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A vampire woman's ancient and daring tale of how she found love and escaped the evil vampire household that has held her captive for a thousand years.

Fantasy / Horror
Sophia Catlett
4.0 3 reviews
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Part 1.:Forbidden Fruit chapter 1: Meloncholy

I was once like you.

A young girl who is young and happy and naive and probably anticipating some kind of friendship with a young man my age. Probably going to church or learning to read or some other thing of the like.

I was fifteen when I died.

I was once like you.

A human being that could enjoy the perks of being a teenage girl.

But then again, that was then and this is now. How do I put this gently. I AM NO LONGER HUMAN.

I was killed by the vampire on the second of December, 1016 AD. My birthday.

We had been warned by a local psychic and medicine woman that a vampire sought my blood. My father sent seven huntsman to slay the beast and they left me alone with my mother and four sisters. When they returned. I had already been kidnapped, my family murdered and fed to wolves and my precious self turned into a vampiress.

That's right.

The wretched fiend stole my blood and made me into his wife.

Forbidden fruit. He called me.

Forbidden fruit.


Come no closer children as I tell this tale, for you see, you strike me as more a meal than a friend. I know I have become like the evil husband vampire I hate so much.

But this is the tale of my daring escape away from the household of purest evil.

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