Fangs, Claws, and... Pumpkins?

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^^A collection of one-shots in a Halloween setting. ^^In these short stories there will be vampires, shapeshifters, and other supernatural beings that may go bump in the night...

Fantasy / Romance
Presley's Angel
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Chapter 1: Finding Love in a Pumpkin Patch

Tonya sat down on a haybale as the last customer drove away. Her family’s pumpkin patch had done well this year, and she was glad she’d been the one to work it. Glancing down at the small pumpkin at her feet, she picked it up and smiled. Speaking to herself, she softly said, “The only one left, and it’s just big enough for a pie.”

Pulling her focus from the pumpkin in her hands, Tonya gazed off into the distance at the woods that surrounded the field on two sides. Her eyes soon picked up what she was searching for.

The beautiful wolf.

He’d suddenly shown up out of the blue a few weeks ago, before the pumpkin patch had even opened for business, his eyes watching her every move. Then she’d noticed him every day after that. He didn’t show up until after four-thirty, but he did come daily. After all the customers left, Tonya noticed how he slowly crept closer, out of the shadows. It was as if he were watching her as she packed to leave.

Tonya had to admit that he was a beauty, or she assumed he was a male. With a huffing laugh, she shook her head, muttering, “And I’ll feel right stupid if “he” ends up being a “she”!

The wolf, who had been slowly creeping forward, Paused. Tilting his head slightly, he focused on her face as if he had heard her and had stopped to listen.

“You probably did hear me, didn’t you? After all, animals have good hearing,” Tonya said with a sigh. Shaking her head, she told him, “I should get going since the big Halloween Bash is tonight, and woe to the man, or woman, who misses it.”

When Tonya made no move to stand up, the wolf moved slowly closer, and she watched him. She wondered just how close he’d get and if she should be scared. Somehow, she wasn’t, though, just curious about what had even brought him here, to begin with.

The wolf stopped about eight feet from her and let out a soft whine. Then he turned his head slightly sideways, gazing off toward the woods as if he’d heard something. He gave a soft growl, his lip curling before returning his eyes to her.

“Problems?” Tonya asked with a chuckle.

The wolf must have taken the fact that she hadn’t moved and that she was speaking to him as a sign that it was okay to move even closer. He began to move forward once more, and Tonya couldn’t help her it. Her instincts caused her to freeze. After all, wolves were predators, and she had nothing to defend herself with if he decided to attack.

The wolf seemed to notice her reaction because he stopped perhaps two feet from her. Then he lay down and whined. Next, he rolled over then, onto his back, a sign of trust, to show her his belly, among other things.

Tonya laughed, and her fears left. “Guess that answers the question as to where you’re a boy or not!”

The wolf rolled back over onto his belly and began to hurry forward on it.

“You don’t act like a wild wolf,” Tonya softly said as she slowly held her hand out.

The wolf stuck his snout out and slowly sniffed. Then with a whine, he bumped her hand with his head.

Tonya laughed but began to pet him. His fur was soft and thick and seemed to be exceptionally clean too. They stayed like that for long moments, her gazing at nothing while deep in thought and him making groaning noises she assumed were from enjoyment. He soon had his head propped up on her knee.

Finally, after ten minutes or so, she gave him one last pat and stood. The wolf also stood and whined as he rubbed his head on her thigh.

“Sorry, boy, I need to get the trailer loaded. If I don’t hurry….” Tonya’s voice trailed off as she watched a truck come flying up the trail from the road. “And I’m late because there is my ride. Flynn is going to fuss on me for not having the trailer ready to go.”

The wolf turned and gave a slight growl as her brother climbed out of the cab of the truck.

“You ready to go? I have to get home in time to get ready and pick Becky up before the Halloween Bash starts,” Flynn reminded her.

Tonya laughed. “You’re such a girl, Flynn.”

Flynn grabbed her and started squeezing her as she shouted at him to stop.

Suddenly a growl was heard, and Flynn froze. “What was that?”

“Oh, that was the wolf,” Tonya answered, pointing to her left as Flynn’s grip on her tightened. He’s been admiring me from afar for weeks now, and today he let me pet him.”

Flynn let Tonya go and moved to stare at the wolf. The wolf bared his teeth, giving a low growl. Flynn moved backward, and the wolf moved to stand between him and Tonya.

“I don’t think he liked me messing with you,” Flynn solemnly stated.

“Apparently not. Now help me load the trailer so we can get home. I’m hungry and dirty,” Tonya agreed. Then reaching down, she patted the wolf on the head as she murmured, “He’s my brother, boy, and he wouldn’t hurt me for anything in this world. However, I must go now, but perhaps I’ll see you around.”

Tonya and Flynn quickly loaded the trailer and hitched it back up to the truck. The wolf sat and watched them the whole time. When they’d finished, they got in the truck and took off down the road.

“That is one pitiful looking wolf we’re leaving back there,” Flynn commented as he looked out the rearview mirror.

Tonya looked out the side mirror to see the wolf standing with his head hung low. Then she watched as he slowly turned and walked back to the woods, his tail dragging low. “Yeah, he is, isn’t he? I wonder if he was someone’s pet? He sure was tame to be a wild wolf and clean too.”

Flynn snorted. “Clean?”

“Well, yeah. I mean, I petted the wolf for quite some time, and my hand doesn’t stink or anything. Not like it does after petting that overgrown thing you call a dog.”

“Hey! Don’t talk about Rocky that way. He can’t help it if he’s fat. That’s Dad’s fault because he’s always feeding him.”

“Yeah. Whatever helps you sleep at night,” Tonya said with a snort of laughter.

The rest of the ride home was pleasantly silent.

Tonya stepped into the large barn where the Halloween Bash was being held. She smiled at the couples, dancing, laughing, and having a good time, as they moved over the hay-strewn floor. Her smile fell as she noticed her older brother and older sister dancing with their spouses, her younger brother with his girlfriend.

Oh, how she wished this had been the year she had someone to hold in her arms. It seemed as if she’d be old and gray before there would be someone special in her life.

Tonya huffed and looked away from her happy siblings. She’d broken up with Leroy, the last looser she’d thought worthy of her time, three months ago. He’d been great, or she thought he was until he’d taken her to meet the other woman, Sally, who he’d also been dating, from the next town over. He’d explained how he believed in multiple wives, and he’d chosen the two of them for his first two. When Tonya had told him no way, he’d become annoyed. He’d then gone on to say she should be happy he’d picked her because he’d also thought about picking her friend Irma instead.

The nerve of that jerk. It still riles me up every time I think about Leroy.

Tonya was still fuming because when she’d told Irma, she’d laughed. Then she’d told Tonya that Leroy was hot, and she didn’t mind sharing. A few days later, she’d seen the three of them, Leroy, Irma, and Sally, all laughing at a fancy restaurant in town.

Irma was now dead to Tonya.

Tonya made her way over to the table, poured herself some punch, and slowly drank it. When she was finished, she threw her cup in the garbage as she glanced around. She was determined to have a good time, no matter what, and quickly scanned who all wasn’t dancing.

Noticing her brother’s friend Ben off by himself, she walked over and said, “Hey, Ben.”

Ben turned to her with a smile. “Hi, Tonya, enjoying the dance yet?”

“Oh, I was running late, so I just got here. Want to be my first dance?” Tonya asked.

“I’d love to,” Ben told her. Then, taking her hand, he led her onto the floor.

The two of them danced a fast dance while they laughed and reminisced. Then they danced three more before Tonya said, “I need a drink.”

Ben laughed. “And I see Diann over there looking lonely. Catch you later, Tonya.”

“Later,” Tonya agreed as she turned away and headed for the refreshment table again.

After quenching her thirst, she decided some fresh air would be nice. Slipping through the crowd, she pushed her way out the open back door of the barn. Walking a little further away, where she could still hear the music, but it was no longer a deafening roar, she stopped to stare up at the sky.

The stars were bright, the moon almost full, so beautiful.


Startled by the sound of someone speaking, Tonya gasped and turned swiftly. “Oh! You startled me. I didn’t know anyone else was out here.”

The man smiled. He wasn’t someone Tonya knew, yet she felt like she should because those eyes looked so familiar to her. They were a deep shade of green that seemed to almost glow in the moonlight.

“Ah, well, I must confess to having followed you. I have no interest in the dance itself, but I waited, hoping you would come out at some point,” the man sheepishly admitted.

Tonya raised an eyebrow. Do I have a stalker now?

“Um… okay, not sure I like the sound of having someone follow me, but alright,” Tonya said in response. “So, what is your name?”

“My name is Simon Green.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you around before,” Tonya commented.

“I live out west of town. Well, I do now anyway. I moved here from Oregon a few months back because I decided to expand the construction company I own,” Simon explained.

“Ah, alright then. Well, my name is Tonya Carter, and I’ve lived here all my life. My dad owns a lumber and garden center, and we also raise pumpkins.”

Tonya thought she saw a smirk cross his face at her words, but it was quickly gone.

“So, does this mean we aren’t strangers anymore?” Simon asked in a husky voice as he moved slightly forward, closer to her.

Tonya cocked her head, she felt as if he wanted something from her, yet she wasn’t sure what. Maybe it was the full moon causing these crazy emotions inside her or her loneliness, but she was feeling bolder than she’d ever felt with a man before. The thing was, she wanted something from him too, a kiss.

“Almost,” she whispered as she stepped closer.

Then standing on her tiptoes, Tonya pressed her lips to his. She felt the shock of electricity to her toes and moaned at how good his lips felt. Bringing her arms up, she wrapped them around his neck, pushing her body closer to his until they were touching, chest to thigh.

Simon gave a groan of his own before he placed his hands on her waist. Then he pulled her even closer. When he finally pulled his lips from hers, she took a deep breath, tilting her head to the side for him to continue kissing down her neck.

“Do you feel it?” Simon asked, moving back up to nip at her ear. “Do you feel the tingles, the need, the feeling of rightness? I do. Ever since you touched me earlier, I knew you were mine, my soulmate.”

Tonya pulled back to look at him. Simon’s eyes were dilated and hooded, his breathing fast.

“What are you talking about? I’ve never seen you before now, much less touched you!” Tonya exclaimed.

“Oh, but you have. Remember the wolf?”

Tonya drew in a startled breath. The eyes, it was all in the eyes. She could see it now, and Simon looked at her the same way the wolf had as if he was caught in her web and never wanted to leave.

But how? Oh, sure, she’d heard tales of werewolves living in these woods all her life, but she hadn’t believed them. A man who turns into a wolf, seriously? Maybe he was just a loony who believed way too much in old legends.

“I can see the disbelief in your eyes,” Simon murmured. He now had one hand under her shirt, caressing her bare skin and causing shivers to move up her spine. His soft touch was also generating heat to build in her belly and between her thighs. “I am what I say I am, and you are my soulmate, the half of myself I’ve been searching for since I turned sixteen.”

“What, soulmate? First, you want me to believe you are a wolf, and now your soulmate? Both are pretty much nonsense!” Tonya all but scoffed.

Yet there was no denying the pulling in her heart and body to be with him. To have him wrapped around her. His heat only made her hotter, and she felt like she was on fire with the need for him. She’d never felt this way about Leroy, and she had been going to marry him.

This is a man I’ve just met, and yet… Tonya shook her head and stepped back from him. The loss of touch made her want to cry whine.

Simon did whine, an animalistic whine that had her eyes returning to his. In those eyes, she saw hurt, as if it pained him for her to move away from him. It was a feeling she found herself reciprocating, and without thought, she moved closer to him once more.

He gave a satisfied sound of contentment as he wrapped his arms back around her.

“I need you, Tonya. I literally can’t live without you now that I’ve found you. That’s how the mate bond works. It draws two people together, binds their hearts and lives together. Creates a love like they’ve never felt before, or will again. The moon goddess has blessed me this night with you. Please, please accept me as yours,” Simon whispered, his breath blowing in her ear.

Tonya wanted, oh how she wanted to. But could she let go of the hurts done to her heart and accept a man she’d just met? A man who claimed he could turn into a wolf?

Taking a deep breath, she pulled her head from his shoulder and gazed into his eyes. “I want to see you actually change into the wolf I saw in the pumpkin patch. You say you’re him, but—” her voice trailed off as he nodded.

“Come,” Simon said as he took her hand and led her away from the barn. “Do you have a vehicle? I ran here.”

“Um… ye-yeah,” Tonya said with a glance at his profile.

Tonya was slightly confused as to why he would run here. After all, it had to be a good ten miles on foot if he lived on the west side of town. However, it was his business, so with a shrug, she let it go.

Making their way to her truck, she handed him her key, and after helping her up into the cab, he got in. They were soon on their way, and in roughly ten minutes, he pulled into a narrow driveway.

Tonya stared at the small house, one she’d seen before. “Wait, I know this house. My brother’s friend, Ben, grew up here.” She turned to stare at him in the dark cab and saw him nod.

“Yeah. Ben is my cousin. After the kids were grown, his parents decided the house and land were too much upkeep for them, so they moved into town. The house stood empty until I moved in because Ben built his own home further into the woods,” Simon explained as he opened the truck door.

Tonya turned back to look once more at the house. If she remembered right, it was a four-bedroom house, three bathrooms, with a home office, a living room, and a den, plus a dining room. In other words, it was a massive house for one man to live in.

Tonya’s door opened, and she glanced at Simon as she asked, “Why here? Why such a big house of one man?” she asked him softly.

“Because when I came to town, I felt that somewhere in this town was my mate. I was staying with Ben, but after seeing you the first time in the pumpkin patch, I knew I’d be staying even after I had my company going. So, it just seemed right to move into this house. I’ve had to do a bit of work on it since it’s been empty for a few years, but it will have been worth it if you like it,” Simon answered. “Now, let’s get you out, and I’ll change into my wolf for you if that’s what you want.”

Tonya nodded and took the hand Simon held out to her. Getting out of the truck, they walked around the front of it.

Simon stepped away from her and began to remove his clothes as he said, “It will shred my clothing to change in them.”

Tonya nodded and swallowed as she tried to do the right thing and not look at him below the belt. Sadly, it wasn’t working for her, and she found her eyes roaming over his body from head to toe. He was gorgeous, tan, tone, and well built in the manhood department.

Simon took a deep breath, and the air shimmered around him as he changed forms. One minute he was man, the next wolf.

Tonya wouldn’t have believed it if she didn’t see it with her own eyes. Simon indeed was the wolf from the field. Dropping to her knees, Tonya wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in his fur. He smelled good even in this form, like sunshine and musk. “You smell so good.”

Then, in the blink of an eye, he was human again and kissing her. When he finally broke for them to breathe, he whispered, “I need you, my mate. I need to hold you, kiss your body from top to bottom. I need to love you, claim you, mark you as mine.”

Simon began to nip and kiss at her neck as she moaned. She felt the heat once more flood her body, and she knew then that human, or wolf, she wanted this man. She wanted him to be hers.

“Yes, yes, Simon, I accept you. Make me yours,” Tonya all but whimpered as he sucked hard on the base of her neck.

It didn’t matter that Tonya’s family might think she’d fallen too quick. All that mattered was how Simon felt about her. So, pulling him back, she gazed into his eyes. “Simon, I think… I think I love you already. You do something to my heart every time you look at me, and I like the way it feels.”

Simon smiled and picked her up before heading for his house. “You do something to my heart too, Tonya, and I know for a fact that I love you.”

He carried her inside and straight to his room, where he stood her on her feet.

“I need to explain something to you. In the shifter world, we have what is called a claiming mark. This shows any un-mated males or females that a shifter is taken. It is a bite, placed here,” Simon rubbed a finger lightly at the crook of her neck. “It will change the way you smell to other shifters, giving you my scent. It also is as good as a human marriage, a marriage where there is no divorce. Once I claim you as mine, there is no turning back for me.”

“Okay,” whispered Tonya. “Will it hurt?”

“Only for a moment. Then the pleasure will set in, and you won’t even remember that I’m biting you,” Simon assured her.


Simon began kissing her again, and it wasn’t long before the fire returned to her belly. As Simon kissed her, Tonya started to strip out of her clothes. Then he continued kissing lower and lower until he was on his knees in front of her.

Tonya whimpered as he kissed her sensitive belly, lightly nipping as he moved one hand between her thighs. She shifted to give him more room and grabbed hold of his shoulders. Her nails dug in as she felt his fingers move through her feminine folds.

“So wet,” Simon murmured as one of his fingers slipped inside.

Tonya cried out as she felt his finger moving where no man had ever touched her before.

“So tight,” Simon cooed as he gave her belly another kiss.

“Simon,” Tonya softly cried. “Please!”

Simon removed his finger and stood, kissing her once before asking, “Please, what, my darling?”

Letting her eyes flutter open, Tonya gazed at him. “Please make love to me, make me yours. I need to feel you.”

With a light growl, Simon backed her up until she was at the edge of the bed.

Tonya lay down, and Simon parted her thighs with his hands before laying down between them. As his lips brushed against her ear, nipping lightly, she thought she heard him whisper, “mine,” but it was so softly she wasn’t sure.

Simon locked his gaze with hers as he used one of his hands to place his stiff shaft at her entrance. Then, gazing into her eyes, he said, “I, Simon Green, promise to love, cherish, and protect you as long as I breathe. It is my honor, as your friend, lover, and husband, to do these things for you.”

“I accept,” Tonya whispered. She wasn’t sure if she was supposed to say anything or not, but it sounded like the right thing to say.

As soon as she said this, Simon thrust into her, causing her to cry out slightly. Then there was nothing but pleasure building as he kissed and nipped her lips. Soon their moans filled the room, and as she felt her orgasm building, she whimpered, her hips bucking upward to meet his.

Simon,” Tonya cried out, her back bowing upward as the muscles in her stomach clenched. Just as she felt her release coming, she felt his teeth at her neck. She felt no pain though, only pleasure, as he moved faster, thrusting hard and deep. She pulled her knees higher, felt him go even deeper, then she exploded, her scream filling the air as he continued to thrust.

Simon let out a howl as he found his release, pulsing inside her as she squeezed him tightly. Her thighs tightened around his hips as they lay panting together.

“Ah, darling, how I love you,” Simon whispered, raising his eyes to meet hers.

Tonya smiled and said, “I love you too, and it will be quite the story to tell our children how we found love in the pumpkin patch.”

Then they laughed softly together, each thinking about how Halloween would never be the same for them again.

The End

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