The Earth Goddess

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Diana Pheonix Silvermoon is the daughter of Moon Goddess Pheresphone and Ruler of the underworld Hades. She is the Goddess of Nature and Earth. Having control over everything she is not afraid of anything. Her sister is the Goddess of Hunt, Artemis. She leads a very happy life in the underworld with her best friend and family. But she comes to know that there is going to be a war on Earth and if she doesn't stop it, all the life will vanish from the earth. Now she has to leave her home in the underworld and go back to the Earth to stop it and save mankind. Will she be able to stop it? Or will she be killed? She also finds her soul mate as she is a partwolf. Will she be able to love him and tell her secrets? Or will he reject her thinking that she is an omega? But the biggest question is Who Is he? Read and find out 😜

Fantasy / Romance
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Author's POV

The kingdom of Carantania also called The Royal Moon pack was ruled by Alpha King Vistas William and Queen Luna Thalia William.

It was a huge beautiful kingdom with large forests and landscapes around it. There was also a mystical forest of The Earth Goddess about ten miles from the kingdom. But people were not usually allowed to enter the forest. It was said the Goddess lived there with her people. It was the forest for all types of beings who were taken care of, by the goddess herself. People worshiped her with all their hearts and adored her.

The King and Queen were just and kind to their people. People adored them. But they knew about the storm hiding in the palace which the King and Queen were unaware of.

The King's younger brother, Dimitri William. He wanted the throne. But now that the Queen is pregnant, the newborn will be the heir to the throne. Is he just going to stay in the side and watch his brother's family get all the luxuries? No, he will avenge. But he will wait for the right time.


It was a stormy night. The moon was hidden due to the clouds. The wind was blowing harshly. Rain was pouring to the ground. All the people were already in their homes, safe.

The sound of the storm could be heard approaching. The trees were bending due to the wind. The atmosphere was filled with the smell of fresh mud and rain. It was peaceful.

But as all the peaceful things come to an end, there was a storm brewing. It was not the storm due to strong wind, but the storm filled with hatred, jealously, and anger.

Even if there was no soul to be seen, one man was standing in the rain looking at the sky. Dimitri. Another man of omega rank was running to the man in the rain.

“What is it Kent?” He asked still looking at the sky.

Kent was a tall man but he was too thin. His bones could be seen. There were no muscles. He was just a walking stick. He was wearing a tattered tunic, which came down to his knees, and his face, pale. He was drenched by the rain. His feet were bleeding, mostly due to running bare feet in the rain for a long distance and he was gasping loudly trying to take a breath.

“S-Sir, the Queen g-gave birth t-to a b-boy.” He stuttered after he had finally managed to breathe.

“WHAT?” The man burst out in anger and glared at Kent. He stepped back and bared his neck in submission not making eye contact.

“I-Its the truth sir. Everyone is speaking about it in the palace, and His Highness has called you.” Kent spoke shivering.

The man looked angry. He started to walk towards the castle.

If it was a girl it would have been easy for Dimitri to finish her off. But it's a boy.

The firstborn boy child has the boon from The moon goddess herself. He will be invincible. No one will be able to harm him. But, there was a drawback to the boon. The Firstborn boy's mate will be his weakness. If anyone harms her, he will be weak and then it's easy to finish off the prince. Just like the normal wolves.

This makes it difficult for Dimitri to finish the newborn boy. He has to wait until the prince is eighteen years old. The legal age to find mates. As soon as he finds his mate it will be the end of the prince and the throne will be his. He could also end his brother after that.

Thinking all these things Dimitri reached the castle and he walked towards the hospital wing.

The guards were not even paying heed to him and this angered him. But he controlled his anger. Soon he will be the king and they WILL have to respect him. Just a few more years.

He reached the queen's special chambers and saw both the King and Queen with their child in the king's arms.

“Dimitri. It's a boy. ” The king said smiling happily.

“Congratulations. ” Dimitri said smiling which was just an act as he was boiling inside.

“Hear Dim. Hold him. ” The queen said holding the baby out.

Dimitri went near and saw the boy and took him in his arms.

The boy was beautiful just like his parents. His face was glowing brightly. He was smiling but as soon as Dimitri held him, he began to cry.

“Oh. Baby. What happened? Come to mama.” Queen Thalia said and took him back. Dimitri just smiled and gave him back.

“So what's his name? ” Dimitri asked curiously.

The king and queen looked at each other for a second and then the king spoke.


Dimitri just nodded silently. The boy had just been born, but already he's being showered with everything.

Dimitri went out after talking to the king for some minutes.

He went to his wing in the castle.

“What is it, dear? ” His wife Zara asked. “I heard the king gave birth to a boy. Aren't you happy for your brother? ” She asked, smiling.

Zara was a kind soul. Always wishing for the well-being of others. She was the daughter of the Alpha of the Dark Moon pack. She had met Dimitri about twenty years ago. She knew very well of her mate's evil thoughts. But even though she tried to change him for the better, it fell into deaf ears. And hence she didn't speak of it again.

And she also knew about the special power given to him. The ability to control fire. He was very strong.

“I am not happy. It just makes things difficult for me. Now I have to find another plan to take out Ares. ” Dimitri said seething. Zara sighed sadly.

“Why don't you give up the thoughts about throne and power? Be happy with what the moon goddess has bestowed upon us. You live happily in the castle. Everyone even respects... ” But Dimitri cut her off before she could finish.

“They don't respect me. They ignore me. You get respect only if you have power. That's exactly why I will kill Ares and take over. ” Dimitri shouted.

“But you shouldn't do tha... ” Again she was cut off, but this time Dimitri held her neck and choked her. She was gasping for air. But Dimitri only tightened his hold. She clawed his hands but he didn't let her go.

“You don't tell me what to do woman. I don't take orders from anyone. Your job is just to be a good little babymaker. Just shut up and do that. ” Dimitri said and took off his hand. Zara fell to the floor with a thud. Dimitri left the room and went out to the throne room.

Zara tried catching her breath. Her neck was hurting a lot. There were red finger marks on her neck. Tears were running down her cheeks.

She rubbed them but they kept flowing. What did she do to deserve this? She had just wanted a caring mate. But got the total opposite.

“Oh Moon Goddess, Please save me. I can't take this anymore. He abuses me a lot. Please. Take me away. I don't want to live. I couldn't even tell him that I am pregnant.” She said crying hysterically.

Just then she heard sniffing. There was someone else in her chambers. She got up, scared, and went to see where the sound was coming from.

A maid was sitting on the bathroom floor and tears were running down her face.

Zara crouched down and hugged her.

“Please don't tell anyone about what you heard.” Zara begged her.

“I-I don't know what to say, Ma'am. You are so kind and he, he is trying to kill his own nephew. ” The maid, Lynorr said crying in the arms of Zara.

“I am born to live this fate, Lyn. It cannot be changed. Maybe I-I did something in my old life and this is my punishment. Don't worry Lyn. I will be fine. ” Zara said smiling through her tears. Smiling in this situation showed the determination of Zara. She was truly the powerful one.

“Zara you are so strong that even you don't know. I have great respect for you. ” Lynorr said smiling sadly. “I wish I could do something for you. ”

“No. Lyn you will never do anything. Promise me. And please take care of the Little Prince. ” Zara said with wide fearful eyes. Her beautiful face was filled with tears. Lynorr nodded slowly, unsure. But she didn't have a choice. The queen was always busy with her duties and she won't be changing it, to take care of a baby. It would be Lyn's responsibility.

“I promise. I will take care of the Prince. And I will save him with my life. ” Lynorr said determinedly.


A/N: So guys, this is the prologue.

I hope it's good and intresting. I have tried my best to make it unique and different as well as intriguing.. 😅

Like and comment down your thoughts. 🙂

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