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Hey everyone! My name is JessBlue Everyone who has read the series Mind Night Blue knows it started with LB and Palmyra, while Bamptilla ended with Guy and Cristina. Well, I come from the world of Bamptilla, and you all know me as Cristina's sister/Best Friend. This story is about my life before I met Cristina or became this fierce and badass Bampire warrior. My life consisted of slavery and abuse, but overall my heart lost love that it only knew. Why? For you to love and understand my character JessBlue from Bamptilla, I must take you to the beginning, where it all started for me on the crite of Bluestoria. Where everything changed one day, and my life took a turn but did it take a turn for the best, or did it take a turn for the worst! We shall see in this journey I will take you on; sometimes life is unfair, and we need to embrace every moment we breathe and live.

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I come from this great planet miles away from any civilization or contact from any other species in the galaxy, that has mountains made out of Blue diamond dust with mercury and gallium waterfalls that look like melted, shiny ooze to bathe in, feels almost like a hot spring but minus two hundred sixty-seven Celsius to the body. The sky is so blue. It gives an aura of the night instead of day, where the temperature is so cold that no other living creature would survive our temperatures. Bampires are cold-blooded, so we are not affected by the harsh weather. It’s funny how I come from this beautiful place, but my life is not. I’m fifty years old and have turned into full adulthood, but life has not been easy for me at all. Losing my parents at a young age in my life has made me the person I am not. Because of their passing, I was captured by some nasty Bampire Lords who in prisoned me, and I became a slave to my kind where I am used to feeding on and satisfying the needs of my slave owners, the Lord and Lady of Bluestoria.

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