Lillian and Water Boy

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The End, for now

One day, while Lillian and Water Boy are resting at home, the house phone rings. Sleepily, Water Boy answers it.
“Hello...?” he calls.

He falls silent, listening to what the person on the other end is saying.

“At the White House...?” Water Boy asks, obviously confused.

He falls silent again.

“Well, I suppose we could make it...” Water Boy says.

He falls silent again and then hangs up after a few moments.

“Lillian... The president wants to see us...” Water Boy says.

“Did he find our babies?!” Lillian asks, eyes glittering.

“No... They just want to see us for something...” Water Boy says.

“Dang it!” whines Lillian, “I really miss my babies!”

“I’m really sorry, Lillian... We better head out now,” Water Boy says.

Lillian walks over to Water Boy and stares at him.

“What?” Water Boy asks.

“How are we going to get there?” Lillian asks, “Fly?”

“...splendid... We cannot fly though,” Water Boy says.

“I was only joking...” Lillian says.

“I suppose we have to walk...” Water Boy says.

Lillian opens the door and they exit. It’s early morning and the sun hasn’t reached its highest point yet. It is spring time and it’s May. Flowers are blooming everywhere and the air is just finally getting warm after a very cold winter. Just as the two are about to start walking in hopes of finding the White House, a black limo with tinted windows shows up.

Lillian and Water Boy look at each other for a moment, confused as to what is happening. The driver gets out and opens the side door.

“You two, get in. I was sent to retrieve you guys so you won’t be late for meeting with the president,” the driver says.

“Alright, then!” says Lillian and climbs into the back.

Water Boy follows her. The back of the limo is very spacious and even has TVs in it! Lillian reaches out and pokes the screen curiously. The driver starts driving again, causing Lillian to jerk back. Looking out the window, it appears as though the entire world is passing by them in a blur. Lillian sees the destroyed cities that are still trying desperately to fix themselves. She whines a bit.

At least 45 minutes pass as the limo drives through many different areas, finally pulling up in Washington D.C.

“Woah... The White House looks so much better in this world... Even though it does appear to be slightly damaged from that earthquake...” Lillian says.

“I agree! Killory completely destroyed the last White House,” Water Boy says.

The driver quickly parks, gets out, and opens the door for Lillian and Water Boy. Lillian emerges slowly to ensure she won’t accidentally turn into a wolf. As soon as she steps out, she’s blinded by bright camera flashes.

“Ack!” cries Lillian, “What is that?!”

Water Boy shields his eyes as he emerges, also confused. President Garret exits the White House and smiles at the two. The cameras flash more. Upon reaching his guests, the president shakes hands with each one, allowing the cameras to take his picture.

“Welcome, welcome! I’ve been expecting you two!” the president says.

“Thank you, Mr. President, it is our pleasure to meet with you,” Water Boy says politely.

“Yeah…! That limo was fabtastic!” Lillian says, tail wagging excitedly.

“Come inside; we must talk away from the public,” the president says.

Lillian and Water Boy follow the president inside and he leads them to his office. He sits in the big chair and smiles at his guests.

“Well, now that we have some privacy, I’d first like to ask you guys some questions. Is that alright?” the president asks.

Both of the visitors nod their heads yes.

“Good, good... So I hear we have the whole nation searching for eleven lost children?” the president asks.

Lillian blushes and looks away. Water Boy nods his head.

“And they are your children?” the president asks.

“Yes... I birthed them all... They belong to us and I miss them so much...” Lillian says.

“You’re a child and he’s an adult, you do realize that’s against the law, don’t you? Especially since you guys aren’t married?” the president asks.

Lillian bursts out crying.

“Mr. President... I really love Lillian and she really loves me... but... We cannot get married...” Water Boy says.

“Because she’s a child?” the president asks.

“Well, that and we have no money... We cannot afford a wedding,” Water Boy says.

“Hmmm... I could provide the funds... You guys are considered to be heroes here because of what you did for us during the earthquake,” the president says.

“You’ll let us get married...?” Lillian asks, wiping away some tears.

“Yes. Yes I will,” the president says.

“Thank you sir! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Lillian squeals, unable to contain her excitement.

The president stands and grabs a small velvet box from a shelf. He then returns to Lillian and Water Boy.

“Lillian, I hear you almost died in an attempt to rescue some citizens trapped at the top of a tower. I admire your courage and selflessness. It would be an honor to present you this medal...” the president says and opens the velvet box, “The Medal of Honor.”

Lillian stares in surprise and confusion at the gift being presented to her. The president takes the medal from the box and slips the loop over her ears and around her neck. Lillian continues to stare, speechless. Water Boy claps and cheers.

“The Medal of Honor...? Wouldn’t anyone have done the same in my situation...?” Lillian asks.

“No, no way at all. I know of many who would turn and flee to save themselves, you threw yourself into the middle of the danger and even saved a great amount of people... With Water Boy’s help, of course,” the president says.

“But... But I cannot accept such a gift!” Lillian cries, trying to remove the medal from around her neck.

“You must accept the gift, though! It wouldn’t be right to reject such a thing!” the president says.

“Okay... If you say so...” Lillian says.

“We’ll keep looking for your babies, alright?” the president asks.

“Thank you, sir!” Lillian says.

The president smiles at them. The two are dismissed and people take pictures of them on their way out. Lillian walks with her head held high, her eyes shining with hope. Water Boy follows proudly.

“Oh Water Boy... I just love you so much... Nobody could ever replace you...” Lillian says and hugs Water Boy.

The two kiss and people snap pictures. Two butterflies fly by in the early morning sun.

Lillian and Water Boy return home. Only a few months later, they go to their wedding and become a couple. As for their babies, they are finally found after a long time searching for them. With the whole family reunited, they all live happily ever after...

Wait... But what about Luka? How did he manage to travel through time? What would become of him?

The End

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