Wolf Girl

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When I was 6 years old I lost my mate, she was kidnapped and killed.

She was a pretty girl with long snow white hair and crystal blue eyes.

I just new she was my mate because we were both high in rank and beset friends, but we were not old enough to have the bond.

One day her pack was attacked by rogues and her parents called my dad and told him that her nanny was running to our pack to save Sam from the attack.

My dad gathered some warriors and left to go get Sam and her nanny, but he never found them, he ended up helping Alpha William and Luna Evelyn in the search for Samantha.

Then suddenly he smelled hunters, so he followed the smell til he found three hunters in a shed 7 hours from the pack.

They attack the hunters and forced them to tell him where the little girl was, they said that they had killed her, because she talked to much.

My dad got so angry that he killed all three men with his hands.

When my dad came home I ran out side to welcome them, but to my surprise my dad was alone…. “where is she…. Where is Sam!!!…...Dad! answer me!!“ I yelled and stated crying.

My dad got down on one knee and put his hands on my shoulders “Shes gone my son, she was killed by hunters, I track them down and killed them for what they did.” he said to me.

I ran inside to my mom and hugged her, I cried in her arms for hours, she ended up carrying upstairs to my room at put me down in my bed, I fell asleep with my mom beside me.

When I got a little older I ended up training like crazy, just to take my mind on something else.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Sam with her sweet smile, her snow whit hair and blue eyes, I wounder what she would look like today, if she was alive.

I ended up being the strongest gay in my pack, with black hair and brown/gold eyes.

All the girls were looking at me, and sometimes I would take one to my room, but it never meant anything to me, but I had needs and it help taking my mind of Sam.

I mist her so much that it hurt my soul, and I think my parents do to, Sam was a nice girl and everyone liked her, her smile would light up the room when she came in.

On my eighteen birthday just before midnight, I walked out to the woods, to shift for the first time.

I could feel the tingles in my body then came the pain, my bones break and I could feel the change, I screamed in pain and then my scream turned to a howl, I could hear my pack howl back near by, but the only howl I wanted to hear wasn’t there.

My best friend and future beta Liam came up to me, he had sihifted for his first time a week ago.

I envy him a lot, he found his Mate Isabella the day after he shifted, it made me miss Sam so much more, but I was happy for them.

He lowered his head in respect for his future alpha “the pack is waiting on you to start the run, Aiden“ he said.

I started walking to where my pack was waiting for me, the all bowed for me, when I stood in front of them, I howled and started running and my pack followed me howling back.

Two weeks later my dad stepped down as Alpha, and I became Alpha of silver moon pack, my pack understand why I don’t have a Luna by my side, but I soon have to take a chosen mate, even tho I don’t want to, its the law.

You can’t be Alpha and don’t have a mate, because you will grow weak, and can’t protect the pack, and an Alpha has to be the strongest wolf in the pack.

I sat in my office looking over all the paperwork, I didn’t think it would be so stressful.

I had a hard time with the council, they kept asking me to take a chosen mate, but I refused, my beta and I kept convincing them that I just needed time to settle in.

They ended up saying 4 month, if not I would be removed as Alpha.

A month later on December 5th Sam would have turned eighteen and shifted for her first time.

So at midnight I went to the woods and shifted, I looked up at the full moon, and howled for her, I could hear my parent also was out running because they also howled to the moon in grief, and then I toke a run I her place.

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