa and Snow both walked into the room.

“Snow forgave me and we’re all good now,“Rinoa said.

“Yep,“Snow added as she nuzzled her master.

“Good because we have a cheremony too get ready for,“Elwood smirked.

“For Rex and Kairi right?“Snow asked.

“For Rex and Kairi,Streets and Wind,“Elwood added.

“I’m so happy for you two!“Snow added.

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