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An enthralling epic spanning 5 decades of warfare. Come, watch the story unfold.

Fantasy / Adventure
Abhishek Dey
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The wind whistles gently and the leaves rustle in peace, inducing an effect no less than a trance. In mere moments however, this trance shall break, for a colossal battalian marches steadily over the horizon. The battle to decide the fate of the empire of Bridgerton shall take take place, and they shall be a part of this historic bloodbath. The White Ravens - a mercenary group find themselves amongst this battle. Allied to King Gnum, they shall aid them fully in battle; for if they win, spoils of unfathomable riches await them.

The flag of the Ravens soar high, but even higer soars the flag of Brigderton, meeting eye to eye with the sprangled flag of Kotum Empire growing ever closer. Not much time is now left for the battle to begin, Zarus can already see the war horns being readied at once. His men are scared and so is he, and so are all the people in the battlefield, where they will lay waste to this slumbering paradise. The evergreen grass will be laden with blood, hills be painted in red and dying spirits will plague the land, for this is war. Only the victorious shall be known and rest be forgotten. He draws out his sword and his men follow suit, warhorns now bellow out to produce a deafening cacophony.


The men at once rush together with a beautiful display of comradrie and spirit. They may be unaware of the suffering to come, but each and every mind here know that this battle shall be immortalized. It shall be etched into the golden books of history, for an empire shall fall here today and from it's ashes the victor will rise.

With blinding speed and hardened vigour, the two sides clash in an epic battle, leaving nothing but death and destruction in it's wake.

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