Wolf Girl

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The day they left for town was the worst day of my life.

I was sitting in my bedroom when Joel opened my door, he was looking at me with at demon look in his eyes, I got op and told him to go out.

He just looked at me funny, so I started pushing him, that seemed to wake him because he stated pushing me back, I fell on my bed and hit my head on the wall I black out, but when I cam to it he was sitting on my stomach laughing at me.

I got a chill down my spine, I tried to get him of me but he took my hands at tied them to my bed, then he left, I screamed at him to let me go and he couldn’t leave me there.

A few minutes later he came back in with at bag in his hands, he put I on the floor beside my bed, he sat down on the edge of my bed beside me and looked almost sad, “you ruined our lift, you’re going to pay for this” he said and got up.

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He started ripping on my pants, I started screaming but then he stooped and looked in his bag, he pulled at ball gag and put it ind my mouth I tried to scream but I couldn’t because of the ball gag.

I got tears in my eyes and started shaking my head and kicking him with my legs, he got my pants of and I closet my eyes crying.

I could hear him open his belt, and take his pants of, I opened my eyes and watch him get in my bed.

He then ripped my panties of, I attempted to scream… It hurts so bad.

What did I ever do to him, to deserve this…

I could fell his hands on my legs, then on my waist and op under my shirt, he toke my breast in his hands and then he moved down again.

My eyes got big when his hand touched my vigaina, he has never touched me there, he continued to touche me and I tried to wigel away, but to no help.

He put one finger inside me and it hurt, I got tears in my eyes.

After a little time and two more fingers he moved his finger away at lined hes penis with my vigaina, then he put it inside….. I screamed with every thing I got.

He continued to move back and forth again and again.

Then he came, he filled me op with his seed and I cried out.

He then on tied me and left.


A month later I didn’t get my period, I started to panic but told myself not to panic before I had taken a pregnancy test.

I toke my bike to the shop and got 2 pregnancy test just to make sure, I then went home and toke the test.

I almost past out when I saw the two blue lines on both tests, I hied the test in my pocket and walk in to Joel bedroom and told him about the pregnancy, he laughed at me, he didn’t believe me, so I showed him the test, his eyes got big….like big big.

He told me to get rid of it, but even tho I was so young and it was my so called brother, I didn’t want to, it wasn’t it’s fold.

A few days later when I was walking home from school, Joel attacked me, he kept kicking me in my stomach, I cried out asking him to stop, but he kept kicking me, after some time I passed out.

I don’t know haw long I had been laying there on the cold ground, I started crying holding on my stomach knowing that I was no longer pregnant.

In that moment I decided I was not going home ever again, so I got op and left.

At had ben walking for hours when I cam to a little town, I found a barn and hid in the hay, I sleep the all knight.

The morning after a man came in the barn and found me, “I’m so sorry, I just needed a place to sleep, I’m living now” I told the man.

He put his hand on my shoulder to stop me, I flinched and turn around to look at him, he was looking at me with at sad smile, “no.... come with me, you are in no shape to go anywhere. My wife is a doctor, she can take a look at you.” he said.
I walked inside with him, his wife was sitting in a chair, she was a beautiful woman, long black hair and pretty brown eyes.
She quickly got up and looked at me with sad eyes, I can’t even imagine what I look like, blood and hay everywhere.

The woman toke me to a bathroom and found some towels and some clean clothes, then she told me to take a shower “i will wait out here” she said and close the door.

I hoped in the shower and enjoyed the warm water on my skin, I started crying.. remembering everything I had been through, from losing my family and friends to being abused, beaten and raped.

I had been living like this for seven years and I was finally free.

Then I toke a deep breath and walked out the shower and dried myself with the towels, I then toke on the clean clothes and walked out the bathroom to the nice lady.

The woman asked me to lay down on the bed so she could take a look at me, and I did as she ask.

She lifted up my shirt and I got tears in my eyes, “its okay, I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to look at your stomach” she said “my name is Sophia and my husbands name is Micheal…. What is your name” she suddenly ask me, “my name is Samantha...but you can call me Sam” I said Sophia smiles at me and turns back to look at my stomach and legs.

They ended up taking me in, I got my own room and a lot of things, they where so sweet to me and didn’t ask me anything I didn’t want to talk about.

I lost my baby that day Joel attacked me and I cried for days, I now I was a child myself and I couldn’t take care of a baby, but I still felt sorrow for my unborn child.

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