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Forbidden mate

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she is an omega he is an Alpha she is broken he is confident she wants a mate he lost his hope on a mate she is 17 he is 27 Is that there biggest problem? The age diference. The answer is no. Because she is a student and he is her teacher. Will they find eachother?

Fantasy / Romance
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“Fatty you need to work harder!” is what I hear when I am washing the floor. I start to work harder, because I don’t want to be beaten.

When I do something wrong I get punished. And that happens a lot.
But I got used to it.

Now you will think: “Why do you get used to being abused?”
Well it’s quite simple exualy.

In my pack I am an omega and omega’s get abused all of the time.
But with me it’s a bit different.

Because I am ugly and fat and werewolves aren’t ugly or fat.
They are slim and pretty.

That’s also why I get bullied in school.
But enough of that, I will tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Katharina Green and I am 17 years old.
My hair is red with blond highlights.

My eyes are bright green with a golden circle in the middle.
I am 5.4 feet tall.

My wolf's name is Luna and she is a white wolf with emerald-green eyes.
Yes I know it is funny I am an omega and my wolf's name is Luna.

I am pretty smart. I am a straight A student. In History I am the best.
So now you can picture me and I will tell you now how I have become an omega.

Since I can remember no one wants me.
When I was little I got lost in the woods.
I was really scared it was pretty dark and cold.

The next day I woke up and I couldn’t find my parents anywhere.
The only people that ever loved me are gone. I lost them.

The place I woke up is the place where I am now.
First they welcomed me, but after they noticed I am different they hated me and made me an omega.

I know now that no one ever would want me, not even my mate.
My mate wouldn’t even want me when he sees me.

And the funniest thing is, I will never know because only my mate can detect the matebond.

I can’t do that because I am an omega.
“Omega don’t daydream but work, or do you want to get punished?”

I woke up out of my dream. Shit I daydreamed again.
“No, I don’t want to get punished, I will go to work.” I say.

Cleaning again I hope I don’t get punished.
When I am done I need to go to bed because I have school tomorrow and we will meet the new history teacher.
I am done with my work for today and go to my room.
In my room I have a bed, a closet and a desk.

Not much I know, but better then nothing.
I walk to my closet and take my clothes for tomorrow.

Then I walk to my desk and I lay down the clothes.
When I go out of the packhouse I need to dress decently, when you can call it descent.

Because the pack doesn’t want outsiders to know how they treat their omega’s.
After I did that I went to my bed and lay down.

The moment my head hits the pillow I fall into a dreamless sleep.

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