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The Witches War: The Veil Book 1

By A. E. Cummings All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


Chasity is a girl who has abandoned as a child, Zuri is the loving soul that took her in but there's more to Zuri that what meets the eye and Chasity soon realises. Alone and afraid Astral stays in her mythical world but soon that mythical world must come to an end, soon it all become clear to her who she is and where her real home lies. As for Zuri the task right now is to keep those girls safe, but she can't even do that never mind run a kingdom... Zuri's being hunted down for her crown, will she give her crown to those who wish her dead?

Chapter 1


The bitter cold air on the mountain tops of Abrya claws at me. I stare down into the frozen tundra of Vahlz to see nothing but vast snow plains. I can hear it in my head, it’s ringing, the scream of a child in need. I cannot decline the call no matter how hard I try but I don’t even know where the call is coming from.

I stand on the mountains edge, I watch in horror as I see an old woman, hair white as snow and eyes of the brightest purple, followed by a young girl, golden haired with bluish purple eyes but tears running down her face as she screams for her baby but the old woman just chucks a baby into the snow, a baby covered in silver blood, the blood of a witch. The golden girl is dragged away.

“You have to let her go” I hear another witch say to her in order to calm her spirits but it doesn’t work. I hear the mother scream the babies name once more before she goes silent, Astral, a pretty name.

I drop down from the mountain and take a look at the baby. It’s not a pretty sight; her insides have been ripped out by some vile monster. Who could have done that to this innocent child? Or maybe it was an act against the mother. I pick up the child and cradle her but where do I go now? How do I save this child?

“The fountain should save her” I turn to find a ghostly figure, a goddess dressed in yellow robes and a crown upon her head, one with yellow gems.

“I have no way of getting to that fountain, it was destroyed during The Witches War” I tell her. She smiles and then a golden necklace appears in her hand with a purple gem in the middle in the shape of a tear.

“Take this, Zuri, The Stone of Destiny will help you reach the past” she places it around my neck. How does she know who I am? My face is covered, my hair is covered with the hood of a black cloak, I wear a scarf that covers from the nose down and a sash over my forehead. She disappears and I am left with a dead child and a golden necklace.

Zuri, that is my name. I am a warrior; dressed in my black body suit I am equipped with hidden blades, and swords, I blend with the darkness, you couldn’t find me even if you tried. I know the ancient ways of warfare. I am the best in Avear but I’m standing here holding a dead child.

So then, how is this necklace supposed to help me get to the past? It glows; I close my eyes to protect them from the blinding light. Then the light fades slowly and I open my eyes to see an usual sight before me. I walk forward, towards Hellia, towards a building; a towering building at that. I see a happy jolly village in the middle of a celebration, everyone is dressed in blue.

I weave into and out of darkness to avoid being spotted as I leave the area and stand in a vast barren plain. There’s a sight that brings me to my knees, before me stands the magnificent Castle Hellia. The Castle was destroyed many years ago along with its famous fountain; the necklace took me back in time. I get up and run to the Castle but before I enter I stop and look over to Willow Forest where I see a young woman, brown haired, blue eyes, small and beautiful girl look to me as two white haired girl argue over something and a red haired girl stares out to the sea.

I look away and head into the famous castle until I reach the castle courtyard in the middle and there it is. The fountain with the water to bring back the dead, I place the child inside the fountain and wait to see what happens.

“You’re not from this time are you?” I look to the young woman from outside. “You must be desperate to save this child” I can only nod to her. I take the child out of the water and she screams, she cries. “She lives” I stand as this woman comes closer. She takes off one of her golden bracelets that shines with blue writing; she gives it to the baby who with big wide purple eyes toys with it with a smile on her face. “I hope that one day we will meet again. Maybe not in the form we are in now but you never know”

“Perhaps, but I must go” I leave the castle and head north through the woods, through sparrow woods. I can’t let anyone see me disappear. Now, Stone of Destiny, take me back. Right enough when the light fades I am back in the dreary darkness of Sparrow Woods and there stands the cottage I came from, but the scream still rings in my head, where is it coming from?!

I must let the baby sleep for now though so I go inside the cottage and lay her in my bed. But I need supplies; I need to get food for her and myself. I suppose I should go get those. I leave the cottage, locking the door, and walk through the woods but not without seeing a young woman running towards me. The screaming in my head gets louder. She hands me the baby.

“Zuri, you must take this baby, I don’t have much time left so listen to me. She’s the only one left that can save you now. My mother has no control over you anymore, it is Chasity now. Protect her at all costs; raise her like she was one of your own” a growl sounds from far off. Her mother begins to run. “But tell my baby, tell her that I love her and I will always love her” she runs into the darkness.

Well this is bloody brilliant, two babies I have no idea what to do with. Now how am I supposed to go home? I can’t go home with a Silverstar child. Chasity and Astral, I now need food for three of us. I look down at the silver blue eyes of the child, her screaming stops and her eyes drop into sleep as she clings to me.

Oh dear child, how innocent you are of the destiny that has been laid out before you. The Destiny that I now carry on my shoulders.

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