Levi x Reader

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3. Guests

I walk out the door with my best friend, Lilly, and over to Levi, who is riding next to a man with a blonde undercut. I approach them, avoiding Erin. With an open mouth, a girl with short black hair kept staring at me. Lilly scowls as she glances at her from the side.

“Do you have an issue with staring?” Lilly stated sarcastically.

“What made you leave so suddenly?! without explanation?! Is it true that you hate me that much?!” Eren said, sniffing. I walk up to him after turning around. Tension began to rise, and the other riders began to make a show of resting their swords in their hands.

“I don’t hate you, Erin,” I whispered softly as I walked away.

Lilly laughed. “You are correct; she does not hate you. She’s simply stating that if you were on fire and there was water available, she would drink it.”

“And who do you think you are?” shouted the girl with short black hair.

“My name is Nakano Yeager. However, you may refer to me as Ms. Yeager.” I walked away after responding.

“Wow. Ms? Are you not Mrs.? What a scumbag. She has a child but no husband.” She burst out laughing.

I came to a halt and spun around, fury coursing through my veins. Lilly paled as she looked up from her conversation with Levi.

“Uhm, sweetie, your eyes are glowing and your marks are visible.” She said, a little nervously.

I turned back to the girl ignoring Lilly.

“FOR YOUR INFORMATION, I adopted him after his parents were murdered by human traffickers when he was a child you little- ”

“Mom! Don’t say anything else to the mean lady!” From the top window, Alex yelled. My marks begin to vanish as I relax.

“Alex! “How many times do I have to put you to bed, kid?” I called up to him, he laughed, and closed the window. I turned around and approached Levi and Lilly.

“Sorry ” I muttered to Lilly. She grinned and took my hand in hers.

“It’s fine.” She said. I blushed as I looked up at Levi, who was still riding his horse, and then looked down at the ground.

“You are free to sleep in any room.” I said as I walked away.

“Can you tell me where you’re going?” Lilly chased me down.

“I need to go look for human traffickers. If I don’t return in an hour, you can send assistance.” I stated as I was loading up my ODM gear. Lilly let out a gasp.

“Nakano Yeager!. Don’t even think about that!! You’re not going to make me go through you almost dying again!” she said, putting her hands on her hips.

I roll my eyes.

" Keep rolling your eyeballs like that, Mabey you’ll find a brain back there!” She muttered. I gasp, close my eyes, and place my palm over my heart as if hit by something.
“oh please! Calm down, girl!” With a roll of her eyes, Lilly expressed her annoyance with the situation. “You should know by now that advising me to calm down works about as well as baptizing a cat,” I remarked, opening one eye. I chuckled as I finally looked at Eren and gave him a genuine smile.

“When I get back, we’ll chat.” I said, turning around.

“Nice ass!” Lilly yelled after me.

I came to a halt and sneered back.

“Thanks! Last night, your boyfriend said the same thing!” I yelled taking off into the air. Lilly and a few other individuals started giggling, which I overheard. I do a flying flip and then vanish into the trees.

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