The Sight

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In a world divided into territories ruled by the Lords, magic is precious and only royals have it in their blood. Anatolia is a girl born with a special gift but she is a commoner, a nobody... or is she? As she runs from the east, she meets a man with his own agenda. Together, they must face the cruel world as it is, or can they change it?

Fantasy / Romance
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***Initial chapters of this story are short. They will get longer as the plot builds up. Also, this is a draft and not the final story so ignore the typing errors. This is also my first attempt at writing so bear with me.***

Darkness...and a distant sound of wind swishing, footsteps and shouts.... that's what she hears when she tried to open her eyes up.

A sudden feeling of unease rises up in her... where is she? Why is she not in her home with her dad and sister...

DAD!! Maisy!

The images of her past few hours hit her like a ton of bricks and her hands start shaking....

I'm still not remembering everything...but... I need to move and move fast.

"Go south!" ... that's what she remembers.

Go south Ana! Don't look back !! Don't stop until you're safe ! Remember! Her dad has said.

Squinting, she looks around.

It is the Leukós forest! She realises.

She is much farther from her village, the leukós is at the edge of East... it's trees very dense and tall, with ancient magic and creatures lurking in it...

No one in their right minds make a trip to this forest.

I must be out of my mind to be here...

Groaning, she tries to get up and look at her surroundings...

She is lying in a shallow trench under a big tree , barely hidden from the road some further away from the forest.

I must have hit my head and fallen unconscious after all that running and hiding!

Well I need to move if I don't want my backside handed to me .... or well.. the Lord .... hell no !

Shuddering, she looks at her lap and sees that she has a little bag which is stuffed with her random things... so I must've left in a hurry, she muses.

"Tick tick ...tttick"

Her head whips around to the source of the sound.

"Wh...who's there?" She inquires.
"Tick tick tickkkkk "

"H. Hell..hello?" , she is terrified now.

What if the Lord's men caught up my trail an.... NO! I must not think like that,

she gets up and starts walking towards the source of the voice, her muscles aching in protest.

It is almost midnight and the Leukós forest is very silent except for that ticking sound.

Well, here goes nothing,
you're gonna die anyway ....

She creeps out of her hiding and finds an antique clock with its arms trying to turn making that ticking sound.

This does look important a bit.... but why...!

Musing, she takes the object and starts examining it.


The voices sound quite near and get her out of her thoughts.

Get a hold of yourself you have been training for this!

Moving quickly, she soon hides behind another tree, holding her breath.

I Need to cross the Leukós soon ... The Lord of East won't be crossing to south anytime soon will he ?

Gahhhh not now !!
Just focus you stupid brain!

Not far ahead she can see the faint glow of Leukós trees, getting taller and thicker...

Yes!!! The leukós getting denser! Well south will be that way ..

She keeps creeping towards the dim glow silently , careful not to crunch with her boots, aware of the voices that sounded on the road..




She falls in a heap in a shallow mud puddle.

So much for stealth ...

Luckily, the voices are going in the wrong direction.

Who in their right minds would dare cross the Leukós.

Well you're not in your right mind are you?

Her subconscious was really on a roll...

Gathering her belongings... and her dignity, well what's left of it, she starts walking towards south again....

Getting to the thicker part of the forest, tiredness hits her and she puts her hand on a huge tree for support...

Another memory hits her suddenly...

House on fire .. her house.
No sign of maisy
No they can't be dead!

She falls to her knees.

Tears start falling from her eyes to dampen the ground beneath her.

She can't stop now. After they sacrificed their lives for her .

She will take revenge, but in time .

Promising herself, she rises again , teary eyed but determined.

'Here is to the new beginning' .

Or the end ...

She starts walking deep into the forest towards Lord of the south's territory....

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