Lillian and Water Boy

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The Chase

After a few minutes, Lillian settles back down in the park where they first met Cynthia.
“Hey, Lillian...? Are you gonna let me out now...? It is kinda cozy, but this is just too weird...” Water Boy’s muffled call is heard.

“Huh? What was that you said?” Lillian asks.

“I said, are you going to let me out?” Water Boy asks again, slightly louder.

“What?!” asks Lillian again.

“Let me out!” Water Boy cries out.

“What if I don’t want to let you out yet?” Lillian asks, turning into a human.

“Ugh, and stop switching forms! It makes me feel sick!” Water Boy calls out.

Lillian giggles. Water Boy groans in annoyance.

“You know, I probably would have found a way out myself... I shouldn’t have asked for help...” Water Boy says.

Lillian ignores that comment and sighs, “Ah, it feels so good to be full again... Even if I’m not eating you...”

“LILLIAN! LET ME OUT, OR ELSE!” Water Boy yells, kicking Lillian very hard.
“Ouch!” Lillian yelps.

“There is more of that where it came from! So you better let me out!” Water Boy yells.

“But think about this... You have nowhere to sleep and it might get cold tonight! Please... Just give me this... We’ll both be warm this way...” Lillian says.

“I want to be warm, but I do not wish to boil,” Water Boy says.

“Huh? What was that?” Lillian asks, curling up and getting as comfortable as she can.


A few passerbies’ stare at Lillian in confusion, they assume she’s crazy and is talking to herself.

“Come on... I’m not doing this to be mean...” Lillian says.

“Yes you are, there is no other reason,” Water Boy says.

“Please! Just one night! Tomorrow we’ll try to locate a homeless shelter... Deal?” asks Lillian.

“... Deal... I guess... Just don’t do anything stupid...” Water Boy mumbles.

“What was that?” Lillian asks.

“I said, don’t do anything stupid!” Water Boy yells.

“What if I do?” Lillian asks.

“I will hurt you on purpose...” Water Boy says.

“Ooh! Are you getting tough now?” Lillian asks.

Water Boy falls silent.

“Tee-hee, oh well!” Lillian says.

“Also, if the doctor and nurses from before spot you, you have my permission to run!” Water Boy says.

“Thank you so much!” Lillian squeals and hugs her belly.

Water Boy sighs again.

Many hours pass and Water Boy is abruptly awakened. He looks around quickly and screams, forgetting about the deal he made a few hours ago.

“Lillian! Let me out!” Water Boy cries out.

“Not right now! This isn’t a good moment!” Lillian calls back.

“Why not?!” asks Water Boy, getting jostled.

“They’ve found me! I think someone must have alerted the hospital that we were here!” Lillian answers, panting.

“Ugh! Stupid people!” yells Water Boy.

“Hang on, I’m about to squeeze through a blocked up road!” Lillian calls.

She jumps and lands roughly, unbalanced with her load. Water Boy yelps in pain.

“Sorry, had to do that!” Lillian calls out.

“SHE’S ON TOP OF THE CARS! WE’VE GOT TO GET HER!” the doctor calls out.

“You’re running on top of cars?!” Water Boy asks.

“Yep!” says Lillian, “I think it’s the safest route!”

The nurses and doctor continue their mission to capture Lillian, even though she’s pretty much out of reach.

“You guys are so slow! I mean, look at me! I’m carrying more weight than you and I’m still moving faster than you!” Lillian calls out.

“Hey, I don’t think I weigh that much!” Water Boy argues.

“Whatever!” Lillian says.

Lillian gains more of a lead and spots a police officer sitting at a coffee shop. Thinking quickly, she shushes Water Boy, turns into a human, and approaches the officer. She hides her tail and covers up her wolf ears so as to look as normal as she can.

“Officer…! Officer! Please, do you have a moment?” Lillian asks, getting the officer’s attention.

“Huh? Yes, of course, ma’am,” the officer replies, tossing away an empty cup, “I was just about to head back out. What seems to be the problem?”

“These three awful people want to hurt me and I’ve done nothing wrong!” Lillian says, eyes filling with fake tears.

The officer smiles and says, “Don’t you worry about a thing, I’ll have a talking to with them and get this mess sorted out.”

“Oh, thank you ever so much! You’re my favorite person right now!” Lillian says, wiping away her tears.

The nurses and the doctor arrive and the officer confronts them.

“Hey! You three! Are you picking on that lady?” the officer asks.

“Lady…?! I’d hardly call it a human! Didn’t you see those wolf ears and tail?! She’s an alien!” one nurse says.

“Yeah, we just wanted to dissect her and her little friend for research!” the doctor says.

“You have no right to do such things. I think you’ve all gone insane! That there is a human! I see nothing wolfish about her!” the officer says.

“She’s probably hiding it! You’ve got to believe us!” the other nurse pleads.

The officer shakes his head.

“You’re not going to throw us in jail... Are you...?” the doctor asks.

The officer pulls out three pairs of handcuffs. All three hospital staff members look horrified as the officer proceeds to locking them each up and putting them in his car.

“There, problem solved!” the officer says.

“Thank you so much!” Lillian says and hugs the officer.

Water Boy tries his best to hold still.

“Say, where are you from?” the officer asks, curiously.

“Out of town... We... I mean... I came here looking for work, but found none... Does there happen to be a homeless shelter around?” Lillian asks.

“Yes, I’ll take you as soon as I take these guys to their new cells!” the officer says and climbs into his car.

As soon as the officer manages to maneuver his car out into traffic and away from the shop, Lillian decides to puke up Water Boy.

“Ugh! That was awful!” Water Boy says.

“Heh, hopefully I never have to do that again...” Lillian says as she begins readjusting her stretched out shirt.

“Now you need a new outfit more than ever!” Water Boy says, wiping slime off of himself.

“I used to own a big stack of this same black shirt, gray shirt, and black pants...” Lillian says.

“Is that the only thing you ever wear?” Water Boy asks.

“Oh, look who’s talking. The boy who wore his clothes so long they became part of his skin!” Lillian says.

Water Boy looks away, embarrassed. The officer returns and notices that now there are two people standing on the street corner instead of just one.

“Hey, where did Blue Boy come from?” the officer asks.

“My name’s not Blue Boy...” Water Boy mumbles.

“Oh, him…? I... Well... He’s my... I mean... This is Water Boy, we came to this city together,” Lillian says.

“Oh, did you now…? But where did he come from? Did he just walk here in the time I was gone?” the officer asks.

“Heh, I suppose so!” Lillian says, sweating nervously.

“Oh well... hmm... Are you completely sure you want to be driven to a homeless shelter...? Conditions haven’t been very great there lately...” the officer says.

“Well, we have nowhere else to go...” Water Boy says.

“I would be willing to let at least the young lady lodge at my house for awhile,” the officer says.

“What…?! And leave Water Boy?! I owe him my life! He rescued me from Heroes Island!” Lillian yells.

“Sorry, ma’am... Wait, did you say Heroes Island...?” the officer asks.

“Uh... Maybe...?” Lillian says, nervously glancing away.

“You’re a hero?” the officer asks.

“Yeah... I guess even heroes get chased around by crazy people...” Lillian says.

“Anyways, climb in,” the officer says, opening the door to his car, “There is a homeless shelter not far from here.”

Water Boy climbs in first and Lillian follows. They strap themselves in and the officer starts driving away. It doesn’t take long for them to arrive at an old, run-down, warehouse with a sign plastered to the front.

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