Born to Reign

By Heather Lang All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Action


Some step mothers are scarily crazy... then there's Ashie, Calypso's pure human enemy whose hatred of her winged neighbors puts a new twist on the oppressed step-daughter role. Death, rage, and anger drives Ashie to do unspeakable things in the pursuit of power. It starts with the enslavement of her half-breed step-daughter and all the pure bloods within the city.

Chapter 1

It was the year 2056, nearly twenty eight years to the day since the Great War had raged through the land. A once divided nation rallied together under the banner of the human King Ellyll rising up to victory. The young man, barely old enough to be called a man, had made a foolish decision according to all who once stood beside him. He was the first of his people to take a daemon as his bride. When he did so the human people turned against him, demanding that the daemons remain in their place, as slaves, beneath the humans.

When the war ended and the daemon people stood with the humans as equals, the king felt that together they had won a great victory. But it was not without severe costs. Although wounds healed into scars, and the land grew into wealth and beauty, it was not without much tragedy and loss. Countless lives were sacrificed on both sides, including those belonging to the Lucifary household of daemons. The king’s wife also died suddenly while giving him his only child, Calypso. To help raise her, he found a woman amongst his own people, choosing a wife that he thought would be kind, and trusting, that would help raise his daughter up properly.

The once strong king died quite suddenly leaving behind his only daughter, Calypso Ellyll, and her step mother Ashie. The love that had once brought the people together soon faded away revealing the truth. The king that loved the daemon people as if they were of the same breed did not marry a woman that shared his vision. She was of pure human descent and full of the ancient hatred of the winged ones.

Ashie’s lust for power and control washed over the land returning it to darkness once more. Only seventeen, Calypso was powerless against the changes. In daemon tradition, she was not yet a woman until she underwent the ceremony marking her eighteenth year. Her access to the ancestral powers was limited until then and her step mother intended to keep it that way.

In the first few months after the death of the king, Ashie became the regent ruler of the land. Laws were changed and new ones were written, quickly turning the proud and free daemon people back into slaves. Those that did not run were captured and shackled. Their wings were clipped and the stubs burned to keep them from growing back. If they refused to obey the laws they were tortured and branded with a device that caused great pain.

It soon began being called the ring of servitude by those unfortunate enough to be marked by it. To Ashie this was her greatest accomplishment and she wielded it without mercy.

Calypso was the first and an example to the entire nation. She remembered that night as if it were only moments ago. Two men burst into her room dragging her out of her bed as she slept. She cried out in fear and surprise as they carried her down the hall and into the throne room. Her bright silver hair fell in a tangled mess as the men pressed her face first into the table at the center of the room.

Calypso clawed at the men trying to break free as another figure came into view. The only light in the room was the fire place, blazing with hot embers that sparked as flames danced over them, died out, and sprang back to life. She could hardly believe her eyes as they focused on her step mother.

“Not one will be spared,” Ashie spoke in a haunting tone as she picked up the blade.

The silver reflected the light as Ashie turned it over in her hands examining it closely. A hand pressed firmly into Calypsos spine between her wings as another pulled her right wing tightly away from her body. The blade came sweeping down. It was followed instantaneously by pain as she watched her wing fall to the floor.

Calypso wept. Ashie took the blade sliced through her left wing and smiled as it fell away. The man that held her wings as they were cut away returned with a blazing hot iron. As he handed it to her step mother the woman paused slightly and chuckled.

“Your father might have had a soft spot for your kind. But his time is over.” She said with a smirk.

The hot iron pressed against the bleeding stubs on Calypsos back. She wanted to vomit as the searing pain swept through what was left of her wings. As if losing them wasn’t painfully humiliating enough, Ashie wasn’t finished. The men turned her over and tore her nightgown away.

As the hand closed down over Calypsos throat, Ashie reached for her stomach. In a single swift moment her naval was pierced with the ring. When the men released her she fell to the floor.

“You serve me now child. Do not disobey me.” Ashie said as she reached out with her hand.

Ashie pressed the button located on her ring. Calypso’s eyes went wide as electricity shot through her abdomen. When she was finally able to breathe again she pushed herself up onto her knees and bowed amidst the pain.

“I will not disappoint.” She replied through the tears.

Calypso cried for days. She thought for certain that her wings were gone forever. She treated her wounds with a paste she created out of herbs grown in the garden. It took nearly a week before she realized that her wings had begun to grow back. She continued to treat the wounds with the salve until the growth became visible to more than just her.

Again, Ashie clipped and burned them before shocking her into submission. Although she wouldn’t admit it Ashie found herself in awe of Calypso’s raw talent for healing. When she gave up using it though, Ashie knew she had won. So she moved on certain the daemonic people were going to make perfect slaves.

As the laws became a matter of public record, the great migration began. Guards were sent to every home in the city of Ellyllfa known to contain a daemon family. Their orders were to bring them in for enslavement. But word had spread quickly that the princess was the first to endure the torture of enslavement causing uproar amongst the people. The riot within the daemonic people too quickly turned into a revolt against the new government under Ashie’s rule.

Aryian Lucifary, the last remaining Lucifary, took it upon himself to put a stop to the revolt. As the princess endured at the castle, he took several of his closest friends and began going home to home trying to reach his people before the guards did. Each home that was still occupied he ordered to be abandoned, demanding they take nothing with them that they couldn’t carry.

For months this went on, under the very noses of the guards until the last night when everyone else had gone but Aryian. He stayed behind, ensuring that he could not reach those that had already been captured, and having his own plans in mind. As he watched the last of his people fly away toward the mountain ranges that were once the home of his family, he sat himself down to wait.

It wasn’t a long wait before the guards found Aryian lounging back in the market square. He snickered at them proudly, held out his hands, and stood up tall spreading out his grand white wings.

“Take me to your leader,” He laughed defiantly.

The guard, not sure how to respond, stood there silently for a moment. This was the first daemon that didn’t argue or fight back. They stood there looking at each other for what seemed like an eternity before Aryian spoke again.

“Are you just going to stare at me all night or are you going to do your job, coward.” He prodded.

Angered, the guard lashed out breaking Aryian’s nose in a single blow. Aryian did not flinch as he swung his wings back quickly, using the force of the wind behind them to knock the guard to the ground. That was more than enough to get the man’s attention as he pushed himself up from the earth. He shouted louder, bringing more guards to join him in the square.

Aryian was chained at the wrists without any further struggle. He let the guards lead him straight to where he intended to go, right into the heart of the royal families keep.

As the daemons retreated back to the cities of their ancestors the humans pursued them relentlessly. Soon the human cities filled up with those that were enslaved. Ashie and the other lords and ladies of Ellyllfa sent out search parties daily until all were driven from their borders or enslaved within them.

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