Angela Frost: Two Dragons Fell In Love

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About how Angela's parents met and then fell in love, giving birth to her egg where she hatched into the special gifted dragoness she is.

Fantasy / Adventure
Gianna Bischoff
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Chapter 1

The higher the moon rose into the sky, the lower the trees sank into the ground. Appearing from around the corner was a mighty, young white bull who was taking a stroll through the shadows of the woodlands the moon illuminated upon. His name is Draken, meaning a he-dragon with a strong desire to have a stable family.

Draken was known to be stronger and larger than other bulls his age and he probably could beat any of them in a spare within the sky if any of them end up having an encounter with him face to face making it a challenge for him. But no, he’s not the type to fight any other strong dragons he meets for no reason at all.

You can tell by the way his sky-blue eyes glistened as he glanced up at the moon shining down on him, creating his scales to glimmer similar to the frost he had seen on top of the mountains he had come to pass on his journey, when he had soared throughout the region.

Draken was on a mission to not only find love, but a possible cure for his mother, and father for they are at death’s door, and need him to find a rare flower called the Laurentum leaf.

The Laurentum leaf is known to harness enough energy to cure any dragon, from what they call a sputum infection, causing them to have the following symptoms: feet covered in a coral-fungus, shallow breathing, and coughing up blood in mucus stools. If there was blood, that meant death was soon to arrive. Many dragons were known to have died at his mother and father’s age. He is determined to save them.

“It’s got to be here somewhere,” Draken muttered to himself, as he cut through the tall-grass with his tail blade clearing the pathway, blocking his views ahead, “I know I have seen a bunch of Laurentum leafs around this area, close to the Rose Petal stream.”

Rose Petal was a small brook, surrounded by beds and bushes of different colored roses. It was a perfect place because the water itself had always kept the flowers freshly preserved and hydrated, while many hatchlings have gone here to be at peace and have their guardians give them their first swimming lessons.

Draken had gone here when he was a hatchling with his father, along with his two brothers and one sister. He hasn’t forgotten about it. The panic he placed his mother in with all the games they played. He chuckled to himself, thinking about that as he went through some thorn bushes. All of a sudden his attention got distracted from his mission at hand. His eyes that are as chilled as a blizzard could not believe what they were witnessing to be standing within the shallow ends of the stream.

There was a beautiful dragoness sitting there, licking her paw and cleaning her face. She had enormous, innocent-brown eyes and wore a golden breast-plate with a huge tanzanite within its center, matching her violet scaly-slim body as she batted her gorgeous sparkling long-eyelashes with blue eye-shadow over them.

Draken didn’t know what to do, or say. He was stunned, and could feel his heart skipping a beat as he watched her sitting there, continuing to cleanse her body. He made up his mind, and began to walk right up to her. He cleared his throat, and said, “Excuse me miss….”

She stopped, and faced him with her brown eyes. She then said, “Yes…”

“My name is Draken, I am in search for a Laurentum flower to cure a sickness my mother and father have contracted,” Draken explained, as she batted her eyelashes at him flirtatiously, “and I was wondering does a beautiful lady-dragon like you, know where I could find them?”

“Yes, we’ve just picked the last few here,” the violet dragoness tells him, with her brown eyes sparkling with compassion, “Come with me, to my village. I’m sure we can lend some over to you and your family.”

“Thank you, I appreciate the help.”

“No problem,” the violet dragoness said as she began to lead him in the direction of her small village.

Draken then recalled his name, “My name is Draken.”

“I’m Magenta,” the violet dragoness says, “but call me Mage.”

Draken felt this is more than what he imagined for a young dragon like him. He can’t help having this beautiful she-dragon walk all over him, as he followed her to her hometown.

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