Lillian and Water Boy

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Lillian snuggles her babies protectively and lovingly. Suddenly, the ground begins to roll slightly. Lillian stands up, realizing right away what is going on. She whimpers and her tail is tucked between her legs. She howls. The rolling increases like ocean waves during a storm. The walls creak like an old garden gate that needs oil.
The intercoms turn on, but the sound is unclear, “...A...tion... Attention! Ple... Buil... Now!”

Water Boy didn’t even return yet. Lillian stands over her babies, protecting them. The ground lets out a moan like a monster awakening from a long nap. Lillian continues howling, unsure of what to do.

“...Le.... The... Now!” the intercom crackles again.

The walls begin to crack from being shaken so much. Lillian only realizes the danger of staying when her bedroom door snaps out of its hinges and clatters to the ground merely inches away from her and her babies. Quickly, she takes her babies one by one and stores them in her carrying stomach. She then sniffs out an escape route, her big belly dragging. Her babies cry and kick, confused as to what is happening around them. Lillian whimpers, finding herself in the ruined hallway. The ground continues shaking, growing more and more powerful.

“…Lillian…?! Lillian…?!” Water Boy calls out from the kitchen.

Lillian’s ears perk up and she rushes to the kitchen, avoiding falling pieces of ceiling.

“Water Boy?!” calls Lillian.

She then sees him trapped under a fallen table. She runs up to him, whining and whimpering.

“Lillian! Help me! We’ve got to get out of here!” Water Boy cries out.

“I’ve already got the babies in my good stomach, how am I supposed to carry you?!” Lillian asks, frantically looking around before pushing the table off of her boyfriend.

“Well... um... Use your other stomach! It’ll only be until we get out, so it shouldn’t do much harm!” Water Boy says, barely able to balance in the quivering building.

“Are you sure?!” Lillian asks, yelling over the roaring ground.

“Yes! Hurry!” says Water Boy.

Lillian swallows Water Boy into her other stomach. She then quickly tries to find a new way out as her last exit is now destroyed. She can barely move with how big her belly is, but she keeps on trying anyways. Water Boy yells in pain.

“You’ve got a pretty strong stomach!” Water Boy cries out.

“I’m looking for a way out... Hang on...” Lillian says, walking out of the kitchen and back into the hall.

The walls continue to break and dust is flying everywhere, blinding Lillian and causing her to sneeze and wheeze.

“Come on, Lillian... You can do it!” Water Boy cheers her on.

Lillian spots an exit. She steps backwards and takes a leap into the air, hoping she’ll land where she wants. Her belly weighs her down, however, and she misses where she was jumping for. Her diamond glows changing between black and gold rapidly. She jumps again, and this time, she makes it out of the building, landing safely on the other side. As soon as she walks a safe distance away to where everyone else is, she pukes.

At first, all she finds when she pukes is a large puddle of water, but then it reforms into Water Boy.

“Lillian! You did it! You’re amazing!” Water Boy says, hugging Lillian.

“I didn’t save everyone though...” Lillian says with a whimper.

“What do you mean...?” Water Boy asks.

“The city... It’s been ruined!” Lillian cries out.

Indeed, all the buildings in the area are either collapsed, or broken up. The shaken is only finally slowing. The streets are destroyed and all the cars have their alarms going off.

“I can’t believe it... Our perfect dimension... Ruined! Who could have done such a thing?!” Lillian cries.

“I don’t know, Lillian... I really don’t know...” Water Boy says.

Everyone else in the lot are talking loudly, afraid of what has just happened. Storm clouds roll across the sky and thunder is heard. Tears fall from the sky as the clouds weep.

“It always rains when something bad has happened...” a boy’s voice is heard.

Lillian and Water Boy look over to see the boy from before, except for now he looks fat. Maygah flies over covered in some water proof layer that he probably made with Dream-Tech. His compartment opens and Cynthia steps out.

“Okay, Luka, give me my parents back,” Cynthia says to the boy.

“Huh? Oh, right!” Luka says.

He pukes up Cynthia’s parents. Lillian’s eyes widen.

“Wait... How did you do that?!” asks Lillian, coming closer.

Luka backs up, afraid. Lillian keeps moving towards him.

“No! Don’t touch me! You’ll break the already thin time barrier!” Luka cries out.

Lillian stops and studies the boy. He has medium length dark blue hair parted down the center by a golden lightning bolt. He has super pink eyes and a diamond-shaped marking is on his forehead. He has wolf ears and a wolf tail.

“You’re... My son! …but how can this be...? You’re in my belly!” Lillian cries out.

Lightning strikes close by, blinding Lillian and everyone else watching. When the light fades, Luka is nowhere in sight. Lillian just stands there amazed, her long black fur beginning to grow heavy from the soaking rain.

“Well... Water Boy... Make me a water mattress, I’m going to let the babies out,” Lillian says.

“What do you mean?” Water Boy asks.

“Don’t question me, just do it! Buildings are about to collapse and I intend on saving everyone!” Lillian says, her eyes glittering defiantly.

Water Boy stays quiet and makes a water mattress as asked. Lillian gets all the babies on it and looks at the crowd of homeless people.

“You guys, watch my babies! Water Boy and I have a mission!” Lillian says.

“What about aftershocks?” Water Boy asks.

“After what?!” cries Lillian over another thunder clap.

“Aftershocks, the earthquakes that come after the first!” says Water Boy.

“Well... Whatever! Climb onto my back!” Lillian says, turning into a wolf.

Water Boy is confused, but does so. Lillian takes off running and Water Boy screams, gripping onto her wet fur. Lillian sniffs the air as she runs until she reaches a building that is visibly rocking back and forwards still.

“This building will collapse soon... Help me out, will you? Just don’t get stuck under anything again!” Lillian warns.

Water Boy dizzily climbs off of Lillian’s back and Lillian shakes like a dog to remove the rain from her fur. She sniffs the air, trying to locate any trapped people. The remaining walls of the building give a moan, trying to support all the weight of the upper floors. Water Boy shudders in fear.

“Control yourself, Water Boy... These people are important...” Lillian says and snarls on accident.

Water Boy takes a deep breath, and then begins to cough because it’s so dusty in the building.

“Well,” Lillian says and sneezes, “I know for certain everyone on the lower floors escaped... But I sense that the upper floors are still packed.”

Before Water Boy can respond, Lillian takes off up the stairs determinedly. She leaps over places where steps no longer exist. Lillian stops at the third floor and sniffs around again, the fur on her back standing up.

“I sure hope the officers arrive soon... But I also hope none die here...” Lillian says, looking around and whimpering.

“Help us!” comes a call from somewhere on the third floor and possibly higher floors.

“I’m coming! You’ll have to excuse my methods though!” Lillian says.

“Lillian, there are probably hundreds of people in here, you can only carry two at a time...” Water Boy says.

“So make yourself useful and make some rescue boat or something out of water!” Lillian cries out, approaching some trapped people.

Water Boy sighs and starts building a boat. Lillian gulps down the people and carries them to him.

“Already?” asks Water Boy, only half done with his boat.

Lillian nods her head. Water Boy then quickly finishes the boat for Lillian. She deposits her people into the boat and scurries off to find more. The building trembles.

“Lillian... The building might collapse on us...” Water Boy calls out from his place on the stairs.

“Shhhh...” Lillian calls back, disappearing farther up the stairs.

As the minutes pass on, the building appears to grow weaker and weaker, moaning and waving like a flower in the wind. Water Boy makes a few trips out of the building with his rescue boat filled with rescued people. While Water Boy is out with the boat, the ground begins rolling again. He quickly stands up straight and turns his gaze to the building he had come from. The whole building begins to collapse inwards on itself as well as the building directly next to it. Bloodcurdling screams let out seemingly all around Water Boy as he stood frozen in fear watching the buildings full of people, including his girlfriend, crinkle up like a can of soda being stomped on. Large plumes of dust come rolling out from where the buildings once stood.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” cries Water Boy, dropping down to his knees in misery.

The incoming police sirens fall silent as the dust spreads; perhaps they crashed or got lost. The people from Water Boy’s boat climb out and run screaming away from the still traveling dust. The rain begins to pour harder, making the dust sticky like ash and stick to everything it lands on. The chilly December air whips against Water Boy, causing him to shudder. Lightning flashes and thunder roars. To Water Boy, this appears to be the end of the world, and he has lost...

Through the dust and rain, Water Boy notices a figure approaching. His heart leaps in his chest; he wipes away his tears, hoping that this is who he thinks it is. The figure comes closer and closer until Water Boy realizes that they are carrying something. He gets to his feet and squints, trying to see. The person is the friendly officer from before, though it is hard to tell through the gas mask he is wearing. In his arms he carries the limp body of a large black wolf...

“I’m sorry, Water Boy... The search and rescue team just found her... She didn’t make it... No one else that we’ve found so far is alive either...” the officer says.

Water Boy gently takes the body from the officer. She has already grown cold. The gold diamond on her forehead is now back to being black and the scar down her face is open and blood has been dripping out. Water Boy bursts out sobbing uncontrollably, hugging Lillian tightly.

“She was very brave... Many more people would have died without her help...” the officer says, “You were brave too, by the way...”

“What about our children?!” cries Water Boy, “What are they going to do without her?! What am I going to do without her?!”

He trembles, soaking her already soaked fur with tears. The ground stops trembling or rolling and an eerie silence falls over the city. Even the thunder has gone away. Suddenly, a pained whimper comes from Lillian and her right front paw twitches slightly.

“She’s alive!” Water Boy and the officer cry out at the same time.

Lillian weakly opens her red eyes and sees the two. A slight smile comes to her face and she mumbles, “You can’t bring down a wolf that easily...”

She whimpers again, clearly still in a lot of pain. She licks Water Boy’s arm and closes her eyes again, this time she’s quite clearly breathing.

“The babies!” says Water Boy, “I’ve got to go get the babies!”

“I can drive you, I know a route that heads away from the broken buildings,” the officer says.

“Thanks,” Water Boy says and carries Lillian to the car.

The officer gets in and heads out on a route avoiding all the collapsed buildings in the area. Within thirty minutes, they arrive back at the broken homeless shelter only to find that everyone had fled. Water Boy gets worried.

“I wonder where they took your children...” the officer says, looking around.

“Oh man... I’m such a bad father!” Water Boy cries out.

Lillian whimpers again. The officer calls the main station and asks that all the officers keep an eye out for eleven newborn babies and to report back if they locate them. As for Water Boy and Lillian, the officer drives them to a town that the earthquakes hadn’t reached.

Because neither Water Boy nor Lillian has money or a paying job, the police officers help buy them a house in their new town. They also help to pay the hospital bills for Lillian as she recovers from her injuries. Over the next few months, after Lillian is completely sure she’s fine, the two work together to help clean up and rebuild the city that had come from. However, there is still no sign of the missing children.

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