Born to Reign

By Heather Lang All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Action

Chapter 4

Aryian Lucifary sat cross legged in his own personal prison. The chains that bound his arms to the floor had long ago made his hands go numb. He remembered a few years back when he had spoken to the king about his daughters’ woman making ceremony.

“She’s brave, independent, and very powerful without even having the ceremony. She will bring back the great rule of the Queen. That is why I ask you Aryian to be the one to make her a woman.” The king stated.

“I understand my lord.” He replied.

“I am hoping someday that she will grow to love you and make you the king that you deserve.” The king wished aloud.

“My lord, that is not necessary.” Aryian stated with sincere shock.

“Of course it is. Your family gave their life for mine. Had it not been for them, Calypso, my only child, would never have been born. Off with you. Give me your word you’ll do what I have asked.” The king replied.

“You have my unwavering loyalty my lord. I will do as you request.” He bowed and excused himself.

Aryian was a man now. It was his duty to keep his word to the king. He was chosen for a great task and saved himself for this one woman. Calypso was the beginning and the end, his body and soul were already sworn to her. He had to find her, whatever it took and bring her to her rightful place.

She was needed to end this madness before the entire species became extinct. But, where was he to start? His intentional capture had brought him right to where he needed to be to look for her. But, he had never met the woman and had no idea what she looked like.

Aryian’s thoughts were interrupted. The door slid cautiously open and the woman of yesterday peeked through the opening.

“Have you calmed yourself?” She asked casually.

“Yes madam. Think there’s anything you can do about these chains? I’m no good to anyone if my muscles lock in place.”

“I’m sure I can do something. But I suggest that you keep those hands to yourself or you’ll not live to regret it.” She raised her hand and the locks fell free.

His eyes went wide for an instant at the show of power, but he regained his composure quickly. He rubbed his aching wrists to get the feeling back into them and looked at the woman curiously.

“So do I get the pleasure of knowing your name?” He asked as he struggled to his knees.

She walked up to him and braced his climb to his feet by locking her arms with his. She helped him stand again making sure he was steady on his feet before responding.

“My name is Calypso.” His eyes went wide again and he fell to the floor dragging her with him.

“My lady!” He stammered.

“Hush with that. Ashie is the queen now. Don’t you ever let her hear you address me like that or we’ll both burn for it.”

“Your father had great dreams for you. I doubt you being a servant in your own keep counted as one of those.”

“You knew my father.” She stated sternly.

“Yes, I met with him several times before he died. I was his choice for your woman making ceremony.” He replied.

“Liar!” She pushed away from him.

“The man my father would have chosen wouldn’t have been captured.” She growled.

“Well I doubt your father had this in mind. I gave him my word. Whatever it takes, even capture. At least he was right about your strength and independence. You could overtake Ashie right now if you chose to.” He smiled.

She threw up her arms and blasted him with a wave of energy that knocked him across the room. With him sitting there against the far wall she stormed out of the room locking the door behind her. He leaned back resting his head against the cold stone shocked, surprised, and pleased that he now knew whom he was searching for was before him all along.

Calypso went into the kitchen and began the preparations for the evening banquet. Tonight the four courts of Ellyllfa met for the first time since the passing of her father. No doubt, her step mother would request that she made an appearance for the sake of keeping up the grand farce.

“Her majesty sends orders that you are to feed the new servant and show him to his quarters.” The lady stated as she walked through the door.

“Alright Bree,” Calypso replied as she picked up the tray with a sigh and headed back toward the door.

“You’re our hope Caly.” Bree called out after her.

Calypso rolled her eyes and shook her head as she just kept walking. Bree had been mumbling these sorts of things at her since she had lost her wings. It was only a matter of time before they were both beaten for it if her friend didn’t silence her wishes. She put the thought out of her mind and made her way back up to the second floor and into the room that Aryian was held captive in.

Aryian was seated in the corner with his head in his lap. Calypso set the tray in front of him and took a seat on the damp stone floor.

“My lady,” He bowed his head.

“Stop it. You’re going to get both of us whipped.” She hissed.

“You are the queen of all our people. Act like it.” He growled.

“Stubborn fool, you’re going to learn the hard way. Now eat and dress yourself. I’ll be showing you the ways of the keep this afternoon.”

“If anyone has something to learn it’s you.” He muttered in between bites.

Calypso touched Aryian’s arm sending a shock coursing through his body. He growled harshly and went back to eating. Once he had finished and dressed, she led him out into the corridor and down a long hallway. At the bottom of the stairs she showed him where he would be sleeping.

She heard him sigh at the sight of the room that was barely big enough for him to lie down in. Calypso watched him drop to his knees. She dropped down next to him, reached out in her mind and located where the call was coming from.

“Come on, on your feet. You’ll get use to it. Let’s hurry before she feels the need to do it again.” She led Aryian up to the second floor corridor and down to the center stairwell.

The decorations there in the keep were the most lavish in all of the rooms except for the great hall. They walked up the stairs in silence and Calypso stopped at the top to knock on the ceiling high red oak doors.

“This should be yours my lady.” He whispered for the first time since the tour began. She in-stepped the heel of her shoe into his toes to silence him.

“Come in.” Her step mother hollered.

They entered, bowed, and stood before her in the center of the informal sitting room.

Ashie was seated in a high backed chair facing the fireplace. She pointed to the closet that belonged to Calypso’s father.

“Find something for the beast to wear in there. I require his services at dinner tonight.”

“Very well, your highness,” Calypso stated steering Aryian into the walk-in.

“This is the size of the sitting room in my father’s keep.” Aryian gawked.

Calypso ignored the comment with a smile. She made her way through the items on the hangers. As she did so she remembered her father with a fond sadness. She settled on a piece at last and reached for the hanger.

“This was my fathers’ favorite suit.” She said pulling one off the rack.

“It’s strange that I didn’t notice before how similar in size you two are.” She stated.

Calypso watched him put the suit on and marveled at how perfectly it fit across his broad chest and over his wing bones. She sighed smiling for a moment and let him stare at the mirror.

“Very good Calypso, that’s all I require of you. Go dress for dinner now. He can wait here.” Ashie stated.

“Yes, your highness.” She bowed and excused herself.

“What’s your name daemon?” Ashie asked.

“Ary, your highness.” He stated.

“Well Ary, your position tonight will be to my left and silent. You disobey me and you’ll feel it.” She ordered.

“Yes, your highness.” He replied through clenched teeth.

“Good. Follow me.” He held out his arm and escorted her to the dining hall.

Everyone was already seated but rose to their feet as the doors opened. Calypso appeared silently behind Aryian and Ashie, following them into the hall. The guests bowed as the two took their seats. Aryian moved off to their left standing in perfect posture.

“Welcome to Ellyll keep. I’m so glad you all could join young Calypso and I this evening.” Ashie nodded to Calypso it was her turn to speak.

“In light of the tragic events of my father’s passing, I have asked my step mother to fill in as regent. I am not prepared for the rule of the kingdom. Once my schooling is complete I will go through the ceremonies, but until then, Ashie is in charge. Now if you will excuse me, there is something that requires my attention.” She stood and looked to Aryian for a moment.

He had tears in his eyes. He wanted to reach out to her, shake the sense back into her. She turned and walked away leaving him alone with the council.

“May I introduce to you my personal servant?” She pointed to Aryian.

“He is here to show you all the power of the latest technology for servants.” She pressed a button on her ring shocking him to his knees.

“Just a few days ago he was a violent beast. Today he is before you as an obedient servant.” She tore away his clothes to reveal the improvements made to the ring around his member.

The council muttered and pointed and stared in awe as Ashie pressed the button again taking him back to his knees. The rage in him built up. He had to bite his tongue to keep from lashing out at the woman and the humans around her that shot glances of approval.

“You are excused Ary, wait for me in my chambers.” She stated at last.

“Yes, my lady.” He straightened his clothes and stormed across the room.

As he left he threw open the central doors violently and walked away. They continued on with the debate as he raced off to find Calypso.

Aryian found her kneeling in the garden. She was dressed back in her servant clothes. Her long silver hair tied tightly back. He fell beside her.

“What in hell did you do that for? Why didn’t you tell them the truth?” He snarled.

“It’s not important right now Aryian. You had better hurry up the back stairs if you expect to beat her highness to her room.” Calypso replied coldly.

“How did you know?” He asked.

She looked at him with tears in her eyes. “That ring you wear isn’t her only weapon for breaking males.”

His eyes grew wide, “I am only for you my lady.” He said grabbing her arms so she would have to look at him.

“Just go.” She demanded turning away.

He raced up the servants stairs and entered Ashie’s chambers through the passage in the wall. He was standing by the window when she entered. He turned only slightly acknowledging her presence as she made her way across the room toward the bed.

“Ah good, you’re here. Now will you help me out of this dress?” She asked.

He cringed, walked up behind her and untied the laces. He slid the dress off her shoulders and turned away as it fell to the floor. She reached for his hand sliding it down from her shoulder and placing it firmly on her breast.

“Now you undress and join me on the bed.” She stated.

“I can’t your highness.” He said pulling away.

“Oh really?” She asked surprised by his response.

“My body and my soul belong to someone else.” He said as he backed away from her.

“Is that right daemon? We will see how you feel when I’m done with you.” She growled in anger.

Ashie pressed the button on her ring sending Aryian to his knees in agony. She towered over him, pressing the heel of her shoe into the wounds on his chest. He wanted to fight back but the electricity shooting through his core wouldn’t let up.

“Guards!” Ashie called out as she stepped away.

Ashie reached for her dress as two guards burst through the door. They took Aryian up by the arms and held him there as she dressed.

“Take him downstairs,” She demanded.

By her order they dragged him to the basement where he was chained up to the ceiling clamps and left to hang there. She proceeded to shock him for several moments at a time. The more he tried to fight back the worse Ashie tormented him. When he nearly broke the chain holding him the guard struck him so harshly blood flowed down from his temple across his cheek.

Dazed, his vision blurred. They repeatedly shocked and beat him until there wasn’t a spot left on his body that wasn’t bloody or bruised. For the rest of the night he hung there immobilized from the pain. She left him there to hang in the damp silence until the next evening where she had him brought to her again.

“Join me in my bed and I shall have you healed.” Ashie said to him as he was held up by the guards.

“I will not,” He replied sternly. “My body and soul belong to another.”

She snickered, “Wrong answer.”

The guards let Aryian fall to the ground as the ring sent the pain radiating outward. He kneeled, defiant still, not speaking, and not giving into her unspoken demands. Ashie grew bored of his defiance, sending him back to the basement with the guards.

Again, Aryian was beaten. His skin was carved away from his chest and arms until the floor beneath him was stained red with his blood. He refused to speak or beg for mercy, there was none to be had. He held his composure in the damp darkness and waited patiently for change to come.

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