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5. Help

I run into the medical room, where Levi, Eren, Mikasa, Erwin, and Lilly were sitting and talking. When Levi looked up, his eyes widened, and he choked on his tea. I dash over to one of the drawers and get out the medical items, which I place on the table.

“Nakano!” Lilly shrieks as she stands up. I dash past her and out the door, where the woman and child were waiting. I take the youngster in my arms.
“Armin! Grab the woman and take her to the infirmary!” I yelled as I grabbed towels and gloves. My side was still hurting and bleeding profusely. It’s fine I thought. My healing should kick in soon. I went back into the hospital room, ignoring the agony. It was a mess. Lilly was calling at Armin to get supplies, while Mikassa comforted the crying woman and Erwin tried to keep her calm as Lilly took care of her.

“Eren, Levi! While I stitch her up, I need someone to hold her and make sure she doesn’t move.” I yell, and Eren and Levi rush over, and Eren looks like he’s about to pass out. When the child starts to cry, I place her in Eren’s arms. I grab him and place him in the chair as she clings to him.

“Were you hurt? Is that there blood?“He said, his voice wavering slightly.

“Eren, I’m fine.” I muttered through clenched teeth. It felt like Someone was dragging a hot knife through my side. I didn’t want anyone to know I was injured. They didn’t need to worry. The bandages are ripped open and applied on the child. While I patched one of the wounds, Levi was putting pressure to it. Lilly finished with the mother after a few minutes, and we finished with the child.I hand the girl over to her mother and sit on the floor, sweating heavily. Lilly turns around and gets a good look at me for the first time. She muttered, “Holy shit.” She approaches me slowly. I open my eyes and cast a sidelong glance at her. I give her a warning look and tell her not to touch me. As flashbacks from when I was kidnapped began to come back to me, I began to shiver. They crammed me into a little space. If I did something they didn’t like, they would punish me. I slid my head between my knees and inhaled deeply.
“Nakano?” Eren said as he approached me carefully.
“Eren, don’t approach her right now” Lilly whispered. When I look down at my hands, I notice that my marks are beginning to show. I exhale and raise my eyes to Lilly. Everybody else left the room.

“Are you alright? Is it finally over? ” She asks softly. I give Lilly a slight nod, and she cautiously approaches.

“Were you wounded?” Lilly spoke in hushed tones. Shivering, I curl up into a ball.

“Nakano. Were. You. Wounded?” I flinch when she touches my face.

“Mom?” Alex squeeks. I look up. He is standing in the doorway, clutching his teddy bear.

“I’m fine Alex” I whisper softly. My voice echoed in the room.

I look at Lilly.

“Take Alex back to his room.”

“But-” She started

“I’m fine!” I snapped. “I don’t need help!”
Lilly looked taken aback, and she looked down.
She grabbed Alex, and walked away. I sighed, lying on the floor and closed my eyes, and I fell asleep. A few hours later, I awoke with a sharp pain in my side. I let out a gasp. My side felt like it was being pierced by hot blades. Softly, I whimpered. I coughed, and the taste of blood in my mouth was horrible. My mind began to flashback to the time when Eren and I were separated. Was my life flashing before my eyes? I stifle a sob and place my hand over my mouth. I had finally gotten my baby brother back, and now I was about to bleed out on the floor because I didn't want to be a burden. why hadn’t my wound healed? My healing should have already carterised and healed it... I try to rise up, but I crash to the ground. I knelt on the floor and sobbed softly, out of pain, and sadness, that nobody would discover me until morning, where i would have bled out. Little footsteps rushed down the corridor. “Mom? MOM!” Alex’s voice rang out like a siren into the night.

“Mom! Get up! MOM!!!” I heard stronger footsteps along the passageway.

“Alex? why are you - HOLY SHIT! ”

Eren shouted, and Alex sobbed.

“Nakano! Please, get up! NAKANO!” Eren screamed loudly.

There are more footsteps.

“Oi! Why are you yelling, Eren?” Levi’s voice came to a halt, and I felt him leap to his feet and kneel beside me. I could see and open my eyes, but I couldn’t speak.

“Go grab Lilly! NOW!” Levi yelled. I saw Levie’s worried eyes looking at me as he flipped me over. I take a glance at him.

“Oi! Nakano? Are you able to hear me? Please don’t die on me! Don’t abandon Eren! Fight! He can’t lose any more people!” he exclaimed, his hand tenderly touching my cheek. I shut my eyes, and feel a teer slip down my cheek.

“I-I’m so tired” I mumbled. Clutching his shirt as another wave of pain hit. I whimpered. Behind him, I saw Lilly rush into the room.
“Nakano!” She sobbed Alex tried to run up to me, but Eren held him back.
“MOM! DON’T LEAVE ME!! PLEASE!!! I CANT LOSE YOU TOO!!” Alex screamed. Mikassa ran in along with Sasha, Erwin, Armin, Connie, and Zoe. They froze when they saw me. I look at Eren.

I murmured, “I-I’m very tired.” Lilly rushed into the room from behind him.

“Forgive me, Eren. I’m s-sorry. I went out of my way to find you, but then... They arrived, and-” I sobbed.

“It’ll all work out! I’m here now!” he said.

“Levi, Put her at the head of the table!” Lilly shouted.

My eyes widened as Lilly drew out a needle. And that’s when I started to freak out.

“Hold her, Levi!” Lilly commanded. I began shaking my head repeatedly.

“EVERYONE GET OUT!” Lilly shouted. Levi knelt next to me and caressed my face as everyone began to leave.

“It’ll be okay, allright?” He spoke softly. I nodded and took his hand in mine. I noticed a small blush on his face and he squeezed. I would have smirked given normal circumstances. But, sadly, I was bleeding profusely all over a table. Lilly inhaled after chopping off the bottom half of my shirt.

“Shit.” She muttered. The wound was over four inches long and straight through my side. Lilly nods at Levi and he pales. Levi’s hold on me tightened, and Lilly put the needle into my wound, causing me to scream. My side burst in pain that felt like fire, and I nearly passed out.

“Right now, Nakano, you have to stay awake or you’ll die,” Lilly stated fearfully. I didn’t feel anything after a few minutes.

“Levi, she’s going into shock! Keep her awake!” Lilly yelled.

Levi began saying weird things to me that I can’t understand, and my vision began to dim. Levi’s eyes widened, and he began shaking me. I smiled at him before blacking out and hearing Levi yelling at me to wake up and Lilly yelling at me to stay awake.

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