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Wolf Girl

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My name is Samantha but everyone calls me Sam.
To understand who i am, you hav to now my storie.

I'm a werewolf, my mom and dad where Alpha and Luna of a pretty big pack, but when I was 6 years old I was kidnapped.

One knight my pack was attacked by rogues my mom and dad was out fighting and my nanny was running with me ind her arms.

We almost got away but then my nanny fell to the ground screaming, she let go of me and told me to run, then she turned around and ran back, she left me alone I the dark forest.

But i understood why she didt that, her mate was injured, thats the thing about being a werewolf, we have a mate for life like a soulmate, and we can feel what the other is filling.

You have a bond with the pack and you have a difrent bond with youer mate, a mate is a part of you and if you lose your mate, you lose a part of your self.
And not many servive losing one, but the few who does somtimes they get a second change mate.

I started running away from the fight, and when I couldn’t run anymore i sat down by a tree, and then everything turned black.

I woke up in a car, tied up.
I coulden move and there were three men in the car with me,they where hunters, then it hits me…. I was drugged.

We drove for hours with no break, I see a sign out the window “welcome to New York City” I’m eight hours from home.

30 minutes later we stop and the three men jump out of the car to talk, i got the rope of my arms and then My legs, they er really bad at tying a rope.

I open the car door slowly, careful not to alert the men, I slowly walk out of the car and push the door closed, again careful not to make a sound.

then i start running... faster den ever before, when I think its safe I stop to lay on a bench to catch my breath, im soo tired…. I closed my eyes for at minuet, then a sharp light Is flashed in my eyes, I try to sit op, thinking the men had fund me, but the police woman put a hand on my shoulder “calm down, its okay, im not going to hurt you... Where are you parents?” I start crying, I don’t even now if they are alive, im not old enough to have the pack bond, the woman sits down beside me and puts her arms around me.

After some time I pull back and look at the woman "Thank you." i say "I was kidnapped and I don’t now haw to get home or if my parents are even alive” I say with tires in my eyes, the woman looks at me in shock.

She took my hand and we start walking, she puts me ind her police car and drove me to and old looking building.

And old lady comes out and looks at us, I turn to the woman “the lady is going to look after you, till I can find your parents” I smile and nod, then open the car door and walk op to the old lady, she takes my hand without saying anything
and walk inside, she walks me to at room full of sleeping kids she keeps walking till we end at and empty bed she looks at me smiling softly “this is your bed now, take your clouts of and go to bed, we will take tomorrow
I do as she says and go to sleep.

The police woman didn’t find my parents and I was put up for adoption.

Not long after I was put whit a family of four, three boys and a mom, and no dad.

The youngest of the boys Joel was nine years old, he was a thin boy with brown hair and brown eyes and the second Caleb was nineteen he was really tall and really big with blond hair and blue eyes and last Cole twenty years old he was also a tall gay with brown hair and brown eyes.
The mom Abigail was forty years old, she was a small woman with black hair and brown eyes.

I often wondered where Caleb got the blond hair and blue eyes from, but i never asked.

It was a little strange being a 6 years old werewolf, with four humans, but they toke me in and i was happy about that, But that soon changed.

The mom was always a sleep and Caleb was looking after me, they where treating me like a normal child, like I had always bin there.

I had my owe room with toys and a lot of clothes, but i cried myself to sleep every night, missing my mom and bad....and my best freind.

A year later my brother Joel and I was waking ind the forest, and out of nowhere Joel attacks me, he holds me down on the ground and I cant move, he takes a cloth and put ind my mouth so I cant scream, I’m in shock.

If you do not want to read, you can skip it.

He sits on my legs and holds my hands above my head with one hand and he pulls my pans down whit the other hand, he then takes his hand under my stomach and lift me to my knees still whit my hands above my head.

The he takes my panties down and then... I can hear him take his own pants of, I can fill his cold hand on my butt.

Then he puts his finger in my butt hole, I tried to scream but no sound where coming out, then the second finger not long after the third, he then pulls them out and I think its over but its not.

He takes his penis and line it with my butt and then I can fill him put it inside me, I scream and try to move away but he is so much stronger the me, I can fill he has it all the whey in, and he starts to move back and forth again and again.

He then starts to grunt and move faster and faster, then he stops...and pull out and lets me go.

I just lay there whit my pants gone and my panties at my knees, in shock, trying breathe.

My brother stands beside me whit my pans in his hands, he then throw the at me and says “don’t ever tell everyone about this, or I will kill you

Then he starts to go, then looks over his shoulder and yells “are you coming!!


That where the first time he touched me but not the last, he would kick me, and yell at me and he would call me names.

Caleb never touched me like that, but he would hit me and yell at me, but was also the only one i could talk to.
Cole where more quiet but he looked at me funny, like he wanted to touched me like Joel did, luckily he never did.

At the end of fifth grade I shifted school to get away from my brother Joel, I just wanted to have at little time where he was not watching me.

But only a few days past and then he started there to, I was screaming inside my head, but I couldn’t do anything about it.

No one notices the bruising because it was always under my clothes, my brothers made sure to hit me so you couldn't see it.

One day when i was 14 years old my mother had to go to town with my brothers Caleb and Cole, so my brother Joel and I was home alone for the first time, he never did anything at home so I felt safe enough, but I was so wrong.

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