Lillian and Water Boy

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The Fire

Lillian transforms into a wolf while running and darts down the busy streets.
“LILLIAN!” Water Boy cries out, trying to keep up with the wolf.

Without thinking, Lillian crashes through a window of a burning building, disappearing inside. Water Boy stares for a few minutes, surprised at Lillian’s actions. He then climbs into the window as well, meeting with a blast of hot air and ashes.

Lillian leaps through the billowing fire and races up a flight of breaking steps. The fire eats at the stairs, attempting to pull them out from underneath her. She leaps and lands at the top of the stairs.

Water Boy puts out a few fires, looking for Lillian. Lillian walks down the hallway and paws open a door. Huddled inside the room are a mother and a very small child.

“Hello, humans... I thought I’d find you here... Look, I’m gonna have to carry your child out first, is that okay?” Lillian asks, trying to pick up the child.

The mother nods, crying and coughing. Lillian grabs hold of the child in her mouth and head-butts the window out. She jumps, holding the child up so that when she lands, the child will still be alright. She crashes down into the bushes and gently nudges the child to safety.

Water Boy continues trying to hold back the fire, sweating a lot from the heat. Lillian runs back inside past Water Boy and through the fire again. This time, the steps have crumbled and all that remains is the rickety handrail. Because of this, she carefully balances herself all the way up the rail, almost slipping a few times.

Water Boy bails, not able to hold back the fire any longer. He runs outside to get the young kid that Lillian got out. Lillian finds the parent again.

“Hey... Miss... Your child is safe... It’s time for me to get you out of here...” Lillian whispers.

“You’re very brave... But I fear it may be too late... I’m much too heavy to be carried out and I cannot escape on my own...” the lady says, “Thanks for saving my child though...”

“Don’t doubt me! I’ve carried much more weight before than you can possibly weigh!” Lillian growls.

The floor shakes, about to cave in as the whole lower floor has been eaten.

“I have no choice... Don’t hate me for doing this...” Lillian says and grabs the lady.

Lillian gulps the lady down and then leaps out the window, her bulging stomach just barely making it out with the rest of her. She crashes down into the bushes again. Water Boy takes one look at Lillian and freaks out.

“Lillian! Spit her up!” Water Boy says.

Lillian pukes the woman back up. The woman screams, frightened by what just happened. Lillian licks the woman.

“Hey, I saved your life...” Lillian says.

“You tried to eat me!” the lady cries out.

“Lillian... Next time, try a better escape method...” Water Boy scolds Lillian.

The roof collapses on the house and the firemen finally arrive. They use their hoses to put out the fires before they spread to the next door buildings.

“Hey! You guys are late! If it weren’t for us, these two would have died!” Lillian yells at the firemen.

“Sorry, wolf thing... Uh...” says one fireman, trying to think up an excuse, “We had other things to handle... More serious cases... Plus the roads are too narrow...”

Lillian turns into a human, brushing ash out of her hair and off her outfit. She snarls at the guy.

“Lillian, calm down... We saved the people... That’s all that matters...” Water Boy says.

“But...” Lillian says.

“No buts about it,” Water Boy says and leads Lillian away.

“Wait... I just wanted to thank you for saving us... Though we did lose our house and you did try to eat me...” the lady said.

Water Boy and Lillian glance at each other for a moment and then smile.

“That’s what heroes do!” Lillian says, “Right...?”

“What did the boy do?” the lady asks.

“He held off the fire long enough for me to help you escape,” Lillian says.

“Oh wow! That’s awesome!” the lady says.

The dark diamond on Lillian’s forehead flashes a few times, causing her pain.

“Ugh... What’s going on...?” Lillian asks, but she collapses before she gets an answer.

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