The Billionaire Alpha and His Mysterious Mate

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Brooke, the daughter of a werewolf and a witch, had kept her true identity hidden since she was a child since she was the most coveted supernatural being, and she was powerful and swift. Brooke was driven from her pack after being branded as weak and human. Brooke wasn’t quicker than any of the pups,but it was part of the strategy to keep her away from the supernaturals. She had spent her whole existence as a human until she found her mate. The Blue Moon Pack's Alpha Nicklaus is the most eligible bachelor, wealthy, arrogant, and dreaded by all Alphas. Will Brooke keep her true identity hidden when she meets her mate? ⚠️⚠️⚠️warning ‼️‼️ Greetings, readers Please keep in mind that this book has not been edited, therefore there will be some grammatical flaws.

Fantasy / Erotica
Favor V April
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I’m not your typical wolf; I was something else. Vampires, witches, and wolves have all pursued me. These monsters were aware of my existence, therefore my mother did all she could to keep my scent hidden.

Because I smelled nothing supernatural, they assumed I was human, and they have dubbed me weak and pathetic since birth

Between the ages of 11 and 14, the wolves shift from their human form.

I was a unique creation. I started shifting when I was three years old, and a few hours later, I began moving things about. My mother drove me to my grandmother’s house. That when she discovered I had mystical powers.

I was also a witch, and a powerful one at that. I possessed all 4 elements:

My mother and father knew well that they would have to make sacrifices in order to let me live.

So they called me weak and pitiful my whole time in the pack, but that was what my parents wanted everyone to think.

I was a slow child when I was ten years old. I wasn’t sluggish; in fact, I was faster than everyone. Being sluggish was all part of a plot to have me kicked out of the pack. It was for my protection.

When I was ten years old, vampires began attacking the pack in search of me. They’d bring out all the pups in search of a certain pup, but they couldn’t find it, since someone had tampered with my smell.

The witches wanted to use my blood to gain power. King Anthonio, he has been searching for me since he only had 2 elements; he didn’t want anyone to be stronger than him

My parents were aware of the fact that they were running out of time. They needed to devise a strategy to expel me from the pack.

They transported all the pups under the age of 13 to the pack grounds to shift

The pack’s Alpha ordered all the pups to shift, but I couldn’t. No Alpha command had any effect on me. I could have shifted if his command had worked, but it had no effect on me. I was there, looking frail and pitiful. Other pups laughed at me. They were making fun of me. The Alpha advised my parents that I had one week to shift. Exile was the penalty if I didn’t shift. That’s what they intended, and. it worked.

After a week, I still hadn’t shifted. Then I was expelled from the pack and warned not to return. My mother passed away on the same day that they banished me.
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