Bodelia's Anguish

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Chapter 4

Bodelia surveyed the vast expanse of her universe. There on a backdrop of countless stars, that transformed the blackness into deep blues and purples, Alhanassa slowly rotated. As the three moons, half shrouded in darkness, blocked out the radiance of the sun, her discussion with The Immortal Council was still very much on her mind. The scene before her held a majestic beauty which had never failed to calmed her, until now.

Harsh as her punishment for Bren’has had been, they agreed that allowing his influence to affect the mortals was an unforeseen opportunity. His lack of magic could be overcome, as the mortal’s grasp on their own powers grew. Bodelia would not let him be stronger than her children. Racked with sadness and regret, Bodelia sighed. It would not do to let this overshadow her plans. Closing her eyes she took a long cleansing breath. On opening them she chose to see what was before her with a clear mind and spirit. Slowly, she let the joy of her creation spread through her veins. As difficult as it was, she focused on those feelings and not the negative.

Sensing the chanting that would bring forth The Immortal Council and the temple, Bodelia knew it was now time to set her plan in motion. With her decision made and knowing the council agreed with Imbhane’s punishment, she joined her sisters in the chant. The words filled the space between them, bringing forth the white vapour that became solid and formed the pillars and structure of the courtly tabernacle. Her mind filled with the hushed voices of the council as they settled. The astral forms in the conclave jostled each other for a place closer to the barrier that separated them from their goddess.

Steepling her fingers against her lips Bodelia sat back on her throne and watched what was transpiring before her. Making a circle, the three sisters took each other’s hands. A colourful glow appeared around them and began to swirl and dance as the magic they held was put on display. The manifestation of their powers was a splendour to behold. Ostar’s earthy greens and soulful lilacs, Lithna’s hot reds and vivid yellows, Imbhane’s cold blues and stark whites expand and combine. Colours twist in a vibrant pillar of shimmering energy, which rose above their heads. The three Lesser Goddesses faced Bodelia and knelt before her.

Anticipation rippled the reality of the temple, the pillars and floors reflecting the colours in the energy left floating above the goddesses. Gasps of delight echoed around the vaulted ceilings. Bodelia stepped forward and lifted her magic filled hands towards the display. Light, golden and warm surrounded her hands and gently floated towards the energy; encircling the rest until the brightness became too intense to focus on. In a gust of wind and a cascade of colour, the energy burst, sending tiny iridescent stars spinning off in all directions. Applause of appreciation filled the temple before slowly dying away as Bodelia held out her hand for her sisters to rise.

Ostar, though small in body, with hair so black it shimmered purple in the light, was strong of spirit, devoted to others and had a desire to serve.

“My stewardship, dear sister?” With her chin held high and her emotions full of duty, she stepped forward.

“Dearest Ostar, your magic embraces the power of new life. Give a moon and the magic of life your name, bring new life to all things. Whether it be plant, beast, insect, bird or if it swims in Alhanassa’s vast oceans. it is yours to command. After your sister brings the sil’hna to an end, it shall be reborn by your power. Your magic will never harm, only heal and strengthen. Because of your loyalty to me and your fellow goddesses and gods, your magic will have the power to restore life, to return a soul not yet heaven bound. Those who are one with nature and strong in spirit will have great power. Yours will be the first magic Alhanassii people will know.”

“I accept my stewardship and make my vow to you, Most High Goddess and The Immortal Council; may the children of Ostar serve you.” Gracefully, Ostar bowed her head then returned to her spot.

Holding her hand out, Bodelia’s asked, “Lithna, will you take your stewardship?”

“Yes, I will gladly take up my stewardship, and make my vow to you, Most High Goddess and The Immortal Council.” She stepped closer to Bodelia. Lithna’s long fiery curls bobbed up and down as her excitement could hardly be contained.

“Give a moon and the magic of growth your name. Bring Alhanassa to bloom, bring her to harvest, spread the light and heat that will beautify my world. Your magic will be of fire and of the earth.” A spark of hope filled Bodelia’s heart as she felt her sister’s acceptance of her stewardship. Lithna gave a flamboyant curtsey and stepped to Ostar’s side.

“And finally, Goddess Imbhane, will you accept your stewardship?” For the briefest of moments a ripple of tension swept through The Immortal Council. Feeling the unease, Bodelia smiled warmly at her sister, who stepped closer and took her hand.

“Yes, I will gladly take up my stewardship, and my punishment. I make my vow to you, my dearest sister, Most High Goddess and The Immortal Council. I vow to earn your forgiveness and strive to teach your children to use their magic for the good of others.”

“Give a moon and the magic of sleep your name. After a bountiful harvest, your magic will end the cycle of the moons, it will bring the cold and stillness. During this slumber Alhanassa will be restored, preparing the way for Ostar and new life. Without you, Imbhane, our world could not be reborn in the new sil’hna, to begin the cycle again. Water and ice, within the skies and on the land will be your domain, there is great power to be had from embracing this magic. Take time to reflect on your actions and how you came to be deceived by a god, who was beneath you.” Bodelia reached forward and brushed her sister’s face with the back of her hand. Imbhane closed her eyes for the briefest of moments, as if committing her touch to memory, then stepped back in line with her sisters. A tentative air of courage flowed freely from her. Hope flourished and the abyss that threatened to overpower them was pushed away as relief overcame The Immortal Council.

“Soon, the mortals will take their place in Alhanassa, take time to enjoy the beauty of the world we created, for soon it will be their realm. Do not let this dark magic spoil our existence, do not be selfish and think of only one’s self. Bright blessings.”

As the council of immortals rose from their seats, the temple began to fade. Each goddess and god returned to the location they had come from. The Lesser Goddesses would now prepare for their stewardships. They stood straight, holding each other’s hands. Bodelia took Ostar’s outstretched fingers and joined them in their circle and for just a few moments they basked in the love they shared as sisters.

Bodelia returned to the green lush meadows of Alhanassa. She sighed, yes her heart was heavy but she had much to be joyous about. She looked to the sky and the grey clouds that had gathered in her absence and smiled. Quickly they vanished and once again the sun soaked the meadow with brilliant light. The crickets began to chirp, birds began to sing and the tiny drai’hg returned to their frolicking.

Balance, which is what her world needed. And with her sisters governing the magic, Bren’has will play his part whether he likes it or not. Bodelia sighed in contentment, the musical sound bringing more dragon imps out to play. Standing, she held out her arms for them to perch. She began to sing, the melody filling the air around her and the meadow blossomed with tiny yellow and blue flowers as the Most High Goddess Bodelia blessed it with her presence.

The End

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