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Part 2: Twenty five Days without Food Chapter 1: The Prelude

I watched helplessly as Drake lashed Luke.

~You wanted to tell me something.

But you aren't here with me.

So I forget what I was going to tell you too.

Are you mad?

I hope not, Love.

As the days pass. I think of you more and more.~

Afterwards, he sends his shadow guards to tie our ankles to the wall and we are allowed to sit and fed a small drink. Water for Luke and blood for me.

When he is done giving us something to drink, Drake says, "I know I've been harsh. As I shall only ever be, Angela. But you have defied me for long enough. This is the last meal you two shall ever have again before you die. Then I will return in 25 days when the moon is full to kill you both, assuming you're not both dead already, and assuming you have not killed each other in hunger. Now, goodbye."

He leaves and I am left with Luke and my thoughts. I ask him, "are you okay, Luke?"

"Yes, I am fine," he says in reply. "Please don't be worried about me."

The sunlight is pouring in but I do not wither and die as most vampires do because of the forcefield surrounding the castle and because I am lightly immune thanks to Drake being a rare species of evolved vampire. I am watching Luke and he is watching me from the other side of the tower room.

"I don't think we can do anything now other than hope that my friends will come and save us," Luke sighed.

"Or if we can last till the 25 days then I can make a fire on the full moon as the witch suggested."

"Yes, but how will we make the fire to break the barrier without any matches?"

"I can summon a fire Love, we just have to wait."

"Sounds like a plan."

"Thank you," I try smiling at him. "We'll get out of here. I know we will and then we can run away like you promised we would."

"Of course, Angel. We're going to be just fine. Just like I promised you."

I love you

I need you.

There's no such thing as sad when youre around.

Do you think we'll survive this?

I don't know myself.

And there is a God.

I do think.

So please hold on

We'll make it.

I know we will.

We will survive.

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