Wolf Girl

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Its already my birthday again, I almost forgot about that, its December 5th and I’m turning eighteen, I’m going to shift for the first time.

I remember how the older ones in the pack did it, so just before midnight I had to sneak out of the house and ran in to the woods to hide.

Then I looked at the full moon, its funny that my birthday is the same day as the full moon.

Then I felt it, the tinkling, the pain, my bones breaking and shifting out of place.

I was prepret for that, I remember how the people in my pack would scream in pain.

So I had a cloth with me, I put it in my mouth to muffle the screams, I could feel the change happening.

Suddenly the pain stopped and I looked down towards the ground, I had made the change, I had shifted to a wolf for the first time.

My wolf was big, with snow white paws, I don’t now if the rest of her is white, “We am. we are a strong snow white wolf” my wolf suddenly says in my head “I’m your wolf, my name is Scarlett, know lets go for a run, I feel like stretching my legs and I’m so sorry for what has happened to you, I wasn’t strong enough, it wasn’t time, but I’m here now, sooo what do you say about that run.“ she says, I laughed a little.

Shes so sweet and funny, i like that.

I stated running, it felt nice to be free, I let my wolf take over so she could run a little, she had been captured inside my head for eighteen years.

She hadn’t felt the pain but she had been ther with me, and couldn’t do anything to help.

So I think is okay to let her be free for the night, to have a little moment to herself.

I was in the back of my head watching everything, I could see her running between trees, I could feel the air in our fur and the ground under our paws, its a wonderful feeling, I’ve never felt so free in my life.

I just meet her and all ready cant live without her.

Shes so perfect, shes strong and tall, I just love her, she caught a deer like it was nothing, shes was so strong and fast.

After she had been running for hours she gave me back control, I ran back to the spot where I had shifted and I shifted back and ran home.

I sneaked inside the house and to my room, I had a big room with a double bed and a lot of stuff and clothes.

I’m a girl I need to have a lot of clothes and shoes.

I went to sleep, happy to have my wolf with me, I wasn’t so helpless and alone anymore.

The nightmares still haunts me, about the night I lost my parents and my so called brothers.

I woke up to the sound of Sophia calling for me,”Sam!! The food is getting cold, come on“ I could smell the food from my bed, because of my new heightened senses, mmmh bacon I love bacon.

Coming!!” I yelled back, getting out of bed, I walked to my closet full of clothes, I toke a white t-shirt and some black pants on and walked to the bathroom beside my bedroom.

I stood I front of the mirror, and splashed some water in my face then I brushed my hair and my teeth, when I was ready I walked to the kitchen where Sophia and Micheal was sitting.

I toke out a chair and sat down, ready to eat “where did you go last night – around midnight.“ Sophia ask me.

Shit.. I thought I had been quiet, but not enough.

I just needed some air, I just sad outside and looked at the moon“ I said looking a little sad, hoping she wouldn’t ask me more questions.

To my luck she didn’t.

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