The Rogues Beloved Human

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Grayson left his pack and went Rogue after his mate rejected him for the Alpha. Can Grayson fined happiness with his seconded chance human mate? What will Grayson do when the Alpha finds him and wants to ruin his life? Grayson will have to do all he can so the Alpha does not take his mate. This is a prequel to My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs.

Fantasy / Humor
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I have been a Rogue for ten years. I left my pack when my mate rejected me and went to the Alpha to be one of his play toys.

The pain was more than I could bear.

I did not want to stick around and have the Alpha flaunt her around in front of me.

The Alpha was supposed to be my best friend.

I was his Beta, but he threw it all away when he took my mate.

My old pack was called Old Blood.

Before I left, we were the second strongest pack.

But last I heard, they went down to third.

Everyone used to call me Kevin back at my old pack.

But now I only answer to my wolf’s name; Grayson is my wolf’s name.

I must be strong to fight off other Rogues and even some Alphas.

I have brown hair and light green eyes; I am six foot three.

I am twenty-six years old.

I moved into no man’s land about five years ago.

I live alone; I do get lonely sometimes.

I do not believe that there is a second chance, mate, but I think she would reject me too if there was.

Love is not like what you see in the movies or read in books.

That is all fake; love is pain.

I shifted so I could go for a run.

My wolf and I have become more in touch with each other.

We can feel each other more clearly.

We can only trust each other.

People and other wolves cannot be trusted.

As my wolf and I ran, we could see how summer was turning into fall.

All the leaves are changing.

Winter is my favorite time of year.

My wolf and I cannot take the heat.

If it is cold, then we are happy.

We went to the lake; I came here to go fishing.

My wolf and I are off-grid.

We rely on ourselves and no one else.

After a while, we went back home.

I shifted back and got dressed; I cooked fish, rice, and carrots for dinner.

I cleaned up after eating and sat down to read the newspaper.

My wolf asked me why I keep reading the papers when they are always the same?

I told him that I wanted to be informed,

He is right, though; the papers never have anything good to say.

It is always death, destruction, famine, and so on.

I decided that we should go to bed.

I took a long hot shower, and when I was done, I dried off and put my boxers on.

I pulled back the sheet and climbed into bed.

I laid on my back and closed my eyes.

I was off to a dream world, no pain, no nothing.

I am by a lake; I can see a bigger woman standing there by the lake.

I hear her crying.

She has black hair; I cannot see her face.

I asked why she was crying; she said her heart was broken.

I asked her why she said that it was my fault.

How, how is it my fault?

She said that I wouldn’t look for her.

I heard a noise behind me; I turned and looked, nothing was there.

When I looked back at the woman, she was not there.

I called for the woman.

She did not answer me; I looked everywhere for her.

I could not find her.

Then I heard her voice, she said that means I will not come to find her, she will come to see me.

I asked what does she mean?

She just said that she would find me.

I shot up in bed I looked around.

I am still home; what kind of dream was that?

I asked my wolf if he could make sense out of it, but even he was stumped.

I laid back down and stared at the ceiling.

How could I have broken her heart?

I left my pack because of my own broken heart.

I asked my wolf if we knew who she was, he said no.

I did not think so either.

Then who is she? Who am I supposed to find?

With all these thoughts swirling in my head, I finally fell back to sleep.

No more dreams, no more nothing.

The sun hit my eyes, and I woke up.

I hate the sun; it always makes people happy; they are all fools.

I got out of bed and went to the bathroom; it is always hard to pee in the morning.

It is like a sprinkler.

I made breakfast, eggs, and toast.

I cleaned up after eating and went to tend to my garden.

My wolf hates vegetables and fruits but, I need them to be healthy.

After I was done in the garden, I decided to shift and go for a run.

We ran to the lake… to make sure that woman was not there.

She was not there.

I ran all around the woods.

My wolf and I got a smell; we liked it.

It was gasoline and a bonfire.

We decided to find where it was coming from.

We followed the scent; it was near home.

We did not run so we could find it without mistake.

We did not want to take a wrong turn and miss what was giving off this smell.

We followed it; it is coming from a small house about four hundred yards from our home.

My wolf was strolling up to the house.

We see someone’s butt sticking out of the car door.

This is a big butt; the person popped out of the car.

It is a woman, my wolf cried mate!

What? No way! She… she’s the woman from my dream!

My wolf told me that we should go mark her before she could reject us.

She turned and looked at us.

She is the most beautiful woman in the world.

She makes my old mate look like a hobo.

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