Lillian and Water Boy

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A long time later, Lillian finds herself in a hospital. She moans, rubbing her forehead.
“No... I... I’m not ready to die yet...” Lillian mutters.

“You’re not going to die... Lillian... Everything’s going to be alright...” Water Boy whispers.

“My head... Oh... It burns! Am I on fire...? Can you put the fire out...?” Lillian asks, wincing in pain.

“No, you aren’t on fire... But that marking on your head has changed...” Water Boy says.

“Help me... It hurts...” Lillian cries.

The black diamond on her forehead now shines gold. Water Boy shows Lillian a mirror and she screams.

“No! This cannot be! Gold is my sister’s color!” Lillian cries.

“I think it looks kind of good with your black hair...” Water Boy says.

The door to the room gets flung open and a doctor, closely flanked by two nurses, comes in.

“So I hear from everyone else that we have some sort of alien creature here...” the doctor says, wiping her nose on some rubber glove she found.

Lillian tucks her ears into her hair to hide them.

“No? I have no idea what you’re talking about? I’m obviously completely human!” Lillian says, sweating nervously.

“No, if you were human, you wouldn’t have that marking on your forehead. Oh, and your friend must be an alien too! Blue hair isn’t natural!” the doctor says.

“It is where I’m from...” Water Boy mutters.

“Ah hah!” says the doctor, “So you admit to being an alien!”

“We’re gonna have to take the both of you away and slice into you to see how much different you guys are from humans!” one of the nurses says.

“Um...uh... How about we all just calm down and enjoy a bit of water?!” Water Boy says, panicking and throwing a huge blob of water at the doctor and nurses.

With that done, he grabs Lillian and unhooks her from the machines, racing off. The nurses scream in frustration. Lillian falls limp in his arms.

“Where are we going...?” she asks.

“Somewhere safe!” says Water Boy.

“I could have easily eaten them if I needed to... Then they can find out about my insides and I can have something to eat,” Lillian says, smirking.

“No, Lillian. We won’t be killing anyone... I’m not even sure if I could allow myself to kill a bad guy...” Water Boy says.

“Pooie... I’m so hungry...” Lillian says and pouts.

“Heh, the funny thing is... We are aliens... We come from a different world than they do, where humans are different and have different standards of normal...” Water Boy mutters, mostly to himself.

Lillian sighs and watches the nurses and doctor try to keep up with Water Boy.

“And if it’ll make you feel any better, I’ll give you some water when we get out of here,” Water Boy says.

“Alrighty!” says Lillian, perking up.

Water Boy pushes through the exit and escapes into the masses of people strolling down the busy city streets. The nurses yell some more, but now there is no way for them to stop the heroes who’ve escaped.

“There must be a park somewhere... I don’t know anything about cities, but everyone loves a good park, right?!” Water Boy asks.

“I can’t say... There wasn’t a single park in Fairwood... 1953...” says Lillian, “Hmm... I wonder how their future is coming along...”

“1953?!” cries Water Boy in surprise, “Are you serious?! I’m from 3101!”

Lillian starts laughing and crying, unsure of how to feel about such a situation.

“Great... So you’re probably younger than me, but I’m from the future and you’re from the past... I wonder what time period we got ourselves thrown into!” Water Boy says, still running.

“If we asked anyone, they would think we’re weird!” Lillian says.

“Ugh... Exactly...” Water Boy says.

Eventually, after almost being hit by a few cars, the two finally find a large stretch of grass with a fountain.

“Um... I’m gonna assume that this is what parks look like...” Water Boy says.

Lillian smiles because she is unsure of what to say.

“Say, what was your world like...? You know, being from the future and all?” Lillian asks, “Did you have flying cars? Fairwood had no cars at all!”

“No... Everything was average... Hardly any houses, tons of trees to play in... Long grass with wild flowers... Tons of water! Almost every land mass was merely a giant island!” Water Boy says.

“Wow... Sounds like they went back in technology... Fairwood was the first place in my world to have cell phones, colored TV, and personal cube computers!” Lillian says.

“What? That doesn’t sound like 1953... That sounds like 2005...” Water Boy says.

“2005? You lived through that year or something?” Lillian asks.

“No... I just happened to find some old history books lying around...” Water Boy says, “Besides, my world was different than yours...”

“Can I have that water you promised me? I feel so empty...” Lillian complains.

Water Boy sighs and turns his hand into a hose, spraying a stream of fresh water for her to drink. Lillian eagerly slurps up the nice cold water. Luckily for them, nobody watches. When Lillian is finally done drinking her fill of water, her shirt no longer fits properly.

“Ugh, Lillian!” complains Water Boy, “Why did you need to drink so much?!”

Lillian attempts to pull her shirt down a bit, but fails. She burps and smiles innocently at Water Boy.

“Wouldn’t you drink a lot of you were thirsty...?” Lillian asks.

“Well... That wouldn’t work. I can’t exactly drink my own water as it’s already a part of my body...” Water Boy says.

“Wait. Does that mean I just drank part of your body?!” Lillian asks.

Water Boy just stares at her.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” asks Lillian.

“Well... You were thirsty and I was told to look after you...” Water Boy says.

Lillian sighs and closes her eyes. She lies on the ground.

“Lazy...” Water Boy mutters.

“I am not lazy!” Lillian yells.

“And how did you hear me?” Water Boy asks.

“I was listening, of course!” Lillian snaps.

“Nobody listens to me...” Water Boy says.

“Why not?” asks Lillian.

“I’m not at all important... I was forgotten... I’ve never been successful at anything...” Water Boy says.

“Well... I say that there are a lot of things you can do with your spontaneous water making skills...” Lillian says, burping again.

Water Boy rolls his eyes.

“Well... At least nobody needs us right now. We could chill right here...” Lillian says, getting comfortable on the ground.

“Who knows if they’ll ever need us...?” Water Boy sighs.

“Oh, they will... Trust me... If this world is anything like my own, one person will make a mistake and lead the whole world into chaos and need a few heroes to save it...” Lillian says, opening one eye.

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