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By Chantelle Bosch All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Fantasy


Galen is rumoured to become the most righteous king to ever rule over Derenvere, a feat difficult to accomplish in an already just kingdom built on order, obedience and peace. When an old ally abducts him and holds him prisoner to gain more power and authority, Galen is forced to rebel against the foundations of his people in order to free himself. The stakes are high on either side of the coin: remain captive and watch his friend destroy their kingdoms with his greed, or bring about anarchy, fear and imbalance to the people by breaking the ancient laws. The decision to escape is made on desperate impulse and Galen flees his bonds. The hand of misfortune guides him straight from his enemy's prison to The Darkness through which Galen's strength is put to the ultimate test. He is consequently plagued with night terrors and tormenting voices. As he battles to reclaim his position in the kingdoms he begins to question: was this what he wanted, whose side was he really on, and were his dreams just that or new prophecy?

Scroll 0.7

The Engel, scolded and heartbroken,
fled the walls of Heaven to find refuge and solitude in Paradys.
It devoured the core with slow ease;
Uncoiled its wings and claws to spread its poison
To corrupt the heart of the world
In order to rule over it.
It brooded on the land of winter 
on the outer rim and across the oceans,
its essence reflected in the beauty, the hidden,
the cold, the dangerous landscape.
The people of winter noted the Engel’s melancholy,
and brought to it gifts of welcome and songs of harmony,
and offered it shelter.
Though the Engel had fallen in love with the people of winter,
it strived to conquer and rule over all.
When it came about,
that its love was not requited
And its attempts were shunned by the people of winter
As in Heaven,
The Engel,
unable to force the sacred will,
Began to fit
cast itself into
the Darkness,
and vowed vengeance
upon their refusal.

-The History of Derenvere

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