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2. The female titan

I shiver when the cold wind blows across my brown hair. I pull my scarf tighter over my neck and hold my lantern out in front of me so I can see. I’m surrounded by trees, and everything appears the same to me. I take a look around and decide to keep walking. I was at home watching after Alex, who was about six years old at the time, when his parents were slaughtered by human traffickers.(I know. I know, it’s kind of like Mikasa’s backstory. -_-. I am running out of ideas here.)
I witnessed a female colossal titan race into the forest, chasing a group, just as I had put Alex to bed. I was considering whether or not I should assist, and I ultimately chose to do so. After all, if they were Traffickers or criminals, I could always turn them in after immobilizing them or simply leave them for the abnormals. I was about to give up and turn around to return to my house after trekking deeper into the woods for about 5 minutes when something caught my eye. I switch on my ODM gear and take to the air. I’m flying behind the female titan after a few minutes, and she notices me. A man is swinging from left to right in front of me.
When the man saw me, he got a shocked expression on his face. I flew right by him and landed on the giant. She swipes at me, but I evade her by running up her arm and cutting a gash in her neck. A boy in the middle of the group was screaming as steam seeped through the wound. When we caught eyes, he was taken aback, and time seemed to slow down. It was Eren . My younger brother. However, his horse tripped and he flew off. I unfroze.

“Eren!” I yelled. As a result, heads turned and I leapt off the female titan. Eren was unconscious when the female Titan seized him. I instantly turn around and shoot the female with my ODM gear. I slash her hand off as she screams, catching Eren in the process. I crash to the ground, and pain runs up my leg, causing me to scream. The female titan shouted angrily at me and began to approach me.
“Oh, my god, what are you going to do?!? you eat me like a fucking dumpling?! I’ll skewer you like a stinking shish kabob if you don’t get out of here.” I remarked, irritated, as I sat Eren down. I noticed a horse approaching in the distance but dismissed it. The titan gave me a low growl.
“Honestly! If you’re going to eat someone, it should be the goddamn traffickers! There are a lot of them! Now go!” I stated this while hurling a dagger from my waistband towards the Titan, which hit squarely in the female titan’s eye. It shouted in pain and hatred before turning around and fleeing.

“Fucking asshole,” I muttered and turned around. Every single one of them was staring at me. I turned red and drew my scarf closer to my face as a result of all the sudden attention. Eren groaned beside me, as a horse approached from behind. It was Trixie my horse, and young Alex was riding on the back.

“Mom. You left so suddenly. “Is everything in ok?” He murmured, rubbing his eyes. Then he began to fall from the horse. I gasped and reached out to hold him, but my leg buckled and I fell to my knee. Alexes’ attention was drawn to this, and he swiftly righted himself and rode closer.

“You wounded your leg again.” He said, his lip trembling, He then paused as he turned his focus to Eren.

“I’m also curious about that,” a deep voice whispered from behind me. I painfully turn around to face the source of the voice. A attractive man with a short haircut and an undercut dismounted his horse.

“Uhm, kind of a long story,” I muttered uncomfortably as I looked about. I stumble over to Alex and take a protective stance in front of him. When the man notices this, he comes to a halt.
“All you have to do is take Eren and go where you need to go. I don’t want to have any problems.” I said this as I attempted to mount the horse. I sighed in frustration after a few failed attempts.

“Alex, return home and sleep. I’ll be there in a minute.”

“You’re not coming?” Alex inquired, his lips quivering.

“Don’t cry!” I said “I’m just going to speak with this pleasant gentleman.” I said, indicating the guy with the undercut.

“It’s Levi,” says the narrator. The man expresses his annoyance. I choose to ignore him.

“But what if you get hurt again, but this time it’s too late to help, and -” With a look, I cut him off.

“I’ll be right behind you,” I say Eren groans from behind me. When I turn around, Eren is sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

“Wakey wakey eggs and bakey!“Alex says, chuckling as he turned the horse around and headed to our mansion.

“Ow, What-” E ren’s gaze fixed on me, and I glance aside, pretended to be looking for something.

“Nakano?” Eren stated that he attempted to get up but fell down.

“If I were you, I’d remain down.” I told him, “You struck your head very hard.” When I turn around to go, Levi is standing there.

“I’d appreciate it if you could move. I’m not in the mood for hand-to-hand combat.” I muttered this while lipping my way around him.

“Nakano! Please don’t abandon me once more!” Eren sobs. I come to a complete stop and turn back. I’m staring him down.

“I didn’t abandon you, Eren. What about you, Mom, and Dad? You abandoned ME.” I stated angrily.

“But we had no idea! We thought you’d died!” He muttered this as he attempted to rise up.

“Well, here I am.” I said this while I grabbed my ODM gear.

I look at Levi.

“I have a mansion about a mile from here with Alex, the boy you saw. You and your horses look to be exhausted, and there is a stable there, too. As long as there are no issues, you are welcome. There are approximately 150 rooms that we do not use.” I shot off, Erens cries trailing after me, without waiting for an answer. I sat on the couch after re-tucking Alex into bed when I got home. I heard the approaching sounds of horses about an hour later. There are a lot of them. When I peek out the window, I see Levi with a group of more men, some of them are wounded and others who are not. With a brace on my leg, I make my way downstairs.

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