The maid's truth

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Chapter four: A name, a crest and a color.

Open your eyes, child” the soft voice of the sorceress sounds across my mind as if it was my own thought.

I opened my eyes and see her standing next to me, one hand on my forehead and the other on my tights, holding me still. She was muttering something but I was unable to hear her due to the water covering my ears. Suddenly, she pushed me underwater, taking my breath away at the coldness. I struggled a little, fighting to get back to the surface and breathe.

The pond shone with a warm light, relaxing me and stopping my trashing. The sorceress let go of my body and then an absolute darkness enveloped me, dragging me to the bottom.

The darkness disappeared as swiftly as it appeared but, instead of drowning in the pond, I was standing on top of a hill. A slight breeze brushed past me, playing with my perfectly dry sheer dress. The sun was low and dark gray clouds covered the sky, promising rain.

I turned around, trying to figure out where I was and why, when I saw a man standing a few feet away from me. He was kneeling next to a large rock with flowers clutched tightly in his left hand; I carefully approached him and noticed my steps didn’t make a sound or left an imprint in the soft grass, probably he wouldn’t see me either. This was part of the sorceress magic.

“I miss you dear” The man spoke with a broken voice to the air and grazed the rock with trembling fingers, I stepped closer and noticed it was a grave. “I still blame myself but I hope you forgive me and are in a better place with our child” suddenly, he broke into tears. I could feel his heartbreak and wanted to comfort him so badly, a stray tear fell down my cheek. I took a few steps further and read the inscription in the grave.

“Melania Griffiths 1342-1365 of the second era.

Beloved wife and daughter.

We never gave up hope.”

A crest I didn’t recognize but that was oddly familiar was engraved and painted with gold in top of her name. I was sure it was my mother’s grave; it was just a hunch but the year of death was the same I was born in, it couldn’t be a mere coincidence.

Once again, I was embraced by darkness, taking me away from my mother’s grave and the man I assumed was my father before I could take a good look at him. This time the transition was anything but gentle. I landed face first with a loud thud in the middle of the forest. I groaned, pained by my ungraceful landing, and looked around trying to recognize the place but failed. I had never seen some of the plants surrounding me and it was obviously the fall season, even though my birthday was in the middle of summer.

I was about to get up when I heard a menacing snarl behind me, freezing me in place. The metallic sound of a sword was followed by a whine and a loud thud too close to me. I turned around and saw the body of a big wolf a few feet away.

“Are you all right, miss?” the worried voice of a man interrupted my thoughts. I raised my head to see him, but the sun blinded me and I only caught sight of his gray eyes and the same golden crest I’d seen in the grave embroidered in his tunic before darkness dragged me once more.

This time the darkness didn’t vanish; it lingered and created a void around me, my body weightless in the big nothingness surrounding me. I was beginning to get nervous, scared I'd be trapped in this void forever; but a white light appeared in front of me.

Hesitating, I extended my hand and reached for the light. It was warm and amicable, as if I were meting an old friend after a long time. The light changed colors, leaving different sensations within me, but it was so fast I couldn’t make them apart. When the light returned to its original white color, it moved forward and trespassed me to settle right where my heart is. “This is only the beginning, my dear” I heard a sweet voice in my head

The coldness of the water was the first thing I registered when I came back to reality, followed suit by the burn in my lungs for the lack of oxygen. I bolted desperately to reach the surface, unable to see the sorceress or to distinguish up and down. Finally, after what seemed like forever, my hand found air and I pushed forward.

“Enid!” Damian’s voice echoed in my head but I could only think in the relief of breathing again. My chest heaved furiously between loud gasps and a cought fit; my lungs fighting to expell the water and breathe in at the same time.

Damian kneeled next to me and helped me up, with concerned eyes he scanned me to confirm I was all right and unharmed, but suddenly his concern morphed into something I couldn’t decipher and then he blushed deep red. I looked down to see what was wrong and immediately tried to cover my body with my hands. The thin white fabric of my dress was completely drenched, sticking to me as a second skin and displaying my body as if I were naked.

Damian handed me the coat I was wearing earlier to cover myself and I found comfort in the heavy fabric, besides the fact I didn’t want him or the sorceress to see me so exposed, I was freezing to death.

“I’ve given you all the answers I could, child.” The sorceress spoke, startling me. She approached us and grabbed my shoulder firmly. “The rest is up to you. Don’t be afraid of your gift, it will come in handy during your journey” The last part I heard her voice in my head, making me curious as for why she didn’t want Damian to listen.

“Thank you, great sorceress” I bowed with respect and real appreciation. I’d finally achieved a dream I pursued for years but, just as she said, it was just the beginning. I had answers but now new questions arose. Only this time I had new leads: a name, a crest and a color.

By the time we reached the entrance to the cave I was shivering furiously despite the slightly warm summer night. I was muttering in anger how I should’ve brought spare clothes while trying to untangle the reins with shaky hands.

“This won’t do.” Damian mumbled after a few seconds of seeing me sttrugle, pushing my hands away he undid the knot with expert hands, but instead of giving me the reins back he tied them to the chair of his own horse. “Come on, I want to get back to the inn before you catch a cold”

He helped me up his horse and settled himself behind me, sliding his hands around my waist to grab the reins. I was a little uncomfortable with our proximity in this intimate position at first. But as the he guided the horses through the trail back to town I leaned against him, craving the warmth his body offered and snuggled against his chest, the steady sound of his heartbeat was the last thing I remember before falling asleep.


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