Lillian and Water Boy

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President Killory Killton

Once inside the cafeteria, the two find out what’s for lunch. Apparently, it is instant mashed potatoes, over-cooked peas, and some turkey that was probably scraped off of someone’s thanksgiving turkey a few weeks ago. Most of the people within the cafeteria aren’t even eating the food; they are just pushing it around with dilapidated sporks.
“Oh man! Why are all these people wasting such great looking food?!” asks Lillian, getting over excited.

“Because it is rubbish like the rest of this establishment!” says Water Boy.

“If you think so, will you be giving me your serving?” Lillian asks, hopefully.

“Fine, I don’t need food anyways, I’m just water!” Water Boy says.

Lillian smiles, takes his hand, and runs to get in line. While doing so, she accidentally turns into a wolf, thus loosing grip of Water Boy’s hand.

“Lillian! I told you you can’t be a wolf in the cafeteria!” Water Boy scolds.

“I’m sorry! I can’t control that!” Lillian says, turning back into a human.

Water Boy sighs and walks over to her. The line goes slower and slower until finally, they reach the door... Unfortunately, there is no food left for them or anyone behind them in line.

“Sorry guys, the kitchen’s closed! You’ll have to wait until dinner!” one of the workers says, flipping the ‘Open’ sign around to say ‘Closed’.

Lillian moans, very disappointed that she has to wait another few hours for food when she has been waiting days to eat. Her stomach growls loudly.

“Hey, maybe some of these people will be willing to share food with you...?” Water Boy suggests.

“Ooh! Good idea!” Lillian says.

She dashes off, turning into a wolf again. She sits next to someone’s table and makes a puppy face. She doesn’t get the response she wants. Rather than them handing her some food out of pity, they scream and run away.

“Oh... I guess you were right about my wolf form scaring people...” Lillian says; her ears go down and she tucks her tail between her legs.

“Maybe we can find food elsewhere without stealing it...?” Water Boy suggests.

“Without stealing…? How can I possibly manage that?” Lillian asks.

Water Boy sighs and says, “Dumpster diving...”

“But you just said...” Lillian says before Water Boy shushes her.

“Come on, let’s go...” Water Boy says.

Lillian obediently follows Water Boy out the door of the homeless shelter and back out into the bright sunny afternoon. The sun’s glare doesn’t really provide much heat this late into the year, but it sure does do a great job preventing the two from seeing around themselves well. They duck into the shade of a shop window and look around from there.

“See any particularly good bins?” Water Boy asks.

“See? With all this sun light?” asks Lillian, “I wouldn’t trust my eyes on that... Let’s see what my nose tells me...”

Lillian sniffs around for a bit, tracking every scent from the past few hours. She begins to walk, nose and eyes to the ground. Water Boy follows, watching her reactions to everything. That is especially so for this one moment where Lillian accidentally sticks her nose right into a pile of pre-chewed gum!

“Yuck! Who does stuff like that?!” asks Lillian, swiping at the gum on her nose with her right paw.

“Lots of people do, apparently...” Water Boy says. He points to a long stretch of path coated in gum.

“Ewwww!” squeals Lillian, jumping away from the path.

She ends up bumping right into someone. The person swivels around and throws a loop around her neck.

“Ah hah!” says the person, “I’ve caught you!”

Lillian growls and thrashes which causes the loop to tighten.

“Wait! Stop!” calls Water Boy, “That’s my dog!”

“Oh? Don’t be stupid! This isn’t a dog!” the person says, revealing themselves to be the same doctor from before.

“You?!” asks Water Boy, staring in shock, “But how did you escape from jail?!”

“I didn’t! President Killory Killton bailed me out! She knew I did no wrong!” the doctor says.
“President Killory Killton...? Hang on... We’re in a place with a president? Where I came from, we had a king and queen. Emphasis on had,” Lillian says.

“Umm... Yeah, this is America, soon to be renamed Killory Nation!” the doctor says.

“No way!” says Water Boy, “That’s completely wrong!”

“Oh, and owning a pet wolf is illegal... I’m sure President Killton would agree that we must dispose of this “pet” of yours!” the doctor says.

“No! I lied, she’s not my pet! She’s my only friend and my sidekick! I don’t think I could live without her!” Water Boy cries out.

Lillian thrashes again, snarling and growling some more. The loop tightens further, choking her.

“Give her back to me! Now!” demands Water Boy.

“No! Anything that might harm President Killton must be destroyed!” the doctor says.

With that, the dog-catching doctor yanks Lillian into the air and tosses her into the truck. They then climb in and drive away as quickly as they can. Water Boy chases after the truck.

“Noooo!” cries Water Boy, “Come back!”

The same police officer from before, suddenly shows up and pulls up to the curb in front of Water Boy, rolling down the windows to his car.

“Officer…! Thank goodness you’re here! My best friend was just taken from me!” Water Boy cries out.

“Get in then... Only officers in police cars have the right to speed,” the officer says, opening a door.

Water Boy climbs in. As soon as he buckles up, the officer stomps on the gas pedal and zooms away to rescue Lillian. The officer switches on his lights and sirens to alert other drives to get out of the way. Within minutes, the dog catcher’s truck is within sight, trapped in heavy traffic due to the skinny roads.

“There they are!” Water Boy calls out.

“Alright, here, take this megaphone and yell at them! I’ve gotta drive!” the officer says, motioning at a megaphone.

Water Boy takes it and leans out of the open window.

“Doctor Dog-Catcher!” calls Water Boy, “Pull over, now! This is the police, and we’re coming to stop you!”

“As if, Blue Boy! By orders of President Killton, we have all the right to take and viciously abuse your friend!” the dog catcher calls back.

“Who cares about Kill-Face…?!” calls Water Boy, using the megaphone to increase the volume of his voice, “…we’re going to stop you anyways!”

The dog catcher truck swerves out of line and cuts into the grass, trying to avoid traffic.

“No! They’re going to escape!” Water Boy calls out.

“Not if I can help it!” the officer says, also swerving into the grass.

“At this point, I really wish Cynthia had finished constructing our new suits... I could use a high pressure water cannon right about now...” Water Boy says.

The police car catches up to the dog catcher truck.

“If only the traffic wasn’t always this bad... Then I could spin the truck to a stop!” the officer complains.

“I wish I was brave like Lillian...” Water Boy says.

“I wish you were too!” the officer cries out, nudging the back of the truck.

The truck keeps speeding away until it leads the officer all the way to an old building.

“This must be where they take stolen dogs...” the officer mutters to himself.

The truck driver stops and gets out. They quickly unload Lillian who, by this point, is limp and not even struggling anymore. They try to carry her out of the truck and into the building, but Water By interrupts.

“No so fast! Let Lillian go free!” Water Boy calls out.

“Or else!” the officer says.

“Ooh! Your pathetic little threatens do nothing!” the dog catcher laughs evilly.

Water Boy shoots water at the catcher even though it isn’t as strong as it would be if Cynthia had finished the new outfits already. It hits the lady’s hand and she accidentally lets go of the pole. The control pole loosens now that nobody is holding the other end.

Lillian bursts free so Water Boy and the officer both give an applause. She jumps and barks with joy, finally able to breathe properly. She then whips around and snarls at the catcher who is slowly backing away.

“Do I have permission to rid this world of scum like this?” Lillian asks through a snarl.

The officer looks at Water Boy in confusion and he smiles a little.

“Yes, Lillian... I give you permission,” Water Boy says.

The dog catcher’s eyes widen and she calls out for help. Lillian pounces on her, holding her down.

“I am not sorry, nor will I ever regret, what I am about to do to you!” Lillian growls at the catcher.

“No! Please let me go! President Killton! Please rescue me! If any of your security-bots are watching this, come quickly!” the catcher cries out.

“Oh, shut your mouth, you’ll go down easier if you shut up!” Lillian growls.

Before the catcher can say anything more, Lillian gulps her down. She shoves the last sneaker down her throat and then licks her lips delightedly. The officer stares in shock and Water Boy just smiles. The victim’s muffled screams of pain are heard and she kicks Lillian’s insides, causing her to wince.

“I think I know exactly which stomach she went to!” Water Boy says, his grin becoming wider.

“Wait... What just happened...? What was that I just saw...?” the officer asks.

“I have two stomachs. One I eat with, and one I carry with... They’re extremely stretchy,” Lillian says. If she was in her human form, she’d be blushing.

“Two stomachs?!” asks the officer, “Oh my gosh, that’s too crazy to be true!”

“Ooh, maybe I can show you the good one after I’ve dealt with this lady!” Lillian suggests.

“That sounds amazing!” the officer says.

Water Boy rolls his eyes. Lillian burps loudly.

“Water Boy, don’t be surprised if I end up puking up clothing...” Lillian warns.

“Okay... Then...” Water Boy says.

Lillian looks at the officer, “You knew all along I was part wolf...?”

“Well... Yes... I just pretended I didn’t,” the officer says, smiling.

Suddenly, an old beat up car pulls up.

“Hey! It’s Cynthia!” Lillian and Water Boy cry out at the same time.

Cynthia honks the horn and the doors open up.

“I found you guys! Your suits are ready!” Cynthia says.

“Oh, are you guys leaving?” the officer asks.

“Well... yeah... Here’s an idea, check the buildings for any live dogs and return them to their owners,” Lillian suggests.

“Oh! Right! Thank you, I’m sure we’ll run into each other again,” the officer says.

Lillian smiles and leaps into the car followed by Water Boy.

“This isn’t goodbye, that’s for sure!” Lillian says and winks at the officer.

The car doors shut. Lillian turns into a human and tries to strap herself in, but she has trouble doing so because of how bulgy her belly is. Maygah starts driving again.

“So... um... Why were you guys in front of a random building?” Cynthia asks.

“I was a wolf and the same person who chased us before trapped me in some pole-noose thing! I got carried off and that officer and Water Boy both came to rescue me! Ah, in the end, I won!” Lillian says, licking her lips.

“I can see that... Good thing I made your suit extra stretchy!” Cynthia says.

“You did? Awesome! Thank you!” Lillian says.

“After you get your suit on, you may want to consider maybe laying about for awhile... There’s no doubt that someone somewhere recorded what happened and sent it in to the news...” Water Boy says.

“Oh no... They won’t know the full story! They’ll think I’m a cold-blooded murderer!” Lillian cries.

“Knowing the news now-a-days, they’ll probably make it look as bad as possible... Something like “Huge monster mauls innocent lady and devours her.” If they gave any other report, they wouldn’t get the attention they want. The more attention they get, the more money they receive... Everyone’s only concerned with money now...” Cynthia says.

Lillian’s ears go down.

“I was very hungry... But I wouldn’t dare eat anyone unless I had reason to...” Lillian says.

“And we all know that... It’s society that doesn’t...” Cynthia says.

“I’m sleepy... Water Boy...” Lillian mutters, yawning and snuggling up to him.

He looks at Cynthia with a concerned look on his face.

“She’ll be alright... Just let her rest...” Cynthia says.

The catcher apparently still hadn’t given up trying to escape, but she obviously had little energy left. Maygah drives the car all the way to the little trailer home.

“I sure hope your parents aren’t home this time!” Maygah says.

“Definitely, that would suck...” Cynthia says.

“Can you guys help me lift Lillian out of the car? I don’t think she’ll be waking up any time soon...” Water Boy says.

“I’m a robot, I might be strong enough,” Maygah says.

“But we’ll help you, Maygah. I wouldn’t want to have to replace your arms again!” Cynthia says and playfully taps him.

“Oh yeah…! I remember that! My arms got all busted up!” Maygah says.

“He can only carry up to 50 pounds with just his arms, we’re still working out ways to build his arms stronger,” Cynthia says.

The three help carry Lillian out of the car and into the house. Luckily, Cynthia’s parents were nowhere to be seen. Cynthia looks around first and then returns to help the others carry Lillian to her bedroom down the hall.

“Alright, seems my parents aren’t back from whatever they do all day...” Cynthia says.

“You mean the gambling, getting drunk, and starting fights...?” Maygah asks.

“Unfortunately...” Cynthia says.

They lay Lillian on the floor since they have nowhere else to put her.

“Say, what happened to your air mattress?” Water Boy asks.

“My parents sold it to get more money for gambling...” Cynthia says.

“What?!” asks Water Boy, “That’s stupid!”

“I’m pretty sure 99% of money earned in lotteries is taxed off and given to Killory...” Cynthia says, “So even if they win, the more they win, the more Killory gets.”

“That’s not fair at all!” Water Boy says.

“I wonder what they’ll be selling off next...” Cynthia says.

Right at that moment, the front door opens again.

“Oh no... They’re home... Guys, go hide, I’ll handle my parents...” Cynthia says.

She leaves the room and stands in the hall. Her mother and father glance at her and curse under their breaths.

“Hi, Cynthia... We were half ho...I mean... Expecting... that you were still outside or possibly that you got eaten by the ferocious monster!” the father says.

“No... I was in my bedroom... Sitting on the floor and pretending to be a stone...” Cynthia lies.

“Ah, if you were a stone, we could probably sell you and get at least a little money!” the mother says.

“Anyways, what monster...?” Cynthia asks.

“The big furry black one with razor sharp teeth and an endless appetite for innocent people!” the father says.

“Oh, I didn’t hear about it...” Cynthia says.

“How come there is a rubbish pile of a car near our house...?” the mother asks.

“M...maybe a neighbor parked it there...?” Cynthia suggests.

“Heh, I wonder if they left any valuables in there...” the father says.

“Oh, we were all told to stay home until the monster could be located... In the mean time, we’re going to search your room for anything else of value,” the mother says.

“No! No! You can’t!” Cynthia cries.

“Oh, you pathetic little poop ball! You’re supposed to say, “Yes father, yes mother, everything I have is yours!” So quit your whining!” the father says and pushes past her.

The mother follows the father into the room and they look around carefully.

“Hmmm... We’ve already taken the TV, the video games, the computer, the bed, and most of her clothes and stuffed animals... What’s left?” the mother asks.

“Ah, what about that beautiful trash can! I bet that’s worth a lot!” the father says, pointing to Maygah who has disguised himself as a trash can.

“Oh! Yes indeed! $15 seems like a lot!” the mother says.

“NO, I THINK IT’S WORTH ABOUT $35!” the father yells, threatening to punch the mother.

“No! That’s my... trash can... And it is worth the world to me! I cannot let you take it!” Cynthia cries.

The mother gasps and says, “I’ve just got a brilliant idea! If we sell Cynthia, we’ll be able to take whatever we want without resistance! And they can pay a lot for her!”

“We could sell her to the highest bidder!” the father says.

“Noooo!” cries Cynthia, “Mom! Dad! There are so many evil people out there; I wouldn’t want to live with them!” Cynthia cries.

“Oh, well tough luck! Whoever buys you buys you! We don’t even care about you anyways!” the mother says.

Suddenly, both the mother and father are distracted.

“Oh my!” the father suddenly cries out, “A golden lottery ticket! We must see if it’s a winner!”

“Indeed!” the mother says.
With that, they completely forgot Cynthia and ran off. Once they are gone, Maygah unfolds again.

“Sorry, Cynthia... It had to be done... Time can be re-written, but we need you here with us right now,” Maygah says.

“They’re gonna be so mad when they find out it’s another fake...” Cynthia says.

Water Boy comes out from his hiding place.

“Ready to install the new high pressure water cannon?” asks Cynthia.

“As ready as I’ll ever be...” Water Boy says.

“I may need to do a bit of surgery to install it since your sleeve is part of your skin...” Cynthia says, wincing.

Water Boy sweats nervously.

“It’s alright; she’s gotten pretty good at this kind of stuff. I have numbing spray,” Maygah says and sprays Water Boy’s arms.

“Oh dear...” Water Boy says.

Cynthia holds up the panels, a scalpel, and some stitches. With that, she sets to work implanting the high pressure cannon. A few hours pass and then she final is putting in the final stitches.

“There! Phew, that was much harder than installing new technology onto a robot!” Cynthia says.

Water Boy stares at his arms in surprise.

“You cannot see them, but they are there,” Cynthia assures him.

“Wow, that was pretty awesome!” Water Boy says.

“I thought you’d think so!” Cynthia says excitedly.

“Too bad Lillian doesn’t get to try out her new suit yet...” Water Boy says.

“Yeah... We’ll just have to wait for her to wake up. I’m afraid that if we stress her too much, she might end up injured,” Cynthia says.

Suddenly, the trailer door bangs open and there is rushing footsteps in the hall. Before Water Boy can hide, Cynthia’s dad comes in, dripping with tears and sweat.

“...Cynthia... I... I’m so sorry!” the father cries out.

Cynthia’s eyes widen. She has never seen her father in such a state before.

“Where’s mom...?” Cynthia asks, looking behind her dad.

“She... She’s...” her father stammers, sobbing uncontrollably.

Water Boy backs up, unsure of what is happening.

“Dad... Please tell me...” Cynthia pleads.

“She’s dead, Cynthia! She died protecting me!” her dad cries out.

Cynthia gasps and falls over completely shocked. Maygah comes over and helps her up.

“President Killton heard we had a valuable ticket... And when she came to investigate, she told us it was a fake! She was going to shoot me and pretend like I committed suicide, but your mother jumped in front of me...” the father cries, telling what happened.

“Cynthia’s dad, would you like a tissue? I can install a tissue box using my dream-tech,” Maygah asks, looking concerned.

“And who are these people in your room?!” the father asks, getting scared.

“Dad... Don’t worry... These are heroes... They can save us from Killory Killton...” Cynthia says.

“Heroes?!” the father asks.

“Yes, I’m Water Boy. My side-kick is Lillian Wolf, and this robot is Maygah,” Water Boy says.

“It’s a pleasure to formally meet you for once,” Maygah says to the father.

“Can you put an end to Killory’s reign of terror...?” the father asks.

“Definitely!” says Water Boy, “However, we’ll probably have to wait a few days because my side-kick is a bit out of sorts right now.”

“Please hurry... I want to see revenge taken for the death of my wife!” the father says.

“Daddy... Maybe the heroes can find a way to bring mommy back...?” Cynthia suggests.

“I have no idea...” the father says.

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