The Kitsune Masters

By Kristin Kula All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller

The Kitsune Masters Chapter Six

“Yeah and knowing them they probably did move camp,“Streets added.

“Well then what should we do?“Elwood asked once more.

“I guess we’ll just tell Rex and then see what we can do from there,“Rinoa replied.

Elwood and Streets nodded in agreement too Rinoa’s words and then the three masters kept on talking about on they’d handle their new problem.

A few hours later the pets woke up and walked out of their bedrooms.

“So what do you we’ll learn today?“Wind asked.

“I don’t know,“Rex shrugged.

“Maybe we’ll learn how too climb trees!“Wind cheered.

“Climb trees?why would we need to learn that,“Snow asked.

“Who knows,“Wind replied.

“Well whatever we learn today I bet it’ll be something too remember,“Hunnie added.

“Yeah,“Rex responded.

As the four Foxes made their way down the hallways they had no idea of the horrible news that awaited them.

The four students walked into the dining room and saw the three masters staring at them.

“Everything okay guys?“Snow asked.

“No,“The three masters said at once.

“What’s wrong?“Snow asked again.

“Kairi was taken,“Rinoa admitted.

“WHAT!“Rex yelled as tears formed in her eyes.

“It’s okay Rexie dear we’ll find her okay I promise,“Rinoa replied as she got up and went over too the little Fox.


Then Snow,Wind,and Hunnie looked over at Rinoa.

“I tried too tell her as gently as I could,“Rinoa said.

“Yeah well it didn’t work so now what?do we go on another mission too save Kairi or what because I’m starting too lose it!“Hunnie snapped.

“I don’t know what were going too do Hunnie I would set out too find her but the thing is it’s your guys last year of master training there for leaving the school wouldn’t be a good idea,“Rinoa replied.

“So you’re going too let Kairi die?“Snow asked.


Snow looked at Rinoa with sadness in her eyes as she backed away slowly.

“I’m sorry Snow I didn’t mean too yell at you,“Rinoa added.

“It’s okay I just really feel bad for Rex,“Snow responded.

“Me too,“Wind said.

“Me three,“Hunnie added.

“So what do we do now?“Elwood asked.

“Let’s just wait and see what happens I’ll figure something out,“Rinoa replied.

Elwood nodded in response too Rinoa and then looked over at Hunnie who was looking very worried.

“Hunnie are you okay?“Elwood asked.

“No,“Hunnie answered.

“Hey it’ll be okay I promise,“Elwood replied.

“Like Rex said no one can promise anything anymore because we really don’t know what were in for,“Hunnie responded.

“Hunnie I know you’re scared but you’ll be okay I can promise you that because I will protect you,“Elwood pointed out.

The small Hunnie colored Fox smiled at her master and then walked over too him.

“Thanks Elwood,“Hunnie replied as she nuzzled her master.

“You’re welcome,“Elwood said as he pet and hugged his Fox.

“Hey I’m gonna go check on Rex,“Rinoa added.

“Okay,“Elwood replied as kept on petting Hunnie.

“Wind,Snow would you two like to come with me?“Rinoa asked.

“Yes,“Wind and Snow said in unison.

“Alright then let’s go,“Rinoa added.

Wind and Snow nodded and then followed Rinoa out of the dining room.

As both Foxes walked long side the one master they were both thinking about Rex’s condition and how she would be in the coming weeks.

When Snow,Wind,and Rinoa reached Rex’s bedroom they heard her crying.

“What should we do?“Wind asked.

“Comfort her,“Rinoa replied as she opened the bedroom door.

“GO AWAY!“Rex managed too choke out as she kept on crying.

“Rex sweetie it’ll be okay,“Rinoa added as she walked over too Rex’s petbed and picked the Fox up.

The little Orange and White nine tailed Fox began to cry even harder as she held on tightly too Rinoa.

“Shh it’s okay,“Rinoa said as she hugged Rex.

Rex didn’t reply too Rinoa she just kept on sobbing for ten minutes before she finally was able to stop.

The young Fox looked up at the girl who was holding her and forced a weak smile upon her face.

“Thanks for helping me feel better,“Rex said.

“No problem,“Rinoa responded as she put the Fox down and then Snow,and Wind came up to their sister.

“Are you gonna be okay?“Wind asked.

“Yeah I’ll be fine,“Rex replied.

“You sure?“Snow asked as she joined in on Wind and Rex’s conversation.

“Yeah I’m sure,“Rex responded.

Snow nodded in response too her sister’s words and then looked over at Wind who was staring at Rex.

“Wind please stop Rex will be fine okay?“Snow asked.

The little Blue Fox looked back over at her other sister and then nodded.

“Alright guys can I have some alone time please?“Rex asked.

“Yes you two let’s go so Rex can rest,“Rinoa added.

Snow and Wind nodded but before they left they hugged their sister and then followed Rinoa out of the room.

Once Rex was alone she began too feel light headed and dizzy,She began to feel sick too her stomach,and also started to have trouble breathing.

Rex laid down in her bed gently as she started too take deep breaths too get enough air so she could breath right.

Then all of the suddenly Rex got chills and became extremely cold.

The little Fox began too shiver as she curled up into a ball and tried too warm herself up.

“What’s happening too me.“Rex thought as she laid in bed feeling sicker than ever before.

Meanwhile in the hallways of Master High Snow,Wind,and Rinoa were walking back too the dining room when they heard Rex scream.


“REXIE!“Wind yelled back as she admittedly turned and ran towards Rex’s room.

Rinoa and Snow followed Wind too Rex’s room where they found the little Fox looking very sick.

“OH MY GOD REX!“Rinoa screamed as she ran over too the Fox’s petbed and bent down so that she was the same hight as the Fox.


With that the two students ran out of the room and went running through the hallways too get to Elwood,and Hunnie.

Rex was so cold that even with Rinoa hugging her close she was still shivering.

“It’s okay you’ll be okay,“Rinoa said as tears formed in her eyes.

Within the next second Snow,and Wind came running back into the room with Elwood,and Hunnie.

“IS SHE OKAY?!“Hunnie yelled as she began to panic.

“I DON’T KNOW!“Rinoa yelled back as she looked down at the Fox in her arms.

“She seems very sick,“Elwood pointed out.

Then everyone looked at Elwood for a moment before Snow spoke up.

“Oh wow Elwood that was so diffucult too find out!“Snow snapped.

“Snow it’s okay darling just calm down,“Rinoa added.


Rinoa sighed and then looked back down at Rex who looked very scared.

“Alright everyone just calm down for Rex okay?I don’t think she can handle drama right now,“Rinoa said.

With that everyone else stopped yelling at one another and nodded.

“Alright Elwood go get me the phone book,“Rinoa ordered.

Elwood nodded and then walked out of the room.

“Why do you need a phone book?“Wind asked.

“Because I’m not sure what’s wrong with Rex and there’s a vet in Kit’sune City that might be able to take a train ride up here and see what’s up with her,“Rinoa explained.

“Oh well do you think the vet will know what’s wrong with her?“Wind asked.

“Yeah,“Rinoa responded.

Then Elwood returned with the phone book and gave it too Rinoa.

Rinoa opened the book up and looked through the listings and found the vet’s number.

“Okay I’ve got the number I’m going to go call the vet now,“Rinoa added.

Everyone else expect for Rex nodded and then watched as Rinoa left the room.

While Rinoa was on the phone with the vet everyone else waited patiently for her to return.

Finally after 15 mintues Rinoa came back in with a worried look on her face.

“Well what did the vet say?“Hunnie asked.

“The vet said he can come out tomorrow and look at Rex but he said from what I told him that she might not make it,“Rinoa admitted.

“No.. she has too make it!if she doesn’t then there will be nothing for me here anymore!“Hunnie snapped as she ran out of the room and began too cry.

“HUNNIE COME BACK!“Elwood yelled as he ran out of room and went after his Fox.

After Elwood was out of sight Snow went too the bedroom door and closed it so that she couldd talk too Rinoa about Rex.

“What do you mean Rex might not make it?“Snow asked.

“The vet said that Rex has a rare disease called Anxietydepressfearstressally and the disease is caught when one is put into many stressful,terrifying,and most of all depressing situations,“Rinoa explained.

“Oh my god,“Snow replied.

“Yeah and Rex has been in These kinds of situsations a lot lately,“Rinoa added.

“Do you think she has a chance of making it though?“Wind asked.

“I don’t know,“Rinoa answered.

Then Rinoa,Snow,and Wind looked over at Rex who was laying weakly in her pet bed with her eyes closed.

“I think she fell asleep,“Rinoa added.

“Well that’s good though because when you’re sick you need rest and lots of it,“Snow pointed out.

“Yeah it is,“Wind agreed.

“Alright you two I think we should go now though and talk in the auditorium I don’t want us waking Rex up she really does need sleep right now,“Rinoa added.

Snow,and Wind nodded,then followed Rinoa out of the bedroom and then Rinoa closed the door behind her once both Foxes were out of the room.

Then Rinoa,Snow,and Wind went too the auditorium too talk while Elwood tried to calm Hunnie down in his room.

“Hunne it’s okay,“Elwood said.

“YOU DON’T KNOW THAT!“Hunnie snapped.

“Listen I know it’s hard hearing that one of your sisters might die but I can promise you that no matter what I’ll be here for you and it’ll all be okay as long as I’m here,“Elwood replied.

Hunnie smiled as she nuzzled her master and then spoke.

“Thanks Elwood you always know how too make me feel better,“Hunnie added.

Elwood hugged his Fox and then smiled as he pet his Fox.

“Well I’m glad I can make you feel better,“Elwood added.

“Good because you should be,“Hunnie responded.

Elwood smiled at his Fox and then spoke once more.

“Well come on let’s go see if everyone is still in Rex’s room and if there not let’s look around the school,“Elwood said.

“Okay,“Hunnie replied as she followed her master out of the bedroom and into the hallways.

As Elwood and Hunnie walked through the hallways they were just coming up on the auditorium when they heard voices coming from the room.

“There in the auditorium now,“Hunnie smirked.

“Yeah they are,“Elwood replied as he and Hunnie entered the auditorium.

“Hey you two,“Rinoa greeted.

“Hi,“Elwood and Hunnie replied as they walked over to Rinoa,Snow,and Wind.

“So can you tell us more about why Rex might not live?“Hunnie asked.

“Well the vet told me from what I told him that Rex has caught a rare disease called Anxietydepressfearstressally and it’s because Rex has been in very stressful,scary,and depressing situations a lot lately and she hasn’t had much time too recover from one situation before another hit,“Rinoa explained.

“Oh I see well I hope she’ll be okay,“Hunnie sighed.

“Me too,“Elwood added.

“We all want her too live through this you two so let’s just pray for her and hope she gets better,“Rinoa said.

“I’ll definitely pray for her,“Hunnie replied.

“I will too,“Elwood agreed.

“Good so let’s just try too keep calm okay?“Rinoa asked.

Wind,Snow,Elwood,and Hunnie nodded in response too Rinoa and then the pets and masters kept on talking through out the day while Rex laid fast asleep in her bed feeling sicker than ever.

Soon enough the next day came and the vet arrived at Master High.

Rinoa heard the knock on the front doors and went to open it.

“Hi Veterinarian Rain right?“Rinoa asked.

“Yes,“Voctor Rain replied as Rinoa let he step into the school.

“Well I’m glad you’re hear doctor come on I’ll take you to where Rex is,“Rinoa responded.

Rain nodded and then followed Rinoa too Rex’s bedroom where everyone else was as well.

“Okay let’s see here,“Veterinarian Rain said as he nelt down beside of the petbed and looked at the little Fox.

After a minute or two of looking Rex over Veterinarian Rain spoke once more.

“Well she’s definitely got Anxietydepressfearstressally her heart rates 100,and she’s only 46 pounds which isn’t good it seems like she’s lost a lot of weight,and she’s also dehydrated it seems too me that she hasn’t been eating much at all,she’s very depressed,very anxious,and stressed,“Veterinarian Rain explained.

Suddenly it all made sense to Rex as she thought about what the vet just said she began to realize that after Lord’s group had stopped harassing them for a while that she hadn’t been eating,or drinking well at all due to Rawr’s death,finding out Lord was her father and that Rawr was her sister but she didn’t find that out in time,knowing that Hunnie and Snow were her sisters as well,learning that her dad is a monster,being raped by Sora,and then when Lord’s group set Master High on fire it had all finally made the young Fox break.

“Yeah she hasn’t been eating or drinking much but we thought she’d get better,“Rex heared Rinoa say as she snapped out of her thoughts.

“Well I’m afraid that if she doesn’t eat or drink something soon she’ll die in a matter of days and also since she’s having breathing troubles I brought an inhaler for her,“Veterinarian Rain added as he took an inhaler of his bag and handed it too Rinoa.

Rinoa quickly grabbed the inhaler and sighed.

“Alright so I want hear how she’s doing so Rinoa call me everyday and also this disease could cause her too throw up blood as well as food and water she might eat,“Veterinarian Rain said.

“It could cause her too throw up blood?but how?“Snow asked.

“Well you see the Anxietydepressfearstressally disease can cause ones stomach too bleed rapidly because in this rare disease losing a lot of weight can make the inside of the stomach rip open and if this occars she will become very tired too where it’s hard for her to stay awake even if she gets a full nights rest,“Veterinarian Rain answered.

“Oh my god..“Everyone said in unison.

“Yeah it’s a deadly disease,“Veterinarian Rain replied.

“Well thank you for your help Rain I’ll call you tomorrow,“Rinoa added.

“Thanks,“Rain responded as he picked up his bag and stood up.

“Come on I’ll lead you back too the front doors,“Rinoa said.

Rain nodded and then followed Rinoa out of Rex’s bedroom.

“I’m going too die?“Rex asked weakly.

“No you’re not I won’t let that happen,“Hunnie replied.

“Hunnie I can’t eat or drink I just can’t so there for I’m as good as dead already,“Rex pointed out.

“You’re not going too die Rex you’ll eat and drink if it’s the last thing you do!“Hunnie replied.

“I don’t even feel hungrey or thirsty though,“Rex added.

“I know but you need too do this or we’ll lose you,“Hunnie pointed out.

“I know,“Rex responded.

Meanwhile Rinoa and Rain had just reached the school’s front doors when Rain looked over at Rinoa.

“Rinoa one more thing about Rex don’t give her any rough foods she’ll throw that up for sure so just something easy on her belly and lots of water,“Rain said.

“Okay,“Rinoa replied.

“Good so call me tomorrow and if you need me to come back out here just ask okay?“Rain asked.

“I will,“Rinoa added.

Rain nodded and then walked out of the school and headed for his car.

Then Rinoa walked back too Rex’s room trying to take in everything she found out in only ten minutes.

“Okay Rex I’m going to get you something to eat,“Rinoa said as she walked into the Fox’s room.

“Alright could I have a sandwich though?“Rex asked.

“Of course,“Rinoa replied.

“Thank you,“Rex responded.

“No problem I’ll go make you one right now,“Rinoa added as she turned and walked out of the room.

“Rexie you need to promise me that you’ll eat,“Wind pointed out.

“I’ll eat I promise Wind,“Rex said as she weakly sat up.

“Okay good,“Wind added as she came over to Rex’s pet bed and sat down close to her sister.

“I’m sure you’ll be okay Rex,“Streets added.

“Thanks,“Rex replied as tears formed in her eyes.

“Rexie please don’t cry you’ll be okay I know you will we all know you will,“Wind pointed out.

“I don’t know Wind I’m really starting to lose it here I’ve lost my master probably for good now and I might die,“Rex replied as she began to cry again.

Wind grabbed Rexie and hugged her sister close as she to became very upset.

In Wind’s mind she didn’t know if Rex would be okay but she knew she has to tell her sister that she would be so that Rexie would calm down.

“It’s okay Rexie it’s okay,“Wind added as she rubbed Rex’s back and hugged her sister tightly.

Everyone else say quitely in the room as the two sisters stayed huddled together.

Within the next few minutes Rinoa came back into the room and Wind broke away from Rexie.

“Alright Rex heres a nice turkey sandwich and a nice bottle of ice cold water,“Rinoa said as she handed the plate with the sandwith and the bottle of water to the Fox.

“Thanks you,“Rex replied as she took the plate and picked the sandwich up to begin eating.

“You’re welcome just make sure you drink that water as well,“Rinoa replied.

“I will don’t worry,“Rex responded.

“Good,“Rinoa added.

Then Rex finished her sandwich and dank her water.

As the day passed on the little Fox rested while the other pets and masters talked in the auditorium about their problem.

That night everyone was asleep and in Rex’s room the little Fox was sleeping until she suddenly woke up completely out of breath.

Rex sat up quickly and took big breaths as she jumped out of her pet bed and ran to her desk where she was keeping her inhaler.

The Fox grabbed the inhaler and took a deep breath out and then used the little tool to help her.

Once Rex had taken two puffs from the inhaler she was able to breath a little better.

Rexie felt as if she was going to pass out as she struggled to make her way back to her bed.

The little Fox fell to ground as she began to have chills and was shivering intensely.

“HELP ME!“Rex yelled.

Suddenly Wind ran into the room after hearing her sister’s words and quickly ran over to her.

“REXIE OH MY GOD!“Wind cried.

“Wind please get me Rinoa..,“Rex said quickly as she kept on shivering and taking keep breaths to keep on breathing.

“Okay I’ll be back!“Wind replied as she turned and ran out of the room.

Right as Wind entered the hallway Snow and Hunnie were coming towards Rex’s bedroom.

“WHAT’S WRONG WITH REX?“Hunnie demanded.

“She’s sick I need to get Rinoa!“Wind snapped as she began to run past her other two sisters.

Then Snow,and Hunnie ran into Rex’s room to find her on the floor shivering and having a lot of trouble getting enough air.

After another minute or two Rinoa came running into the room with Wind.

Rinoa ran over to Rex and picked her up.

“It’s okay,“Rinoa said gently as she hugged the Fox close to try and warm her up.

“I feel like I’m going to pass out,“Rex managed to choke out as she began to feel light headed and got dizzy.

“REX,REX!“Rinoa yelled as she saw the little Fox suddenly pass out in her arms.

“REXIE!“Wind cried.


Hunnie nodded and then turned to run out of the room.

While the other Fox went for extra help Rinoa laid Rex down on the floor with Wind by her side.

“Is she going to live?“Wind asked.

“I don’t know,“Rinoa answered as she felt Rex’s pulse.

“Her pulse is still beating so she’s still alive but it’s very slow so she doesn’t have much time unless we can figure something out,“Rinoa added.


“Wind I’m not a doctor!“Rinoa snapped as Elwood,Streets,and Hunnie came into the room.

“Here Rinoa let me see!“Streets demanded.

Rinoa nodded and then moved so that Streets could look the little Fox over.

“Good thing I know how to do rescuse breaths,“Streets added as she titled the Fox’s head back,lifted her chin and pinched her nose shut,and then gave slow breaths into Rex’s mouth.

The little Fox’s che’st began to rise and fall as air came back into her lungs.

Soon enough after a few minutes Rex’s eyes opened and Streets was able to stop the rescue breaths.

“Oh thank god,“Hunnie said as she came over to her sister’s side.

Rex sat up weakly and looked up at Streets.

“Thank you,“Rex said.

“No problem,“Streets replied.

“Rex sweetie I think you should stay with me tonight,“Rinoa pointed out.

“Me too,“Rex responded.

“Alright then Wind,Hunnie,and Snow go back to bed I’ll take care of Rex,“Rinoa added.

“You sure she’ll be okay?“Hunnie asked.

“Yes,“Rinoa replied.

“I don’t believe that,“Hunnie added.

“Hunnie come on it’ll be okay,“Snow said as she and Wind came up by the Hunny colored Fox.

Then Wind and Snow were able to lead an unsure Hunnie out of Rex’s bedroom.

Rinoa picked Rex up,grabbed the inhaler and then followed Elwood,and Streets into the hallways.

After that the three masters made their way back to the master bedrooms.

“Well goodnight Rinoa and feel better Rex,“Streets said as he went into his room.

“Yes feel better and goodnight,“Elwood added as he went to his room.

After that Rinoa walked into her room and walked over to her bed.

The young master laid the pet down gentenly on her bed and laid down beside of the Fox.

Rinoa pulled the covers over her and Rex,then pulled the little Fox into her arms.

“It’s okay now sweetie just go to sleep,“Rinoa said as she kissed the Fox on her forehead.

Soon Rex fell asleep in Rinoa’s arms and even though she was still shivering she wasn’t as cold as before.

The night went on with Rex curled up in Rinoa’s grip as she slept quietly.

When morning came Rinoa woke up and yawened as she looked down at the little sick Fox in her arms.

“She’ll be okay I know it.“Rinoa thought to herself as she moved away from Rex slowly making sure not to wake her up.

Once Rinoa had successfully moved away from the Fox without waking her she got up and walked out of her bedroom to go and make breakfast.

“Morning Rinoa,“Came a voice from behind.

Rinoa turned her head and saw Streets coming down the hall.

“Morning,“Rinoa greeted as she opened the door to the dining room and walked inside.

Streets quickly followed the other master into the room and shut the door as Rinoa reached the kitchen part of the room.

“So how’s Rex doing?“Streets asked as he sat down in one of the chairs around the kitchen table.

“She’s okay,“Rinoa replied as she took out a pan and put it on the counter.

“I hope she’ll be better soon,“Streets added.

“Me too,“Rinoa responded as she opened the frigde and took out the eggs.

“Oh making eggs for breakfast?“Streets asked.

“Yeah I thought the pets would like them this morning,“Rinoa answered.

“They probably will eggs are tasety ya know,“Streets smirked.

“Yeah they are,“Rinoa agreed as the dining room door opened and Elwood stepped into the room.

“Morning you two,“Elwood greeted.

“Good Morning,“Rinoa,and Streets said in unison.

“How are you guys?“Elwood asked.

“We’re okay,“Rinoa answered as Streets nodded in agreement to Rinoa’s words.

“I hope Rex will be okay,“Elwood added.

“Same here,“Rinoa and Streets replied.

“So eggs for breakfast huh?“Elwood asked as he watched Rinoa crack an egg shell on the side of the cooking pan and saw the egg yoke fall into the pan.

“Yeah,“Rinoa answered.

“Well I can’t wait because eggs are tastey,“Elwood smirked.

“That’s what I said!“Streets added.

“Great minds think alike,“Elwood pointed out.

“So true,“Streets laughed.

Rinoa rolled her eyes at the other master’s words and kept on cooking.

Soon when the eggs were done Rinoa walked to the pet’s bedrooms to wake them up.

“Come on pets breakfast!“Rinoa yelled from outside of the student’s rooms.

Within a minute or so Hunnie,Snow,and Wind came out.

“Morning,“Hunnie,Wind,and Snow greeted.

“Good Morning pets,“Rinoa replied as she led them down the hallways.

“So where’s Rexie?“Wind asked.

“She’s still sleeping,“Rinoa answered as the pets and her reached the dining room.

“Well should we wake her up?“Wind asked once more as she and others walked into the room.

“Yeah I’ll wake her up in a few minutes,“Rinoa added as the pets sat down in the chairs around the kitchen table.

“Okay,“Wind replied.

Then Rinoa walked into the kichen and put the eggs on three plates for Hunnie,Snow,and Wind.

“Alright you three come get your food while I go check on Rex,“Rinoa added.

The three Foxes nodded in response to Rinoa’s words and then jumped out of their chairs and went to get their breakfast.

Then Rinoa walked out of the dining room and went into her bedroom to find Rex still asleep.

“Rexie hun wake up,“Rinoa said as she gently shook the little Fox.

Rex opened her eyes and looked up at Rinoa.

“Morning,“Rex greeted.

“Good morning how are you feeling?“Rinoa asked.

“Not so great,“Rex replied.

“Well I think I know something that might make ya feel better,“Rinoa smirked.

“What is it?“Rex asked.

“Eggs,“Rinoa answered.

“Well I do like eggs,“Rex pointed out.

“Yeah and These aren’t just any kind of eggs there scrambled eggs made by yours truely,“Rinoa pointed out.

Rex couldn’t help but laugh back at Rinoa’s words and then smiled.

“Well let’s go then,“Rex added.

Rinoa nodded and then followed the Fox out of the bedroom.

When they entered the dining room everyone looked up from their plates and smiled at Rex.

“Morning Rexie!“Wind cheered.

“Morning Wind,“Rex replied as she jumped onto one of the kitchen chairs and sat down.

Then Rinoa went into the kichen and got Rex’s plate.

“Here ya go dear,“Rinoa added as she came into the dining room and sat Rex’s plate down infront of her.

“Thank you,“Rex responded.

“No problem,“Rinoa replied.

Then the pets finished up eating their breakfast and went to get ready for the school day while the masters got time to eat.

“So are you feeling any better?“Wind asked Rex as they walked through the hallways with Snow,and Hunnie.

“Not really,“Rex answered.

“Maybe you shouldn’t go to classes today,“Hunnie added.

“Hunnie I need to go master training is important ya know,“Rex pointed out.

“It’s not as important as your health,“Hunnie replied.

“Hunnie I know you’re worried but I’ll be okay I promise,“Rex explained.

“You know just because you tell me that you’ll be okay,that doesn’t make me worry an less it just makes me worry more,“Hunnie responded.

Rex sighed in response to Hunnie’s words and then looked at her.

“Hunnie I’ll be okay I promise,“Rex said.

“Whatever,“Hunnie mumbled as she walked away from Rex,and the other students.

“I think she’s mad,“Wind pointed out.

“No kidding,“Snow added.

“I don’t understand why she’s so worried,“Rex chimed in.

“Well you’re sick Rex really sick and she’s scared she’ll lose you,“Snow explained.

“I know it’s just I feel that if I tell her that I will be okay she’ll calm down but apparently that isn’t working,“Rex responded.

“I’m sure she’ll calm down soon Rexie,“Wind said as she nuzzled her sister.

“I sure hope so,“Rex replied as she weakly nuzzled Wind back.

Then the pets went and got ready for the school day,and within an hour when the students were ready they walked to Rinoa’s class room.

Snow,Wind,and Rex entered the room and saw Hunnie already seated by her desk.

“Don’t worry Rexie she’ll be better soon,“Wind smirked as she jumped into her seat.

“Yeah I hope so,“Rex mumbled as she took her seat while Snow did the same.

“Ready to learn class?“Rinoa asked as she walked into the room.

“Yes,“The pets replied in unison.

“Good now then let’s get started everyone turn to page 209 in your pet and master pledge textbooks,“Rinoa added.

All four of the pets nodded and then opened up their books.

“Alright Snow let’s have you read first today,“Rinoa smirked.

“Okay,“Snow replied as she began to read.

As Snow was reading and everyone was following along Rex began to feel like she was going to cry really hard.

So the Fox tried her best to hold back the tears but witin the next three minutes she broke down into sobs and everyone turned,and looked at her.

“Rex dear are you okay?“Rinoa asked as she ran over to the Fox’s desk.

“NO!“Rex snapped as she continued to cry.

“Shh it’s okay,“Rinoa said as she hugged the Fox.

“NO IT’S NOT OKAY!“Rex yelled as she broke lose from Rinoa’s grip and ran out of the classroom.

“Well now I’m even more worried,“Hunnie pointed out.

“Yeah so am I,“Rinoa replied.

“Should we go after her?“Snow asked.

“Yeah come on class,“Rinoa added.

Then Snow,Wind,and Hunnie followed Rinoa out of the room,and into the hallways.

Rex had ran to her room where she kept on sobbing.

Within a minute Rinoa,Wind,Snow,and Hunnie reached Rex’s room and went inside.

“Rexie!“Wind said as she ran over to her sister and put her arms around Rex.

The young nine tailed fox pushed her sister away and glared at her.

“Rex sweetie it’ll be okay,“Rinoa added.

“NO IT WON’T!“Rex yelled.

“What in the world is going on in here?“Streets asked as he and Elwood came into the room.

“Rex is having a breakdown,“Rinoa answered.

“Aw Rex it’s okay,“Streets added.

“EVERYONE STOP TELLING ME IT’LL BE OKAY BECAUSE IT WON’T!“Rex screamed as she began to lose air again.

The little Fox fell to the floor as she started to shiver once more.


With that Snow ran out of the bedroom and went down the hallways.

“I think I’m dying,“Rex said weakly as she tried hard to take deep breath.

“No sweetheart you’re not dying I won’t let that happen,“Rinoa said as she pet the Fox gently.

“I-I can’t do this anymore,“Rex managed to choke out as she began to have more trouble breathing.


Then before anyone could say anything else Snow came running back in with the inhaler.

Rinoa quickly took it and gave to Rex.

The Fox breathed out and then used the inhaler.

Once it seemed that the inhaler was helping a little Rex gave the little tool back to Rinoa.

“Someone get me a blanket,“Rinoa added.

“I’ll get one of the extra ones from my room,“Elwood replied as he stood up and headed for the hallways.

“Am I going to be okay?“Rex asked.

“Yes you’ll be fine,“Rinoa responded.

“I don’t believe that,“Rex replied.

Hearing those words made everyone else’s hearts rip in half.

“You must believe it,“Hunnie pointed out.

“I can’t!“Rex replied as she began to sob again.

Then Elwood came back into the room with a blanket and gave it to Rinoa.

“Thanks Elwood,“Rinoa said.

“No problem,“Elwood responded.

Rinoa put the blanket over Rex and kissed the top of her forehead.

“Sweetie It’ll be okay It’ll be okay,“Rinoa said as she put her arms around the Fox.

Rex held on tightly to Rinoa as she kept on sobbing.

“I think the rest of you need to go,“Rinoa pointed out as she looked at Hunnie,Snow,Wind,Elwood,and Streets.

With that the others left the room and closed the door behind them.

The little Fox kept on crying for ten minutes before she was able to stop.

Rex’s eyes were red from crying so hard and her eyes seemed to have a very sad look in them.

“I want to be alone please,“Rex said.

“Alright just call me if you need anything,“Rinoa replied.

Rex nodded weakly and then rested her head on her paws and fell asleep.

Rinoa sighed as she opened the door and walked out into the hallways and then closed the door behind her.

“She’ll be okay she’ll be okay.“Rinoa thought as she walked on the hall.

So the day passed on Rex slept while Hunnie was going out of her mind worrying about her sister,and everyone else was not only talking to each other about how they’d help the Fox through this hard time but also talked about how they’d be able to get Kairi back.

None of the pets,and masters wanted anyone else to die and knew they needed to stay at the school for the time being but also knew that wouldn’t have a nice effect on Rex.

Finally the next morning came and Rex was sound asleep in her pet bed.

Through out the night the little Fox had woken up muitble times due to nightmares,and trouble breathing however when These events eneded the little Kit’sune was able to sleep and when she did she felt as if she never wanted to wake back up.

The other pets,and masters were already up and since Rex still hadn’t gotten out of bed Rinoa went to check on her.

Rinoa opened Rex’s bedroom door and walked inside to find the little Fox fast asleep.

“Rex?“Rinoa wishpered as she gently shook the Fox.

“Ten more minutes please I’m so tired,“Rex mumbled.

“Alright,“Rinoa replied as she stood back up and walked out of the bedroom closing the door behind her.

“I hope she’s okay.“Rinoa thought as she headed to the kitchen too make breakfast.

Rinoa enetered the dining room to see all of the pets,and the other masters sitting around the table talking.

“Hey is Rexie coming?“Wind asked as she saw Rinoa walk to the kitchen part of the room.

“No not yet,“Rinoa replied.

“Is she okay?“Snow asked.

“I don’t think so she seemed really tired and told me she was I think she was up and down the whole night,“Rinoa responded.

“Well I didn’t sleep a wink last night,“Hunnie added as she let out a big yawn.

“Why not?“Elwood asked.

“To worried about Rex,“Hunnie explained.

“Well if you don’t sleep tonight tell me okay?“Elwood asked.

“Alright,“Hunnie replied.

Then everyone kept on talking while Rinoa made egg sandwhiche’s for breakfast.

“Okay everyone come get your food while I go get Rex,“Rinoa said.

The other masters,and pets nodded in response too Rinoa’s words as she left the dining room.

Rinoa walked down the hallways and once she reached Rex’s room she opened the door and went inside.

“Rex sweetheart breakfast is ready,“Rinoa said.

The little orange and white nine tailed Fox opened her eyes and yawened.

“Okay I’m coming,“Rex responded as she jumped out of her pet bed and headed for the door.

Rinoa followed the little Fox out of the room and into the hallways making their way to the dining room.

“So what’s for breakfast?“Rex asked.

“Egg Sandwhiche’s,“Rinoa answered.

“Sounds good,“Rex added.

“Yep,“Rinoa smirked.

When Rinoa,and Rex reached the dining room they walked in and everyone smiled at the pair.

“Hey morning Rexie,“Wind greeted as her sister jumped into one of the kitchen chairs.

“Morning,“Rex replied.

Then Rinoa came over to the table and set Rex’s plate infront of her.

“Thanks Rinoa,“Rex added.

“You’re welcome,“Rinoa replied as she went to get her plate.

Then Rinoa came back to the table and sat down.

Everyone talked as they ate and soon the students,and teachers were all finished eating.

“Alright pets go get ready for classes,“Rinoa said.

The Foxes nodded and then left the dining room.

After the students were ready they went to Rinoa’s class and as the day passed Rex was feeling incredibly sick.

While in Street’s class Rex was trying hard not to cry,or throw up but knew she might not be able too hold it in.

As Streets was explaining things to the class the little Fox began to throw up.

Everyone looked at Rex with concern while Streets ran to get the trashcan that was by the door.

Rex kept on throwing up as Streets ran to her with the trashcan and put it infront of her.

The little Fox threw up for another minutue straight before she could stop.

Rexie took deep breaths as she lifted her head up.

“Come on let’s get you to your room,“Streets said.

The Kit’sune nodded and then Streets picked Rex up.

“Everyone I’ll be back in a few minutes,“Streets added as he walked out of the classroom with Rex.

Streets walked down the hallways and as he was headed for Rex’s room Rinoa was walking down the hall towards her classroom and saw Streets carrying Rex.

“Is she okay!?“Rinoa asked.

“No she threw up in class and I think she shouldn’t be in classes if we’re gonna continue to train her,I think she needs one on one instruction in her room until she’s better,“Streets answered.

“I agree,“Rinoa replied as she looked at the sick Fox in Street’s grip.

“Alright come on let’s get her to her room,“Rinoa added.

Streets nodded and followed Rinoa to Rex’s bedroom where he laid the Fox down in her pet bed.

“Okay I need to get back to training the others,“Streets said.

“Alright I’ll look after her,“Rinoa replied.

Streets nodded in response to Rinoa and then left the bedroom.

“Rinoa I-I don’t feel good!“Rex cried.

“I know sweetie I know,“Rinoa replied as she gently pet the Fox.

Then Rex closed her eyes and rested her head on her paws.

“I-I’m gonna go to sleep,“Rex added.

“Okay,“Rinoa replied as she sat down beside the Kit’sune’s pet bed as Rex fell asleep.

Rinoa stayed in Rexie’s bedroom as she slept making sure that she’d be okay if something happened.

Soon enough the school day eneded and Wind,Snow,Hunnie,Elwood,and Streets came to Rex’s room to see how she was doing.

Rinoa looked up when the door opened and saw everyone come in.

“Hey how is she?“Streets asked.

“She’s okay she’s still sleeping,“Rinoa answered.

“Rinoa you know you don’t have to stay here in her room right?“Elwood asked.

“I need to Elwood anything could happen if we leave her alone,“Rinoa added.

“You’re right someone should be here with her would you like something to eat though?“Elwood asked.

“Oh my god yes you have no idea how hungrey I am,“Rinoa responded.

“Alright then I’ll go make dinner for everyone,“Elwood said as he looked over at Hunnie and noteiced that she looked very tired.

“Hunnie will you help me make dinner?“Elwood asked.

“Uh sure,“Hunnie replied nervously.

Then Elwood led Hunnie out of the bedroom and closed the door behind them.

As the pair walked down to the dining room Elwood spoke up.

“You didn’t sleep last night did you?“Elwood asked once more.

“No I didn’t but I couldn’t tell you I knew you’d be worried if I did,“Hunnie admitted.

“Hunnie I’m your master it’s my job too worry about you,“Elwood pointed out.

“Yeah,yeah,“Hunnie smirked.

“Hey I’ve got an idea to help you I’ll get you some sleeping pills,“Elwood added.

“That sounds like a great idea I could really use them,“Hunnie replied.

“I’ll go out and buy some after dinner,“Elwood said.

“Okay,“Hunnie responded as she followed Elwood into the dining room and then into the kitchen.

“So what shall we make for dinner?“Hunnie asked.

“How about some spaghetti,“Elwood suggested.

“That’s perfect!“Hunnie replied.

“Alright then let’s get cooking!“Elwood added.

Hunnie nodded and then started to help her master make the spaghetti.

Meanwhile back in Rex’s room Wind,Snow,Streets,and Rinoa were talking quitely.

“I’m worried about Rexie,“Wind said.

“We all are,“Rinoa replied.

“I wish there was something we could do to help her,“Snow added.

“If we found Kairi tht would held her out big time,“Streets pointed out.

“We can’t leave her there though she needs us,“Rinoa explained.

“I know and that’s what I hate because she really does need us here but if we don’t find Kairi Rex will just get worse,“Streets responded.

“Alright then in the next few weeks we’ll set out to find Kairi okay?“Rinoa asked.

“Okay,“Everyone else said in unison.

Soon enough Hunnie,and Elwood came to Rex’s room after the spaghetti was done.

“Hey dinners ready,“Hunnie said.

“Alright come on let’s go everyone,“Rinoa added.

“What about Rexie?“Wind asked.

“She’s sleeping Wind let’s go have dinner and then come back to see if she’s up,“Rinoa replied.

“Okay,“Wind responded as she followed the others out of the bedroom and closed the door behind her.

Then everyone walked to the dining room and ate dinner.

Once they were finished Elwood left to get Hunnie her sleeping pills while Hunnie,Snow,Wind,Rinoa,and Streets went too check on Rex.

When everyone walked into the room they were surprised to find Rex woken up.

“Oh hey you’re up,“Rinoa greeted.

“Yeah I woke up ten minutes ago and just wanted to lay here,“Rex replied.

“Well we wanted to come check up you by any chance are you hungrey?“Rinoa asked.

“Yes I am,“Rex responded.

“Good because Elwood made some awesome spaghetti,“Rinoa smirked.

“Oh I’d love some!“Rex said.

“Alright I’ll go get you a nice big bowl of it,“Rinoa added as she turned and walked out of the room.

“Rexie are you feeling any better?“Wind asked.

“Not really,“Rex answered.

“Well I hope you feel better soon,“Wind replied.

“Thanks,“Rex said.

“No problem,“Wind responded.

“Rex you’re going to be okay though right?“Hunnie asked as she joined in on Wind and Rex’s conversation.

“Yeah I’ll be okay,“Rex said as a weak smile came across her face.

“Good,“Hunnie sighed.

“Are you okay?“Rex asked.

“No I’m not I’m worried about you so worried that I haven’t been able to sleep,“Hunnie admitted.

“Aw Hunnie,“Rex replied as she sat up in her pet bed and looked at her sister with concern.

“I can’t help it Rex you’re really sick,“Hunnie added.

“I know,“Rex responded.

“What are you gonna do about your sleeping problems though?“Wind asked.

“Well Elwood went out to get me some sleeping pills that should help me so I should be back to sleeping like a rock soon enough,“Hunnie explained.

“That’s good,“Wind replied.

“Yeah I agree,“Hunnie smirked.

“I hope the pills work you Hunnie,“Rex added.

“I’m sure they will,“Hunnie said.

Rex nodded in response to Hunnie and then looked over at Streets,and Rinoa who were having their own conversation.

“Whatcha guys talking about?“Rex asked.

“Just how we were listening to you,Wind,Snow,and Hunnie talk,“Rinoa laughed.

“You two are crazy!“Wind added.

“So we are,“Streets replied.

“I knew it!“Wind giggled.

Wind’s words made everyone even Rex laugh a little bit.

“You’re to funny!“Streets responded.

“Yep!“Wind cheered.

Everyone else laughed once more at Wind’s words and then continued talking.

Soon Elwood came back to Master High with the sleeping pills and headed to Rex’s room too see what everyone was up to.

“Hey guys,“Elwood greeted as he walked into the bedroom.

“Hey Elwood,“Everyone else said in unison.

“Hunnie I have your sleeping pills only take one a night though okay?“Elwood said.

“Thank you for the pills Elwood and one a night got it!“Hunnie replied.

“You’re welcome and good because if you take more than one a night that could kill you,“Elwood responded.

“I know,“Hunnie replied as she nuzzled her master.

Elwood smiled at Hunnie as he pet her gently and gave her a hug.

-A Few Hours Later-

Later that evening everyone had gone to their rooms to sleep expect for Hunnie,and Elwood who were in the dining room talking.

“So are you sure you’ll be okay?“Elwood asked.

“Yeah the pills should help me,“Hunnie replied.

“Alright then,“Elwood responded as he handed his Fox one sleeping pill.

“Take it and go lay down,“Elwood added.

Hunnie nodded and then took the pill.

“Well goodnight Elwood see you in the morning,“Hunnie said.

“Goodnight,“Elwood said as he watched his Fox walk out of the room.

That night Hunnie tossed and turned in her pet bed all night still not being able to sleep.

“Maybe if I take one more it’ll work,“Hunnie thought to herself as she jumped out of her bed and made her way out of her room.

The hunny colored Fox made her way though the hallways quitely until she reached the dining room and then went into the kitchen.

Hunnie opened the medicine cabinet and saw the bottle of sleeping pills.

The little Kit’sune took the bottle out of the cabinet and opened it up.

“One more just one more,“Hunnie said quitely to herself as she took a pill from the bottle.

Then Hunnie took the second sleeping pill,put the bottle back in the cabient,and went back to her room where she laid down for the rest of the night still unable to sleep.

Soon enough the next day came and everyone was up getting ready for the day after they had finished breakfast.

Rex,Snow,Wind,and Hunnie were all walking through the hallways to the wrashroom when Rex noticed Hunnie walking slowly,and looking very tired.

“Hunnie are you okay?“Rex asked.

“No the sleeping pills-I mean the sleeping pill!didn’t work for me last night,“Hunnie replied nervously.

“Oh,“Rex replied.

“Yeah,“Hunnie added.

“Well shouldn’t you tell Elwood?“Wind asked.

“I will if the pill doesn’t work tonight,“Hunnie explained.

“Alright,“Wind replied.

“Well I hope it works tonight,“Snow added.

“Yeah me too,“Hunnie responded.

“So Rexie the masters are gonna teach you in your room right?“Wind asked.

“Yeah they are,“Rex answered.

“Well that should help you focas more so I’m glad they’ll be able to do that,“Wind pointed out.

“I agree,“Rex said as she and the others reached the washroom.

Then the four Foxes took their baths in the tub and dried off.

After that Hunnie,Snow,and Wind got their books for their classes and went to Rinoa’s class while Rex went back to rest in her room.

Since Rinoa had to train the other students before she could work with Rex the little Fox was trained by Streets the hours that Rinoa taught Hunnie,Snow,and Wind.

Then Rinoa trained Rex for a bit,and then it was Elwood’s turn once he was done with the other pets.

After Rex was caught up on what she missed from when she was unable to train at all and was taught some more skills the little Fox was done for the day so Elwood,and Rex walked out of her bedroom and made their way to the auditorium where the others were.

“Hey everyone,“Elwood greeted as he came into the auditorium with Rex.

“Hey,“Hunnie,Rinoa,Snow,Wind,and Streets said in unison.

“Oh oh Rexie you’re just in time too!“Wind cheered.

“In time for what?“Rex asked.

“Well you see Rex I’ve been telling the other students all day that I’ve gotten each of you a suprise but I wanted to wait until you were done with training for the day,“Rinoa explained.

“Okay well I’m here now so you can give it to us,“Rex replied.

Rinoa nodded and then walked over to one of the auditorium chairs where a big bag sat.

The master picked the bag up and brought it over to the pets and took out four little laptops.

“All of you get a laptop for working so hard and being amazing students,“Rinoa added.

Snow,Hunnie,Wind,and Rex all smiled as they were handed their new computers.

“Thank you so much!“Snow said.

“You’re welcome,“Rinoa responded.

“This is so awesome!“Wind cheered.

“Yes it is,“Rex agreed.

“I haven’t even used this yet and I’m in love with it!“Hunnie laughed as she looked at her laptop.

“I’m glad all of you like them,“Rinoa replied.

“YOU KIDDING?WE LOVE EM!“Wind cheered once more.

Everyone laughed and then talked for a while before having dinner.

After they ate Elwood made sure Hunnie took her sleeping pill while the other Foxes went to get ready for bed.

Then when everyone was in their own rooms laying down Hunnie still couldn’t sleep after two hours of taking the sleeping pill.

“Maybe if I take three it’ll help me,“Hunnie thought as she stood up in her bed.

Then the little Fox walked to the kitchen and got the bottle of pills out of the cabinet.

Hunnie took out three more sleeping pills and took them.

After that Hunnie went back to her room and was asleep in no time but what the others would find the next morning would be horrible.

-The Next Morning-

At about five in the morning the masters went to get their pets up.

“I sure hope the sleeping pill worked for Hunnie last night,“Elwood said.

“Well you’ll find today if it did or not,“Streets added.

“Yeah I sure will,“Elwood smirked.

“Besides I’m sure it worked Elwood didn’t she say it worked the night before last?“Rinoa asked.

“No she didn’t that’s why I’m getting worried the more I think about it,“Elwood answered.

“Now now I’m sure she’s fine,“Rinoa added.

“I sure hope so,“Elwood sighed as they reached the pet’s bedrooms.

“Okay Elwood let’s go into Hunnie’s room and see how she is,“Streets said as he opened Hunnie’s bedroom door.

The three masters walked into the room and saw Hunnie sleeping soundly.

“There now you see?She’s fine,“Rinoa smirked.

“Thank god,“Elwood replied as he let out a sigh of relief.

“Well Streets let’s go wake the others up,“Rinoa added.

Streets nodded and then followed Rinoa back into the hallways while Elwood walked over to Hunnie’s pet bed.

“Hunnie time to get up,“Elwood said as he gently shook his Fox.

Nothing happened Hunnie stayed asleep and Elwood started to think that he needed to speak louder.

“HUNNIE!“Elwood yelled.

The little Fox didn’t wake up she just kept on sleeping as if no one had yelled at all.

“Hunnie?“Elwood asked nervously.

Still nothing.

The Fox’s che’st rised and fell she was breathing perfectly but not waking up.


Then Rex,Snow,Wind,Rinoa,and Streets ran into Hunnie’s bedroom.

“What’s wrong?“Rinoa asked.

“HUNNIE SHE’S NOT WAKING UP!“Elwood panicked.

“Here let me see,“Rinoa replied as she walked up to Hunnie’s pet bed.

“Hunnie?“HUNNIE!“Rinoa screamed.

The little Fox didn’t open her eyes she just kept on sleeping.

Ater ten minutes of trying to wake the Fox up everyone knew something bad had happened.

“Okay I’m calling the vet,“Rinoa added as she raced out of the bedroom.


“Hey it’s okay she’ll be okay,“Streets added.

“YOU DON’T KNOW THAT!“Elwood screamed.

“Hey lower your tone Rinoa is in the hallway talking to the vet!“Streets said.

“Whatever,“Elwood mumbled.

Within the next minute or so Rinoa came back into the bedroom.

“Okay the vet is on his way here,“Rinoa explained.

“Good,“Elwood responded.

“Elwood just try and keep calm I’m sure Hunnie will be okay,“Rinoa added.

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