Lillian and Water Boy

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Time Again

“Look, Lillian! Everything’s so beautiful!” Water Boy cries out.
Lillian looks over and sees the whole city sparkling in the sunlight. Songs of joy and celebration rise from almost everywhere in the city.

“Gee, I sure do wonder what has gotten them so excited!” Lillian says.

She then notices that she’s skinny again. Her stomach growls loudly. She giggles nervously. Water Boy hugs her tightly, laughing.

“Come; let’s find what has gotten these people so excited!” Water Boy says, walking towards the city.

Lillian follows behind him, smiling triumphantly.

Upon entering into the city, they find people standing everywhere, throwing mounds of confetti and partying. Out of the crowd, Lillian and Water Boy spot a girl with a red hoodie and short curly dirty-blonde hair.

“Look! It’s Cynthia! And she’s with her parents!” Lillian cries out happily.

Water Boy nods his head and slips through the crowd to meet up with her. Cynthia looks at them with a confused look on her face. She smiles after studying Lillian’s outfit.

“Hello, I haven’t seen you two around before!” Cynthia says.

“Um... Well... It’s a long story,” Water Boy says.

“Where did you get that gorgeous outfit from?” Cynthia asks Lillian.

Lillian looks to Water Boy for advice and he nods.

“In another dimension, you made this outfit for me along with a high pressure water cannon for Water Boy here,” Lillian says.

“Another dimension…? Ooh! I love this kind of stuff! Hey, did you know that I host Hero Meets at my house? They come from all different dimensions!” Cynthia says, absolutely bouncing with enthusiasm.

“There weren’t any celebrations like this in the dimension we came from... Can you explain what is happening?” Water Boy asks.

“Oh? This…? Why, President Walter Garret made today a national day of celebration! I have no idea why, but it is just fantastic!” Cynthia says.

“So I’m guessing you got a wonderful president then?” Lillian asks.

“Wonderful? He’s just spectacular!” Cynthia says, “He donates money to the poor and homeless, he cares about the environment, and he totally knows how to throw a grand party!”

Water Boy and Lillian smile.

“So... What do you two do?” Cynthia asks.

“…Us? We’re heroes! We saved the world in our other dimension!” Lillian brags.

One of the officers monitoring the event turns to them.

“Heroes, huh?” asks the officer, “Kinda like a police officer, aren’t you?”

Lillian instantly recognizes him, but after a stern look from Water Boy, she refrains from throwing herself into his arms.
“Yeah, I suppose so... But we don’t get paid anything,” Lillian answers.

“That’s a shame... How do you get through life if you don’t get paid?” the officer asks.

“Well... In the last... place we were at... We stayed at a homeless shelter when not at work,” Lillian says.

“Ah, well, at least the homeless shelters around here are cozy and clean,” the officer says.

“They are?” Lillian asks.

“As far as homeless shelters go, yeah, so... Good luck out there, little heroes,” the officer says.

With that, Water Boy can’t hold Lillian back any longer and she springs at the officer, hugging him tightly. He gets scared at first, but then smiles and let’s her hug him. Water Boy does a face-palm.

“Oh officer... I know I never found out what your name is... But I’ll promise you this; I will never ever ever forget who you are and what you’ve done for me!” Lillian says, crying.

“Teenagers...” Water Boy mutters and tries to pull Lillian off of the officer.

“Hey, you guys should come to my house and meet my robot!” Cynthia suggests.

“Alright,” Lillian says and lets go.

Water Boy stumbles backwards as she does this. Cynthia giggles.

“Hey mom, dad, is it alright if I sneak back to show my friends my robot?” Cynthia asks her parents.

They look at each other and nod.

“Thank you!” Cynthia says and hugs both of them.

Cynthia takes off running and Lillian and Water Bly follow her. Lillian turns into a wolf in the process. They reach the house in no time. It’s still just a little trailer home, but this time it comes with a little garden and the windows are full of drawings and paintings that Cynthia had made.

“Wow, your place is a lot more beautiful in this dimension!” Lillian comments.

“Thank you,” Cynthia says, exhausted from the run.

She opens the door and leads the two inside. The first thing they see is Maygah lounging on a couch watching TV as if he was a human.

“Maygah!” calls Cynthia, “I’ve brought some heroes with me! They say they’ve come from another dimension!”

Maygah turns his head to see the two and smiles.

“Say! I could easily make an outfit like that with my Dream-Tech!” Maygah says, pointing to Lillian’s outfit.

“You did, in the last dimension we were in!” Lillian says.

“Awesome! I would give you a high-five, but I’m afraid I’m too strong and may hurt you...” Maygah says, wiggling his fingers.

“So, are you going to tell me about the last dimension?” Cynthia asks.

“There was an evil lady named Killory Killton,” Water Boy begins.

“And she was president!” Lillian adds on.

“And so everybody was miserable and weren’t looking after each other...” Water Boy says.

“And your parents almost sold you because they had sold everything else!” Lillian blurts out.

Water Boy glares at Lillian.

“What? It’s the truth!” Lillian says.

“Maygah rescued you by distracting your parents with a golden lottery ticket,” Water Boy says.

“But then your mom died!” Lillian blurts out.

“Lillian, please...” Water Boy says, getting angry.

“She wanted to hear the whole story!” Lillian whines.

“So then we went to confront President Killton...” Water Boy says.

“And I ate her!” Lillian says, smiling.

Cynthia’s left eye twitches. Maygah’s mouth is wide open in surprise.

“Wait... Hold on... You ate the president?!” Cynthia asks.

“She was evil and killed your mom! She deserved it! I ate the Vice President and Mr. Killton too!” Lillian says, licking her lips.

“How...?” Cynthia asks.

“This suit you made me is very stretchy and so I was able to hold all three... It hurt me so badly though...” Lillian says.

Lillian’s stomach gurgles loudly.

“Do you need something to eat?” Cynthia asks.

“Heh heh... Not necessarily...?” Lillian says, blushing.

“Don’t be silly, Lillian! Time has been reset! You haven’t actually eaten since before you went to Hero Island!” Water Boy says.

“Oh! You’re right! But it feels like just earlier I ate too much!” Lillian says.

“I’ve got bacon if you’d like some!” Cynthia says.

“Bacon has ripples in it like a wave of flavor crashing over your tongue,” Maygah says, “Not that I ever had any...”

“Good simile though,” comments Lillian.

“Maygah, please prepare our guests a platter of bacon,” Cynthia says.

Maygah gets up and goes into the tiny kitchen to prepare food. Lillian drools in anticipation, her tail wagging excitedly.

“Be patient, Lillian...” Water Boy reminds her.

She wipes up her slobber and sits up straight, awaiting her meal. Within minutes, Maygah gives a plate of bacon to Lillian and to Water Boy.

“Enjoy it for me!” Maygah says, smiling.

Lillian takes a deep breath through her nose, soaking up every bit of the scent that she can get. She then picks a piece up and eats it.

“Yummy!” Lillian says.

Maygah’s smile grows even larger. Lillian gobbles up her bacon and licks her lips.

“I think I love bacon!” Lillian says.

Water Boy eats his own serving of bacon slower so as the savor the flavor in every bite.

“You like it too, don’t you, Water Boy?” Lillian asks.

“Yep...” Water Boy says, still eating.

“Hey Cynthia!” calls Lillian, “You wanted to know how this suit works, right?” Lillian smirks, which definitely means she’s up to no good.

Water Boy sweats nervously.

“Kind of...?” Cynthia says.

“Would you like me to demonstrate?” Lillian asks.

“If it won’t harm anyone,” Cynthia says.

“Alright!” says Lillian, “I promise it won’t!”

Water Boy takes his plate of bacon and tries to escape. Lillian stops him and swallows him and his plate of bacon.

“Ugh! Lillian!” Water Boy cries out.

“What?!” says Lillian, “I put you in the good stomach!”

“Well, I guess you were right, that suit is very stretchy!” Cynthia remarks.

Lillian hugs her belly. Water Boy is annoyed, but continues eating his bacon.

“Tee hee hee, I can feel you eating in there!” Lillian says.

“Well, duh!” Water Boy says.

“You’re a lot of fun, Water Boy... You know that?” Lillian asks.

“If you count someone you can easily push around as fun, then I guess so,” Water Boy says.

“Okay, get out, it’s Cynthia’s turn!” Lillian says, puking Water Boy up.

“No thank you... I’d prefer to never getting eaten in my life...” Cynthia says.

“You’ll never truly understand until you have seen it!” Lillian says.

She grabs Cynthia and swallows her. Cynthia squirms uncomfortably at first, but then she relaxes.

“Okay! You win!” Cynthia calls out.

“You like it?” Lillian asks.

“It’s certainly better than I expected... A bit weird... But cozy...” Cynthia says.

“Thank you, Cynthia!” Lillian says.

“ are going to spit me up soon... Aren’t you...?” Cynthia asks.

“Well...” Lillian says.

“Oh, Cynthia... You haven’t even tried it all yet...” Water Boy says.

“Hang on tight! This might feel weird!” Lillian calls out.

She turns into a wolf and zips out of the house.

“Woah…! Stop it, Lillian! That is sickening!” Cynthia cries out.

“Okay, sorry! I’ll take you home!” Lillian says.

“You left my house like this?!” Cynthia asks.

“Yep!” says Lillian, “I’m in my wolf form currently!”

“I can tell...” Cynthia says.

Lillian turns around quickly and races back to Cynthia’s home. She stops and pukes up Cynthia.

“There! Now you have tried it all!” Lillian says, licking Cynthia.

“You almost stole my plate...” Cynthia says and puts the plate on the counter.

“Sorry about that...” Lillian says, curling up, ears dropping.

“It’s alright... I understand...” Cynthia says.

Water Boy glances out a window of the trailer. The sun is almost beyond the horizon and only a small amount of light remains.

“Wow... It sure did become late fast...” Water Boy says.

“Huh? Oh, you know the old saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun!“” Cynthia quotes.

“I guess we’ll just have to pop by for another visit sometime...” Lillian says and sighs, “Back to the homeless shelter...”

“Well, bye guys!” Cynthia says, “Thanks for helping this good version of the world occur!”

Maygah waves goodbye as well as Lillian and Water Boy leave the trailer, disappearing into the twilight.

Lillian and Water Boy find themselves up on a hill, gazing down at the city below. A light wind ruffles the grass and causes the fall flowers to dance. All the lights from taxis and skyscrapers dazzle and shine in a beautiful light show. They watch together for a moment, a silence falls on them. Lillian sighs.

“You know... America truly could be a beautiful place...” Lillian says.

“Yeah, I suppose so...” Water Boy says.

“I just think I’m really going to miss the woods and the endless room to run that I had back in Fairwood... And most of all...” says Lillian, “I still miss my sister...”

“I know, Lillian... I know...” Water Boy murmurs.

“You know what I love more than this city, though...?” Lillian asks.

Water Boy looks Lillian in the eyes expectantly. Lillian leans forward and whispers in his ear, “...Bacon...”

Water Boy falls backwards in surprise. Lillian snickers. She lies next to him and gazes up at the stars. He smiles and also looks at the stars.

“How many dimensions do you suppose there are?” Lillian asks.

“Oh, I don’t know... I suppose as many as the stars...” Water Boy says.

“That sure is a lot!” Lillian says.

“I think, of all the dimensions there are... This one has got to be the best... Because...” Water Boy says and cuts off.

“Because what...?” Lillian asks, closing her eyes.

“I... I... Well... Never mind... It’s just the best...” Water Boy says.

“Oh? Is that all? Ah man, well, in that case, let’s just go to the homeless shelter now,” Lillian says.

“You’re just as guilty as I am, so don’t blame me,” Water Boy says, playfully nudging Lillian.

“Race you to it!” Lillian says, turning into a wolf and taking off running.

“Hey! No fair!” Water Boy cries out.

He chases after her all the way back down into the city and down to the homeless shelter. This time, when they arrive, the people in the building show sympathy for them rather than wishing they hadn’t come at all. Inside, they find a hallway similar to a hotel where there are rooms of various sizes with decent beds in them. The walls are painted lavender and the light bulbs give plenty of light to the place. There are also a few bathrooms, each with their own door, shower/tub, and sinks.

“Wow... This looks entirely different than the first one we encountered... I sure hope the food is better!” Lillian says, licking her lips.

“Oh, I’m sure it will be!” Water Boy says.

Someone comes to them and asks, “Are you two new here?”

“Yes, yes we are,” Water Boy answers before Lillian can rant about dimensions again.

“You’ll need rooms, then, I suppose?” the person asks.

“We have to have separate rooms...? I might get lonely...” Lillian says.

“Do you have a room with two beds?” Water Boy asks.

“Yeah, but normally we don’t let two random people share a room...” the person says.

“She’s not ransom, she’s my best friend! And we’re having separate beds, so why should it matter?” Water Boy asks.

“I suppose it doesn’t matter... It is your personal choice, after all...” the person says.

“Thanks,” Water Boy says.

The person leads both Water Boy and Lillian to an open room with two beds in it.

“Here you are, this is where you can stay if you need,” the person says.

“Thank you so much,” Lillian says.

The person smiles and closes the door behind them. Their footsteps are heard retreating back down the hall, most likely to the main room. As soon as it falls silent, Lillian sighs.

“Is something the matter...?” Water Boy asks Lillian.

“Yes... This is very serious...” Lillian says, looking about to cry.

“Well... What is it? Is it something I can help you with?” Water Boy asks.

“Listen here, Water Boy... I appreciate you acknowledging me as your best friend... but... Well...” Lillian says, wiping up a few tears that are rolling out of her ruby eyes.

“You don’t want to be friends with me anymore...?” Water Boy asks, frowning.

“No! It’s definitely not that! It’s just... It’s so hard for me to explain... I’ve never felt like this before...” Lillian says.

“I could leave and let you think about what you’re trying to say...” Water Boy says, blushing and turning to the door.

“No! Water Boy! Stay! I... I want more from you!” Lillian cries out.

Water Boy backs up, embarrassed, and nervously asks, “M...more...? I... I don’t get what you’re asking me for...”

“You know darn well! You want the same from me! I can see it in your eyes!” Lillian sobs.

“Just... What are you trying to say...?” Water Boy asks.

“I want to be more than just your best friend!” Lillian blurts out, covering her mouth quickly.

Water Boy raises an eyebrow. After a few minutes of silence, he finally comprehends what Lillian just said.

“You want to be my girlfriend...? Is that what you want...?” Water Boy asks.

Lillian hugs Water Boy tightly and whispers in his ear, “I love you...”

“Aw, Lillian... You’re so sweet... I love you too!” Water Boy says.

Without warning, Lillian gulps down Water Boy. Water Boy is stunned at first as he didn’t expect this to happen, but then he relaxes.

“Really, Lillian...?” Water Boy asks.

“Totally!” says Lillian, lying down on her own bed.

“Will this prevent you from having nightmares...?” Water Boy asks.

“Well, I sure hope so... Being with you makes me happy,” Lillian says, snuggling her belly.

“If that’s the case, I’ll give you this,” Water Boy says and smiles.

“Oh Water Boy...” Lillian says, yawning sleepily.

“Sleep well, Lillian...” Water Boy says.

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