Lillian and Water Boy

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To The White House!

Over the next four days, Water Boy practices using his new high pressure water cannon. He works on his aim and his reaction time. Because Lillian is unwell and cannot be moved, Water Boy stays near the trailer rather than going back to the homeless shelter each night.
Lillian rests peacefully, only waking up every once in awhile to throw up clothing or bones that she cannot digest. Water Boy is in charge of cleaning up after her since he is supposed to be looking after her. Slowly, day by day, Lillian becomes a little more active.

On the morning of the fifth day, Lillian wakes up completely. She yawns and smoothens her fur and hair.

“Water Boy...?” Lillian calls, “Hey Water Boy?”

Water Boy opens the closet for her and she steps out.

“How long have I been asleep...?” Lillian asks.

“Four to five days...” Water Boy says.

“What…?! That’s a long time! Think about all the things I could have helped you do! Save cats from trees, help old ladies cross the street, clean up the park...” Lillian says, listing random things.

“Look, Lillian... This is serious... President Killton killed Cynthia’s mother and now she’s working on some evil invention to rule the world... Lots of people have gone missing and have been reported to having committed suicide... Things are going very well and we need your help to stop Killory!” Water Boy says.

“What?!” asks Lillian.

“Worse than that, the security bots are out looking for us... They know we’re dangerous...” Water Boy says.

“Alright, what do you need me to help you with...?” Lillian asks, crossing her arms.

“Well, first things first, you should ask Cynthia to give you your new hero suit,” Water Boy says.

“Oh yeah!” says Lillian, “The one she crafted just for me?!“.

“Yep! That’s the one!” Water Boy says.

“But how will putting on the suit stop this Killory lady?” Lillian asks.

“It’s not about the suit, it’s about who wears the suit. You are super cool; I know you can help us find a way to stop her... First we will confront her, that will require getting caught by the security bots. Then, when they take us to Killory, we find her new weapon and do what we have to to stop her from using it. If all else fails, I know this is a lot to ask of you, but we’ll need you to eat her...” Water Boy says.

“Eat the president...? But she might not taste very good!” Lillian complains.

“Says the person who just spent almost a week digesting a dog-catcher...” Water Boy says.

Lillian’s stomach gurgles and she giggles nervously. Water Boy raises an eyebrow.

“Alright, I’ll do as you say... Eating the president is only a last resort option, right?” Lillian says.

“Correct,” Water Boy says.

Lillian smiles, she’s probably imagining this. Water Boy waves for Lillian to follow and she does. He leads her outside to where Cynthia and her father are sitting.

“Look who finally woke up, Cynthia!” Water Boy calls out excitedly.

Cynthia turns and smiles, “Well, at last you’ve finally recovered! Your suit should be somewhere in the room... uh... I’m gonna stay out here with my dad...”

Lillian gives a thumbs-up and runs back inside. While Water Boy is waiting, he uses his high pressure water cannons to spray the loose dirt out from between the cracks in the sidewalk. He kills a few weeds in the process. Lillian returns with her new suit and comes to stand next to Water Boy. He smiles at her.

“This suit fits perfectly! And, it’s super stretchy! I bet I could eat a thousand cakes and still fit it!” Lillian says.

“It’s supposed to be endlessly stretchy to fit you no matter what!” Cynthia says.

“I guess you can never be over prepared!” Lillian says.

Cynthia chuckles.

“How did you have the money to craft such an outfit...?” the father asks his daughter.

“Um... Well... Maygah has Dream-Tech built in and he can make me almost anything I want,” Cynthia says, “He provides me with parts and materials for projects.”

“Ah... I see... And is this how you have a first place ribbon from robotics club?” the father asks.

“Yes, Maygah was willing to pose as my robot,” Cynthia says.

“Excuse me, Cynthia... We’re about to go off to confront President Killton... I advise you stay here,” Water Boy says.

“Oh, of course!” says Cynthia, “I wouldn’t want to have to meet that murderer!”

“Don’t worry about us... Everything will be all right once we’ve taken care of the situation...” Lillian says.

She hugs both Cynthia and her dad.

“Good bye...” Lillian says.

“Wait! Why are you saying good bye? We are going to see each other again, right...?” Cynthia asks.

Lillian smiles and turns away. Water Boy walks with her down the street.

“Hey! Security-bots! It’s us! Lillian and Water Boy! I thought you might want to come take us away!” Water Boy cries out, waving his arms wildly.

Within no time, a security-bot flies over.

“Targets spotted, awaiting orders,” the robot says.

“Are you that dumb? Take us to President Killton and let her decide!” Lillian says.

“Take you to my master?” the robot asks.

“Yes, please!” Lillian begs.

“Access granted,” the robot says.

It grabs both of them and flies away. The robot flies really high into the sky so nobody will see it and then it flies all the way to the White House. When it lands, it types a really long password into a monitor at the gate. The light on the monitor turns from red to green and the gates open up.

“Master Killory, I have brought with me two prisoners,” the robot says.

“Hey! We’re not...” Lillian says before Water Boy shushes her.

“Oh? Is that so? Come bring them to me!” a voice calls out from nowhere.

The robot proceeds into the White House and down the hallways. It turns and enters a big room. In the center of the room is what looks to be a giant broadcasting antenna attached to a spider shaped machine. The red lights in its eyes stare back menacingly.

At the end of the room, a tall chair swivels around and perched in it is an ugly lady. The lady is wearing a tight pink suit with tons of metals attached to it awarded for various things that she probably didn’t actually do. Her hair is faded blonde from being old. She smiles evilly at Water Boy and Lillian.

“So you guys thought you could escape? Oh, what a shame! I’m sure the whole of Killory Nation would agree I deserve some kind of reward for killing the monster who ate up an innocent woman!” the lady, who is Killory Killton says and laughs evilly.

Lillian struggles and breaks free of the robot’s grasp.

“Listen here, Killory...” Lillian says.

“Eh, eh, eh!” says Killory, stupidly waving a finger in Lillian’s face, “You shall only refer to me as President Killton, Master Killory, or goddess Killory!” Killory says.

“Say what?!” Lillian and Water Boy cry out at the same time.

“My master weapon has finally been crafted after many years working with America’s enemies... Because this is no longer America! This is, and always will be, Killory Nation!” Killory says, laughing evilly again, “No one can stand against me once I unleash a blast from my weapon! I shall become ruler of the whole world! And every human, every animal, and even every alien such as yourselves, will now before me and praise me as their God!”

“Never!” cries Lillian, “You can never do such things! My God is way more powerful than you and he will defeat you!”
“Here’s a secret, the thing you call God doesn’t really exist!” Killory says.

“He does too!” Lillian growls.

A robot comes into the room and says, “Master Killory, the time has come! It is now or never!”

“Yesssssss!” Killory hisses, jumping out of her seat.

She dashes towards the machine and hits a button. Waves of a mysterious red energy start emanating from the broadcasting antenna.

“Attention Earth, I expect all of you to bow down before me now! If you don’t, you will be forced down!” Killory cries out into a microphone attached to the antenna.

Lillian and Water Boy stand together, resisting the waves of energy that are trying to force them down. However, all around the world, tons of people are stopping what they are doing, getting out of their seats, their vehicles, out of anything holding them back, and they all bow down due to the energy forcing them down. Killory laughs evilly and then noticed that Lillian and Water Boy are still standing.

“Bow down to me! Do it! NOW!” yells Killory, slamming the button and making the energy stronger.

“God, help us! Do not let this lady beat us!” Lillian cries out, struggling and resisting.

Water Boy is being tired out as well.

“Help us!” he cries out as well.

Killory throws a tantrum because Lillian and Water Boy are still resisting.

“DOWN! I SAID, DOWN! EVERYBODY MUST BOW DOWN!” Killory cries out, foaming at the mouth.

She hits the button again. The waves become faster and stronger. Lillian and Water Boy cry out in pain, sweating and still resisting. Lillian takes a step forward, wobbling.

“SAVE US NOW! I DON’T THINK I CAN TAKE THIS ANY LONGER!” Lillian cries out, her face creased with pain.

Suddenly, Lillian feels a rush of strength fall over her and she rushes forward, turning into a wolf, and pouncing on Killory. Killory screams in surprise.


Killory struggles against Lillian. Lillian gulps her down easily. As soon as she does, the connection cuts off and the waves of evil energy stop. The diamond on Lillian’s forehead glows again. Killory struggles, screaming in pain.

“Lillian! We did it! We stopped Killory!” Water Boy says.

Lillian winces in pain.

“Well... You stopped her... I just stood around and watched...” Water Boy admits.

A man runs into the room. He looks around at everything and asks, “Where’s my wife?!”

“Your wife?” Water Boy asks.

“President Killton!” he cries out.

Killory kicks Lillian really hard and she yelps.

“No, seriously?!” asks the man, “Where is my wife?!”

“Oh? Would you like to join her?!” asks Lillian, getting up and slowly walking towards him.

“Why is there a talking wolf in here?!” the man asks, backing up.

Lillian pounces on him and swallows him as well. Mr. and Mrs. Killton start fighting each other inside Lillian’s stomach, blaming each other for them getting eaten. Lillian’s suit stretches to hold both of them. Lillian winces some more.

“Lillian, are you sure you can handle this...?” Water Boy asks.

Lillian weakly nods her head.

“Anyone else I should know about that is involved with this...?” she asks.

At that moment, the Vice President runs in.

“President Killton! We have an emergency!” he cries out.

Lillian glares at him. He sweats nervously.

“Um... What are you doing in the White House...?” the Vice President asks.

“You’re with Killory, aren’t you?” Lillian asks, snarling.

“AHHHH!” the Vice President cries out, “A TALKING WOLF WEARING SOME STRANGE SUIT!”

Lillian pounces on him as well and gulps him down. She struggles to fit him in, pushing on his legs to get them to go down. Her belly bulges as the three begin to fight.

“Need help?” Water Boy asks.

Lillian nods her head. Water Boy walks over and shoves the Vice President until he slides down her throat. Lillian swallows hard, closing the passage so they cannot escape. Water Boy removes his arms from her throat.

“Thank you, Water Boy,” Lillian says, wincing.

“We should get out of her before the security guards find out about us...” Water Boy says.

“I... I don’t know if I can carry this much weight...” Lillian says.

The three are still obviously fighting each other.

“Come on, Lillian! You’re stronger than this!” Water Boy says, urging her on.

She tries to take some steps, but then she finds that her belly is so big that her paws don’t even touch the ground.

“Water Boy... I cannot move...” Lillian says.

“How long will it take for them to die? That’s all I’m asking for. Everything should reset itself if they die...” Water Boy says.

“Everything...? Wait! Does that mean everyone will forget we were ever here...?” Lillian asks.

“I’m sorry, Lillian... Thought time can be rewritten; memories will be lost or changed because of it...” Water Boy says.

“But... My police officer... I don’t want him to forget me!” Lillian cries.

“Oh stop it! You barely know him!” Water Boy says.

“I could have gotten to know him better!” Lillian sobs.

“Look, Lillian! Look at who stands right in front of you! Look who saved your life and has been by your side for the past week or so! I am here, and I will never leave you! Even when time is rewritten, the two of us will still be together and we’ll still remember everything!” Water Boy yells.

“What’s the point in us remembering if everyone else will forget?!” Lillian asks.

“To learn lessons... We’ve found out who we’re meant to be, that’s something that should never be forgotten...” Water Boy says.

“Water Boy...” Lillian cries.

She turns into a human and hugs him the best she can with her belly in the way.

“You’re the best friend anyone could ever have...” Lillian says, still crying.

“There there... It’s alright... Everything is going to be alright...” Water Boy whispers.

Lillian tries to get closer to Water Boy. Before she can, a flash of green light bursts forth from the broadcasting antenna. Everything around the two melts away. After what seems like forever, the two open their eyes and find themselves standing back where they begun.

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