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Lillian and Water Boy

By VioletOfCourse All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


Just when it seemed like it was all over, Lillian Wolf is given a second chance along with a young adult named Water Boy. The two face the challenges of life and what it means to be different. In the process, the two grow to like each other more and more.

A New Beginning

The waves rush over the beach, pulling the sand away, and leaving seaweed and other sea debris behind. The sun beats down on a young girl who lays curled up underneath a palm tree. Her black hair covers her right eye and she has a scar down her left cheek. Her eyes are red like blood and she has black wolf ears and a black wolf tail.Further away, another person washes up on shore. This boy has long blue hair, blue earrings, and blue clothes. He is completely soaked and doesn’t even appear to be breathing.Someone runs across the beach from a nearby house and stands by his side.
“Oh goodness... Another hero dead...” the person mutters, scooping up the boy from the sand.

The person carries the boy into the house they just came from and places him on a bed in front of someone else.

“I found another one... Doctor, can you heal him?” the person asks.

“Hmm... Yeah, I’ve seen a lot worse than this...” the doctor says, examining the boy, “I see some burns, but I’m not quite so sure of his cause of death...”

“Who do you think he is? I haven’t seen him on any of the lists of heroes...” the person says.

“I have no clue... I guess we’ll have to wait until he wakes up to verify,” the doctor says.

The first person then leaves the house to wait. The young girl from before is staring at the ocean as if waiting for something.

“How are you doing, Lillian...?” the person asks.

“I miss my sister... I miss having a home... A place where I belong...” Lillian says.

“I’m sorry... You can never return...” the person says, “Look, a new kid just showed up, maybe you can make friends with him or something.”

“I don’t think I need any friends... I might hurt them again...” Lillian says, turning away and crying.

The person walks away, unsure of what else to do. Many hours pass and the doctor from before shows up to bring the other person back to the house.

“Melinda, the patient has revived. I think we can gain answers from him,” the doctor says to the girl.

The girl follows the doctor back into the house where the boy is starting to open his blue eyes.

“W-w-what...? How am I not dead...?” the boy mutters.

“We healed you, that’s why!” Melinda says.

“Healed me? You couldn’t have... I died... I remember it very clearly, I died... The whole world was burned up...” the boy says.

The doctor and Melinda look at each other in confusion for a bit.

“Tell me... Who are you?” Melinda asks.

“Oh, I should have known... Nobody knows who I am...” the boy says, covering his face with his hands.

“Just tell me... I want to mark you on my list...” Melinda pleads.

“List of what...?” the boy asks.

“Heroes... I’ve named tons of them...” Melinda says.

“...I mean... I guess my name is Water Boy...” the boy says.

“…Water Boy? Are you sure that’s your real name?” Melinda asks, clutching a very large notebook and a pen.

“I’m quite certain... I do not recall having any other name... In fact, I don’t even remember my parents...” Water Boy says.

“Okay, writing you down...” Melinda says, writing something down on one of the last pages in the book.

“Now, Water Boy, we must talk about how things work here on Hero Island...” the doctor says, smiling a little, “Heroes who have died come here to get healed. Once healed, a hero must wait for their time to leave. You’ll know it’s time when blocks of land shaped like the letters in your name appear in the water heading to your new home. You will be responsible for protecting all people living in the world you’re assigned to.”

“Me? Assigned to protect a world? I lost an entire world because I refused to kill the villain! I’m useless!” Water Boy says.

“You will find your true self in your new world, but only when it is time... In fact, you may even get yourself a sidekick to help you remind you that you are worth a lot,” the doctor says.

“So, why don’t you go outside and explore the island? I know there is at least one lonely hero out there that needs someone to talk to,” Melinda says.

“Fine... I suppose...” Water Boy says and gets off the bed, walking to the door.

Water Boy leaves the house and walks across the hot beach sand.

“Hello...? Anyone there...?” Water Boy calls out.

Nobody answers. Water Boy ventures further out into the island, watching the waves rolling on and off of the shore. While he isn’t looking, he accidentally crashes into Lillian.

“Ouch!” Lillian cries out, “Watch where you’re going!”
Surprised, Water Boy makes a large blob of water appear and he soaks her with it. Lillian sputters and tries to dry herself off.

“First you crash into me, and then you soak me! Great!” Lillian says, crossing her arms grumpily.

“Sorry... I just got scared...” Water Boy says, pulling the water off of the soaked girl.

“Let me guess... You’re the new kid I was told to meet? Look, I don’t need any friends... I just hurt everyone who gets too close to me...” Lillian says.

“Is there anything to eat on this island or are we all supposed to sit around until we die?” Water Boy asks.

Lillian’s eyes widen and she says, “I don’t think there is any food... We’re all gonna die!”

“Hopefully the land appears soon so I can get out of here...” Water Boy says.

“Oh...” Lillian cries, “But what about me? I don’t want to die again!”

Water Boy stops and looks at her. He feels pity.

“Look, let’s make a deal... Whoever’s name appears first, we’ll go together... Then neither of us will be left behind,” Water Boy says.

“What if they try to stop us...?” Lillian asks, wiping away her tears.

“Nobody will stop me from doing what’s right!” Water Boy says.

Right at that moment, the ground shakes and large blocks of land surface from the water. The first block looks like a ‘W’.

“Well, what are we waiting for?! It’s time we run free!” Water Boy says and picks up Lillian.

As soon as Water Boy races onto the land blocks with Lillian, a storm starts. The waves grow rough and try to swallow the land back up to prevent him from escaping with a hero who hasn’t been chosen yet. Lightning strikes down all around him, but he continues his blind dash to freedom.

“Whatever your name is, this now seems like a bad idea! We’re gonna drown!” Lillian cries out.

“I’m water, I cannot drown!” Water Boy says, not letting go of Lillian.

“Well, maybe not you, but I’ll drown!” Lillian cries out.

The thunder roars loudly and more lightning flashes. It seems like forever, but finally, both people make it to the other side.

A voice calls out from the storm, “You are very brave to sneak another hero out of the island, but there will be consequences for your actions! This other hero you snuck out will now be your sidekick forever and you’ll have to look after her... Good luck!”

Lillian’s left eye twitches and Water Boy looks embarrassed.

“We can just ignore them...” Lillian whispers.

Water Boy nods his head and looks around.

“Wow! A city! I’ve never seen one before!” Water Boy says.

“Me neither... Wow...” Lillian says.

“Heh heh... Maybe before we set off exploring, we should introduce ourselves?” Water Boy suggests.

“My name is Lillian Wolf...” Lillian says.

“I’m Water Boy,” Water Boy says.

“Don’t you have a real name...?” Lillian asks.

“That’s what the people in the house asked... No, I do not have any other name...” Water Boy says.

“Oh, okay...” Lillian says.

“Why do you have a cut under your eye? I thought that in the house, they heal you?” Water Boy asks.

“Oh? You mean that thing?” Lillian asks, pointing to her scar.

Water Boy nods his head.

“Well, I purposely cut myself again as soon as I got out of the house... It’s a punishment and reminder of my past...” Lillian says.

“What do you mean? If you’re on the island, wouldn’t that mean you were a hero?” Water Boy asks.

“Oh, the only heroic thing I did was die...” Lillian says.

“So what happened then?” Water Boy asks.

“I wasn’t a hero... I was the villain... I killed and ate the king and queen of Fairwood... And then I locked the princess in her bedroom and took over the kingdom... It was completely my fault no matter what others say... I almost destroyed everything... I was even very close to killing my sister and eating her too!” Lillian says.

“Oh... Uh...” says Water Boy, “Yuck...”

“You may not want to get attached to me... I might go crazy and kill you too...” Lillian says, pointing to her sharp teeth.

“Well... Maybe we can find you some food before you do resort to eating me...” Water Boy says, glancing around quickly.

Lillian’s stomach gurgles loudly. Water Boy then becomes very nervous.

“Say, what kind of food would they have in a city anyways?” Water Boy asks.

“Food food...” Lillian mutters, drooling.

She then turns into a black wolf and runs off into the city.

“Lillian! No! Come back!” Water Boy cries out.

He then has to chase after Lillian. Before Water Boy can catch up to Lillian, he smacks right into another person. Both people fall over.

“Oof!” the other person says.

“S-s-sorry...” Water Boy says, “I guess I’m just a bit...”

He cuts off; staring at the person he crashed into. His eyes widen with fear. This other person is a boy with spiky red and orange hair with yellow tips. His thick eyebrows make him look mean.

“What are you staring at, Blue Boy?! Get off the ground!” the boy yells.

Water Boy instantly gets off the ground, shaking in fear.

“Now go, go away from me before I lose my temper!” the boy yells.

Water Boy instantly runs away, afraid of this boy. That boy he met, he looked exactly like the boy who burned the world down. Eventually, Water Boy finds Lillian again. She’s raiding a hot-dog stand and the owner of the cart is standing next to it, paralyzed with fear.

“Lillian! I can’t believe it! We’re supposed to be heroes!” Water Boy says.

“Oh? You don’t know me very well yet, so how could you know how I should and should not act?” Lillian asks. She continues slurping up hot-dogs.

“Heroes aren’t selfish; now tell the guy you’re sorry!” Water Boy says.

Lillian gets down from the cart and licks the guy’s face.

“Sorry, sir...” Lillian licks the guy’s face again and says, “Mmmm... You’re salty!”

“Lillian!” Water Boy says.

Lillian’s ears go down and she tucks her tail between her legs. Water Boy smiles and leads Lillian away.

“It’s no use... I’m still so hungry...” Lillian moans.

“Sorry, Lillian... But if we’re going to get anything to eat, we’re gonna have to work for it...” Water Boy says.

“But how?” asks Lillian, “Nobody would let a Wolf Girl work for them… Especially one who ate humans...”

“They wouldn’t know...” Water Boy says.

“But my eyes are red, I have a cut on my face, and I have sharp teeth! I even look evil!” Lillian says and cries.

Lillian turns back into a human and Water Boy hugs her.

“We’ll find a way...” Water Boy says.

Lillian gets distracted by something she sees around the corner. She takes off running again, turning into a wolf.

“Lillian! No! Not again!” Water Boy cries out.

“Tiiiiimmmmbbberrrr!” cries Lillian, running and pouncing on someone.

The person had long blonde hair and blue eyes... But they lacked wolf ears and a wolf tail.

“Ack!” the person cries out, “Get off of me!“.

“Timber, it’s me!” Lillian says, licking the person’s face, “Your sister!”

“I don’t have a sister! Especially not one that’s a talking wolf!” the girl says.

Lillian stares at the girl for a moment and then retreats.

“I... I... I just thought...” Lillian stammers and then walks away back to Water Boy.

“I’m so sorry if my... Um...” Water Boy begins, but then he stops and glances at Lillian.

Lillian turns into a human and shrugs her shoulders.

“I’m sorry if Lillian hurt you or got your outfit dirty,” Water Boy says.

The person stares at the both of them and gets off the ground.

“You two are very odd... How did you even end up here?” the girl asks.

“Umm... Long story... I’m extremely sorry...” Water Boy says.

“Whatever...” says the girl.

She walks away and Lillian bursts out crying.
“I miss my sister!” Lillian sobs.

“Shhh... Shhh... Lillian... Look...” Water Boy says and makes little bunnies out of blobs of water.

Lillian watches for a moment, wiping the tears from her eyes. Water Boy smiles and lets the bunnies leap into her hands.

“I learned how to do this many years ago...” Water Boy says, “It was the last thing I did before I died...”

Lillian gently pets the water bunnies, smiling.

“See? There’s no reason to cry anymore... I can help you...” Water Boy says.

“How old are you?” Lillian asks, raising an eyebrow.

“ Well... I don’t even remember...” Water Boy says, sweating in embarrassment.

“I’m 15,” Lillian says.

“Just 15…? You’re still young...” Water Boy says.

“Ah, but even children can cause mass destruction!” Lillian says.

“...We don’t need for you to cause mass destruction... You need to be a hero!” Water Boy says.

“Yeah?” says Lillian, “I have no super powers!”

“You don’t need powers to be a hero...” Water Boy says.

“That’s easy for you to say! You have super powers!” Lillian says.

“Just control of water...” Water Boy says.

“That’s still something... I mean... You can put out so many fires!” Lillian says.

Water Boy sweats nervously again.

“What?!” yells Lillian, “That was a compliment!”

“The thing is... I didn’t put out fires in my last life... I spent the last of my life trying to make friends with a boy who ended up burning down the world I lived in...” Water Boy says.

“Why would you want to be his friend?!” asks Lillian.

“I don’t know... I guess I was just lonely...” Water Boy says.

“That was still a stupid...” Lillian stops and sniffs the air, “Say... Speaking of fires... You smell that?!”

Water Boy sniffs the air and says, “No?”

“Ah, I’m part wolf; I probably have a better sense of smell than you... Whatever!” Lillian says and dashes off again.

“Oh no... Not again...” Water Boy says and follows Lillian.

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