Wolf Girl

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I was out running I the woods almost every morning before sunrise.

I loved the way it felt to run as my wolf.

Me and Scarlett had talked a lot sins I shifted, she was my best friend.

She had taught me a lot about being a werewolf, and she kept talking about finding our mate.

I got a job in town as and secretary for the boss, in a big company.

But I couldn’t decide if I loved my job our hated it, the boss was always looking at me, and asking me weird questions, he didn’t scare me tho, I was strong now that I have Scarlett.

One day when I was working late my boss asked me over the intercom to come to his office, when I opened the door to my boss office he were sitting on his desk looking at me.

come her Samantha and sit down and close the door behind you“ my boss said, I walked in and closed the door, I sit down in the chair in front of my boss.

I don’t like this” Scarlett link me, I was thinking the same thing.

If you want to improve in this company, I can help you“ he said, I think I now what he wants but I will think bad of him, he could just be thinking on something else.

He got of his table and walked behind me, he put his hands on my shoulders and started massage them.

I got up and started walking towards the door, he grabbed my wrist tight, I turned around and struck him with the other hand.

He released my hand and was about to hit me I the face, but I slapped his hand away, he look shocked at me.

don’t ever touche me like that again, or you won’t get of this easy“ I said to him.

I turned around to walk out of his office when he pushed me against the door, I got my right arm free and elbowed him in the ribs, and turned around I hit him in the throat.

He fell to the floor gasping for air, and I hit him in the face with my fist, but not before saying “take this as my resignation“ then he blacked out.

I got out to my disk putting all my stuff in my bag and went out the door, I stepped out to the road and took a deep breath of air to calm myself down.

i need a run” Scarlett says, me to Scarlett, me to..- I’m going to find a place to shift” I say back to her.

I stated walking down the street, when I came to the edge of the city I walked in the woods and found a tree to hide behind, and striped of my cloths.

I gave Scarlett control so she could run of her anger, while she did that I just relaxed in the back of my head.

I lost track of time because I have no idea where I am, I could hear some howling not far away from here.

That’s when I heard it, the most beautiful howl I have ever heard, I couldn’t stop Scarlett from howling back.

Scarlett started running I the direction the howling was coming from.

Mate, Mate, Mate” Scarlett kept chanting in my head, “it’s our mate Sam, his here”

she continued, I never thought I would find him.

I could smell this mouth watering scent, it made me want to run faster to find the source of this smell, it smelled like the woods after rain and roses.

There’s something about this smell, I remember it from somewhere, I just cant remember where.

Suddenly Scarlett stopped running we look up to see this beautiful and strong black wolf with golden eyes.

The wolf is looking at me with longing, then it started to move towards me, the wolf towers over me a little, then he moves his head to signal me to follow.

And I did, I just follow a complete stranger through the woods, I was walking behind him when he slows down to walk beside me, I can see him looking at me from time to time.

We end at a tree and I can see a t-shirt and shorts is nice folded on the ground, the wolf signal me to take the clothes and shift, then he turned around and behind a tree himself.

I shift back and take the clothes on and walk out from behind the tree, I can see a tall gay with his back to me, he has completely black hair and he looks like he train a lot.

The gay turned around and looked at me in shock, “Sam?” he ask quietly, he now my name.

I take a good look at him, then it hits me “Aiden?” I ask shocked.

But you dead…. The hunters killed you – how are you here alive.“ he ask still in shock.

No.. I got away, they toke me to New York City, they stepped out of the car and I ran away from them“ I answer him, he stated moving towards me, he hugged me for a long time, at first I var stiff as a tree, afraid he was going to hurt me, but it felt nice being hugged.

where have you been for all this time“ he ask me, still hugging me, “I lived with a family in New York, and when I was 14 I lived with a nice couple on a farm near Scranton, then when I was 16 the couple moved an toke me with them to a place near Buffalo, and now I’m here, even though I don’t relay know where here is“ I laughed a little at the end, he lets go of me and looked into my eyes.

you still have those beautiful blue eyes. you are in silver moon pack, near Toronto“ he said.

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