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Lycan's Rise Book 2 of Fallen Innocence

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I am sure you all know me; I am Jenna the werewolf who is also a Lycan...well that is part of who I am. It has been foretold that I shall be the Lycan Queen, the queen over all werewolf and Lycan alike...yes even my mates. Got to love it don't you. No, this doesn't mean I get to get away with anything I desire...far from. My mates are extremely protective yet what do you expect from three Lycan's and a Vampire? Well not to mention we do have a pup coming...I guess that could be why they take it over the top at times. So, all of the injustice with the Pike's Peak pack has turned me into a Lycan who will not stand for innocence being harmed for the purpose of the betterment of themselves. I am the vengeance these Selfish, power-hungry Alpha's shall meet...no longer will innocence suffer to their hands. These innocent pack members don't have their own Alpha to protect them, then they shall have ME!

Fantasy / Erotica
A Fallen Angel
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It Begins

I opened my eyes hearing screaming coming from outside of our room, I tried to sit up finding myself buried underneath my mates. Yes, I know I have several mates and I would not change it for anything in the world. Seriously, who can say they have Lycan mates along with a Vampire mate? Yes, I said vampire...and damn is he gorgeous.... yes, he looks very brooding but damn! My mates all look like they could be models. How did I get this lucky? Yet they all like piling on me to make sure I go nowhere without them.

Since we arrived back to the pack everyone has been bustling around preparing things for the Luna ceremony. I wonder if I am going to be the first Luna to have four mates...and they are not normal mates by any means, we are Lycan’s along with my one mate who is a vampire.

Yes, I know as the old stories go, a thousand years ago Lycan’s ceased to exist. The prophecies foretold of my mates and myself, saying I would end up the Lycan Queen...ruling over all werewolves. I still don’t know about that, but I know I have my mates where I want them. Hehe...they are attentive and fiercely protective and possessive.

As I look over to each of them, they look like angels sleeping, well kind of...mind you they can be ruthless killers. Yes, even Brent...he has gone after several werewolves for even looking at me more than a passing glance. I mean is it necessary to rip someone’s eyeballs out with your claws? Talk about harsh...but he is who he is. As I felt my sleeping devils stirring beside me, I looked down and grinned at them.

“Devils are we, or are we the angels you were just peering upon? Make up your mind woman!” Johnathan laughed.

All I could do was grin at him as my cheeks turned a bright red, almost the shade of a very ripe apple. I giggled as I felt them all begin to move against me. The feeling of sparks and surges sent me into overdrive. I have to admit being pregnant has made me even more aroused when they touch me. Not that they are complaining about it in the least.

I think they are loving it so much they would rather keep me pregnant. Yet, they did that to me anyways beforehand as well. I simply cannot get enough of them any way you spin it. They are my mates and my loves, and I LOVED every single inch of them...mm. I need to get my thoughts straight or I am not going to get the opportunity to update you. I am getting sidetracked by them. So where was I?

So, what has happened since Jameson? Well, we stabilized my old pack land, my father and my mother have returned to it. He is once again the Alpha there; our pack has returned to the land. My father is also Alpha of the old Pike Peaks pack which is also part of the Blood Moon Pack now.

He has made a transition between the two parklands easier, there is a road that runs between them. The pack members get to choose what area they choose to live in, yes pack members are added to it often, so I am happy there is plenty of room for everyone. As for our pack, it is growing, and we have gained many warriors from the Pike Peak pack as well. Some of our good warriors have taken the initiative of going to our branch of the pack where my father is to train warriors. They needed it badly. That pack is part of our pack, so it needs to be strong and ready to defend at any moment.

As far as my mates and myself, coming back home felt wonderful...Damien is still here, he won’t let me leave his sight. Nor will Cliff, Johnathan, or Brent...they are extremely protective even more so now that I am pregnant. I am already feeling as though I have been pregnant forever. It has only been about two months since I got pregnant but still, I can feel the changes. Alright, yes, I know mood swings and being emotional go with it...but no one warned me about turning even more vindictive and to the point Lycan.

Well with all this screaming going on I cannot concentrate to continue going over the past two months. Things are looking up; our packs are expanding and are happy. Ugh! Whoever is screaming better shut up before my mates rip them apart for waking me? They don’t play when it comes to me.... they rather just remove the problem and be done with it. I hope this is satisfactory for an update well to this point but if not, tough! I am irritated with this yelling and screaming going on outside my door to care about anything.

Cliff climbed out of bed and walked for the bedroom door, his bare ass so tight and firm, his muscles bulging and moving under his flesh... mouth-watering I must admit. Wait a min.

“Mate clothes! MINE!” I yelled at him.

His eyes widened looking down realizing he was as naked as a jaybird; he turned his head to me and grinned. He walked over to the dresser pulled out a pair of shorts and slipped them on as he walked to the door. Damien and Johnathan climbed in front of me blocking the view from the door to me. Oh, yeah, I am naked as well...they don’t like me being seen by anyone. So even when I shift no one is allowed around me until I am dressed, per my mates.

I would hate to think what they would do to someone if they saw me when I shifted back. Well considering what Brent did to the werewolf for looking at me for too long. Cliff yanked the door open to see many people running along the hallways yelling at the top of their lungs. Orders are being barked out from one to another. What could have everyone in such a tizzy? I did not like being woken like this, that is for sure.

Cliff grabbed a man that was running by the doorway by the arm, his expression of shock that his Alpha just grabbed him.

“Why is there so much yelling going on? Did you not realize our mate was sleeping along with us? How is this called for? Now tell me why everyone is freaking out!” Cliff demanded.

“Johnathan’s parents, have arrived. We were not expecting them yet, and now we are trying to get everything prepared. Their car should be arriving at the house in a moment.” The man rambled.

Johnathan growled lowly knowing now he would have to deal with them. He wanted to kill his parents, so perhaps this is his opportunity that is if Cliff doesn’t kill them first. I am sure his beta was with him as well...the one who portrayed Cliff's father all these years. Cliff loved his parents, no not the ones who gave him away but the ones who loved and raised him to be a good man. I could feel the rage building in Cliff because Johnathan’s parents had stolen the Alpha-ship from him along with tossing him away as if he were useless to them.

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