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Red Fang

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Name Sake

A name brings a purpose. Drowned in a river of memories. Revived by the breath of destiny. Reviled by the God’s hands. Conquered only by an indomitable soul...

-Fae Premonitions

Fang sat on a stump swinging his legs back and forth hitting his heels on the rough bark texture. He eyed his father as he appeared to be field dressing a small runt of a boar. Its lifeless eyes transfixed ahead as its body would move from the skill of a butcher.

Fang would recoil slightly as he would imagine the boar trying to escape and run for its life as its guts would gently be pulled from its body. Fang quickly closed his eyes in both pity and disgust having had enough.


The rough masculine voice would call out as the sound of the knife halted against the boars hide. Fang slowly opened his eyes as he brought his knees to his chest shaking his head.

"Listen son, we are all part of nature. The boar eats the berry, we eat the boar, we die and become food for the berry. As such the cycle is." The father would state as he pointed his knife as his child.

Fang would eye his father with a neutral expression not wanting to anger his father further. He reviled field dressing animals but could not break himself from enjoying the meat that would be supplied there after. A bitter sweet revelation for the young child to bear. A trial he has yet to pass in his fathers eyes to become a man.

"One day, you will need to fend for your own family and feed them. Wield the spear to fend from predators and protect your homestead. Be willing to draw blood both upon yourself and enemy." His father stated as he shook his head at his son. Fang eyed his father with ill content as he stared ahead thinking of the free time he could be having and the leisure.

Fang's eyes would fall onto a group of girls as they seem to congregate around the older women in the village as they appear to be making crowns made of flowers. No doubt for the upcoming ceremony. His eyes would linger longest on one of girls before his eyes turned back to his father who appeared to have been talking to him the entire time.

"...that is the reason why we save the blood. The pigment in most survival situations tends to scare off most predators as well." The father stated as as he placed the meat of the boar into a bowl and the guts into another. He laid the hide of the boar across his forearm while the carcass of the boar onto a stone slab. The hide he would lay across his forearm. Standing up right he would eye the the rest of the carcass of the boar then back to Fang before stating.

"It is custom that the child bury the carcass so the jungle may claim its spirit. As respect one would take a tooth from their slain adversary or prey and adjourn themselves an amulet." He stated as he motioned towards his own around his neck. Adjourned with varying teeth bones and jewels that shined in the morning jungle glow.

Fang simply nodded as he eyed the carefully ravaged carcass on the stone slab waiting for his father to leave. Not enjoying the piercing eyes he was receiving. Fang sat still eyeing the carcass holding back his disgust and pity. It took him breathing in ever so softly and holding his breath before he took up the courage to stand up and touch the carcass.

His finger slowly touched the skull of the boar as he felt the wet smooth texture against his fingertips. Fang slowly sucked his lower lip in and bit down to hold his grit and resolve. He tasted a tinge of iron and a sting as though he had swallowed a wasp.

His finger then slid down along the exposed spine as he felt the ridges of each vertebrae. Fang would imagine they were small hills as his fingers were walking tress traveling to destinations unknown. His hand eventually made it to the rib cage as he laid his hand across it lightly now closing his eyes.

He felt his fingers caress each rib realizing how small and frail it was compared to his own small hand. The blood and ligaments still attached felt smooth and spongey against his own skin. He would slide his fingers further down until he stopped suddenly as he felt a prick against his fingertip.

He revolted letting out a gasp as he brought his finger to his mouth but stopped suddenly as he noticed both boar blood and his blood on his finger. A tear rolled down his face both out of pain disgust and pity. His now red lip trembled slightly as he stood up holding his finger to his chest. Looking down at the carcass he shook his head in defiance as he walked off towards the river to wash his hands.
His feet padded in the cold mud as he held his throbbing finger close to his chest. Fang's mind raced with imagination and exaggeration thinking the blood was infecting his body and would turn him into a boar. His thoughts ceased as he felt the splash of water against his shin.
Looking forward he caught sight of the river as the white foam crashed against the bank. Small pebbles and river clay ran alongside its bank toiled by years of water shaping its environment. Looking across Fang could tell the outline of the jungle and a small ford where rocks were placed to assists in traversing the river. With the season changing and with rain being more prevalent, the last hunt across this side of the river would soon end until next season.
Fang crouched forward to the river and gingerly set his finger into the river as he let the river slowly wash away any impurities from his finger. His eyes would linger down as the swirl of clay and water lapped at his finger. While an aura of faint red water circled around his finger.

Having always been fascinated by the river Fang sat his eyes upon the river end. The location known as the falling mouth to the villagers. Large stones erected upwards symbolizing teeth, as strange runes were carved into them many years ago. Standing up Fang sought to look over its edge to see the great jungle expanse, but would be interrupted with a poke in his back. Jumping back and turning abruptly, Fang eyed his oppressor hoping it was not his father. To his relief it was the younger girl he eyed earlier.
"Oh Petal, it is you..." Fang stated eyeing the young girl. She seemed to be approximately the same as him. Save for being a head shorter and with longer similar brown hair.
Her eyes a honeyed brow would give a skeptical look to Fang as she rolled her eyes before stating. "We are supposed to prepare for the ceremony, what are you doing out here you dingo?!" Petal exclaimed as she quickly raised a hand to his forehead and tapped it playfully.
Fang's face scoured slightly as he rubbed his head with a slight pout. "I was gona' throw you over the river mouth to see if Petals can float."
Petal's face gasped as she gave a big O face. But playfully slugged Fang in the arm with a smile before stating. "My dad says there was movement along the great road from Takala when he went hunting this morning. Says we may have visitors, perhaps the priests that used to visit!" Petal exclaimed as she slightly adjusts the ring of flowers over her crown.
Fang skewed his face trying not to show his interest yet clearly was as his eyes flashed for a moment. Petal seemed to have taken notice as she smiled. "If you don't show you will miss them!" She stated before giggling and running back up towards the direction of the village.
Fang stood watching his childhood friend run off considering his options. The steady flowing roar of the river cascading to the teeth of the mouth was his constant. Yet the padding of muddy ground aginst the young girls feet was his interest. Perhaps to Fang getting through the day to see new visitors may be worth it. Or so his thoughtd wnadered as he picked up a stick and began dra
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