Wolf Girl

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Aiden gave me a guest room, in the beginning he wanted me to stay in his room but I told him i wanted to be alone for now, so he ended up having to listen to me.

Now I’m sitting in the windowsill, my room is big, it has a double bed and two night stands on each side.

On the other side there are two doors, one is a big walk-in closet and the other is the bathroom.

Suddenly i can hear talking downstairs, i must have been in my own head because i didn’t hear the doors open.

I got up and walked towards the door to listen.

I know those voices, its Alpha Logan and Luna Elizabeth, i opened the door and slowly walked down the hallway towards the stairways and sat down to listen again.

“you’re sure that it’s her” Elizabeth said.

“yes i am sure mom, i know it seems impossible but I’m sure its her”Aiden said.

“Samantha?” I was so interested in the conversation that i haven’t seen Logan come to the stairs.

He looked like he had seen a ghost at first, but then it changed to a softer look, “Logan?” i said and stood up from the stairs, it dint take long before Aiden and Elizabeth came to stand beside Logan.

They’re all looking at me weird, and I don’t like it, “do I have something on my face” was the only thing I could come up with to say.

They just smiled at, “no you look perfect” Aiden said, “how have you been Sam?” Elizabeth asked, I could feel my heart skipped a beat and my hands got sweaty, my body started to shake.
Elizabeth was my mothers best friend and like a second mom, so that question took me back and I was back at foster care, “whats wrong!” Aiden yelled, and that was the last thing I heard before I blacked out.

It was so dark but i could hear his laugh, i was so scard, then the darkness faded and I could see more clearly.

There are a lot of trees, am i in the Woods...

I startede to walk around, then i saw him... Joel, he was just standing still and laughing at me.

Then he started running towards me, i screamed with all i could.

Then i woke up, screaming.. The door flung open and in ran Aiden, ready to fight of anyone who may cause trouble.

When he saw that it was safe he looked at me, with question in his eyes.

But instead of answering i startes crying, Aiden was by my side in no time, and his arms around me.

I cried in his arms for what feels like hours, "what happent" Aiden ask, i wanted to tell him everything, but i was not brave enough.

"it's fine if you're not ready to talk" Aiden said after some time.

I released a breath i didn't know i was holding, it feelt good to be in his warm arms, just then i noticed he didn't have a shirt on.

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