Lillian and Water Boy

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The next morning, Lillian and Water Boy both awaken as a stream of sun light breaks into their room from a small window. The light snakes its way across the room and falls right on their faces. Lillian sits up instantly, looking over at Water Boy. He’s awake too, lying in a position on his bed that should be uncomfortable.
Water Boy’s usually smooth blue hair is now ruffled and messy like raging torrents in the ocean. Dark circles lay under his eyes and he yawns loudly. Lillian doesn’t look much better. Her black hair is all tangled up in some places and sticking up in others like a storm cloud. She also has dark circles under her eyes. They look over each other, seeing how crazy they each look. Within moments, they burst out laughing hysterically. They point at each other and fall over on their own beds.

“You... You look like a disaster!” Water Boy laughs.

“Not as much of a disaster as you!” Lillian laughs.

“No way!” says Water Boy, “You should look at yourself in the mirror!”

“So should you!” Lillian says.

With that, they both spring across the little room and stare into a small mirror. One look at themselves and they scream.

“Oh, my, gosh... You’re totally right!” they both yell out at the same time.

They stare at each other and laugh.

“Must have been quite some dream last night...” Water Boy teases.

“Oh? No way! It was real!” Lillian says.

“Shhh... Nobody else needs to know... Now, how about breakfast?” asks Water Boy.

The next few weeks went by rather smoothly; Lillian and Water Boy both had a great time helping out where ever a job was open to them. However, as the weeks go on, Lillian begins to slow.

“Hey Lillian... Are you feeling alright?” Water Boy asks.

“Huh? Oh... yeah... I’m well...” Lillian lies, sighing.

“Are you sure? You look ill...” Water Boy says.

“Oh Water Boy... I love you so much... You do know that, right?” Lillian asks, not answering the question.

“Yes, Lillian, I understand... And I love you too! That’s why I’m worried about you...” Water Boy says.

Lillian cries and hugs Water Boy slightly.

“Aw... Please tell me what the matter is,” Water Boy says.

Lillian whispers into Water Boy’s ear, “I took a test earlier today...”

“A test? What kind of test?!” asks Water Boy, “They didn’t say anything mean about you did they?!”

“Water Boy, calm down... It’s alright, I assure you...” Lillian says.

“What test was it...?” Water Boy asks.

Lillian then whispers to him, “I’m... I’m pregnant...”

“You’re what?!” Water Boy asks, face turning tomato red.

“I told you... I’m pregnant...” Lillian says, also blushing.

“How did this happen?” Water Boy asks.

“You know how it happened...” Lillian says, smirking.

“Oh gosh... Lillian... I’m really sorry...” Water Boy says, backing away.

“Why are you sorry?” Lillian asks.

“We’re not even married, nor are we old enough to be married!” Water Boy blurts out.

Lillian frowns and says, “I thought you’d be happy...”

“I am happy… I’m just worried about what others will think...” Water Boy says, nervously playing with his fingers.

“Can you guess when they’re due?” Lillian asks.

“…They…?! You mean it’s not going to be just one?!” Water Boy asks, sweating nervously.

“Of course not... It’ll probably be a full litter...” Lillian says.

“No, it’s probably just one big one...” Water Boy says, still blushing.

“Eleven at most, Water Boy... Eleven at most...” Lillian says.

“It’s due August...? Right…? Nine months from now?” Water Boy guesses.

“No... They are due late December,” Lillian says.

“What?!” asks Water Boy, “How can it be ready already?!”

“They only need two months because I’m part wolf,” Lillian says, “It’s already been a month.”
Water Boy takes a seat in a chair he finds, trying to take in all that he has learned.

“Okay... So you’re saying that in one month, you’re going to have a bunch of babies... And I’m the father... Oh boy...” Water Boy says.

“That’s right! You’re going to be a daddy!” Lillian says, hugging Water Boy again.

A baby kicks him through Lillian’s abdomen. She winces.

“That’s probably a boy...” Water Boy says.

“Yeah...” Lillian says.

“How are we going to raise that many children at the homeless shelter...?” Water Boy asks.

“I don’t know... We just will...” Lillian says.

Lillian’s rounded belly appears to be alive with kicking babies.

“Great... Now they’re all awake...” says Lillian, ears down.

“Lillian, please go back to the shelter and rest... It’s not good to be out here working in the cold while you’re so... Pregnant...” Water Boy says.

“Right... Are you sure you’ll be okay working out here alone?” Lillian asks.

“Yes, now go! Hurry!” says Water Boy.

Lillian turns into a wolf and retreats. Water Boy sighs and goes back to work painting a building. Because it is so cold out, he stops every once in awhile to sip some hot cocoa to prevent himself from freezing. He’s distracted though; his mind is whirling with thoughts and worries. ‘What if Lillian doesn’t make it back to the shelter’ and ‘How will the babies fair?’ are only some of these thoughts. He sighs and shakes his head.

The supervisor comes over after awhile and notices that Water Boy is alone.

“Say, Water Boy... Where’s your girlfriend? I thought she was going to help you?” the supervisor asks.

“I sent her away... She’s incapable of doing work currently...” Water Boy says.

“And why is that...?” the supervisor asks.

“It’s all my fault...” Water Boy says.

“Did you hurt her?” the supervisor asks.

“In a way, yeah... She’s expecting babies...” Water Boy says, blushing again.

“You’re kidding me, right?” the supervisor asks.

“I wish I was, but I have to be honest...” Water Boy says.

“Aren’t you older than her?” the supervisor asks.

“I think so,” Water Boy admits.

“You could go to jail for such offenses you know,” the supervisor says.

“What? Are you going to turn me in?” Water Boy asks, “After all this painting I did for you, for free?”

The supervisor stops and thinks about this.

“Please... Have mercy on me... She needs me...” Water Boy says.

“Put down your stuff and go to her, you jerk! No, I will not tell on you, but you still will be punished!” the supervisor says.

“I’m sorry...” Water Boy says.

He puts down his stuff and leaves to find Lillian. Lillian, luckily, is tucked away nice and warm in the shelter and that’s exactly where Water Boy finds her. She’s lying on her bed, staring up at the ceiling.

“Lillian... I’m back...” Water Boy says.

“…So soon…? Did conditions get worse out?” Lillian asks, not sitting up.

“No... I was sent home to be with you,” Water Boy says.

“That’s odd... I would have thought they would love having you work for them...” Lillian says.

“I’m so sorry, Lillian...” Water Boy says and crouches next to her and her big belly.

“Don’t apologize; I got myself into this mess...” Lillian says.

“It must be exhausting having all those babies in you...” Water Boy says.

Lillian scoffs, “You don’t even know half of it... At least you never have to be pregnant...”

“That’s because I’m a boy,” Water Boy says.

“Yes, I know,” Lillian says.

“Don’t get moody on me...” Water Boy says, leaning over to kiss her on the lips.

She kisses him and then rolls onto her side, cradling her belly.

“Is there anything I can get you or do for you?” Water Boy asks.

“Well... I could use some food... And then your warm hands... …Mmm... Yeah...” Lillian says.

“I’ll see about taking food to you,” Water Boy says.

“Thank you, Water Boy!” Lillian calls out.

Water Boy returns with a warm plate of food for Lillian. She smiles at him and he smiles back.

“This is what they had for today, I hope this is enough for you and the pups,” Water Boy says.

“Yeah, this is great!” Lillian says.

She begins to eat. Water Boy watches her. She stops and looks at him. He turns away. She continues eating, being careful not to drop any precious morsel of food.

To Water Boy, it felt as though time had flown by really quickly that next month of Lillian’s pregnancy. To Lillian, it felt like years until the day had come. Water Boy helped with preparations the final few days. Lillian now has a little den in the corner of the small bedroom of the shelter. Water Boy, of course, had helped construct it using the stack of fresh pajamas that had been gifted to them two months ago, any pillows they could scrounge up, and anything else given to them by the people Water Boy begged for help from.

Water Boy is just walking down the hall of the homeless shelter on his way to fetch food for Lillian when suddenly, he’s stopped by a loud scream of agony coming from the room he had just came from. Forgetting his previous duty, Water Boy comes running into the room.

Lillian is tucked away in her den crying out. Water Boy kneels over and peers inside.

“What’s the matter, Lillian...?” Water Boy asks.

“I’m giving birth of course! It’s painful!” Lillian cries out.

“Sorry... Is there anything I can do for you...?” Water Boy asks.

“Besides being here with me... I don’t know...” Lillian says, trying to catch her breath.

“Do you want to hold my hand?” Water Boy asks, sticking his hand into the den.

Lillian grabs hold of his hand and grips it tightly, still screaming. Water Boy winces slightly, but let’s her continue squeezing his hand. A few people knock on the door, curious as to what’s going on. Water Boy tells them to leave as they can’t do anything for her. Lillian keeps on squeezing Water Boy’s hand, trying to push the first baby out. The time ticks on and still the first baby hasn’t arrived.

“Come on, Lillian... You can do it...” Water Boy cheers her on.

“You’ll never know what it’s like to give birth! It’s difficult! And it hurts so badly!” Lillian cries.

“But just think, when this is all over, you’ll get to see your babies for the first time!” Water Boy says.

“Will they be able to see me, though?!” Lillian asks.

“Why shouldn’t they be able to...?” Water Boy asks. He winces as she once again squeezes his hand.

“Because they’re part wolf!” cries Lillian. Tears roll down Lillian’s reddened face.

“I never thought about that...” Water Boy says.

“Not only are they part wolf, they might also be mostly water like you!” Lillian says.

“Well, humans are already mostly water... so... Yeah...” Water Boy says.

Lillian screams even louder, crushing Water Boy’s hand. Finally, the first baby has come out. There is the sputtering sound of it breathing in the air for the first time and then it begins to cry. Lillian let’s go of Water Boy’s hand and repositions herself to reach the baby the best she can.

“It’s a boy!” she cries out.

“Great job, Lillian!” says Water Boy, getting up, “Should I go get scissors?”

“Nah, I can handle this...” Lillian says.

“And what do you mean by that...?” Water Boy asks.

Lillian snickers. Before long, she passes a little baby to Water Boy. The cord is cut. This baby has pinkish brown eyes and a tiny bit of dark blue hair with a little bit of gold in it. He has wolf ears and a wolf tail.

“Oh my... This is our baby...” Water Boy says and cradles the still blood covered baby.

“I would clean him off myself, but... I think another baby is ready to come out...” Lillian says and returns to screaming.

Water Boy grabs a wet towelette and wipes the blood off the crying and squirming baby.

“It’s going to be alright, little thing... Your mommy and I are great people...” Water Boy says.

He tries to cradle the baby to sleep, but Lillian’s screaming keeps the baby awake and crying. Lillian pushes out a second baby and checks it.

“Another boy!” says Lillian, “This one looks kinda like you!”

The new baby starts crying as well, adding to the din. Lillian hands the new baby to Water Boy so he puts the first one into a crib he puts together from water. He made it in a way that they cannot drown in it. This second boy also has wolf ears and a wolf tail. He has blue eyes with a little bit of dark blue and light blue hair. Water Boy also carefully wipes this one off with a moist towelette. He makes sure the baby is warm before placing it next to the first one in the crib.

Lillian’s screaming carries on as she starts having a third baby. This one comes out quicker than the first two. She checks the baby as she did the first two.

“It’s a girl!” Lillian cries out.

A few minutes pass and she hands another baby to Water Boy. This girl not only has wolf ears and a wolf tail, but her skin has an unnatural gelatin feel to it. She has a little bit of blonde and gold hair and light blue eyes. Water Boy cleans her off and places her in the crib next to the other two.

The fourth baby takes a long time to come out and Lillian keeps screaming.

“Keep going, Lillian... You can do it!” Water Boy says, trying to be supportive while also watching his new babies.

Finally, it comes out and Lillian checks it.

“A boy!” she calls out.

She passes Water Boy a baby with lots of black and gold hair with blue eyes. He has a wolf tail and wolf ears as well. Water Boy cleans the baby and puts him in with the other three.

By this point, both Lillian and Water Boy are exhausted. Lillian moans, still full of babies. She wishes she could just fall asleep and resume later, but her babies must come out now. The fifth baby comes out before Lillian expects it to. She squeals in surprise and checks it.

“Another boy!” cries Lillian.

She hands a gelatin-like baby to Water Boy. This one has lots of blue and black hair and greenish blue eyes. Water Boy cleans the baby off and gently lays him down next to the other four.

Lillian returns to screaming in pain, about to have a sixth baby. It takes a full hour for Lillian to push this next one out. Water Boy ends up falling asleep while waiting; if it weren’t for Lillian crying out the gender, he probably wouldn’t have awaken in time to take it from her.

Lillian hands a very sleepy Water Boy a baby girl with regular ears and regular skin. She has a tiny bit of gold and blonde hair with dark blue eyes. Water Boy is about to ask about her, but he decides to leave Lillian alone and clean up the new baby that’s kicking and fussing in his arms. He places her next to the other five.

The seventh baby comes out very quickly. However, this time Lillian isn’t surprised. She checks the baby.

“Another boy!” she calls out and hands another baby to Water Boy.

This baby is completely bald. He has blue eyes and gelatin skin. Water Boy cleans him up and lays him next to the other six babies. Lillian is still very round as she has four more babies to push out. The smell of blood and other fluids fills up the room in the process.

The eighth baby comes out after 30 minutes of pushing and screaming. Lillian checks the baby.

“A girl!” calls Lillian.

She then hands the baby to Water Boy. This one is smaller than the other seven babies and she’s also bald. She has greenish blue eyes. She has regular ears and regular skin too. Water Boy cleans her off and places her in the crib with the other seven.

Lillian screams and cries more as she pushes out the ninth baby. The baby is born and she checks it.

“A boy!” calls Lillian.

She hands Water Boy a bald baby with wolf ears and a wolf tail. This boy has light blue eyes. Water Boy cleans the baby and places him with the other eight.

The last two babies take a little over an hour each and turn out to be both normal. The first one Water Boy receives is a bald make with red eyes. The second baby handed to Water Boy is another male with red eyes, but this one has a lot of blonde hair. Finally, Lillian is done giving birth and emerges from her den. She’s covered in blood and sweat. She pants from exhaustion and Water Boy just smiles and nods.

“It is done. I told you there were eleven babies...” Lillian says, standing besides the crib.

“I bet you’re really exhausted...” Water Boy says.

“Yes... But you were right... I’m glad I can finally see my babies... They’re so beautiful!” Lillian says.

Though, the babies weren’t beautiful at all. Even though Water Boy had cleaned most of the blood off of them, they are still just newborns and so they look weird. Lillian sighs and strokes them gently.

“Why do some have no traits from either of us?” Water Boy asks.

“What do you mean by that?” Lillian asks, eyes widening.

“They’re normal. No wolf ears, no wolf tail, not even gelatin skin from being mostly water...” Water Boy says.

“No, they don’t need those traits to be special... They are our children and that’s all that matters!” Lillian says, shaking her head.

“I know,” says Water Boy, “I was just curious...”

“I need to sleep... And so do you... Do you think you can find someone to look after the children while we rest?” Lillian asks, turning into a wolf and licking away some of the blood.

“I’ll try... But I bet the babies will be wanting milk soon...” Water Boy says.

“They’ll get their milk when I’m ready...” Lillian says, still licking her soiled black fur.

Water Boy exits the room and wanders aimlessly down the hall, accidentally crashing into someone.

“Hey, where are you going?” the person asks, “You look like you should be in bed.”

“I’m looking...” Water Boy mumbles.

“Looking for what? Your room?” the person asks.

“No... Someone to look after the babies...” Water Boy says and yawns.

The person smiles gently and asks, “How old are they?”

“Just born...” Water Boy says.

“Shouldn’t your wife be at the hospital then?” the person asks.

“She’s not my wife... She’s my girlfriend...” Water Boy says.

“Should I call an ambulance?” the person asks.

“No... Just a person... Take care of...” Water Boy says, still yawning, barely able to stand up straight.

“Well... I’ll see what I can do if you lead me to them,” the person says.

Water Boy wanders back down the hall and into the room. The person he’s bringing with him stops abruptly because of the strong blood scent.

“She gave birth in there, I assume?” the person asks.

“Yeah... Eleven...” Water Boy says, falling onto his bed and falling asleep.

“Oh dear... What a mess...” the person says and looks in at the odd crib and the eleven babies huddled together.

Lillian awakes later on, still low on energy. She sees the person standing there guarding the babies and squeals.

“…Officer! Oh my! I’m so glad to see you!” Lillian says, still squealing.

“Calm down... Calm down... So can you tell me exactly what happened here?” the officer asks.

“Yeah, I had babies!” Lillian squeaks.

“As I understand you aren’t married to your partner yet, is that correct?” the officer asks.

“Well, yeah! We have no money and we’re too young to get married...” Lillian says, rolling her eyes. She quickly covers her mouth, ashamed of herself.

“If you’re too young to get married, you should have also known you are too young to have had children with your partner,” the officer says.

“Oh officer, I’m so sorry! It was completely my fault, I assure you!” Lillian says.

The officer sighs and says, “Because I’m a nice guy, I’m going to try and help you, not send your partner to jail.”

“Why would he go to jail? He’s my boyfriend and I love him!” Lillian says.

“Right,” the officer says.

Lillian looks at Water Boy who is asleep on his own bed. She then returns her gaze to the officer.

“How did you possibly have eleven and not need a doctor’s help?” the officer asks.

“Well, you see... I’m a result of strange scientific experiments back from Japan and well... I am half wolf. Wolves can have up to eleven pups you know,” Lillian says.

“Okay... Okay... I see...” the officer says.

“I also ended up with an extra stomach somehow!” Lillian says, grinning.

“An extra stomach?” asks the officer, “You’re making that up now, aren’t you?”

“Nope. I use one for eating and the other I like to use to hold things. They’re both extra stretchy so I can hold a lot!” Lillian says, eyes sparkling.

“To hold things?” asks the officer, “Why would you want to hold something in your stomach?”

“Well... the you from the last dimension I was in had wanted to have a chance to be in it, but I had other things to do so I never got around to it,” Lillian says.

“Okay, I’ll pretend like that made sense...” the officer says.

“Can I have my babies?” Lillian asks.

“When I’m done, yes,” the officer says.

Lillian pouts. The officer gives her a stern look. She bursts out laughing and he soon follows.

“So... Are you done now?” Lillian asks.

“No...” the officer says.

“Have my babies now?” Lillian asks.

“No,” the officer says.

“Babies?” asks Lillian, quieter.

“You know, there is one more thing that must be talked about...” the officer says.

“Oh really…? Like that my babies need milk?” Lillian asks, crossing her arms defiantly.

“Lillian, I’m trying to be kind... The other officers might not like you here... You don’t exactly exist,” the officer says.

“I don’t exist?!” Lillian asks.

“No, there is no paper work on you from anywhere in this world… You never existed, yet you are here,” the officer says.

“Wow, that’s harsh...” Lillian says.

“There are no papers on your boyfriend either,” the officer says.

“And what does this mean?” Lillian asks.

“You are true aliens,” the officer says.

“You’re not going to dissect us, are you?” Lillian asks.

“No... I just want to learn more about you guys in case we get more aliens in the future,” the officer says.

“Can I see my babies now?” Lillian asks, raising an eyebrow.

“I want to ask a favor of you first,” the officer says.

“But... My babies...” Lillian says.

“Yes, you’ll get them, hang on,” the officer says.

“...babies...” Lillian whimpers.

“I know you might be in a lot of pain still, but can I please see your holding stomach?” the officer asks.

“You want to see it? How?” asks Lillian.

“Swallow me,” the officer says, shrugging.

“Well, I can’t resist an offer quite so sweet! And you are my second favorite person...” Lillian says, thinking about this.

The officer begs and pleads until finally, Lillian swallows him up. She winces in pain at first, but then gets comfortable.

“Hey! You weren’t kidding about having a second stomach!” the officer says.

“That’s right!” Lillian says and pats her belly gently.

“I bet even if I wrote about this, nobody would ever believe me!” the officer says.

“Oh? Would they need proof?” Lillian asks.

“Nah, they’d probably want to dissect you,” the officer says.

Lillian’s left eye twitches. Water Boy wakes up and looks at Lillian.

“What?!” asks Water Boy, “You have more?!”

“Huh? Oh! No way! This is that kind officer!” Lillian says and smirks.

Water Boy does a face palm.

“I can hear you, you know!” the officer says.

“Can I have my babies now?!” Lillian asks.

“What if I say no?” the officer asks nervously.

“Huh? Are you suggesting that I’d actually think of putting you in my eating stomach?! No way! You’re like a friend!” Lillian says.

“Okay, good... No,” the officer says.

“WHAT?!” asks Lillian.

“No, you cannot have your babies yet,” the officer says.

Lillian defiantly crosses her arms.

“Lillian, spit the officer up...” Water Boy says and yawns.

“Fine!” says Lillian and spits up the officer.

The officer wipes the slime off of his face. Lillian smiles and waits expectantly.

“Alright… alright…! You win! Have your babies... I got to go cleanup...” the officer says and leaves.

Lillian jumps up excitedly and runs to the crib, turning into a wolf in the process. She stands on her hind-legs and peers over the top of the crib. Her tail wags excitedly as she looks at her children.

“Awww... Water Boy... I love them! Can I name them now?” Lillian asks.

“Alright, let me help you get them,” Water Boy says.

He reaches into the crib and carefully pulls out the first baby. Lillian patiently lies on the floor to wait.

“How will you feed all the babies?” Water Boy asks.

“Well... I can feed a few at a time like this,” Lillian says.

“But not all of them,” Water Boy says.

“Eh, I’ll manage somehow,” Lillian says.

Water Boy hands her the baby.

“And we’ll need to see if they have any baby clothes here... And diapers... We can’t have eleven naked babies,” Water Boy says.

“Hmmm... I really like this baby...” Lillian says, gently licking her son awake.

The baby wakes up and at first he cries, but then Lillian nuzzles him closer to her belly so he can suckle. Lillian watches him and smiles.

“Ah, I think he should be named Luka Warm,” Lillian says.

“Luka Warm? Like lukewarm?” Water Boy asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Exactly,” Lillian says, not seeing how that’s a weird name.

“And you don’t think he’ll get teased at school?” Water Boy asks.

Some boy walks down the hallway and stops at the door.

“I agree that Luka Warm is a good idea, but I would suggest just calling him Luka,” the boy says and winks. He then vanishes.

“See? Even strangers like the name Luka!” Lillian says.

“That was very odd...” Water Boy says and closes the door so nobody else will peer in.

“Well, give me my next baby,” Lillian says, glancing at him.

Water Boy obediently hands her the next one. As with Luka, she licks him awake and then nuzzles him towards her belly. She watches the two, tilting her head slightly.

“I think his name should be River,” Lillian says.

“Are they all going to be water names...?” Water Boy asks, blushing.

“No? Not necessarily... I just like these names...” Lillian says.

“Okay... I was just wondering...” Water Boy says.

“Keep the babies coming... I’ve got to give a lot of names,” Lillian says.

So Water Boy hands Lillian one baby after the next until all eleven are out of the crib. There isn’t enough room for all of them to drink, though. Lillian names each one. The third baby gets the name Timber because of her resemblance to Lillian’s own sister. Of course, because Lillian isn’t directly related to Timber, the baby girl doesn’t look too much like Timber did.

The fourth baby gets the name NightTreasure. The fifth baby gets the name Ocean. The sixth baby gets the name Masami.

The seventh baby gets the name Beach. The eighth baby gets the name Moe (pronounced Mo-e). The ninth baby gets the name NightSky.

The tenth baby gets the name Sota. The eleventh and final baby gets the name Ryota.

Lillian allows all of her babies a chance to drink and then she cleans them with her tongue. Water Boy looks disgusted, but Lillian doesn’t care because she’s in her wolf form and allowed to do whatever wolfish things she pleases.

“Water Boy...?” Lillian says after awhile.

“Yes...?” Water Boy responds.

“How did you make that crib?” Lillian asks.

“Magic, I guess...” he says, shrugging his shoulders.

“It’s pretty cool... It’s made of water, yet it’s sturdy and they cannot drown in it?” Lillian asks to clarify her thoughts.

“Yes, they will not drown in it. Especially since they’ve got my genetics,” Water Boy says.

“Am I being a good mother...?” Lillian asks.

“Well, you’ve never done it before, so any mistakes can be forgiven as long as they aren’t too stupid...” Water Boy says.

“Could you get me some food?” Lillian asks, making a puppy face.

“Alright, I’ll get you some food...” Water Boy says and leaves.

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