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4. Injury

With my ODM gear on, I glide through the treetops, scanning the area for Titans or intruders. I turn around after surveying my surroundings; I’m halfway home when I decide to take a break in a large sycamore tree. Even though it had only been 30 minutes, I was already tired. I closed my eyes as I sank into the branch. I began to doze off as I listened to the birds chirping and singing. After what seemed like only a few minutes, I awoke. I rub my eyes and look around to see what had jolted me awake. I didn’t see anything, but I thought I heard footsteps. I run to the edge of the tree branch and gaze down, gasping. With a mother and her child, there are around 5 traffickers. I quietly drop from the tree, crouching low and landing behind the mother and child. When the mother turns around, I put my finger to my mouth and warn her to be quiet. I slam into the first man, knocking him off his feet and snapping his neck. I turn around to see the other four charging at me, which I dodge. One of them hurls a knife at me, which I catch in mid-air. I lunge at the other, stabbing him and slicing upwards, before spinning around and throwing the knife at the one who drew out a rifle, which landed in his chest. Everyone is dead on the floor, and I relax until I discover there are only four bodies, despite the fact that there were five traffickers. Just as the fifth one smacked into me, I turn around. Screams erupted from the woman and her child. The man landed on top of me, snatched the knife from his pocket, and proceeded to stab me. I was able to get away in time, but the blow created a big cut on my side. I shouted in pain as blood flowed from the wound. I sprang up and punched him in the face, causing him to stagger back, and I dashed over to one of the dead bodies to grab the gun before being knocked down again. When I grab for the gun, he pulls me away from it. I kick and thrash, and as I kick him in the face, he finally lets go. I scurry over to the rifle and take it. I leap to my feet, turn around, and shoot the man three times. There are two in the head and two in the chest, and I watch as he falls to the ground dead. I slump to the ground, gasping as pain sears through my side. The woman and child run up to me, sobbing and hugging me. After resting, we start to head back towards the mansion. I am dizzy at the amount of blood I lost, and The woman and child are in pretty bad shape too, with knife wounds to the face and arms, and bruises all over. We get to the house, and I see one Levies cadets, who I remember was called Armin, and he runs up to us, carrying the woman, as I pick up the child.

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