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7. Hunger 🍋

The birds are chirping loudly when I wake up at the crack of dawn. It takes a few moments for me to notice that I’m laying on something. It was warm. I looked down and saw that I was laying atop Levi, much to my embarrassment. I roll over as my face goes hot crimson. As I rise from my bed, Levi stirs. I start to get out of bed when my arm is grabbed and pulled back in. I landed on the bed with a gentle thud and pulled back onto Levi.

“What-” I begin, but he cuts me off with a glance. Because of how close he is to me, I blush and press my face against his chest. I look up after approximately a minute to see him sleeping again. I look around the room as I raise my head.

I notice a bowl of rice in the corner of the room, and my stomach growls. I lick my lips, and I attempt to get off Levi, but slower this time. But before I can even get to an upright position, he grabs me again, rougher this time.“Levi, I’m hungry” I whined, trying to get up, but he kept a firm grip on me.“It’s too early to be up right now, go back to sleep.” He said in a husky voice.“But the rice-” I start.“When you wake up, the rice will be waiting for you. Now, sweetheart, go back to sleep.” He mumbles and falls asleep. I stare at him in awe. Did he just say “sweetheart” to me? I pondered. My heart begins to race, and I return to his side. I raise my eyes to him and his unkempt hair.

I move my arms up and run them up his neck and into his hair. It was soft.I lift my hands and run them up and down his neck, into his hair. It was soft. I peek at his face after a few minutes of messing with his hair and notice him glaring at me with a hint of blush across his cheeks. I squeak and bury my head in his chest, my face hidden.

He began, “I thought I told you-” With a fake snore that echoed around the room, I cut him off. He is quiet.

“I know you aren’t -” I snore once more, but this time louder. I think he just gave up and went back to sleep when he didn’t say anything. When I raise my head to look at him, I notice that his eyes are closed.

I leap off of him and slide to the other side of the bed, hurling myself at the rice without hesitation. Levi leaps out behind me.

“Nakano!” He grabbed me as I pushed the rice into my mouth. I growled at him, and his eyes widened.

I swallow the rice and turn away from him, but he walks up to the bed and pushes me down onto it before I can say anything. He grabs both of my arms and holds them above my head while I struggle. I blush furiously as his chest brushes against mine. He smirks and kisses me roughly. Oh no you dont, Levi. I rolled him over after hooking my leg through his and straddle him. Now it was my time to smirk as his eyes widened. I lean in close and look him in the eyes. Levis moans as I lower myself on his lap. I laugh, and he gives me a glare. He flushes and averts his gaze. I giggle.

“Oh, don’t you get shy on me now, Captain Levi,” I say seductively in his ear. I gasp as he suddenly grabs my ass. I’m back on the bottom after yet another flip. He leans in and begins to lightly bite my neck as he kisses it. I whimper, and he bites my neck once more, causing me to moan. He moves from my neck up, and then presses his lips to mine. We kiss each other aggressively, fighting for dominance. When we broke apart, there was a string of saliva between us. He runs his hand up my neck and then places his lips against mine once more. I slide my hands over his abs and down to his waistband, pulling him towards me by his belt . Levi got the message and kissed me rougher. I flip him over again, and this time he doesn’t fight it. He sits up, leaning against the wall, and I take a seat on his lap. I can feel him becoming more hard by the minute. He runs his hands up my shirt, delicately tracing my wound, while I lightly grind against him.

He panted and asked, “Aren’t you still hurting?”

I laugh.

“Is that what you’re concerned about?” I muttered against his neck, nipping it lightly.

“I’m worried that they will hear us.” I said, pulling back. Levi smirked and cupped my breasts with his hands as he slipped his hands up my belly. To keep from moaning, I bite my lower lip.

“You don’t have to be concerned. The majority of them left early yesterday morning to go hunting, while the rest returned to the wall to report. It’s only Monday, and they’re not coming back until Saturday.” He kissed me after saying. I take him by his collar and begin to unbutton his shirt. He tugs off my shirt and tosses it to the floor.

I get off of him and begin to take off my jeans. He rises and begins to take his pants off as well. I swallow once I’ve finished, and gaze at the bulge peeking through. Lifting my head, Levi kisses me . He picks me up, his nails cutting into my thighs, and I wrap my leg over his hip. I have to stop myself from grinding on him as my heat rises. He leads me into the bathroom and places me on the bathroom counter. As he turns on the water, he removes his boxers, showing his bulging member. He approaches me and softly removes my underpants while tracing his fingertips over my heat. He proceeds to take my bra off, and he carries me to the shower.

- I don't know what else to write, so imma do a time skip T_T -

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