Lillian and Water Boy

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Work Time

That night, Lillian slept very well. Water Boy did not hear a peep from her until morning.
“Water Boy...?” Lillian calls out.

Water Boy wakes up, yawning.

“Water Boy!” yells Lillian.

“What? What happened?” Water Boy asks.

“Hi...” Lillian says.

“Hi, Lillian...” Water Boy says.

Lillian pukes Water Boy up. Water Boy wipes the slime off of himself and smiles.

“I love you, Water Boy...” Lillian says.

“I love you too, Lillian...” Water Boy says.

“Ooh! I’d like breakfast! Wouldn’t you...?” Lillian asks.

Water Boy chuckles, “You and your endless appetite...”

“And what’s wrong with that?” Lillian asks.

“Nothing at all,” Water Boy says and smiles.

The two walk to the cafeteria and find that they are serving pancakes and sausages with a side of orange juice or milk. Lillian smiles intensely and quickly joins the line, being careful not to turn into a wolf. Water Boy joins her and before they know it, they are both enjoying a decent meal. Yeah meals could have been better, but as they found out in the previous dimension, things could also be worse.

After breakfast, Lillian looks at Water Boy and frowns.

“What’s wrong?” Water Boy asks.

“I know I’m supposed to be happy now that we’ve finally reached a peaceful dimension... but... I can’t help feeling pointless...” Lillian says.

“And what do you mean by pointless?” Water Boy asks.

“Well, Killory is gone; nobody else seems to be doing anything too bad... How are we supposed to be heroic if there are no hero duties to do?” Lillian asks.

“You know, you’re right... We can’t do anything heroic now... However, we’re not completely useless. I’m sure there are plenty of jobs that need to be done and we can help,” Water Boy says.

“Really?” asks Lillian.

“Yeah!” says Water Boy, “Endless possibilities of jobs await us just outside the door!”

“Then what are we waiting for?! Let’s go!” Lillian cries out.
She races for the door, transforming into a wolf. Water Boy chuckles and follows her, opening the door for her. She sniffs the air for a few seconds and takes off running again. Water Boy tries to keep her within sight, but soon enough, she’s gone.

“Lillian! Where did you go?!” cries Water Boy.

The cars rumble past, occasionally stopping for pedestrians. Water Boy keeps looking, wandering aimlessly. The kid with the flaming red hair stops him.

“Hey, Blue Boy... What are you looking for...?” the kid asks.

“Huh? Oh, my name’s not Blue Boy, it’s Water Boy,” Water Boy says.

“Water Boy, then,” the kid says.

“I was going somewhere with my girlfriend, but I have no clue as to where she went...” Water Boy says.

“Does this having anything to do with the large furry black thing that shot passed me only moments ago?” the kid asks.

“So you saw her! Which way did she go?!” Water Boy asks.

“Wait... So let me get this straight... You’re dating a wolf...?” the kid asks, raising one of his eyebrows.

“Um... Yes, but no,” Water Boy says, sweating nervously.

“How can you date an animal? That sounds messed up!” the kid says, looking disgusted.

“She’s actually half human,” Water Boy says.

“Yeah... Right... Well, if you want to catch up with your hairy girlfriend, she went... That way!” the kid says, pointing around a corner.

“Thanks!” Water Boy says and takes off.

The kid with the flame hair scoffs and goes back to whatever it is that he was doing earlier. Water Boy keeps running, hoping to catch up to Lillian. Eventually, he catches sight of her in human form, helping replant trees.

“Lillian! There you are! You went so fast that I lost you!” Water Boy says.

“I’m pretty sure that couldn’t have been any more than 45 mph...” Lillian says, rolling her eyes.

“Faster than I can go...” Water Boy says.

“Well, now you’re here! Want to help us?” Lillian asks, turning into a wolf and digging a hole to place a tree.

“What exactly is happening here...?” Water Boy asks.

“Oh, you know how tall trees block out most of the sunlight in the forest?” Lillian asks.

“Kind of?” says Water Boy.

“Well, when baby trees start growing, they cannot compete with the adult trees and thus, they just die off,” Lillian says.

“Okay, but maybe that’s a good thing... Too many trees in one area aren’t always nice...” Water Boy says.

“No! There is no such thing as too many trees! Especially near cities!” Lillian says.

“So, that still doesn’t answer what it is that you’re doing...” Water Boy says.

“Forest expansion through replanting of baby trees,” Lillian says, “It’s very efficient and provides humans and animals with the extra oxygen they need. It also cleans the air. We go into the woods, find baby trees, dig them up, and replant them just outside of the other trees!”

“And you want me to help you dig...?” Water Boy asks.

“No! You silly! You’re going to help water the babies!” Lillian says, jumping out of her hole and licking Water Boy’s hand.

“Well, alright then,” Water Boy says, “If it will make you happy.”

He then turns his hand and arm into a watering hose and waters the plants. Lillian watches for a moment, very amused, and then she goes back to work replanting the baby trees. By the end of the day, Lillian ends up digging more holes than needed and Water Boy is exhausted from watering for so long. Also, because of how focused the two were, not even Lillian’s growling stomach reminded them to eat lunch.

“Wow, Lillian... We sure did a lot of work...” Water Boy says.

“Yeah!” says Lillian before shaking the dirt out of her fur, “I think I’m a natural at digging holes!”

“Heh, you dug too many though...” Water Boy says.
“Say, you look tired!” Lillian says.

“Yeah... A good meal would make me feel better...” Water Boy says.

“Would you like me to bring you back?” Lillian asks.

Water Boy chuckles nervously; well aware of what Lillian is trying to say.

“Or are you going to walk all the way back to the shelter?” Lillian asks.

“Fine, you win! Do as you please!” Water Boy says.

“Thank you!” Lillian says and gulps him down.

She then takes off running, heading back to the shelter.

“Hey Water Boy, what should we do tomorrow?” Lillian asks, still running.

“Huh? Oh, well, I was kind of hoping we could relax a bit...” Water Boy says.

“Really…? Relax? I don’t think I can handle relaxing very well,” Lillian says with a snicker.

“Well...” Water Boy says, trying to make himself comfortable.

Lillian turns into a human, alerting Water Boy that they have just reached the shelter. Water Boy falls silent. Lillian’s other stomach growls loudly though.

“Okay, Lillian... You’re going to let me out, aren’t you?” Water Boy asks.

“Of course!” says Lillian, “What else would I do?”

“I don’t know... Leave me in here and hog up all the food?” Water Boy suggests.

“Aw, no way…! I care about you!” Lillian says and pukes him up.

She enters first and he follows after wiping some of the slime off. Lillian sniffs the air.

“Mm... I smell food!” Lillian says.

“Me too!” says Water Boy.

Lillian takes Water Boy’s still slimy hand and walks with him to the cafeteria. Inside, they find the dinner meal to be baked chicken, boiled broccoli, and biscuits. Lillian drools at the sight of the food and Water Boy does as well. The line is short, meaning that everyone else has already gotten their food. Lillian joins the line with Water Boy.

After dinner, the two go back to their room and prepare for bed. In their room, they find a stack of fresh pajamas. Lillian looks at the pajamas, looks at Water Boy, looks at the pajamas again, looks at Water Boy, and then bursts out laughing. Water Boy also laughs as if pajamas are the funniest joke to ever happen. Neither of them wore those pajamas.

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