Vampire Night

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Ember and her brother Sam have been on the run for 2 years. Their parents abandoned them when they were young. They've been through foster homes but none were good enough. Until one family came and adopted them. The Certiens family. The Certiens family had a Mistress and a Lord and several servants. They thought their life could only get better from there but they were wrong. They followed the rules and did what they were told but it didn't matter. They got whipped for walking wrong, they got slapped if they mispronounced anything, and at night they had to sleep in a small cage. They planned their escape and went to love in the forest but what they didn't know was that they had entered a battlefield. Ember and Sam soon found out that it wasn't any normal battle it was a battle between the Vampires and the Werewolves. Ember and Sam get separated. Ember gets taken by the Vampires and Sam gets taken by the Werewolves. After 7 years, they find each other, not as friends but as enemies. What will they do now? Will Ember and Sam befriend each other's groups or will they fight till the death.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1: A Bad Beginning

Embers POV

"I'm scared," I say shivering in the dark ally "I want Mama."
"Well, I'm sorry but she doesn't want us." My older brother Sam says as he wraps his only jacket around me.
"Hey, Sam?" I say following Sam into the woods.
"Yeah." He turns around and looks at me with his green eyes full of concern.
"Why can't we stay?" I ask looking back at the mansion. I stare at the worn-down red bricks, the windows all tattered and broke, the chimney puffing smoke.
At least it's warm in there. I think.
"We can't stay because the Mistress and Lord don't like us." He says taking my hand and dragging me into the woods.
I pull back but I'm no match for an 8-year-old. I am only 4. "Okay, Sam."
I try and keep up with Sam but I tend to fall behind. The icy air burning my lungs. I look down at the forest ground, I step on a pine cone. Crunch! I see a tiny ball of white now fall to the ground. I look up at the sky, the sun is setting. The best time of the day. All the pretty colors come out. Pink, purple, orange, yellow, and blue. A snowflake falls on my face. I open my mouth and stick my tongue out. Yum! I giggle. I stick my arms out and spin around in circles giggling. I hear Sam call my name but I can't see him.
"Sam?" I try and yell out. I look behind me, just trees. I turn in a circle but all I see are trees. I hear my name again. I look to where I heard it. I see a figure in the distance hiding behind a giant oak tree.
"Sam!" I yell running to him. I reach him and he shoves his hand over my mouth. I wiggle out. "Sam?" I whisper "What's wrong? Is it the Mistress?"
He doesn't say anything he just shakes his head and points in the opposite direction. I turn and see what he's pointing at. A Wolf and a man. Fighting. The man bites the wolf's neck and takes the wolf down. He's just about to snap the wolf's neck but then a whole pack of wolves comes and jumps him and destroys his body. All you can see is red in the white snow. I turn away in an attempt to cover my face in Sam's shirt but to my surprise, there's nothing there. I look around desperately looking for my big brother. But I see nothing. I turn back around and see the wolves coming in this direction. I turn and run as fast I possibly can. I stumble upon a cave-type formation. It's small but it'll work. I get down on my hands and knees and crawl inside. I scoot back until my back hits the wall. I curl up in a ball and close my eyes, falling into a deep sleep.

1-day earlier

Embers POV

I wake up to my brother shaking me awake.
"Hurry! We don't want to make the Mistress mad."
I open my eyes expecting to see my old bedroom but instead I find cold metal bars on all sides. Then all the memories come flooding back to me. I remember.
Me and my brother entering the building with smiles on our faces thinking it would be better. One of the Mistress's servants leading us up the stairs to the bedroom at the end of the hall. We open the door expecting two beds even just one but instead we find 2 cages sitting on the floor with a mat inside. The servant leads us to the dining hall and tells us that we have to cook for the Mistress and Lord but whatever they don't eat we can. She leads us back to our room and tells us that we have to stay here until morning. Sam says " I'm not staying here." I hug him and go into the cage knowing that we might get in trouble. Later that night the Lord come into our room to make sure if we were in our cage. He locks the cages then leaves with a devilish grin on his face. A few days later Sam falls asleep without going to his cage and when the Lord comes in he goes straight to Sam and kicks him in the face causing him to have a bloody nose. Then when I was delivering the food to the Lord and Mistress I dropped the food tray on the Mistress's dress. She slapped me across my face causing a welt on my face. Tears sprouted in my eyes. I try my best to stay quiet so I don't get into more trouble. I spent hours cleaning the dress until the stain was gone.
I look at Sam tears starting to flow down my face. "I want Mama."
Sam looks at me. "I have a plan." He tells me to get his jacket. I go grab it from under the loose floorboard.
He grabs my hand and takes me toward the window. He jumps out landing on his feet then turns back and says "Don't worry. I'll catch you." I close my eyes and jump. I expect to hit the ground but Sam caught me. We start walking toward the ally. I wonder how we're ever going to get out of this mess.

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