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6. Recovery

My nose is filled with the smell of chemicals and medical supplies. I look around. Where am I? I thought. I’m in a bright white room that’s well-organized. I sat up and looked around, finally realising where I was. I was in one of the guestrooms. But who’s is it? I touch my abdomen, which has been freshly wrapped. I slowly untie the cloth and watch as my incision closes, but not completely. It’s still somewhat deep, but not to the point where walking would reopen the wound. I dangle my feet above the floor as I roll over to the side of the makeshift bed I was on.I ease down from my seated position. I walk towards the bedroom door when I am confident that I can walk without falling down. I open it and take a glance down the corridors. It was eerily silent. What happened to everyone? I wondered. I was walking towards the stairs when I heard a noise and decided to investigate. I listen as I walk down the stairwell. When I heard the noise again, I went to look. It sounded like it came from the kitchen. As soon as I stepped in, I noticed Levi pouring tea. He appeared to be weary. He unkempt hair and dark bags under his eyes. I leaned on the table to keep my balance as looking at him reminded me of my own tiredness.

“Where is everyone?” I mumbled. Levi came to a complete stop and slowly turned around.

He dropped his tea when he saw me. I huffed.

“This is the second time you’ve wasted tea. You spit it out the first time, and now you- OW HEY WHAT ARE YOU -” He runs over to me and picks me up bridal style, cutting me off.

“You shouldn’t have gotten out of bed. Lilly is going to kill me if she comes back early and sees you down here.” He muttered, irritated, but I could see him smirking at my flushed face. I sigh.

I whispered in his shirt, “I only wanted to stretch my legs.” I smiled into his shirt as I heard his heart begin to beat faster. I looked in the direction we were travelling and noticed the stairwell. I tightened my grip on him.

“Levi, you better not drop me.” I warned him.

He begins to slowly ascend the stairwell, and I begin to drift off. He was putting me in the big bed when I woke up.

“Levi?” I murmured. He glances up at me.

“Where are you sleeping?“I asked. I see blood marks on the small bed that I slept in that he looks over to.

“I’ll sleep on the small bed tonight,” he replied, covering me with another blanket. I lock my eyes on him.

“You’re going to’sleep’ in a teeny-tinyass bed that’s hard as hell and stained with blood?” I cocked my head and smirked. He snorted.

“Well, where else am I meant to sleep?” He was irritated. I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders.

“This bed could easily hold three people. Just sleep on the other side.” I rolled my eyes and sank further into the sheets.

I hear him sigh as he is quiet.

“Think about it before you argue. Apart from that, this is a LOT more comfy than that hard mattress.” I murmured this as I rolled over to face him. He sighs as he stands at the foot of the bed. He stops, grabs a change of clothes, and enters the restroom. I shrug and go closer to the middle of the bed, where it is warmer, and fall asleep. The sound of footsteps and the opening of the bathroom door wakes me up. Levi comes into bed with me and snuggles in, his hands resting on my waist, after waiting on the side of the bed for almost a minute.

“Tch. Brat. Taking up the whole bed.” He muttered into my hair.

I snuggled closer in response, grinning as I felt his entire body tighten. He relaxed and buried his face in my hair when I stopped moving. I silently laugh. Big bad Levi, is actually a cuddle bug. I wrap my hands around his waist. After that, I went back to sleep.

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