The Kitsune Masters

By Kristin Kula All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller

The Kitsune Masters Chapter Seven

“I’m trying but it’s hard when so much drama has happened,“Elwood replied.

“I know,“Rinoa said.

“NO YOU DON’T KNOW YOU DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND!“Elwood screamed as he ran out of the bedroom.

“He just needs some time,“Streets pointed out.

“Yeah no kidding,“Rinoa sighed.

“I’ve never seen him so upset before,“Snow added.

“Well nothing has ever gone wrong with Hunnie before so he’s taking it hard,“Rinoa responded.

“I understand,“Snow replied.

“Well according to Elwood no one understands,“Rinoa said.

“Oh please like we don’t understand?we’ve all been through a lot I’m sure we all understand more than he even knows,“Snow explained.

“We do understand it’s just he’s so upset right now that he doesn’t think we do,“Rinoa added.

“Yeah,“Snow responded.

After that everyone kept on talking unitl Veterinarian Rain arrived at the school.

When Rinoa and the others heard the knock at the front doors they left Hunnie’s bedroom and raced down the hallways.

However Elwood was the first at the front doors welcoming Rain into Master High.

“Hello come in,“Elwood greeted as the others ran up beside him.

“Thank you now then led me to Hunnie so I can see what the problem is,“Veterinarian Rain replied.

Elwood nodded and then led the animal dcotor to Hunnie’s room with everyone else following close behind.

Once they reached the room Rain walked right in and went up to Hunnie while Rinoa,Snow,Wind,Rex,Streets,and Elwood all waited nervously.

After five minutes of looking the sleeping Fox over Veterinarian Rain knew exacly what the problem was.

“Okay well it appears that Hunnie has overdosed from to many sleeping pills,“Veterinarian Rain explained.

“How could this happen?I told her to take only one a night!“Elwood responded.

“Well you see in some cases when someone is in need of sleeping pills and one doesn’t work because of to much fear they’ll take more than they should because they want to sleep,and I’m sorry to say that when the effects of the medicine wears off Hunnie might die,“Veterinarian Rain added.

“She might what?“Elwood asked in disbelief.

“I know it’s hard to take in but sadly this is what is most likely to happen,“Veterinarian Rain replied.

“NO,NO!“Elwood screamed as tears formed in his eyes.

“Elwood I’m so sorry,“Veterinarian Rain added.

The young master didn’t reply to Rain’s words he just ran out of the bedroom as he began to cry.

“I’m sorry doctor Elwood is just taking this very hard,“Rinoa explained.

“It’s fine I understand now then the effects of the medicine won’t wear off for a few days but when it does you’ll be able to tell if she’s still alive or not,and if she is still alive she’ll have trouble walking and tallking for a while but you’ll see that she’s not Veterinarian Rain responded.

“Okay,“Rinoa said.

“Alright then I’ll be on my way call me if something happens with Rex,or if Hunnie is alive and you guys need some help because of walking,and talking trouble,“Veterinarian Rain replied.

“Will do,“Rinoa added.

Rain nodded in response to Rinoa and then picked up his bag.

Then Rinoa led Rain to the front doors and once he was on his way she went back to the bedroom where everyone else was either sitting,or standing in shock from what they had learned.

“Everyone okay?“Rinoa asked.

“No,“The others said in unison.

“Yeah I figured,“Rinoa sighed.

“Why does this have to happen to us?“Snow asked.

“What do you mean?“Rinoa asked back.

“I mean all the bad stuff why does it always have to happen to us!“Snow snapped.

“Snow not all of the bad stuff happens to us,there’s a lot of people in this world and I guess for some reason we haven’t been so lucky,“Rinoa replied.

“Yeah no kidding we have the worst luck of all,“Snow mumbled.

Rinoa sighed at Snow’s comment and then looked at her.

“Snow I know it’s hard to beileave this but no we don’t have the worst luck of all,“Rinoa responded.

“Well that’s what I beileave no matter what happens,“Snow added as she stood up and walked out of the bedroom.

“It’s okay Rinoa she’ll be okay,“Streets said.

“I sure hope so,“Rinoa replied.

“Do you think Hunnie will be okay?“Rex added as tears formed in her eyes.

“I don’t know,“Rinoa admitted.

Rex felt her hear rip in two at Rinoa’s words even though she knew Hunnie probably wouldn’t live to begin with.

“I-I HATE MY LIFE!“Rex yelled as she ran out of the room and started to cry very loud as she kept running down the hallways.

“REXIE!“Wind yelled after her sister as she began to run for the door but was stopped by Streets.

“Wind give her some time I think she needs to be alone right now,“Streets pointed out.

“Okay,“Wind said as she sat back down.

“So what now?“Rinoa asked.

“I don’t know,“Streets shrugged.

“Well none of us obviously won’t be teaching or learning anything today so let’s go into the auditorium and talk,“Rinoa added.

Everyone else nodded and then followed Rinoa out of Hunnie’s bedroom where the little Fox still laid sound asleep.

The rest of the day went by slowly.

Rex was even more depressed now that Hunnie was close to death,Elwood wouldn’t come out of his room,and everyone else was scared,and couldn’t their minds off of Hunnie,and what effects the death would have on Elwood,and Rex.

“I’m so scared,“Wind said.

“I know,“Rinoa replied.

“Do you think Hunnie will be okay?“Snow asked.

“I don’t know it’s hard to say,“Rinoa answered.

“I hope she’ll be okay if she dies well then Rex will get worse,and something bad will happen with Elwood,“Snow added.

“That’s what scares me the most the effects It’ll have on Rex,and Elwood and the rest of us,“Rinoa pointed out.

“So you’re saying you know for sure that Hunnie is as good as dead?“Snow asked.

“Well to be honest Snow Hunnie doesn’t seem like she’ll make it,“Rinoa sighed.

“I know what you mean I’ve been feeling the same way I just don’t want to accept it I guess,“Snow explained.

“That’s understandable though she’s your sister if I were you I wouldn’t want to accept it either,“Rinoa replied.

“Yeah I sure as hell don’t want to accept it but I have too,“Snow said as tears formed in her eyes.

“Snow it’s okay sweetie,“Rinoa added as she wrapped her arms around her Fox.

The little white Fox began to sob loudly as Rinoa held her close.

“Shh it’s okay it’s okay,“Rinoa responded as she gently rubbed Snow’s back.

“NO IT’S NOT!“Snow yelled as she cried even harder.

Then Wind,and Streets knew it wasn’t a good time to be in the same room as the other pet and master pair so they walked out of the auditorium.

“Should we check on Rexie?“Wind asked.

“Yeah sounds like a good idea,“Elwood agreed.

Wind nodded in response to Elwood’s words and followed him down the hallways to Rex’s room.

Streets and Wind listened outside of the nine tailed Fox’s room for a moment to hear if she was still crying but after hearing no sound coming from the other side of the door Elwood opened it and the pet and master pair walked in to see Rex laying in her pet bed,with her head resting on her paws.

“Hey you two,“Rex greeted weakly.

“Hi,“Streets and Wind said in unison.

“Are you okay?“Wind asked.

“No,“Rex replied.

“Rexie just know that no matter what happens I’ll be hear for you you’re my sister and I love you,“Wind added.

“I love you too Wind,and I’ll always be here for you as well,“Rex responded as she smiled at her sister.

“Aw how cute the sisters are having a moment,“Streets smirked.

“Yep,“Wind said as she walked over towards Rex.

“Well I’ll leave you two alone for a bit I want to go check on Elwood,“Streets added.

“Okay,“Rex,and Wind said in unison.

Then Elwood walked out of the bedroo,and closed the door behind him.

“Wind I’ll always be by your side never forget that okay?“Rex asked.

“I won’t ever forget that and don’t you ever forget that I love you and I’ll be by your side as well,“Wind replied.

Rex smiled and then hugged Wind tightly.

Wind hugged her sister back and after that the two Foxes talked for a while before falling asleep cuddled up in Rex’s pet bed together.

Later that day after not seeing Wind,or Rex for a bit Rinoa,Snow,Streets,and Elwood (Who had finally come out of his room)decided to check on the two sisters.

“I hope there okay,“Snow said as she followed the three masters down the hallways.

“Me too,“Rinoa,Elwood,and Streets said in unison.

Once they reached Rex’s bedroom Rinoa opened the door leading the others into the room.

Everyone smiled at the sight of the two sisters cuddled up together sleeping.

“Aw that’s so cute!“Streets said.

“It sure is,“Rinoa agreed.

“I must admit this is making me smile,“Elwood added as he looked at the sisters.

“Yeah same here,“Snow smirked.

“Should we wake them up?“Elwood asked.

“Nah let’s just go and let them sleep I’m sure they’ll wake up soon,“Rinoa responded.

Everyone else nodded in response to Rinoa’s words and then followed her out of the room.

Then the small group made their way back to the auditorium while the two sisters slept soundly.

A few hours later Rex woke up with Wind sleeping beside her.

Rex smiled at her sister and then looked up to see that the bedroom door was open.

“It was closed when we went to sleep wasn’t it?“Rex asked herself as she looked back at Wind.

“Wind get up!“Rex said.

The blue Fox opened her eyes and yawened.

“Oh hey Rexie did ya sleep well?“Wind asked.

“Yeah but look the door is open,“Rex replied as she pointed to the open door.

“I bet you five bucks that the others came to check on us and forgot to close the door on their way out,“Wind responded.

“Yeah,“Rex smirked.

“Well come on let’s go find the others and see if their feeling any better,“Rex added as she stood up.

“Okay,“Wind said.

Then the two sisters walked out of the bedroom and went down the hallways.

“Let’s go to the auditorium I bet ya that’s where they are,“Rex added.

“Okay,“Wind responded.

When the two sisters came apon the auditorium they saw the others inside the room talking.

“I knew you guys would be in here!“Rex said as she and Wind entered the room.

“Finally you two are up!did you have a nice nap?“Snow asked.

“Yes we did,“Rex and Wind answered in unison.

“Good,“Snow smirked.

“So what are you all talking about?“Rex asked.

“Just about what’s going on,“Rinoa replied.

“Ah,“Rex said as she sat down.

“So has anyone checked on Hunnie?“Wind asked.

“No we’ve been waiting because we talked about it and we think it would be best if all of us were there when see if Hunnie’s alright or not,“Rinoa explained.

“I understand we should all be there when the time comes,“Rex replied.

“I agree,“Wind added.

“Yes so whenever we’re all ready we’ll go see her,“Rinoa responded.

Rex,and Wind nodded in response to the young master.

“Could we check now though?“Elwood asked.

“Are you sure Elwood?You seemed pretty upset eailer when you saw how Hunnie was,“Rinoa pointed out.

“I know I was and I still am but we have to see if she’s okay,“Elwood said.

“Well alright then,“Rinoa replied.

After that everyone left the auditorium and headed towards Hunnie’s room.

“I hope she’s okay,I hope she’s okay,“Elwood thought to himself as they reached the hunny colored Fox’s room.

Elwood opened the door and then he led everyone else into the room.

Hunnie was laying in her pet bed still sleeping soundly.

“Well she’s still okay,“Rinoa said.

“Thank god,“Elwood added.

“How much longer do you think it’ll be until we find out what’s gonna happen with Hunnie?“Wind asked.

“Tomorrow or the day after,“Rinoa responded.

“That scares me I don’t think I’ll be ready to face this so quickly,“Elwood sighed.

“It’ll be okay we’ll all be together when it happens,“Rinoa replied.

“Yeah,“Elwood said.

“Come on guys let’s go and talk in the auditorium,“Streets suggested.

“Alright,“Everyone else said in unison.

Then the group of pets and masters walked out of the room and closed the door behind them before heading down to the auditorium.

For the rest of the day everyone tried to stay as calm as possible knowing that hard challenges were on the way.

Soon enough the next morning came around,and everyone was ready to see how Hunnie was doing.

“Okay Elwood are you sure you’re ready?“Rinoa asked.

“Yes,“Elwood replied.

“Alright then,“Rinoa responded as she opened Hunnie’s bedroom door and led everyone else into the room.

The little Fox was still sleeping as Elwood walked up to her.

“Well she’s still under the effects of the sleeping pills,“Rinoa added.

“Yeah at least I don’t have to face the-“Elwood didn’t get to finish his sentence when he saw Hunnie’s che’st began to rise slower,and slower until it seemed that she was barley breathing.

“NO HUNNIE,HUNNIE!“Elwood screamed as he pulled the little Fox into his arms.

Sadly it was to late.

Hunnie’s breathing stopped and she was dead.

“NO,NO!“Elwood cried.

Everyone else began to cry along with Elwood and soon enough nothing but the sound of loud crying was coming from the bedroom.

Elwood looked down at the dead Fox in his arms as tears rolled down his cheeks.


“Elwood it’s not your fault..“Rinoa managed to choke out.

“YES IT IS!“Elwood screamed as he dropped Hunnie back in the pet bed and ran out of the room.

Then everyone else seemed to cry harder and no one could stop sobbing for fifteen minutes.

“W-we need to calm down..“Rinoa said as she took a deep breath.

Everyone else nodded in response to Rinoa and within five minutes the rest of te group had stopped crying even though they felt like they could cry again,and again.

“I think we need to get Elwood and bury Hunnie’s body behind the school,“Streets said.

“Yeah I agree,“Rinoa replied.

“How are we going to get him to do this with us though?“Wind asked.

“No idea,“Rinoa answered.

“Well let’s go try and get him to help us,“Streets added.

“Okay,“Everyone else said in unison as they weakly stood up.

Then the group slowly walked out of the bedroom to find Elwood.

“I bet you he’s in his bedroom so let’s check there first,“Rex said.

“Alright,“Rinoa replied.

Once the group reached Elwood’s room they heard loud sobbing coming from inside the master bedroom.

“Elwood!“Everyone screamed from the hallway.

“GO AWAY!“Elwood screamed back.

“Dude we need you to help bury Hunnie’s body behind the school!“Rinoa snapped.

“Fine I’m coming!“Elwood responded harshly.

Then Elwood opened his bedroom door and stepped into the hallways.

“Come on it’ll be okay,“Rinoa added as she led Elwood down the hall with everyone else following close behind.

“I’ll go get a shovel and meet you guys outside,“Streets said.

“Okay,“Elwood,Snow,Wind,Rex,and Rinoa said in unison.

Then the others headed towards the bedroom where the dead pet laid.

When they reached the room Elwood went in and picked Hunnie up,and then led everyone else outside through the back doors.

“Let’s find a spot to burry her,“Elwood managed to choke out as he forced to hold back the tears that wanted to fall.

No one replied to Elwood they just followed him to a spot behind the school that Elwood wanted to burry Hunnie in.

Then Streets came outside with a shovel and walked over to the group.

“Is this where you want to burry her?“Streets asked.

“Yeah,“Elwood responded.

Streets nodded and then began to dig a hole for Hunnie’s body.

Once the hole was big enough Elwood laid Hunnie down in it and watched as Streets covered the hole back up with dirt and grass.

After Streets was done burying Hunnie everyone went back inside Master High to rest from their long emotional day.

For the rest of the day Elwood stayed in his room while the others laid around depressed and tired.

Soon enough the next day came and everyone expect for Elwood was in the dining room eating breakfast.

“Do you think Elwood will be okay?“Snow asked.

“I don’t know,“Rinoa answered.

Then before anyone could say another word Elwood stepped into the dining room with a few bags that seemed to be packed with stuff.

“Elwood what’s going on?“Rinoa asked.

“I’m leaving,“Elwood admitted.

“No Elwood you can’t leave you know the school law no master can leave Master High until the pets they are training become masters!“Rinoa replied.

“Law or no law I can’t stay it hurts too much it’s my fault Hunnie is dead,“Elwood pointed out.

“Elwood it’s not your fault but I understand that you feel very upset so you’re free to go,“Rinoa responded.

“Thank you,“Elwood said as he put his bags down and waled towards Rinoa.

“You’re welcome,“Rinoa commented as Elwood pulled her into a hug.

Rinoa hugged her friend back and then after that Elwood gave everyone else a huge and said goodbye.

Then Elwood left Master High feeling completely guilty for Hunnie’s death.

“I can’t believe he left,“Wind said.

“Well he’s hurting,“Rinoa pointed out.

“I know it’s just sad,“Wind replied.

“Yeah it is,“Rinoa agreed.

“So what now?we need more masters,“Streets added.

“I know we do and I have an idea,“Rinoa responded.

“Well what is it?“Everyone else said unison.

“Okay well Streets you remember the pet and master training academy right?“Rinoa asked.

“Yeah I do,“Streets said.

“Wait what is this pet and master training academy?“Snow asked.

“It’s a school where Foxes and even Humans who aren’t forced to go to Master High can train to teach in all subjects that you have to learn in master training and they do it in case something goes wrong at Master High and if that happenes they have a chance to teach here so there for all of them know how to teach every subject and since we’re in need of some help I think a professional who has graduated from that school whould be a great help here,“Rinoa explained.

“I totally agree with you Rinoa,“Streets replied.

“Me too!“Snow,Rex,and Wind agreed in unison.

“Alright then I’ll call the academy right now and see who we can find,“Rinoa responded as she took her cell phone out of her jeans pocket.

Everyone else nodded in response to Rinoa as they watched her walk out of the dining room.

“I hope we get someone good,“Wind pointed out.

“I’m sure we will besides there all trained professionals,“Rex replied.

“Yeah that’s true,“Wind responded.

Then after about ten minutes Rinoa came back into the dining room.

“Well did we get someone?“Streets asked.

“Yes we did there’s a guy who recently graduated from the academy and one of the teachers at the school who I talked to said his name is Chibi Man and that he’s very good so there going to send him out here tomorrow,“Rinoa answered.

“That’s wonderful!“Snow added.

“Yeah I agree,“Rinoa said.

Then for the rest of the day the pets,and masters rested and thought about the obstacles they would soon face.

Soon enough the next day came and everyone was up waiting for the new master to arrive.

“So do you think Chibi will be nice?“Wind asked.

“Yeah,“Streets responded.

“I’m just wondering how Rexie is going to take it when we tell her that Chibi will be taking care of her while we’re gone looking for Kairi,“Wind added.

“Same here but we have to find Kairi or Rex will get worse heck she’s been ever more depressed since Hunnie died so we really need to do this,“Streets pointed out.

“I know we do it just worries me that Rexie will get mad at us,“Wind sighed.

“I don’t think she’ll be mad,“Streets replied.

“You don’t?“Wind asked.

“Yeah,“Streets answered.

Then before Wind could reply Rinoa,and Snow came down the hallways towards the other pet and master pair.

“Hey you two,“Snow greeted.

“Hi,“Wind,and Streets said in unison.

“So have you two talked to Rex yet?“Rinoa asked.

“No we thought we’d wait for you guys before we talk to her,“Streets replied.

“Yeah that’s probablly a good idea she’s very depressed and then to find out she’s going to be left with a guy she doesn’t even know wouldn’t be a pretty picture if someone tells her that by their self,“Wind added.

“To be honest it won’t be a pretty picture no matter how we tell her,“Rinoa responded.

“Sadly I have too agree with you,“Snow sighed.

“I don’t think it’ll be that bad I mean sure she’ll be upset but not mad,“Streets said.

“Well I don’t want to see her upset let alone being mad,“Rinoa explained.

“Yeah,“Streets replied.

Then suddnelly there was a knock at the front doors.

“It’s Chibi!“Rinoa added.

“Come on let’s go let him in,“Streets replied as he began heading towars the front doors.

After that the group walked to the front doors and when they reached the doors Rinoa opened them and saw Chibi standing on the other side.

“Hello Chibi it’s nice to meet you,“Rinoa greeted.

“It’s nice to meet you too,“Chibi replied as he stepped into the school.

“So this is Snow,Wind,Streets,and our other pet Rex is in her room resting she’s been sick for a while and very depressed but we’ll bring her out so you can meet her,“Rinoa responded.

“Ah that’s the student I’m going to be looking after while you and the others are away yes?“Chibi asked.

“Yep,“Rinoa replied.

“Well take your time with Rex I understand from what I’ve heard that she’s not well at all,“Chibi pointed out.

“Thank you,“Rinoa said.

“No problem,“Chibi responded.

“Now then why don’t I show you your room while Rinoa,Wind,and Snow get Rex,“Streets added.

“Yes lead the way!“Chibi smirked.

Streets nodded and then led Chibi away from the others.

“Alright pets come on let’s go get Rex,“Rinoa sighed.

“Okay,“Wind,and Snow responded in unison.

Then the two Foxes followed Rinoa down the hallways to Rex’s room where the nine tailed Fox was laying in her pet bed with tears rolling down her face.


Rex looked up to see Wind,Snow,and Rinoa walk into the room.

“Oh hey there,“Rex mumbled.

“Rex sweetie Chibi is hear and he want’s to meet you,“Rinoa said.

“Fine,“Rex replied as she stood up weakly and jumped out of her bed.

Then Rinoa led Rex out of her bedroom with Snow,and Wind following close behind.

The three Foxes,and the one master walked to Elwood’s old bedroom which would now be Chibi’s.

Streets and Chibi were in the master bedroom talking when the others walked in.

Chibi looked over at the group and smiled.

“Is this Rex?“Chibi asked as he looked at the orange and white nine tailed Fox.

“Yes,“Rinoa replied.

“Hey there Rex,“Chibi greeted.

“Hi,“Rex responded.

“You’re a very pretty Fox,“Chibi added.

“Thank you,“Rex replied.

“No problem,“Chibi smirked.

“So um should we uh tell-“Wind didn’t get to finish her sentence when Snow put her paws over her sister’s mouth.

“YES WE SHOULD DEFINITELY TELL REX ABOUT YOUR DREAM LAST NIGHT!“Snow lied as Rex looked at her,and Wind suspiciously.

“Uh oh yes we should!“Wind laughed nervously.

“Yes come on Rex!“Snow added.

Rex nodded and then followed Snow,and Wind out of the master bedroom with Snow closing the door behind them.

“So what was your dream about?“Rex asked.

“Uh well you see it was about fluffy pink clouds!“Wind replied.

“Uh huh..“Rex responded.

“Yeah such a weird dream right?“Wind asked.

“Yep,“Rex agreed.

“So in Wind’s dream there was this-“Snow didn’t get to finish her words when Rex intrupted.

“There was this huge fluffy pink cloud?“Rex asked.

“YEAH!“Wind and Snow said nervously.

“Okay then,“Rex said.

“I’m gonna go back and lay down now,“Rex added.

“Why?“Wind asked.

“Because I don’t feel well,“Rex answered as she turned and walked away from her sisters.

Once Rex was out of sight Snow turned to face Wind.

“Wind we’re not going to tell her about us leaving so quickly!“Snow snapped.

“I’m sorry,“Wind apologized.

“It’s fine just next time we have to tell someone something don’t make a fool out me,“Snow sighed.

“Hey I wasn’t the one who said I had a dream to tell Rex about!“Wind pointed out.

“Yeah well I wasn’t the one who said it was about fluffy pink clouds,“Snow muttered.

“Whatever let’s just go back into the master bedroom and talk to Rinoa,Streets,and Chibi about this,“Wind responded.

Snow nodded and then Wind opened the bedroom door and the two Foxes went inside.

“Hey sorry about that Wind and I were telling Rex a lie to cover up the bad new we have too tell her,“Snow explained.

“That’s fine we’re not ready to tell her either,“Rinoa replied.

“Okay good cause neither are we,“Snow responded as she let out a sigh of relief.

“Anyways I had an idea of how we could tell Rex,“Rinoa added.

“What is it?“Snow asked.

“Okay so I was thinking we could pack everything up that we need for the trip and then when we’re ready to go we tell Rex and then we’ll be on our way,“Rinoa said.

“That’s so mean though!“Wind pointed out.

“Yes I know but if we tell her before we’re ready she’ll try to stop us from leaving,“Rinoa sighed.

“Well alright then,“Wind replied.

“Good now let’s all get ready we’ll leave in two hours,“Rinoa ordered.

Snow,and Wind nodded in response to Rinoa and then went to get ready while the masters did the same.

Two hours later when Streets,Snow,Rinoa,and Wind were ready to go they along with Chibi went to Rex’s room to tell the young Fox the news they weren’t looking forward to telling.

“This isn’t gonna end well,“Wind said.

“I know,“Streets replied.

“Let’s just try to tell her the best way we know how,“Rinoa added.

“Alright but what exaclty is the best away?“Snow asked.

“Eh I have no idea really,“Rinoa shrugged.

“So then how do we tell her the best way we know how if you don’t even know how we can do that?“Wind asked.

“J-just let me tell her and then let’s see what happens,“Rinoa responded.

“Okay,“Snow,and Wind said in unison.

“You sure this is the best way to tell her?“Streets asked.

“Yeah I am,“Rinoa replied.

“Okay then,“Streets sighed.

After that the group kept on walking towards Rex’s bedroom and when they reached it Rinoa opened the door and stepped into the room along with the others.

“Hey guys,“Rex greeted.

“Hi,“Rinoa,Streets,Chibi,Snow,and Wind said in unison.

“So Rex we have something to tell you..“Rinoa said nervously.

“What is it?“Rex asked.

“Well Wind,Snow,Streets,and I are going to set out on a search for Kairi so we’ll be leaving you with Chibi,“Rinoa admitted.


“Rex please calm down Chibi is a nice person he’s just going to take care of you he won’t hurt you,“Rinoa explained.


“Rexie..“Wind added as she tried to find the words to finish her sentence.

“DON’T REXIE ME!“Rex screamed as she began to cry.

“Rex I’m not gonna hurt you please trust me,“Chibi said as he looked at the little Fox.

“I CAN’T TRUST YOU TRUSTING PEOPLE IS WHAT HAS GOTTEN ME HURT!“Rex snapped as tears rolled down her face.

“Listen I understand that you’ve been through a lot and you have every reason not to trust me right now but in time you’ll see that I can be trusted,“Chibi responded.

“Whatever,“Rex muttered as she tried to force the tears back that wanted to fall.

“Rex we’ll find Kairi I promise,“Rinoa said as she walked up to the Fox’s pet bed.

The orange and white nine tailed Fox began to cry again as Rinoa pulled her into a hug.

After Rinoa hugged Rex Wind,Snow,and Streets all gave her a hug as well and then said goodbye.

Then the two pet and master pairs left the school with bags of supplies and weapons they knew they would need.

For the rest of the day Rex stayed in her room laying bed while Chibi took care of things around Master High.

That night while Rex was on her new laptop that Rinoa had given her Chibi came into the room.

“Hey I just thought I’d say goodnight and that tomorrow we’ll start the rest of your training okay?“Chibi asked.

“Okay and goodnight to you as well,“Rex replied as she kept her eyes on the laptop screen.

“Alright then sleep well,“Chibi responded as he walked out of Rexie’s bedroom and closed the door behind him.

After Chibi was gone Rex looked up at the Snow Globe that Kairi had gotten her so long ago.

Rex still remembered that day at the museum when Kairi had gotten her the Snow Globe but it was also the day that Sora begun his mission to take Kairi away from her and Rex hated that.

The Snow Globe still sat in the same place on Rex’s desk where she first put it.

“Goodnight Kairi,“Rex said as she turned her laptop off,and went too sleep.

The next morning Chibi woke Rex up and they started her training.

Through out the day while Rex was training Rinoa,Wind,Snow,and Streets made their way though out the woods in search of Kairi.

“Man this is gonna take us forever!“Wind said.

“Not really cause if it took us forever we will never find her,“Snow replied.

“Good point,“Wind responded.

“Come on you two stop talking and start focusing,“Rinoa added.

“Okay,“Wind,and Snow said in unison.

“So just look for anything that might point in us in the direction of Lord’s new camp,“Rinoa pointed out.

Wind,and Snow nodded in response to Rinoa as they walked along the woods.

“Rinoa do you think we should head west?“Streets asked.

“Uh I don’t know really,“Rinoa shrugged.

“Well since Lord’s group isn’t near the school anymore which was in the north I think the west would be a wonderful place to search since it’s like way out,“Streets explained.

“That’s a good idea,“Rinoa responded.

“Alright come on pets we’re heading west!“Streets said.

Snow and Wind nodded,and then followed the two masters towards the west area which would take them a while too reach.

-Three Weeks Later-

Back at Lord’s camp Blood Stained Black Fox,and Tails were out hunting while Namine,and Lord were in one of the grou’ds tents having a little fun.

Namine moaned as Lord humped her reapldey.

“Oh that feels good,“Namine said.

“I bet,“Lord replied as he and Namine continued to have sex.

After humping Namine for a little while Lord moved off of her and went to her private and begun to suck,and lick it.

“Oh yeah that’s the spot!“Namine cheered.

Lord smiled as he kept working on his love.

After a few more minutes of Namine,and Lord having sex they stopped when they both felt completely satisfied.

Then the love pair put their clothe’s back on and went out of Lord’s tent.

As Namine looked up at the sky she smiled.

“It’s such a nice day,“Namine pointed out.

“Yes it is,“Lord agreed.

Then before Namine,or Lord could say anything else they heard a voice from behind.

“Hey there you two I’m back and I’ve got Kairi!”

Lord and Namine turned around to see Sora coming up to them with Kairi tied up.

“Sora you made it!“Lord replied.

“Of course I did I told you I’d be back!“Sora responded.

“Well I’m glad because now that we’ve got Kairi the plan will be sure to work now!“Lord added.

“Yep,“Sora smirked.

“Okay let’s tie her to the new pole!“Lord ordered.

Namine,and Sora nodded and then helped Lord tie Kairi too the wooden pole beside the row of tents in the camp.

After tieing her to the pole Lord got some duck tape and put it over her mouth along with the rope that Sora had already wrapped around it.

“There now she’s all tied up and there’s no way she’ll be able to talk,“Lord said.

“Wonderful,“Sora,and Namine said in unison.

Then a few minutes later Tails,and Blood Stained Black Fox returned to the camp with one dead Deer,and two dead Rabbit’s.

“Welcome back you two,“Lord greeted.

“Thank-“Tails,and Blood Stained Black Fox didn’t get to finish their words then they suddnely noticed Sora.

Blood Stained Black Fox dropped the Deer she was holding in her mouth and went up too Sora.

“I’m so glad you’re back!“Blood Stained Black Fox said.

“Thanks so am I,“Sora replied.

“And Sora got Kairi!“Namine added.

The Black and Red Fox looked over to the pole and saw their victim tied up.

“This is awesome!“Blood Stained Black Fox cheered.

“I agree,“Tails responded as he put the two dead Rabbit’s down.

“Now all we have to do is wait and soon the plan will be complete,“Lord added.

-Back At Master High-

Meanwhile back at the school Chibi was training Rex and during the times that they weren’t working the two become closer and Rex had finally come too trust Chibi.

“Okay Rex that sounds good!“Chibi cheered as the little Fox played Mambo # 5 on the guitar.

Rex nodded and then put the guitar down.

“Now then since we’re done with lessons today would you like some dinner?“Chibi asked.

“Yes please,“Rex responded.

“Alright then feel free to go do whatever you want and I’ll come find you when dinners ready,“Chibi replied.

Rex nodded and then left the music to go back to her bedroom and get to work on a secret masterpiece she had been writing.

The little Fox had been writing a book on a program she found on her laptop and the story was about what had happened a little bit before she and the others had come to Master High,and the events that took place afterwords.

Even though she still didn’t have a title for the book yet Rex decided when she was done writing she’d publish it.

When Rex reached her bedroom she went inside and turned on her laptop.

The little Fox got right to work on her story and smiled a little knowing that her book was good even though no one had read it yet.

And so as the weeks passed on Rex,and Chibi grew closer,and Rex trained while Rinoa,Streets,Wind,and Snow kept on looking for Lord’s camp.

At Master High as time passed Chibi saw that Rex seemed to be getting sicker,and even more depressed the longer Rinoa,and the others were away.

One week later it waas early morning Chibi had just woken ten minutes ago when he heard Rex crying.

Chibi ran down the hallways towards Rex’s room.

Once the young master reached his destuaoin he opened the door to see a puddle of blood,and the little Fox crying,and shakeing.

“Oh my god..“Chibi said.

Rex was also yawning in the process of trying not to cry,and throw up again.

“Are you tired?“Chibi asked with concern in his voice.

“Yes very much s-“Rex didn’t get to finish her words when she threw up more blood.


“I’ll go call the vet!“Chibi replied.

Rex nodded weakly and then watched as Chibi ran out of the bedroom.

Chibi looked all over the school for the phone book and finally found it in Rinoa’s classroom.

The master picked the book up and opened it.

Within a few minutes he found the number and then got his cell phone.

After talking to veterinarian Rain and hearing that he’d be coming out later that day made Chibi feel a little better as he ran back to Rex’s room.

“Okay Rex veterinarian Rain will be here later today,“Chibi explained.

“G-good,“Rex managed to choke out.

“I’m gonna clean this blood up,“Chibi added.

Rex nodded and then laid her head down on her paws.

Then Chibi went and got some towels and cleaned up the two puddles of blood.

After Chibi was finished he and Rex waited for a few hours and finally Rain arrived at the school.

When they heard the knock on the front doors Chibi walked down the hallways and then opened the doors when he reached them.

“Ah Veterinarian Rain come in!“Chibi said as he welcomed the doctor into Master High.

“Thank you now led me to Rex,“Rain responded.

Chibi nodded and then led the Veterinarian to the pet’s bedroom.

When Rain saw Rex he went up to her and begun to look her over immediately as he dropped his bag to the floor.

“So what’s wrong with her?“Chibi asked nervously.

“Well you see before you came here Rex got sick with a rare disease called Anxietydepressfearstressally and one of the many things that can happen is the inside of the stomach can rip open causing it to bleed so much that the victim will throw blood up and that’s what has happened to Rex here,so I’m going to have too preform surgery on her,“Rain explained.

“Oh well are you gonna do surgery on Rex now?“Chibi asked.

“If that’s okay with you then yes,“Rain replied.

“It’s fine with me I’ll be in the hallways waiting just come out of the bedroom when you’re finished.

“Okay I will,“Rain responded as he took some tools out of his bag and leaned over Rex.

Then Chibi walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.

For the next few hours Chibi heard nothing but Rex’s screams as Rain preformed surgery on her.

“Poor Rex,“Chibi thought as he waited for Rain to be done.

Finally after another hour Rex’s screams died down and soon enough Rain came out of the bedroom.

“Well I had to cut her stomach open and stitch up the hole that the blood was coming out of but now that it’s fixed she should be fine,“Veterinarian Rain said.

“Okay good,“Chibi responded.

“Yes it’s good that she’ll be okay now but however because of having to cut her stomach open she won’t be able to walk for a while because of the pain she should be back on her paws though in about three to four weeks,“Rain added.

“Well I’ll make sure she’s well taken care of,“Chibi pointed out.

“I know you will so just train her in her bedroom until she can walk and if you need anything don’t he’sitate to call me okay?“Rain asked.

“Will do,“Chibi said.

“Good now I’ll be on my way,“Veterinarian Rain replied.

Chibi nodded and then led the animal doctor to the front doors.

After Rain was on his way Chibi went to check on Rex.

The little Fox was laying in her pet bed and when Chibi entered the room Rex looked up at him painfully.

“Rex you’ll be okay,“Chibi said.

“I know it just hurts really bad..“replied weakly.

“I know it does and is there anything I can get you?“Chibi asked.

“No I just want to sleep,“Rex responded as he laid her head back down on her paws.

“Okay just call me if you need me,“Chibi added.

Rex nodded in response to Chibi and then closed her eyes as she laid her head down.

Then Chibi left Rex’s bedroom but didn’t close the door so that it would be easier to check on the Fox,and hear her if she called for him.

As the weeks passed by Rex was trained in her bedroom since she couldn’t walk as whenever she got the free time she worked more on her book and as the weeks passed soon she was back on her paws and Rex was a little happy that she could walk,and proprely train again.

-Five Months Later-

Rinoa,Streets,Wind,and Snow kept on searching for Lord’s camp until finally one night when the group was walking in the woods the saw a fire,and heard voices.

“I think that might be the camp!“Streets said.

“Yeah it might come on let’s go check it out,“Rinoa replied as she walked closed to the sound of voices.

Snow,and Wind followed Rinoa quickly along with Streets coming close behind.

The small group looked through the bushe’s and saw the whole Camp that was indeed Lord’s.

They saw Sora,Namine,Blood Stained Black Fox,and of course Lord.

Rinoa,and the others also saw Kairi tied to the pole.

“Alright guys here’s the plan get your weapons ready and we’re gonna run out there and attack them by surprise,“Rinoa explained quietly.

Everyone nodded in response to Rinoa and then got their weapons.

Streets got his gun,while Wind got her knife,Snow got her bow and arrows,and Rinoa got her sword.

“Okay ready?“Rinoa asked.

“Yes,“Streets,Wind,and Snow replied in unison.

“Alright then let’s do this!“Rinoa replied as she stood up.

Then the group ran out into sight of their enemies and charged at them.

Lord,Sora,Namine,and Blood Stained Black Fox froze for a moment in shock but then for their weapons and ran towards the other group.

Both sides started fighting viciously.

Namine,and Lord went for Wind,while Sora,and Blood Stained Black Fox went for Snow,and Streets,and Tails went for Rinoa.

Blood Stained Black Fox lunged for Snow and knocked her down.

As the white fox fell down she lost a hold of her bow,and arrows which the red and black Fox took as soon as she saw she had the chance.

Blood Stained Black Fox laughed as she held Snow down,while holding her new weapon in her left paw.

“Well this is will be a fun weapon too have,“Blood Stained Black Fox laughed.

Snow growled as her evil sister put the weapon out of her reach.

“Now then let’s kill you,“Blood Stained Black Fox smirked.

The white fox glared at her sister and then kicked the red and black Fox off of her.

“You little bitch!“Blood Stained Black Fox snapped as she ran for the white Fox.

Snow growled as she ran towards Blood Stained Black Fox,and the two sisters started fighting again.

At another part of the camp Sora,and Streets were having a deadly face

Sora was eyeing Streets carefully as the young master pointed his gun at the young killer.

Streets glared at Sora as he backed up a little not knowing there was a big rock behind him,and fell over.

As he fell Streets lost his gun which went flying beside of a tree.

Sora smiled as he took his knife out of his pants pocket and then lunged for Streets.

Meanwhile Rinoa,and Tails were having a sword fight.

Tails and Rinoa kept on trying to stab each other,but ended up with both of their swords crashing against the other.

Rinoa pushed her sword hard against Tails and managed to push the half Fox human away from her sending him about four feet away from her as his sword dropped out of his hands.

The young master’s heart was beating fast as she tried to catch her breath and suddenly heard a loud nose and looked up.

What the young master was was horrifying.

Rinoa saw Tails coming at her with a chainsaw and dropped her sword in fear.

Before the young master could do anything Tails reached her and begun to cut Rinoa with his weapon.

The girl screamed and for a moment everyone else looked up but only to be frozen but the sight before them.

Tails laughed evilly as Rinoa’s body was cut too bit’s sending body parts such as: her eyes,head,nose flying everywhere.

Her clothe’s ripped and fell off her body and as tails kept on cutting her up Rinoa’s butt and legs fell off of the of her lower abdomen and then the evil half Fox man cut her ass off of her legs and then cut Rinoa’s vagina off of her and threw it towards Wind,who was being attacked by Namine,and Lord.

Wind screamed when the vagina fell in front of her,and dropped her knife.

Lord and Namine laughed and then walked a little bit closer towards the blue Fox.

“Well well Lord would you look at this?It’s that stupid Fox I had to adopt a few years back!“Namine said.

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