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Day 4- Delirium

~Delirium is a drug.

Blood is my drink.

Love is my fuel.

And you.

You are my life.

I hate to admit it, my love.
But Drake was right.

I am getting kind of hungry.~

I'm starting to feel light headed. We do fly. Vampires. And when I look, I am hovering over the stone floor like a witch. I can not seem to stay grounded. The pictures of flowers and faeries have evaporated into simple holograms of a child running in the fields chasing his mother.

Luke is mumbling something about his childhood and we are watching his memories together.
My eyes pull as if pulled by magnets to his neck. The veins in his neck pulsate and I can hear the sound of his heart beating. I can smell Luke's blood and it smells delicious.
I blink and the pictures are gone.
"Forgive me," Luke said, his telepathy used up. "I'm so hungry and so tired and I cannot seem to conjure up any more images. I wish I could've shown you more. Maybe another time. Another time."

I feel delusional.
I blink again.
Why am I here?

What did I do to deserve this.
My stomach growls and I laugh as if something funny has happened. I guess it's not that funny but it's a little funny if you think about it. If you think about it.
I blink.
Luke is slumped over on the floor his back to the wall.

I feel mad at him.
Why are we here?

God if you do exist.

I'm mad but I dont know why.
I really am getting hungry.
Why has become a very important word to me.
I look at Luke again. He is beautiful and he is wonderful and he is perfect. I feel upset that I can't even appreciate his presence. I really hungry.
This is no joke.
I'm starving.
And Luke must be hungry too though he hides it.
My hunger has left me drunk.
The body requires nutrition in the way that the heart craves love and the brain longs for philosophy.
At least...
I think.....
But who am I?

Just a hungry vampiress who is trapped with her boyfriend in a tower and she is thinking about drinking his blood.
That's all.

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