Purple haze: eve of ages

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Part Two


Purple Haze



Able Arm, The:

A secret forging shop with ancient practices located in Luxton.

Alyssa Rothaide:

Daughter of Mylene & Grimald Rothaide. She is fourteen years old. She has long brown hair, with pale green eyes. She is tall and beautifully slim-curved. She is very high-spirited, funny, social and greatly courteous. She loves nature, yet she has a curious interest in warfare.


Housekeeper of Ennic Frennit for the last six years. She is sixteen years old. She has dark brown hair and eyes. She is a quiet and shy girl that has a deep connection with Issic. Where she is from, is unknown, but there is more to her than meets the eye.


Banisher, The:

He is a large man that always wears an executioner’s mask. He is the champion of the pits and has never been defeated.


He is a king’s army recruit. He is proud and stubborn but also loyal and compassionate. He has a shaved head and a mischievous smile. Lives and trains in the Capital. He is twenty years old.


Capital, The:

Located north of Ruinpine, The Capital is the largest city in the Green Valley. This is where the king makes his throne.


Female in her twenties. She works with Onga and Yanga as a free-lance bandit. She is also remarkably beautiful for a lowlife.


A very culture rich city located east of the Green Valley. Built on the north shore of large lake called the Eye, Ceptai is renowned for their rich wine.


A word used among the common people to describe a person who can alter their form into any creature imaginable.


Son of Lexia and Ihcro.

Commander Camrok:

Lord of the Flame-Eaters hundreds of years ago.

Crystal Eye:

A relic from ancient times said to contain the power of an ancient demon lord. One of them was stored beneath the Flame-Eater Shrine.



A once beautiful desert oasis city, recently destroyed by reasons unknown.


A dire bat has a wingspan of 15 feet and weighs about 200 pounds.


A school for training in various arts of self-defense.


A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that features in the myths of many cultures.


Last, oldest and most powerful of all dragons. His home is located at the top of the Great Peak. He has black scales that shine a deep purple in moonlight.


A model or replica of a human being used to practice swordplay with.



A tribe of earth elementals located south east of Ruinpine.

Earth-Bound Forest:

A large mountainous forest located south east of Ruinpine. It is home to the Earth-Bound tribe.


A word used by the people to describe those whom have the ability to control certain elements. They are an ancient race on the verge of extinction.

Ennic Frennit:

From the Capital. Father of Issic Frennit, he is a larger man with thick arms and a deep crude laugh. He is without a wife.

Eye, The:

The Eye is a great lake that is located to the east of the Green Valley. Its waters are said to be over 200 hundred feet deep.



Hundreds of years ago, they were a disciplined army of dragon slaying soldiers. Today, they watch over the world from their high shrine in the western mountains.

Flame-Eater Shrine:

A sacred place, built by the descendants of the Flame-Eaters a few years after the battle at the Great Peak.

Florence Walter, Sir:

Serves as the king’s messenger. Close friend of Ennic’s.

Forgers Way:

A busy working street located just south of Market Square in Ruinpine. It is home to some of the best smiths in the Green Valley kingdom.


Great Peak, The:

The largest and tallest mountain in The Green Valley. It is situated at the northern most.

Green Valley, The:

A Kingdom and geographic land mark that stretches from the borders of the Lowlands to the south and ends at the shores of the Frosting Sea in the north. See map.


Hendrel, Sir:

A strong aged man with black skin and grey wispy hair. He has a short temper. He served the kings army for thirty-five years before becoming master-at-arms.

Hollow Reach:

Located north of the Capital along the valley road. It is the last free city within view of the Great Peak.

Hurst, Sir:

A tall and gallant man. He is a member of the king’s council and a close friend to the Frennit family.

Hyles Trant:

Played a key role in the battle at the Great Peak hundreds of years ago. He became commander after the death Camrok.



Ihcro is Orchi in his adult years. It is what he has taken to calling himself since the incident at the Flame-Eater Shrine. His eyes have turned purple ever since the exposure to the crystal eye, but much more has changed.

Issic Frennit:

A young, well rounded man of sixteen. He is from the Capital. He is the bastard boy of Sir Ennic Frennit. He has a passion for knighthood and he has great interest in his father’s house keeper, Anbel



A close-fitting, hip-length, collarless jacket having no sleeves but often extended shoulders, belted and worn over a doublet.


King Holtz:

Considered to be one of the greatest kings that lived, King Holtz is actually a selfish and ignorant man and abuses his powers for self-gain.


Lady’s Grace, The:

A pirate ship that seemed to have appeared out of the blue.


Wife of Ihcro. She a woman of common birth from the city of Dalport.


Located, northwest of Ruinpine, Luxton had once been a sacred city that served to protect the path way connecting Luxton to the Flame-Eater Shrine. Today, it is the main city of bandits and cut-throats.



A soldier, almost always a professional warrior in the sense of being well-trained in the use of arms, who served as a fully armored heavy cavalryman.

Market Square:

It is the industrial center point of Ruinpine. It is where the four roads meet and where many merchants, both local and foreign, meet to sell their goods.


A master-at-arms is responsible for discipline and law enforcement and is an officer responsible for physical training.


Goddess of all living things and queen of the elemental gods. It is said that she was able to change into any creature imaginable. In human form, it is said she was nearly eight feet tall. She wore a pearl white gown that always seemed to glow. Her eyes were a light green and her hair was a radiant golden- blond that only complemented her eyes all the more.


They have black eyes. They are the ones who have seen death and have been to the other side and returned. They can see into people’s minds. It has been said that they hold the key to the future.

Morris Landerly:

He was a former captain of the king’s army. Now a member of the king’s council, he spends his time fighting in tourneys and jousts.

Mylene Rothaide:

Wife to the Late Grimald Rothaide. Thirty-nine years old. Her long brown hair is streaked with grey. She is a very strong and determined person.



Pirate captain of the Lady’s Grace. He is from origins unknown.


A hired hand who was given the job of finding women for captain Olivander of The Lady’s Grace (Ship). He is fond of music and singing.


He is a free-lance bandit that works with Celeace and Yanga, He is also considered to be the slowest and simplest minded of his group.


Introduced as a child, Orchi was born and raised with his best friend Panochu at the Flame-Eater Shrine.



Introduced as a child, Panochu (or Pano for short) is happy and playful boy who always spent his time with Orchi as a child. He has grown to become the greatest leader the Flame-Eater Shrine has ever seen. His first act as leader was to reassemble the Flame-eaters.


Young Earth-Bound girl that was captured and forced to work on a ship called The Lady’s Grace.


The desert lands located just west of the Green Valley. Its borders stretch far to the west all the way to the western sea.


A word used to describe a person from the vast lands of Pryganta.

Purple Haze:

A legendary power granted to the wisest and most powerful dragon of all. The purple haze allowed the chosen Dragon to scorch lands in an inferno of deathly purple fire. It could melt flesh and bone, and even stone. Above all else, the chosen dragon was blessed with unnaturally long life.



Located near the southern end of the Green Valley, it is known as the city of crossroads. It is also the home city of Alyssa.



A group of dark magic conjurers, banished from the kingdom for their practices. Relocated to the western desert of Pryganta, the sages have been orchestrating attacks on towns and villages for decades.


A lengthy piece of cloth used to wrap around ones head to protect is from the desert sun.

Smith’s Crow:

An abandoned store located at the end of Forger’s Way in Ruinpine. Some say it holds strange peculiarities.


A battle with the intent on honing your skills. Killing is not permitted. It is for training practices.


A squire was the shield bearer or armor bearer of a knight, and at times squires included a knight’s errand runner or servant.


The Pits:

An underground arena located under the Capital’s busy streets. Tourneys are hosted here all year round as well as executions.


Walsh, Sir:

He is an elderly man. Being at age with the king, Sir Walsh, was named the king’s squire during the king’s knighthood. He then served as lord commander of the king’s army for many years. Now, the king considered him his closest friend and ally. He was the king’s word and will, but not the next in line for the throne.


He is the chieftain of the Earth-bound tribe and a leader of the Earth elemental race. He has shinning green eyes and hair that’s resembles the vines of a willow tree.



Leader of his group. Yanga is a free-lance bandit who always works with Onga and Celeace.


David J. McCartney was born in Quebec City, Canada, where he studied information technology. In his free time, he discovered a passion descriptive writing.

Seeing where his passion might apply, David began writing this book. It is part one of book one in the series called Eve of Ages.

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